Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


30. Chapter Thirty

As the night progressed, Harry and I didn't consume much more alcohol. We shared another glass of beer, but that's about it. I took another large gulp of beer, a new level of tipsiness washed through my body. In my slightly drunk self, I found myself standing abruptly to my feet, the thoughts that had been nagging at me all week flooding into my head all at once making me decide to just do it. "I need to pee" I announced, earning a snigger from Max who found it funny that I had openly announced that. My fingers grabbed hold of Harry's sleeve yanking him to his feet. I turned. Tugging a confused looking Harry behind me, weaving in and out of intoxicated beings. I soon came to realise I had no clue in where I was going. "W-where's the bathrooms" I questioned. "Erm, over there" he pointed in the opposite direction I had been going in. I quickly took off, practically running, Harry jogging to keep up with me. "Nat, is everything alright? Do you feel okay?" Worry was smothered throughout his voice. "Never better" I answered, towing him along behind me. I surprised even myself with my new found strength. As soon as we reached the bathrooms, I shoved him into a disabled bathroom, locking the door. "What are you doing? Im not disabled and I don't ne-" before he could finish his sentence, I pushed him up against the wall. He winced before I pulled him down slightly, to my level, planting a wet kiss to his mouth. To say he was surprised was an understatement. My hand fisted the front of his shirt as I tugged him sideways, pushing him towards the closed toilet. "Sit" I instructed. He gave me a funny look "I think you're high" he squinted at me. I let out a huff of frustration, pushing him down. My legs climbed up, straddling his waist as he sat there in pure shock by my actions. "Natalie....." I didn't give him time to finish what he was saying. My mouth pressing forcefully to his. My hand felt down his stomach, before roughly palming him through his jeans. My lips muffled the low moan he emitted from his mouth. I pulled out of our heated embrace, desperately fumbling with the button of his jeans, popping it open and dragging the zip down. "Hey hEY!" He exclaimed as I pressed my palm down hard over the black material of his boxers. My wrists were grasped in his hands as he pulled them away from his crotch. I frowned as I took in his amused expression. "Slow down" he chuckled. I felt more sober now, my head falling forward, resting on his shoulder. I could feel his chest vibrate as he couldn't contain the laughter. "What are you trying to do" he asked slightly humorously. I swear he's just trying to embarrass me now. When I didn't answer he lifted my chin so I was staring directly into his eyes. He's either stupid or enjoying watching me turn a unattractive shade of red, probably both. "W-well, erm, I-I wanted to do s-something for you" I spoke quietly, hanging my head in embarrassment, letting my hair fall around my face, hiding me away from his eyes. Long fingers pushed my hair to the sides, brushing it back out of my face "Like what". I thought for a second, trying to think of some words that I could use that I wouldn't be embarrassed by. "Return the favour" I muttered. Harry's lips formed an 'O' shape, finally understanding what I meant. A smile formed on his lips as he began gently stroking my messy hair. He didn't say anything, I've never felt so embarrassed in my life. "D-do you want me too?" I stammered. A grin appeared on his lips "I'd love you to do that for me" he paused, taking the time to sweetly kiss my cheek "But there's three things I don't like about this situation...   1) You're a bit drunk   2) You're going a bit fast   3) We're In a disable toilet" I blushed, the situation seemed pretty silly now. "I don't want you to feel pressured either" he added, linking our fingers together. I nodded my head, nuzzling my face into the crook of his neck. I was still uncertain, slightly suspicious of his answer. He might just be saying that to make me feel a bit better. He seemed to realise my uncertainty, arms drawing me closer, lips meeting my ear."You've got me excited just by the thought of your pretty lips wrapped around me" he hotly whispered. He held my hips as he rolled his up into mine. I gasped feeling the predominant bulge pressing into me. He pressed a heavy kiss to my mouth "Another time". "I think you might need to go home" he chuckled quietly, helping me to my feet. "I'm okay, no more drinks for me though" I shook my head as the two of us discreetly exited the bathroom together. I seriously hope no one noticed. "I'm taking you home" he spoke firmly, I knew I wasn't going to be able to argue so I kept my mouth shut. "Natalie has consumed a bit to much alcohol" Harry laughed as he told the other two guys still seated at the bar "I think I'll just take her home, see you guys tomorrow morning". Max gave Harry a nod and Nathan said a quick goodbye to the two of us as we made our departure. "I'm not even drunk" I muttered, holding Harry around the waist as he guided me through the crowd of people . "You looked pretty high in the bathroom" he teased. I rolled my eyes, knowing he was probably right. "Harry!" Both our heads snapped in the direction of where his voice had been called. A dark haired male about Harrys hight appeared in front of us, he looked slightly older than Harry, I'd estimate he was in his early twenties. "Caden" Harry gave the unfamiliar guy a nod. "I got you a fight" he spoke, giving Harry a grin. I assumed the Caden and Harry were co workers. Harry's eyes widened a little, he was obviously surprised "When". The other guy opened his mouth and began to speak "Friday night". I felt slightly worried, I had been told earlier that Harry usually only got to fight guys with a bone to pick, who was the guy. "Who is he fighting" I spoke up, both males turned to look at me, almost as though they had forgotten I was there. "You're Natalie right?" He asked without answering my question. I nodded "Who's the guy he's fighting" I asked again a little more boldly. "Luke Vincent" Caden answered. The name seemed to ring a bell, but I couldn't quite place it. "Nat, go get in the car, I'll be there in a minute" I was handed his keys. Turning on my heel I made my way to the exit' trying to put a face to the name. I unlocked the car, hopping inside an collapsing down into the passenger seat feeling exhausted. "Who is Luke Vincent" I asked myself aloud, hoping hearing the name again would help me put my finger on it, But it didn't. I let out a sigh of frustration, slumping down in the leather chair. I glanced over at where Harry and Adam Had been fighting when I noticed them. Then it hit me, it hit me like a truck. I wasn't trying to put a face to a name, I had never met this guy before, but I had met his brother. Luke Vincent was Adams brother. I jumped slightly as the door slammed shut, snapping me out of my thoughts. I turned my head to see Harry running his fingers through his hair. I pounced on him, grabbing his blazer collar, bringing him forward before slamming him back into the leather chair. "Who's Adams brother" I exclaimed, shaking the shocked boy further, this was the second time is come on him today and he was looking a little flustered. "The guy I'm fighting Friday night" he replied calmly, grabbing my arms, restraining me from shaking him any further. "How old is he" I asked suspiciously, I somehow doubted that this guy was going to be younger than him. "I'm not talking about this while you're attacking me" he pushed me into my own seat, giving me an annoyed stare. I glared back at him, doing up my seat belt without breaking eye contact. "You're cute when your angry" he pushed a strand of hair out of my face, his knuckling grazing over my cheek. I continued to glower at him, watching with a smirk on my face as he turned his head facing forward. His fingers fumbling over the empty ignition. He's not going anywhere without the keys. "Give me the keys" he demanded, holding his hand out to me. "Tell me about, Luke" I bargained, but Harry being Harry was stubborn. "Later, I just want to get home" he growled, coming towards me. I held the keys behind my back, pressing the lock button accidentally. Shit! "Natalie, give them to me" he reached behind my back, gabbing the wrong wrist, finding an empty hand. With the flick of my wrist I tossed them right over into the back. Harry lunged after them like a puppy chasing a stick, I leapt on him like a bear trying to catch its prey. "Natalie he off" he ordered, trying to get me off his back. "No" I snapped, grabbing a fistful of his soft curls that I had so lovingly washed earlier, now they were being yanked roughly. "Let go of me!" He yelled, rolling over so I fell between the gap of the front seats and back seats. I was quick to prevent him from clamouring into the boot, my hand grasped his ankle, tugging him back down on the seats as I clamoured back on top. "Tell me!!!" I screamed at him, shaking his shoulders. "You've had to much to drink, calm down" he grabbed me around the waist, pulling me down so I was lying on top of him. I started crying for some weird unexplainable reason. No actually because I was hurting Harry before, even if he didn't act like it. "Shhh" he quietly cooed as I nuzzled my face into his neck, closing my eyes and focusing on the steady rise and fall of Harry's chest beneath me.   * My eyes fluttered open, it was dark and I had no Idea where I was. I rolled over on the soft mattress I was laid upon. Harry's face was illuminated by the laptop screen, head propped up on pillows and eyes glued to the lit screen. He hadn't noticed I was awake. I wriggled forward, letting an arm fall across the expanse of his bare chest as I pressed several soft kisses into his skin. "Hello sleeping beauty" he chuckled, turning his attention away from the laptop, onto me. "Hey there Prince Charming" I giggled pushing the laptop out of his hands, encouraging him to hold me instead. His arms curled protectively around me as we cuddled closely together. Silence blanketed us as we lay together in the darkness of the room. "Why are you fighting Adams brother" I asked calmly unlike before, the effects of alcohol now worn off. A loud sigh was released from Harrys lips "He's wanted to fight me for ages, he hates me, even more so now after I beat up his pathetic excuse for a brother, the two of them can go cry to their mum once I'm finished with him" Harry clenched his fists. I was quiet for a couple of minutes, absorbing all the information I had just been given. "Harry, how old is Luke?" I asked, desperately needing to know what the answer was. He didn't reply, obviously contemplating in whether or not to divulge the crucial information. "Harry" my tone was demanding as I ordered him to answer my question. My fingertips dug into his skin as I fought back the urge to shake him silly. "It doesn't matter" his curls brushed my cheek as he shook his head from side to side. "Actually it does, Harry" I bit back. "He's twenty two" He replied, nuzzling his nose into my cheek, hoping that this action would keep me calm which it some how did. "You're not fighting him" I spoke firmly, refusing to let my boyfriend fight a fully groan male who was most likely twice as big as him. "It's to late I already agreed, I can't back out now" I could hear the smirk inhis voice as he spoke. "Yes you can, you simply tell him you don't want to fight anymore" I argue, knowing he would never agree to do that, because his pride and reputation would be hurt. "I'm not fucking well doing that" he disagreed. Boys and their stupid egos. The gym that Harry worked for would never let him fight someone bigger than him, there was no doubt about Luke being larger than Harry, Adam was eighteen and already quite a lot bulkier, the thought just made me shudder, what's his older brother like. "This fights not even legal is it" I suddenly realised, he hadn't told them, the gym he belonged to didn't know. I was held tightly around the waist as he whispered in my ear "Technically no". "Harry! You can't fight him, it's dangerous, I know he's be bigger than you, you'll get hurt" I cried, desperately searching for his hand. Our fingers quickly became entwined and I tightly grasped onto him. I grew increasingly anxious, I didn't want to see Harry get hurt. "It's not your decision it's mine" he huffed. "I'm not letting you fight him" I shook my head. "You don't control me" he hissed. "Well you seem to think you can fucking well control me" I snapped back at him. "I'm leaving" he abruptly spoke, the warmth of his body evading me as he got to his feet. "Okay" I replied acting as though i couldn't care less and snuggling down in the blankets, not giving him the reaction he wanted. He wanted me to call him back, let him win, but I wouldn't. I heard him thump about halfway down the stairs, before stopping. Thuds back up the stairs could be heard as he jogged back into my room. Leaning over me and bringing his mouth down onto mine in a heavy kiss. My fingers tugged at the curls at the scruff of his neck, kissing him back. "Goodbye" he spoke grumpily. "Bye" I mumbled not really wanting him to leave me. I stood from the bed, walking to the window where I watched Harry climb into his car in nothing but his boxers. Once the car was out of view I broke into a fit of sobs, he can't fight , he'll get hurt.   ***   I stepped into the gym late in the afternoon, the smell of testosterone just as strong as yesterday. I figured Harry would probably be here after Max's fight. I wonder if he won? My eyes scanned over multiple bodies working out, I search of two males in particular. I wasn't surprised when I found them together, both guys had boxing gloves covering their fists as they took heavy swings at punching bags. Harry's hits more powerful than Nathan's. I didn't approach either of them, instead I went over to the table where Harry's gear was yesterday. I dumped the duffel bag that belonged to him on the table, Id lugged it here all the way from home. I plugged my headphones into my ears, hopping up onto the table along with everything else that belonged to Harry. I really did fit in here in this table. I crossed my legs, resting my back against the wall as I watched Harry send punches into the punching bag. He looked a little angry, probably because of last night. "Hey Natalie" a headphone was tugged out my ear and I turned to see a sweaty looking Max standing in front of me. "Hey Max, how was your fight" I asked smiling as I removed the second headphone from my ear. "I won" he grinned proudly, I scooted over a little bit, making room for him to sit on the table beside me. "That's great" I gave him a genuine smile, focusing on the friendly blonde beside me rather than the curly haired guy who looked as though he was trying to destroy the punching bag. "Did you hear about Harry getting a fight" he asked, bringing a drink bottle to his lips and taking a swig of the clear liquid. "Yes" I cringed slightly, but I don't really think Max noticed my hesitance towards Harry fighting. "Him and Nate are doing some training now" he nodded over to where I already knew they were "Want me to go get him?". I shook my head, Harry can come talk to me when he's finished "He's a bit pissed off at me at the moment". Max let out a chuckle "What did you do". My fingers ran through my hair "I told him not to fight". Max's lips formed an "O" shape as he realised that I didn't like how Harry was going to fight this guy illegally. "Why not?" He questioned, interested in my reason for my reluctance towards it. "He could get hurt, Harry's four years younger than the guy, he's not fully developed yet and He's half Luke's size" I spoke flaying my arms above my head, feeling rather flustered. Last night after I stopped crying, I stalked Luke on Facebook, he like a boulder. Huge arm muscles and a very solid build, The guy looked as though he could snap someone's leg in half by barely lifting a finger. "Nat, don't worry about it, Haz will take him out easily, Luke's not as strong as he looks" He tried to reassure me, but It wasn't any comfort to me "Besides, Harry is quick and agile, Luke's slower". I shook my head "I don't want him to fight". "I'm fighting" The unmistakeable husky voice of Harry came from behind me. I turned around to see he and Nathan walking towards us. A scowl was etched into his features as he grabbed a drink bottle. "You can't" I cried out, looking between Nathan and Max "How can you guys let him". Harry rolled his eyes, which irritated me, he didn't give a fuck about the fact he could get hurt. "Harry will win easy, Luke's not very quick moving" Nathan punched Harry lightly on the shoulder."Don't encourage him" I exclaimed, seeing the smirk on Harry's lips "He's going to be bigger than you, Harry". Harry's smirk grew "The bigger they are the harder the fall". Yeah, he'll fall on top of you and crush you, I kept this though to myself, Harry would just laugh at me. "It's dangerous" my fingers reached out, desperately grabbing at his hand "I just don't want to see you get hurt". "Come on max, lets go do some more training" Nathan spoke, taking this as their cue to give Harry and I some space. The two of us watched as they walked off, before his attention diverted back to me. He took my hand, guiding me up of the table to him before walking us toward the changing rooms. I sighed as Harry gently caressed my cheek as we stood facing eachother. "I'm going to fight" his voice was stern. "I'll tie you to a bed" I snapped back quite seriously, but he found this comment entertaining, rather than literal. "So you can take advantage of me" he smirked, knowing this would embarrass me. He took a wise couple of steps back, before the palm of my hand could connect with his cheek. I strode at a determined pace into the male changing room after him. My presence startled a few men, I would have found it funny if I wasn't so angry at Harry right now. They quickly began to exit as I spotted Harry. His shirt had been discarded and he stood pacing back and forth in only his shorts.I couldn't understand why on earth he would want to fight that guy. My hands balled up into angry fists. Boys and their stupid egos. He was going to get hurt because of his bravado and lack in sensibility. I stepped forward, my anger bubbling over as he continued to pace, ignoring my coexistence. "YOU'RE SO FUCKING RETARDED" I yelled, slapping his across the face "THIS IS THE REASON A RAN OFF THE FIRST TIME! YOU DON'T KNOW WHEN TO BACK DOWN". Harry's eyes turned angry, before I could utter another word my wrists were taken hostage in his large hands. I winced as my back slammed against the wall of lockers. Heavy puffs of air forced from his parted lips as he yanked my hands above my head, pinning them to the wall. He was furious, bare chest heaving up and down angrily. I desperately struggled I his grip, but his strength was far superior to mine. I had never seen such darkness in his eyes as he pinned me with his hard gaze. Our noses grazed slightly, faces millimetres apart. My breath trembled from my mouth, but I forced the fear to the back of my brain. "You're a fucking idiot" I spoke harshly, digging my nails into the flesh on his hands. His gaze seemed to darken further, insulted. "This is my decision and I don't care if you don't like it" He shouted, pressing his body hard against mine. The pressure he was pushing onto my body made my nails dig deeper, I swear I just drew blood. "Fuck" he cussed, releasing my hands, examining the damage I had inflicted on him. Three nail marks dripped blood from his left hand, two from the other. "What was that for" he hissed, wiping the blood on to his shorts. "For being an asshole " I replied, gasping as he stepped forward again trapping me between the lockers and his chest. "You can't stop me from fighting" he snapped. "No I can't, but I can leave you" I threatened, watching as his eyes turned afraid at my sudden threat. It was sad to watch as the roles changed and now I was the one who was in control as he clung to me, holding onto me tightly. "No, please don't" he pleaded, crumpling down onto his knees, holding the back of my thighs as he pleaded with me. I stood motionless above him, as much as I'd like to to think I could break up with him right here, right now, I just don't think I could. He meant to much to me, I cared about him too much to walk out on him and leave him lonely again. Salty tears slid down my cheeks at the thought of me becoming another person to add to the list of people that left him, disappeared from his life. My back slid down the wall, knees pushing against Harrys chest as I fell down to his level. His eyes were no longer dark, he looked pained, desperately clutching onto me like a little boy does to his mother. A shaky breath was sucked through my lips a I wrapped my arms round his neck, soothingly stroking the back of his head with one hand as I squeezed my eyes shut "I'm not leaving you Harry". His tense body seemed to relax, knowing I wasn't going to walk out on him. We stayed wrapped in eachothers arms My mouth leaving wet kisses all over his cheeks every now and again. "I care about you, Harry. I don't want to see you get hurt... I'm worried about you". His curls tickled my cheeks in understanding. "Natalie, I'm still going to fight" his raspy voice whispered. His words stung at my heart. But I decided not to push it any further. I didn't want things to escalate again to the point where Iied and told him I didn't want to be with him. "Will you stay with me?" He asked, his tone of voice held a hint of worry. "Yes"   *** My legs dangled off the side of the table as I sat watching Harry train with Max, only this time it was the other way around. Max had the strike pads and Harry was the one throwing powerful punches. He looked so strong and in control, his muscles rippling as they contracted and retracted. I could tell Max was struggling a little as Harry's hands beat against the strike pads. He glanced over at me every now and then, making sure I hadn't left. I could tell he was worried about me leaving him, my angry episode earlier was most likely still clear in his mind. I really felt horrible about about it all. I was worried about him, I really didn't want him to fight, but the boy was determined to confront Adams older brother, I know Im not going to be able to sway his decision, he just won't back down. "You know, he'll be fine" Nathan sat down beside me, snapping me out of my thoughts. I looked at him, frowning slightly "You don't know that". How could he be so sure that Harry would come out of the boxing ring unharmed. Nathan gave me a small smile "Because he's fighting for you". My eyebrows furrowed further, I didn't understand what he meant. Noticing my confusion he began to speak again "Adam wants to fight Harry, but he knows Harry will easily win" Nathan began to explain. I already knew Harry would easily beat him up, the anger he had towards Adam was so vast that he would probably try and kill him if he touched me one more time. "So he's getting his bigger, stronger, older brother to fight Harry for him" I put two and two together before He could say another word. Nathan nodded his head "Harry's only fighting Luke to show Adam that he's not a coward and that he's dead if he lays a finger on you". My eyes flicked back to the curly haired guy smashing his gloved fists into the strike pads held up by Max. "I don't want him to fight, especially if he's fighting for me" I sighed, playing with the ends of my hair. "He'll be okay" I was gently patted on the back "He's the best boxer I've ever met". I hung my head slightly, I didn't care if he was the best boxer in the world, I didn't want him to fight someone bigger than himself, he was too precious to me. Nathan left me alone after a while, I was in the greatest mood. My fingers tapped several times on the screen of my iPod as I searched for something to listen to. My head rested back against the wall as I closed my eyes, listening to maroon 5. I wasn't even halfway through the song when a pair of large warm hands slid up my legs. I refused to look up, keeping my eyes closed, acting as though he wasn't even there. Being given no reaction, he nudged his face into the crook of my neck, puffs of warm breath fanning over my skin, attempting to get a response. A smile tugged at my lips as his own plump ones kissed at my skin. "Are you mad" he asked, unsure of whether my actions were playful or if they were actually serious, I'm not to sure myself, a little bit of both, but I'm not mad at him, just upset. I removed my headphones blinking up at the attractive boy. "I'm not mad at you, Harry" I shook my head, fingers lifting his hands from my thighs. I wasn't proud of the cuts I had inflicted on his beautiful skin, they were red and painful looking. "I'm sorry" I whispered, lifting the back of his hand to my mouth. I wish I could kiss the ugly marks away, put them on my own skin. "It's alright, baby" he Whispered as I parted my thighs, allowing him to step between my legs, bringing him that little bit closer to my body. "No it's not" I shake my head "I said I didn't want you to get hurt, then went and hurt you myself". He shrugged his shoulders "I deserved it". Maybe he did a little bit, I mean he did have me painfully pinned against the lockers, but even so I still felt bad. "Will you help me train?" He changed the subject. "Uhh" I'm not really sure if I wanted to be doing anything that involved Harry punching strike pads I held. "No, no. Not like that" he seemed to read my mind, I was a little relieved "I need you as motivation". I was gently tugged by the hand from my seat atop of the table and towed behind Harry to one of the many blue mats sprawled out on the floor. I watched as Harry lay down on his back, bending his knees up towards the ceiling in a sit up position. His arms reached skyward, beckoning my hands into his as he lightly lowered me down to the floor. My hands were placed on his knees, chin resting on top of them as he lowered himself back down onto the floor. His hands went to the back of his head, readying himself for the first sit up. I watched Harry's stomach muscles contract as he used them to lift his torso from the floor, a small kiss was stolen from my lips at the peak, as he completed his first sit up. The second sit up I rewarded him by sweetly nuzzling his nose against mine. Harry lingered at the top of his third sit up, a heavier kiss pressed to my mouth as a hand slid around the back of his neck, holding him to my mouth. A low moan was emitted from his mouth as I pressed out lips more forcefully together. "Natalie" he laughed as I released him, watching as he increased the distance between us, lowering his back to the floor. I was enjoying this, maybe I should help him train more often. All I have to do is sit here and reward him with kisses every sit up he completed. We only got to twenty six before I managed to pry his knees oven, resting my body between them as I wriggled up his chest to his pink lips."I giggled as he willingly complied by wrapping his strong arms found my lower back, holding me close. "Mmm, I really like training with you" he hummed as I sweetly pecked my lips over his cheeks "I can't really do this with Nate". I giggled at his comment "Good, because I'm not good at sharing, you're mine". Harry grinned brightly, I knew how much he loved it when I said that he was mine, he loved the fact that he was the only one that I wanted. "Say it again" he pleaded, the words I spoke moments earlier wanting to be heard again, he needed to know that I wasn't going anywhere and that I was staying right here with him. My nose nudged his slightly as I gazed deeply into his green eyes, our faces only centimeters apart. I opened my mouth to speak, lips lightly grazing as our warm breath mingled. "Harry, you're mine"   _____________________________________________________________________________________

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