Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


13. Chapter Thirteen

Chapter 13


It's been about a week since I last saw Harry. A week since I said I didn't care. A week since I hung up on him. A week I've spent in complete worry about the curly haired boy.

In this time, I've gone back to school, making up a lie that I had felt sick for the two days that I wagged. I find myself hanging out with Niall more and more, he helps me keep my mind of the Harry, who I think about constantly whenever I'm alone.

"Hey Nat!" Someone yelled from behind me as I was walking out of the school building. I stopped where I was and turned around to see Lara jogging over to me. Holding down her skirt as she ran so it wouldn't blow up. "Hey" I gave her a weak smile. "Do you wanna come over to Jodie's place, we're all going, along with Niall and Liam and you'll get to meet Jodie's boyfriend Connor" She asked, almost bouncing up and down with ecstasy. I considered the offer for a moment. It's a Wednesday night, I'm bored, lonely and have no one to hang with right now so to hell with it.

"I would love to" I reply, this is another way I can get my mind off Harry. "Well, the others have already left and Niall thought you'd tag along so he offered to drive us" she gives me a big smile, grabbing my hand and tugging me in the direction of the car park. Lara is really full of energy today, she's been bouncing off the walls all day long. I had to jog to keep up with the excited girl as we ran across the field into the car park, where I was practically pushed into the backseat of Niall's car.

"Hey Nat" Niall greeted me as sat myself up in a sitting position. "Hey Niall" I replied, as our bouncy friend jumped in up front next to Niall in. "Drive on Mr Irish Leprechaun" She laughed, buckling her seatbelt. Niall looked at Lara, then at me, then back at Lara again. "Are you drunk? Your starting to sound like Amy" he asks seriously. "I'm just excited because Zayn and I are going on a date tonight" She smiles widely at Niall and I "And I'm not sure if I should take your comment as a compliment or an insult". Niall lets out a chuckle "You can decide that yourself". I couldn't help but giggle when Lara slaps him playfully on the shoulder "Your a very cheeky leprechaun".

"So why isn't Zayn coming to Jodie's house" I asked as Niall drove us out of the school gates. "He got Detention" Lara replies slumping down in her chair slightly. "Yeah, him and Louis we're being immature in English today" Niall says chuckling. "What did they do" I asked intrigued by the two boys who I hear got detention. "They jumped up on the tables in the middle of class and started dancing while screaming I hate English" Niall shook his head "That got them immediate detention from that teacher". Louis and Zayn sound like interesting people. "I'm guessing it was Louis idea" Lara giggles. "Yup" Niall replies.

It took about twenty minutes to get to Jodie's house, Niall pulled up on the curb, parking behind another car already outside. "Lets go bitchez" Lara laughed leaping out of the car and running inside Jodie's house. Niall turned to look at me "I think she's love drunk" he chuckled. "Yeah, either that or she's actually drunk" I replied laughing. "Nah, I think she's just so whipped on Zayn, that if he told her he had a green unicorn, she would believe him"Niall spoke as we got out of the car. "By the looks of things that's probably true" I agreed.

Niall and I walked up to the front door which Lara had left wide open. "FASTER LIAM" I heard a giggly squeal from inside the hall. One of the boys that helped Harry and I out at the club a couple of weeks back came charging down the Hall with Amy sitting on his back. "Hey Natalie, Hey Niall" they both greeted us as they ran past. Lily and Lara appeared screaming and chasing after the piggyback pair with nerf guns. Jai, Mitchell and I used to chase eachother with nerf guns, it was quite entertaining I have to admit.

"Lets find Jodie and then we'll join the chase" Niall winked as the two of us walked down the hall into the lounge area. Where we found Jodie and who I'm guessing to be Connor making out on the couch. "MY EYES" Niall screamed running out of the room and straight into Liam and Amy who fell on top of him. Soon followed by Lily and Lara who ran round the corner and immediately tripped over Liam's legs, falling on top of the pile. "Well that escalated quickly" I laughed walking over to the tangled mess of five bodies on the floor. "Come join the party" Lily giggled grabbing my leg pulling me down. "Argh" Niall groaned as I added my weight to the pile, he was at the bottom and getting squished. "Sorry Niall" I patted him on the head lightly.

"HaHa" everyone turned there heads to see who was laughing. Jodie and her boyfriend were standing in the doorframe. Connor was probably about my height, I'm tall for my age, he's about average height for a guy. His shaggy dirty blonde hair was swept to one side, covering one of his light blue eyes. A lip ring was wrapped around his red, slightly puffy lips, he was quite muscular, I could hell by the way his biceps flexed as he wrapped his arm round Jodie's waist. All in all he wasn't bad looking.

"Niall, I'm not sure why you ran out screaming because we were kissing, when you guys are having a gang bang" Jodie laughed. "Hey Liam, can I borrow this" Niall asked, tapping the nerf gun he was holding. "Go ahead" Liam smiled knowingly. Niall took the Nerf gun from Liam's hands and aimed it at Jodie. "Shut up" he laughed firing the gun at Jodie. It hit her in the stomach. She yelped in surprise, jumping behind Liam, using him as a shield. "Stop it Niall" she squealed as he managed to shoot a bullet over Connors shoulder.

"Fine" Niall puts the nerf gun down. Laughing, I push myself up from the top of the dog pile and brush myself off. "Hi, I'm Natalie" I introduced myself to Conner. He looked at me, trying to figure out where he'd seen me before. "Ohhh" his mouth formed an 'O' shape as he realised where he'd seen me. "Your the New girl that Harry has his eyes on, I remember seeing you at Adam's party" he put his hand out for me to shake "I'm Connor".

I shook his hand "So are you like friends Adam?" I asked seriously hoping he wasn't. Connor shook his head "Yeah kind of, I guess". I exchanged nervous glances with Liam and Niall. Adam's friends aren't really the nice type as the three of us know, I don't think Liam and Niall knew he was friends with Adam. "We're not like close though" Connor added, noticing our slight discomfort "I know what he does with girls, I'm not like that".

I let out a sigh of relief that I never knew I was holding in. I watched as Liam pushed himself to his feet "We had some trouble with Adam, his friends and that one" He points at me. "Oh yeah, I heard about that, wasn't there a massive as fight at a club with Harry Styles" Connor asks us. "Yeah, then they broke into his house" Lara added. I looked down at my feet, biting my lip to hold back the tears threatening to spill out of my eyes, I really don't want to think about Harry right now.

I felt a pair of warm arms wrap round my body, pulling me into a tight hug. "Can we not talk about Harry" Niall's Irish accent came from next to my head. Only Niall knew about what happened last week, I didn't tell anyone else, because I don't like talking about it, I get upset with myself. "Oh, sorry" Connor apologised. As Niall let me go "Thanks Ni" I whispered. "No problems, love". I'm really glad Niall's looking out for me, he's such lovely guy.

"So guys what do you wanna do" Amy asked jumping to her feet, pulling Lara up with her. "I'm hungry" Niall announced "Can we eat". Liam let out a laugh"You're always hungry". Niall hit him in the gut "Shut up, Payne". Jodie rolled her eyes at the two bickering boys "Stop arguing or you two can leave". Both boys immediately shut up.

"Lets watch a movie" Connor suggested wisely. Jodie nodded her head "Good idea babe, that's something quiet, these guys are to hyped up to do anything else, they'll destroy my house and mum and dad will kill me when they get home" she says to Connor, teasing us at the same time. "Okay" we all agreed, filing into the lounge. I sat down on the couch between Niall and Liam, we took up the whole couch, while Connor sat on the love seat waiting for Jodie to to come join him once she'd found a DVD. Lara stole the last single seated couch, so Amy and Lily had to sit on the floor.

"What do you guys want to watch" Connor asked while Jodie sat patiently at the DVD cabinet waiting for answers. There was cacophony of replies from people round the room.


"Toy story" Liam yelled


"Saw" Lily suggested with an evil grin on her face


"Friday the Thirteenth" Lara giggled


"The Perks of being a wall flower" Amy spoke


"Love Actually" Jodie added


"That's quite a range" Niall chuckled from next to me. "I am not watching a Horror movie" Jodie shook her head "Especially not those two". Lily and Lara pouted, I wouldn't mind watching a horror, I don't want to watch a romance though, they piss me off right now. "We'll we're not watching A romance" Lara spoke my thoughts. "We'll watch toy story then" Jodie rolls her eyes at the two arguing girls. "YEEEEESSSS" Liam claps his hands jumping up off the couch and doing an odd dance which consisted of several hip thrusts. "Liam, calm" I grabbed his shirt, pulling him back down on the sofa next to me. "I'll go get food" Amy exclaims, getting up from her spot on the floor and walking out to wherever the kitchen was. Niall seemed to perk up a bit at the mention of food, which I found quite entertaining. "Someone's hungry" I cheekily poked him in the stomach. He playfully swatted my hand away. Niall is so cute.

Jodie started the movie and turned the lights off before Amy got back with with the food. "Lets hide from Amy" Lily suggested as she crawled round the back of the couch I was sitting on. Followed by Lara. I looked to Niall and Liam and they nodded their heads, holding back giggles as we jumped behind the couch almost landing on Lily and Lara in the process. We all huddled together behind the chair. Jodie and Connor hid behind there love seat, giggling a bit. "Shhh" Lara shushed them and they shut up.

The room was silent apart from the sound of the TV playing all the adds and trailers before the movie. We had to wait a couple of minutes before we heard Amy return.

"Guys I got fo-" she stopped mid sentence "Guys" she sounded so confused. I peeked out the side of the chair to see her holding two bowls, one full of popcorn, the other had chips in it. Amy was walking around in circles looking very lost. "This is weird" she started talking to herself. I ducked back behind the chair just before she turned in this direction, almost head butting Liam in the progress. "I see you Jodie" Amy laughed, I could hear her feet softly pattering along the carpet "Dammit" Conor muttered, he and Jodie had been discovered.

I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I turned my head to see only Lily, everyone else had disappeared. Lily pressed a finger to her lips, motioning to the door with a slight flick of her head. Oh, they've all escaped out into the hall. I nodded my head in showing her I understood. On all fours, Lily and I quietly slunk across the carpet, being almost silent as we moved.

Amy, Connor and Jodie didn't even see us as we escaped out the door. "Where'd the others go" I whispered, I couldn't see them anywhere in the hall. "I'm not sure " Lily replied, looking around just like me. "Lets hide upstairs, that's probably where they went" Lily suggested as she stood up, crouching slightly as we headed for the staircase.

The floorboards creaked slightly under our feet as we tried to move up the stairs as quietly as possible. "I SWEAR THEY WERE ALL JUST HERE" We heard Jodie yell, they had obviously discovered we had gone, now were playing a game of hide and seek.

Once we reached the top, we split up, just to make it a bit more fun. I slipped into a random room that I soon discovered was Jodie's bedroom. "Oi! Where are you idiots" A male voice yelled, I guess it was Connor. I didn't have time to look around the room for a good hiding spot, I just dived under the bed. I wriggled backwards, so I was less visible, what I backed into through was something warm. I rolled over quickly, coming face to face with Liam. "Shhh" He pressed his finger to his lips. I nodded my head.

We lay silently under the bed for fifteen minutes, neither of us making a move. I was about to open my mouth to say i think it was safe to leave, but the door suddenly creaked open and I closed my mouth. Slim jean covered legs that I think belonged to Amy waltzed into the room. I watched her feet as she went and pulled open the closet, looking for us in there. "Found you Niall" she laughed. I didn't know Niall was in here, he was silent I didn't here him at all. "Dammit" he groaned, his slightly larger legs now appearing beside Amy's. "Know where anyone else is" Amy asked him. "I think Liam and Natalie are downstairs" he lied. "Lets go then" Amy skipped out of the room closely followed by Niall.

"She is so gullible" Liam laughed after a couple of minutes silence. "She only looked in the closet" I giggled, so smart of her. "So how are things for you" he asked randomly. "Alright" I replied frowning a little. "I figure that Harry has done something since I haven't seen you with him in ages" Liam spoke cautiously. "He got in another fight with Adam, I ran off and haven't seen him since" I told him briefly. Liam awkwardly patted me on the shoulder "Do you like him?". I had to think about it for a moment before i replied "I'm honestly not sure, I kind of have mixed emotions towards him". Liam nodded his head "He and Niall used to be close, but then stuff happened and he pushed Niall out". I looked at Liam "What happened" I asked curiously, I really am desperate to know why Harry is the way he is. "I honestly don't know, I only moved here last year and Niall doesn't talk about Harry, No one does, I'm just as clueless as you, sorry". "Its okay, I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up" I let out a little sigh. "So where did you move from" Liam changed the subject. "From Doncaster I used to live on a farm" I replied smiling. Liam's face lit up "With animals" he asked excitedly, well that's cute. "Yeah" I giggled "Lots of them". "I love animals" he grinned. "Maybe when I go back up there sometime you could come" I gave him a warm smile, I really like Liam he's adorable. "I would love tha-" Liam was cut off by a loud yell.


Liam and I both let out a shriek of fright, rolling into eachother. Loud laughter erupted from who ever found us. I put my hand on my chest, feeling the fast pace of my heart as I breathed heavily. I looked over to see who the frightening person was, Lara. "Are you trying to give us a heart attack" Liam asked as we watched Her roll around on the floor in a fit of giggles. "OH...HA...MY...GOD...HA...YOUR...HA...REACTIONS...HAHAHA" She spoke through her laughter. I slid out from under the bed, my heart was still pounding from shock.

I grabbed a pillow of Jodie's bed and started hitting Lara with it for revenge. "Hey! Stop!" She squealed fending off my repetitive hits with her hands. Ignoring her pleas, I continued to hit her in the face with the soft white object. "Come on Nat, leave the monster alone and lets go watch the movie" Liam took the pillow of me casually flinging it back on the bed. "Now were even" I laughed offering Lara my hand to help he back up to her feet. She took my hand and I pulled her up back onto her feet. "Come on girls" Liam grabbed our wrists and pulled us out of the room before we could object.




We actually ended up watching the whole toy story trilogy, Lara went home after the first one though to get ready for her date with Zayn. During the last one, Niall fell asleep on my shoulder, snoring loudly while Liam basically quoted the whole movie, something tells me he's watched them a lot. I pulled my phone out, deciding to check my Facebook, I haven't been on in a while.

I had about fifteen notifications, one was a poke from Mitchell, I sent him one back. The others were all notifications about Amy tagging me in photos. I tapped one to see a picture of Liam, Niall and I. Liam was sitting on the edge of his seat, wide eyed as he watched the movie, I was slouched down next to him with a bowl of popcorn in my lap and my mouth wide open as I stuffed a handful in and Niall was fast asleep on my shoulder, mouth slightly agape. Amy had captioned it 'These sexy mofo's (Kiddie, big mouth and burger)'. I laughed as I went through the rest of them, each just as funny as the next.

I noticed Jai had commented on one of them 'Oh no Mitchell we've been replaced'. I let out a little chuckle as I tapped a reply 'That's right, these are my new bitchez :P <3'. I refreshed it and a new comment from Jai appeared 'Love ya Nat :P <3'

"Aww" Amy randomly cooed, she was looking at her own phone, probably reading the comments. I laughed, shoving my phone back in my pocket, I like my new friends, but I could never replace Jai and Mitchell.

I looked around the room to see what people were doing, Connor and Jodie were asleep on eachother, Lily was sitting alone on the single couch looking bored and Amy was on her phone taking pictures of everyone and putting them on Facebook. It was getting pretty late, so when the movie ended a few minutes later I decided it was time to go home.

"I'm going to head home now, it's been fun" I smiled at the still conscious people. "I'll drive you if you'd like" Liam offered kindly but I shook my head. "Thanks for the offer, but I kind of feel like walking" I thanked him. "You sure, it's getting pretty late" he asked a bit worriedly. I nodded my head, "I'll be fine, my place isn't to far from here" I replied giving him a smile. "Here, I'll give you my number just in case anything happens" Liam said pulling his phone out and handing it to me, I did the same, quickly tapping my number into Liam's phone before handing it back "Thanks".

Gently I lifted Niall's head off my shoulder, laying him down half on the couch and half off it. I gave Liam a hug "Text me when you get home okay" he said pulling back and sitting back down next to Niall's head. "Okay, I'll see you guys later" I said to Amy and Lily giving them both a quick hug "Say bye to the sleepy ones for me" I waved before leaving the room.




I'm sick today *tear* *tear*  

but I got to write lots of this story because I was in bed all day today so that's good. I've almost written 20 chapters so there might be two updates a week if ur lucky and it gets better, because it's the holidays and I can write lots more than during school so expect a fair bit of this story over the next few weeks.

I'm not sure who actually reads this if anyone does, but I'd just like to thank you all for reading my story it means a lot to me you are all amazing people!!!




Stay Beautiful





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