Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


35. Chapter Thirty-Five

Chapter 35 

I followed Max back inside, we walked past the boxing ring which was empty. It brought me a bit of peace knowing he was not lying unconscious bleeding his guts out, I was still yet to discover what injuries he did have though, and that's what I was afraid of. 

I was lead back through the corridors to the same changing room Harry had occupied earlier. "See ya later" Max gave me a pat on the back before walking the way we had just come, leaving me standing alone in the eerie corridor. My eyes fell upon the closed door, I intently stared at it, trying to will my trembling body to pluck up the courage to push it open, but I was afraid of what I might find. 

Taking a deep breath, I pushed past the barrier of fear holding me rooted to the spot. Taking a step forward, I raised my shaky hand, pressing it up against the door. My heart beat hard against my chest as I slowly pushed it open. I dreaded to think what Harry looked like after the fight, in only a few short seconds I would find out. 

I took two steps inside the dimly lit changing room, letting the door swing shut behind me. Breathing erratically, I forced myself to move forward. My eyes immediately landed on Harry. He sat on one of the benches, hunched forward with his elbows resting on his knees. Damp curls flopped forward, hanging in front of his face, making it difficult for me to distinguish any damage to his beautiful features.

"Harry" I spoke timidly.

At the sound of my voice, he raised his head slightly, I still could make out the details of his face due to the dim lighting, all it looked like was a shadow. I wasn't sure if I wanted to run to him and throw myself into his arms, or if I wanted to run the other way, before I could discover his injuries. Unable to make up my mind, I stayed in the same spot, motionless. 

"Come here" he instructed in a raspy voice. I nibbled my lower lip nervously, fiddling with the paper plane pendant that hung around my neck, hesitantly moving forward. The closer I got, the better I could see him. His dark curls were drenched with sweat, sticking to his forehead as he stared up at me. His appearance surprised me, I was expecting the worst, but he looked almost unscaved. Yes, he was bloody and bruised, but not even remotely close to the awful images I had imagined.

Harry curiously peered up at me through his long eyelashes, waiting for my reaction. My fingers darted to his face, gently cupping his cheek. My thumb caressed his hot skin, I was glad he was alive. Breath was puffed out of Harry's lips in a sigh of relief. He wrapped his arms round the back of my thighs, bringing me closer to his body, gesturing to me he wanted me to sit on his lap. 

Carefully, I lowered myself down, afraid I might hurt him in some way. Harry's hands rested on the small of my back as his gaze rested on my face. Gently I tilted Harry's chin up towards the little light being given off from the light bulb hanging above us, trying to get a better perspective of his face. Blood was smeared across his cheek, from his nose, which to my relief wasn't broken. His lower lip was a little plumper than usual, dried blood was crusted over the large cut which had been oozing blood down his chin earlier. Softly I brushed my thumb over the sore looking silt.


I turned Harry's chin from side to side, checking for any more injuries. Satisfied that his face was relatively unharmed, I slid my hands down to his shoulders, touching over his chest. Harry winched slightly when I reached his stomach, my eyes immediately darted up meeting his gaze. 

"Natalie, I'm okay"

I ignored his comment, continuing my inspection. Harry didn't object to my actions anymore, I think he thought it was best just to let me continue. My hands ran up his sides and around his back although I doubted he would have been stupid enough to turn his back to his opponent. I drew Harry's arms from around my back. I squeezed his biceps, feeling every ounce of muscle they contained. He was so strong. Harry chuckled as I made him raise his arms above his head. I brushed my thumb over the slightly red rope burn under his arms. I dropped his arms again, they immediately wrapped back around my body. 

Apart from multiple bruises and a couple of cuts and burns, Harry appeared to be barley harmed. I sighed in relief, wrapping my arms tightly around his neck and letting my head fall on his shoulder. I couldn't care less about the perspiration trickling down his chest, just wanting to hold him. Knowing he was safe.

"I've never been so scared in my whole life" I mumbled against his sticky skin. He pressed a sweet kiss to the top of my head as I clung to him. I'm not sure how long we stayed in that position. I was just so relieved Harry wasn't unconscious or worse, dead. I didn't want to ponder to long on what could have happened to him. Knowing all too well that I would only break into tears. After a hundred gallons of tears already today, I wanted to keep a few for future moments in life.

"Don't you want to know how I did" he asked quietly. I didn't care about how he did, I was just happy he was safe. "It doesn't matter. I don't care, as long as you're alright" I mumbled.

There was a few seconds of silence, before his fingertips pressed into me, bringing me closer into our intimate embrace. 

"He won the first round" Harry spoke with despite "I got a bit distracted, I didn't know where you went". I kissed his collar bone, I knew he would worry about me "I'm sorry". Harry rubbed my back gently "It's not your fault, baby" he whispered. 

We were both silent for a while before Harry spoke again. "Anyway, Tori told me you went outside and that Max and Ben were keeping an eye on Adam for me, I relaxed a bit after Nathan slapped some sense into me and I knew you were safe" he continued. "I had Luke on his arse end of the second round. Knocked him out in the third" he whispered.

I pulled back, wide eyes connecting with his. The green of his eyes sparkled with excitement, a grin quickly forming on his face. 

"Natalie, I won".

My arms tightly wrapped around him as I pressed my lips against his in a rushed, messy kiss. I pushed him down on the bench, managing to scramble on top of him, resting my weight on his body. I quickly withdrew when I felt him wince.

"Easy" Harry groaned. I carefully got off him, being sure not to put any weight on his chest. I gently helped him sit back up, standing in front of him afraid I'd hurt him again. "You can still sit on me" he chuckled, patting his thighs. I cautiously sat back down on his lap, letting him position me the way that was most comfortable for him. "I can't believe you won" I exclaimed, still trying to get my head around the new information. "I told you I was good" he smirked, lightly kissing my earlobe and holding me a little closer to his body. "You're amazing" I whispered.

Harry may have beaten Luke, but I was afraid that the dispute between us and Adam wasn't over, only been intensified. I wondered what Luke had said to him. The words that had provoked Harry into unleashing all his anger and violent behaviour that led to his win. I didn't want to bring it up now, I wasn't sure if I actually wanted to know.

I leant into Harry's lips, being gentler as I softly pressed my lips to his. I didn't want to think about anything other than Harry at this moment in time, I just wanted to hold him, feel his heart beat against my chest. My fingers trailed gently along his jaw as we softly kissed.

We were interrupted by the sound of someone clearing their throat. Quickly I pulled back, cheeks flaring red in embarrassment. I tried to scramble of Harry's lap, but he held me in place. "Are you guys coming out for a drink to celebrate" Nathan asked. I shook my head, I didn't really want to intrude on what was probably a boys night out, not to mention the fact I kind of just wanted to go home and relax, today was so stressful. "Nah, I'd rather go to bed" Harry chuckled; I could see he was exhausted. "Dude! What's the point in going in celebrating 'your' victory if you're not there" Nathan emphasised the your. He did have a point. Harry shrugged his shoulders. 

"Drink to me". 


"Harry, you just drove past my house" I laughed, turning back in my seat as I watched it grow smaller and smaller by the moment. "Oops" he glanced at me, a smirk written all over his pink lips. That's when I realised he did it on purpose, he had absolutely no intention of taking me home. I sure wasn't complaining. "I thought you wanted to go to bed" I rose my eyebrows at him. "I never said I was going to bed alone though" he winked at me cheekily. "You'll be going to bed alone unless you take a shower" I laughed. Harry chuckled, placing a large hand on my thigh as we stopped at a red light. My eyes fluttered closed feeling his hand lightly squeeze at my leg. I could feel his hot breath puffing out over the exposed skin of my neck, sending shivers down my spine. "But will I be going in the shower alone" he hotly whispered. I gasped as he brushed his fingers over my crotch, I grabbed his wrist, putting it back on the steering wheel. I turned my blushing cheeks away from him, looking out the window instead. "Hmm, so innocent" he hummed as the vehicle started moving again.

Harry and I walked hand and hand up the drive to his house. We took our time getting inside, there was no rush. We had all the time in the world now. I smiled as Harry leant down to undo my shoes for me, before I could do it myself. I fiddled with his curls as he slipped them off my feet. The feelings I had for Harry were blooming outwards and I was starting to question whether it was love. "Thank you" I kissed him on the cheek when he stood back up. He gave me a dimpled smile before the two of us ascended the stairs to his bedroom. 

I sat down on the end of his bed, watching as he chucked his shirt on the floor. Bruises covered his toned torso, the largest of which marked his stomach. Harry turned to the mirror, inspecting the damage done to his beautiful body. "I got a good beating" his reflection frowned at me. Despite the number bruises covering his skin, he was still the most attractive male I had ever seen. "I would still find you attractive even if you were completely black and blue" I commented. The beautiful sound of Harry's laughter filled the room, the very noise made my heart flutter. "Doubt it" he turned around, slowly walking to the place where I was seated at the end of the bed. I could see in the way he walked that he was lacking his usual strength, every ache and pain in his body was stealing it from him. His steps were slow and it looked as though every movement seemed to pain him a little. A small grunt was released as he lowered himself down beside me on the bed. 

"Harry, do you need anything?" I questioned a little worriedly. Earlier he had been fine, because his body was still running off the adrenalin he had been using in the boxing ring, but now that he had cooled down, he was starting to feel the aches and pains from his injuries. "No, I'm absolutely fine" he avoided looking me in the eye, signalling that he was lying. "I can see you're sore" my fingers lightly brushed down his arm, entwining with his as I reached his hand "Let me look after you for once". 

Harry's eyes met with mine for a moment, his reluctance in letting me take care of him was quite clear. I knew he didn't like the way I wanted to protect him and care for him in the exact way as he did for me. He wanted to be the only protector in this relationship, but I didn't understand what I was meant to do, sit on the couch and get fat? No thank you, I'm not the queen, I don't need a bodyguard. Harry still needs to learn that he can't protect me from everything and that I want to care and protect him too. 

"Harry" I squeezed his hand, pressing him for an answer. "Fine, but only this once" he agreed reluctantly. I smiled, pleased that he had agreed to letting me take care of him tonight. "What do you need" I asked feeling strangely excited by the whole situation. Harry thought for a moment before replying with the most pathetic, annoying answer he could think of "A hug". Even though he had agreed, the stupid boy wasn't going to give me anything other than kissing and cuddling with him, this pissed me off immensely. 

"You are so hopeless" I muttered, standing from the bed. I tugged at his hand, willing him to get up from the comfortable mattress. "Let’s start with a bath" I suggested, standing from my position at the end of the bed. Harry's eyes lit up at the suggestion "You come in too" he eagerly spoke, getting his hopes up a little too high. Having a bath with that curly haired idiot was way out of my comfort zone. "Not going to happen" I shook my head as I lead him into the bathroom. "I could find some candles" Harry made an attempt to entice me into the bath with him. "As romantic as that sounds, Harry. My answer still stands as a firm No" I giggled, watching as he frowned in disappointment. 

I sat Harry down on the toilet seat whilst I ran him a bath, squirting a bit of the bubble bath into the hot water. I watched as bubbles began form, foaming up the sides of the bathtub. "I'm tired" Harry sighed from behind me. He had moved from where he was sitting earlier, now he was kneeling behind me, with his arms round my waist, resting his head on my shoulder. My heart fluttered at his adorable actions, he was making me reconsider his invitation to bath with him. At this present point in time I was feeling rather attached to him. "You're cute" I kissed his cheek. He let out a small huff "no". I smiled to myself knowing all too well that Harry wasn't ever going to allow me to call him cute. He was to manly for that. 

Harry nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck as we gently swayed back and forth awaiting the bathtub to fill. Every moment I spent with this curly haired male, every little thing he does, only makes me feel and care for him more. I was well in truly falling for him, even if he does possess a certain darkness that I doubt he will ever be rid of. 

My head lolled back on his shoulder in content, I enjoyed just spending time with him. "Harry" I spoke quietly as I switched the taps off, preventing any more water to fill the bath. "Hmm" he hummed, clearly in a peaceful state of mind. "As much as I enjoy being in this position, it's time you take a bath" I laughed. Harry was not pleased by my command, his arms only tightened round my waist, holding me securely against his chest. "Only if you come in with me" he tried to bargain, but I shook my head, I wasn't easily bribed into doing things. "Nope, you're on your own Styles".

My fingers curled around Harry's as I gently tried to pry them from where they were comfortably situated on my stomach. His fingers only seemed to tighten around mine when I attempted to pull his fingers away from my body. "Harry" I whined becoming irritated with his lack in movement. The soft feeling of Harry's plump pink lips ran up the skin on my neck coming to hover next to my ear. Hot breath puffed out between his lips, sending pleasurable tingles down my spine. 

"Fine" he sighed wearily. I had almost expected him to say no, but he was obviously too tired to argue any further. His arms unwound themselves from my body and he leaned back, allowing me to stand up. I turned to face the still kneeling male. Taking a step towards him, I stretched my arms out, offering him my hands to help him up. His long fingers became entwined with mine as I attempted to pull him up off the floor. This proved to be more difficult for me than it was for Harry. "You need to get some arm muscle, babe" he laughed. Fingertips ran up my arms, wrapping gently around my weak bicep, giving it a light squeeze. "Maybe you should shut up" I playfully batted his hand away. A smirk spread across his injured lips as he teasingly flexed his arm muscles at me. Goading. "I thought you were tired, Harry" I crossed my arms over my chest "You look more like you could win another fight". He smiled at me, dropping the big 'I'm so buff' act he was putting on to tease me and wrapping his arms round my waist instead. I was drawn into the warmth of Harry's chest, encircled in his protective hold. Lips brushed against my ear, his voice quiet "I just get kicks out of teasing you". 

"Well, I don't think you're very muscular, you smell like the wrong end of a dog and you are very girly" I lied, trying to stifle the laugh desperate to break free of my chest. His eyebrows creased into a frown "I'll show you girly" he growled, backing me up against the wall. I let out a shriek as my back hit the wall, Harry's fingers wandered down my arms, coming to rest on my waist. I squirmed under his grip, trying to break free of his hold, but he held me in place. The small expanse of my hands shoved carefully against his chest, I didn't want to hurt him, but I wanted him off. "I'm not going anywhere until I prove my manliness to you" he sent me a winning smirk before dipping his head down. 

Soft curls tickled at my cheek and jaw whilst the feeling of his hot breath fanned out down my neck, giving me shivers. The pleasurable kind. I couldn't help but let my eyelids fall close, Harry's very presence was rather overwhelming. The rough cut on his bottom lip was trailed down my neck slow and deliberately. My lips were held firmly shut as I forced the moan desperately wanting to be free back down my throat. However, I couldn't stop the heavy rise and fall of my chest and the rapid pace of my beating heart. He knew exactly what he was doing to me and he loved it. 

His lips stopped at my collarbone, pressing them down on the defined bone. I clenched my fists by my sides, determined not to show him how he made me feel any further. I wanted to run my hands over his naked chest, feel his warm skin, but I willed myself not to let him win. 

I could feel blood rise to the surface when he began lightly sucking, gradually growing harder. I gasped as he dug his hips into mine, this was the reaction he had wanted to provoke out of me. Harry's lips made a popping sound as my flesh became unsuctioned from his plump lips. 

"Manly enough for you" he smirked proudly, taking a step back as he watched me rub my fingers over the mark he had left on my neck. I blinked up at him, giving him a playful glare before I opened my lips to speak. 

"Well, you still smell bad".

Before Harry could utter another word I ducked under his arms and bolted out of the bathroom. "Hey!" He exclaimed, chasing after me. Quickly I ran out of the room and down the staircase to the bottom floor. I always seemed to be running away from Harry, whether it was out of fear or for my own amusement, which in this case it was. 

Harry thudded heavily down the stairs, each thud was quite slow. I could tell he was too tired for my little game of cat and mouse. My running slowed into a walk and I took a glance back down the hall to see Harry pouting slightly at me from the bottom of the staircase. He looked so tired just standing there, I felt sorry for him, he was sore and most definitely hungry and I was running away from him. I mentally slapped myself for being childish enough to want him to chase me around after he'd had enough of a workout today. 

I let him catch up to me and wrap his arms round my body. "If I smell so bad, you better come for a dip with me, I don't think I can wash myself" he seductively whispered in my ear. Strangely, Harry seemed physically tired, but mentally and verbally, it was like he was on top of the world. "I'm not getting in the bath with you Harry" I shook my head, twisting around in his arms "But I'll do anything else you want me to do". A mischievous smirk crept up his wounded lips and I knew exactly what he was thinking. "Apart from whatever is going through your head right now" I quickly added. He released a throaty chuckle, his amusement made clear. 

"Will you wash my hair" he asked. I smiled, Harry loved it when I played with his hair and in the same way, I loved running my fingers through his dark curls. "Yes" I nodded before lightly pecking him on the lips. A smile of pure delight spread across his lips, I'm not sure if it was the kiss or my agreement that made him smile, either way, I really couldn't care less. 

Harry and I went back upstairs to the bathroom, where we had abandoned the bathtub filled with hot water. I turned my back whilst Harry undressed, much to his objection. "You've seen me naked before and I don't mind anyway" he chuckled from behind me. I shook my head "Just get in the bath". 

The swishing sound of water being moved came to my ears, once the noise had stopped, I confidently turned around to see Harry with his arms up on the sides of the bathtub, chin resting on his hands. "Sure you don't want to join me" Harry smirked cheekily at me from across the room. My cheeks flared red again, I really need to get lessons on how not to get embarrassed. "I'll be back" I mumbled slipping out if the bathroom to get out of these clothes. "Does that mean yes" Harry called from the other side of the wall. I didn't reply. He already knew my answer was a no. 

My fingers rummaged through Harry's draw of clothes, searching for one of his T-shirts I could wear to bed. I plucked out a plain grey shirt that was obviously too big for me. I wriggled out of my skinny jeans, dropping them to the floor, before I pulled my top off, dropping it down with my jeans. I tugged Harry's grey shirt on over my head, deeply inhaling his alluring scent. 

"Babe, what are you doing" Harry asked from in the bathroom "It's getting a little lonely in here". I could tell he was getting impatient; he really didn't like waiting two seconds for me to get changed. I rolled my eyes as I walked back into the bathroom. Harry looked extremely bored sitting in the bath. His eyes were staring blankly up at the white ceiling with his arms resting on either side of the bathtub. Bubbles swirled around him, hiding his naked body from me. 

His head immediately snapped around towards me when he noticed me re-enter the room. Harry drank in my appearance whilst I stood embarrassedly fiddling with the pendant he'd given me, avoiding making contact with his sparkling green eyes as they gazed up and down my body. "You know" Harry spoke "I love it when you wear my clothes". Colour tingled on my cheeks as I shyly looked over at Harry, tugging the hem of the shirt down a little further, suddenly feeling very exposed. His pink tongue slipped out from his mouth, gliding over his plump lips, dampening them slightly. 

"Shut up" I muttered as I moved towards the bathtub. Harry smirked to himself, having spurred the reaction he was looking for put of me. "But, I think I like the better off" he winked, moving forward in the bubbly water to put his arms on the sides of the white bathtub and rested his chin on top of his hands. "But, I think I like them better off" he dropped me a cheeky wink. 

I could feel the colour in my cheeks heat further, Harry could be such a tease. I reached into the bath full of warm water, bringing my hand up as I splashed water in Harry's face. His eyes squeezed closed as the droplets of water spotted his cheeks and face, running off his long eyelashes and dripping softly down to the floor. His eyelids fluttered open revealing his sparkling green eyes to me. "You're so cute when you're embarrassed" he leaned forward, pressing his lips to my cheek. I smiled at the touch of his lips, they were so soft apart from the rough edge where his lower lip had been split open. Tingles of pleasure erupted through my body, making my heart flutter, I had never felt this way about a boy before, it just felt so right. 

"Stop being annoying and have you're stupid bath" I pushed at his bare shoulder, stopping him from continuing to make out with my cheek. Harry gave me an odd look "I thought you liked my kisses" he wiggled his eyebrows at me. I did love his kisses, but I would prefer them not to be in the bathroom.


I didn't take long for me to discover Harry didn't like baths, he started fiddling with toes which I had dangled in the bath on either side of his shoulders where I was perched on the tub behind him. "Stop it" I giggled, trying to wriggle my foot from his hold as I massaged shampoo into his chocolate curls. "I'm bored, I don't like sitting still" he groaned only holding my foot more tightly. It amazed me just how quickly Harry could go from the walking dead to being fidgety and energetic. "I swear you have ADHD" I squirmed slightly almost slipping into the bath. I managed to catch myself though, positioning myself a little better. "You can't talk, you have your leg rubbing up and down mine most of the night" he shot back "Not that I’m complaining". I rolled my eyes, yanking my foot from his grip as I stood up, hopping out of the water. "You can be freed of your torture now" I laughed watching as he slipped his head under the water washing the shampoo from his curls. 

I left Harry in the bathroom to dry himself and what not whilst I sat myself down on the end of his bed, collecting my phone from dresser where I had left it. I quickly sent mum a text to tell her where I was, even though I knew she was at work or out with her boyfriend. I hated thinking she was with someone else who wasn't my dad, but I had to give her a chance to be happy again, even if I wasn't. 

"Nat, you okay" Harry emerged from the bathroom dripping wet with only a towel wrapped round his waist. He must have noticed me frowning a little down at my phone, I hadn't noticed I did that when I thought of mum with some other man. "Yeah" I nodded, putting the phone back down on the dresser and looking up at the male now standing in front of me. Harry's eyebrows were creased into a frown as he stared down at me, I could tell he wasn't completely convinced I was alright, but I was okay. "Really, in fine" I reassured him with a small smile. He nodded his head, turning his back to me and moving over towards his draws. 

I watched as he grabbed a random pair of boxers from one of the upper draws. He quickly slid them up his long legs, tugging the fluffy towel away from his body and dumping it on the floor. A moment later he was standing in front of me again, his expression softer than earlier. "Are you hungry" he questioned, staring down at me with tired eyes. I shook my head, my stomach was still a little unsettled after puking in the gutter outside the rundown old gym where Harry had fought earlier today, and the thought of food was a little sickening. However, Harry didn't know any of this, he had no idea how It felt having to wait for that fight to end. 

"Are you sure". 

I reached out, gently taking Harry's hand in mine. His skin was soft and extremely warm after his bath, I could feel the heat radiating from his bare skin against mine, sharing his warmth. "I'm fine, Harry" I spoke firmly, letting him know he didn't need to worry about me. He nodded his head a little reluctantly as he stared down at our laced fingers. 

"Why did you leave in the middle of my fight" Harry asked quietly. He avoided making eye contact with me, his green eyes remained focused on our hands instead. I didn't want to think back to how I felt watching him fight Luke, the very thought started my stomach churning again. "Because I couldn't handle watching you get hurt" I spoke softly. Harry shifted his gaze upwards and our eyes locked. "I'm fine though" he squeezed my fingers in a reassuring manor. I shook my head at him, letting my fingers fall from his. I touched over the large bruise I his muscled stomach, tracing the outline of the dark mark with my fingertips. "You're fine now" I whispered "But both when I was watching you earlier". I leant my face towards his stomach, softly pressing my lips to the purple bruise. I wished I could kiss all his injuries away. 

Harry gave me a small smile before gently tugging me up off the end of the bed. I became wrapped in his strong arms where I felt content. His heartbeat softly drummed in time with my own, it comforted me hearing his heart, it let me know he was alive and breathing. 

"Come on, let’s go to bed" Harry pulled back. I was reluctant to release him, even though in only a moment we'd be curled up in bed together enveloped in each other’s warmth. I followed Harry around the side of the bed, where he was pulling back the duvet for me. I kissed him lightly on the cheek, before scrambling onto the mattress. Harry flicked the lights out while I took my time settling down between the sheets. 

Harry slipped into bed beside me, is presence most obviously shown by the rapid increase of heat I felt in the bed confines. "Harry" I asked softly, extending my arms out towards his body. "I'm here" he whispered sweetly in my ear as I felt him wrap his arms around my waist, gently resting on my back. My chest became moulded against his as he drew me further into his body, our legs also becoming entangled beneath us. 

For a while, we were both quiet. The only sound audible was the heavy breaths inhaled and exhaled from our mouths. "Do you think the guys are having fun without me" Harry asked, breaking the silence. I felt a little bad for being here with Harry right now. He should be out with his friend celebrating his win, not with me. "You should have gone with them" I sighed. Harry kissed be on the forehead "I'd rather be here with you". I was thankful for the darkness surrounding us, glad it was hiding my pink cheeks from Harry's gaze. "Really? You'd prefer doing absolutely nothing to going out with your mates" I asked disbelievingly. I could feel Harry's fingertips digging slightly into my back, pressing me more firmly against him. "Yes, I'd quite happily lie here for eternity with you than do anything else" he admitted quietly. My heart skipped a beat, Harry had never said anything to me quite like that before. No one had. I didn't quite know what to say to him in response, so I kept my mouth shut, keeping any idiotic jumbled words inside my mouth. 

Harry's nose nudged mine lightly and I felt his hot breath fanning out over my lips. I moved my face forward until our lips touched lightly. We didn't kiss for a while, our lips just continuously brushed as we inhaled each other’s warm breath. I thought back to my conversation with Max, realising that I might actually be falling love for the curly haired boy I lay with. What I wondered though was how he felt about me. I knew he cared. But Love? I wasn't so sure.

Love and Harry were two things that sounded so alien together, I couldn't even imagine Harry saying the word, let alone ever feeling it. I was afraid that I felt more for him than he did for me. The darkness in him was overwhelming and it made me wonder if he was capable of feeling emotions such as love towards somebody. 

My chest rose and fell heavily as his teeth bit down on my lower lip making me gasp. He tugged it lightly before pressing his lips against mine. I kissed him back, still wondering if I would ever know the rest of Harry's dark past and if I could ever tell him the way I felt and for him to reciprocate it.


Hey guys, 

I apologise for the long wait, I've been busy and I had a serious case of writers block, but the chapter is finally up and god did It take me a long time to write. I really hope you guys like it. If you don't, I'm going to cry because I tried so hard to make it good. I can't promise that my next update will be quick, but I will try to write it faster than this one!

Thank you for sticking with me


Stay beautiful 

~Natiall <3


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