Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


69. Chapter Sixty-One

Chapter 61

My eyes widened in shock, fear, pain, relief and disbelief as they fell upon the male standing before me. My heart clenched in agony as I absorbed his dreadful appearance, his beautiful body battered and bruised as he stood shivering on the porch. Waterlogged clothes hung from his trembling body, hands shoved deep within his drenched pockets in hopes to find some tiny form of warmth but they were still freezing cold. The usual healthy pink of his plump, pink lips had been replaced with a purplish blue which silently informed me he was getting close to being in a hypothermic state. He was well and truly drenched to the bone, his skin even paler than the ghostly shade my own had acquired the past the twenty-four hours. I couldn't believe just how much of a mess he was, just how much damage one day apart could do both of us and the reality was quite frightening.

His usual mess of curls were now plastered to his forehead, ringlets no longer existent as the rain had flattened his beautiful hair into mere waves. Shivers racked through his body as he stood sodden on my front porch, his skin tainted with fresh blood as it streaked his face, mixing with the blatant rain drops more the more subtle tears. He looked even worse than he had when he left the house and his injuries alerted me to the fact he had gotten himself into a fight and clearly paid the price because.

I didn't know what to think or to feel or even to say. I was gob smacked by his injuries and even more so surprised by even his presence. After my little phone disappointment I had been pretty sure he wouldn't have been the one at the front door so I was pretty well prepared for the disappointment. However I had been ill prepared for him to actually be standing outside in this sort of weather.

My mouth fell open in shock as I blinked a couple of times just to make sure he was real. Sure enough he was, Harry had come back and I wasn't really sure whether I wanted to slap him for leaving or kiss him for coming back. A flood of emotion washed through me like a tidal wave as I gazed desperately up at him, the feeling was so intense I almost wished the emptiness would come back.







These feelings all flooded through me in unison as I tried to pull my broken-self back together with the help of Harry's very presence. Just how attached I had become to him was frightening. It was almost as though he had become a part of me and whenever we fought like this he was ripping me open and creating a fierce wound across my skin from where he had pulled himself away. He is the light that ignites my fire and brings me out of my gloomy, hollow self. Because of Harry I am no longer the timid little girl I became after my father’s death. He shaped me back into my old self, his arrogance, rudeness and possessiveness had ignited the fire that once burnt brightly in my gut.

Harry was the small spark that saved me.

"Harry." I spoke, my voice coming out in barley a whisper.

My fingers desperately wiped under my eyes as I attempted to brush away the salty droplets which fell for him. I couldn't believe he had come back, I thought I had really done it this time but god am I thankful I was wrong. I thought a day would have most certainly meant things between us were over but by some miracle he decided to come back.

I didn't care he had gotten into another fight with god knows who. I didn't care about his past crimes. I didn't care about his mental disorders.

All I cared about was the real him.

My heart fluttered as he stepped forward, hesitantly lifting a trembling hand to my cheek. I blinked up at him through damp lashes as his lips quivered from the cold. He was going to freeze to death if he stood out there any longer but as hard as I tried I couldn't find my voice, I couldn't ask him to come back in. I was rooted to the spot, frozen like Harry could be soon. I think it was the utter shock of his return that stunned me so badly or maybe it was his nearing palm but either way I was tongue tied.

I flinched slightly at the touch of his palm and he quickly retracted his hand clearly taking my movement the wrong way. It wasn't that I didn't want him to touch me because I desperately did. I wanted to feel the large expanse of his hands all over my skin and to feel his soft lips against mine but the coldness of his hands had been what startled me slightly. I had become so accustomed to the warmth of his skin that the coolness of his touch frightened me.

My chest contorted in agony as I watched him hang his head. Seeing Harry in such a way pained me, I hated it when he was upset and I hated it even more when I was the one who had inflicted his pain. It all works in a big loop though, an evil loop of pain. He's upset then I'm upset then he says something stupid and I say something stupid and them we've done it again and hurt one another. It's a continuous chain of pain and with every passing day it only seems to become worse. It's the secrets we both keep from one another that are what form this horrendous loop, our relationship lacks in honesty and revealing the truth. Harry and I are both very contained people who tend to keep things to ourselves he has problems with expressing himself and I lie because I think I'm protecting him. This relationship is lethal, I know but I'm willing to take a risk for him.

Harry's body shuddered in the cold, his skin so freakishly pale that I thought maybe he was a ghost. Closing my eyes briefly I sucked in a deep breath, preparing myself for difficult situation that came back with Harry.

I didn't get to finish my preparation as I was snapped out of my moment of calmness as the sound of gravel crunching underfoot reached my ears. Panic flooded through me when I opened my eyes to be greeted with the image of his sodden back as he shivered his way back towards his car. The rain pelted down against his trembling body as he wrapped his arms around himself trying to warm himself.

The pounding I my ears grew louder as my pulse quickened, adrenaline flooding through my body. There was no way I was letting him leave this time. I had learnt my lesson and the little time we had spent apart was more than long enough for me to realise just how much I loved him and needed him. My selfish needs were the only thing left latched onto him as I watched him get further and further away.

Without thinking twice I launched myself off the porch into the blistering rain and bone chilling wind. My hair whipped around me whilst my feet carried me at top speed towards him decreasing the distance between our two bodies. I need him, I need him so badly and I can't let him go, not without a fight. Harry needs me as much as I need him if not more. He needs the love he has always deserved and he needs to be able to truly feel it. I will go to all extents to get him to see my intimate love and I know where I will begin if I can get him to stay.

My heart was in my mouth as I watched him clumsily scramble into the driver’s seat, yanking the door shut behind him. He appeared to be too upset to notice my presence desperately chasing behind and I could only pray he didn't leave before I had the chance to get to him. The thought of losing him again urged me to go faster, my arms and legs pumping harder and faster as I desperately hurtled through the pouring rain. My bare feet sloshed through puddles, the gravel tearing at my skin, drawing blood as they hammered against the rocky terrain. The pain in my feet was nothing compared to the pain I had felt when he was gone and I would willingly suffer anything for Harry, the pain in my feet being one of the minor hurts experienced.

The engine revved into life at the same moment my stiff fingers curled around the handle. Squeezing tightly I pulled the door open, throwing myself at Harry like some crazy person. He has made me crazy, no, insane, I am so deeply in love with him that my irrational actions reflect on the way I feel about him.

Pure love.

Harry let out a gasp of surprise as my arms wrapped round his neck and my fingers curled into his wet curls. To say he was surprised would be an understatement because the expression he wore on his face was utter shock. My hand gently cupped his cheek as I leant in closing also space between us as our mouths passionately connected.

The touch of his lips ignited that burning fire within me and I felt myself melt against Harry's chest. I felt as though he had brought a lighter and deliberately set me on fire but he didn't need one because his blame burnt brighter than the sun. His very smile had an explosion of sparks going through me, he was truly beautiful on the inside and out and even though he doesn't believe it now I will do everything I can to convince him he is the most amazing person on earth.

My lips tenderly caressed his as my fingers wound through his disarray of curls, lightly tugging at his roots. A small moan escaped me when he finally broke from his moment of shock and gently began to kiss back. It was in that moment that I felt as though everything had been lifted...

The pain;

The loneliness;

The desperation;

The hurt;

The confusion.

It felt as though Harry had taken some of the weight of the world on his own shoulders so we could carry it together. It was that moment of unity that I finally understood how much of an impact he had on my life. I didn't just want him but I needed him to live. I didn't want to exist but not live, I wanted to live and Harry was the beautiful breath of life given to me the moment he almost ran me down on his motorcycle, the first day we met. That was the first day in a long time I had truly felt alive. He brought the thrill back, that kick of adrenalin and the excitement of the unknown. He lured me in with the dangerous aura he gave off and used my curiosity to tug me in and I'm glad he did. Harry broke me out of my own little protective shell where I came off as an innocent, naive little girl and brought back the wild side of me, my true side.

I felt his fingertips gently press into my sides as he curled his fingers into the sodden material covering my skin. My heart fluttered with the feeling of his touch, my chest aching for him as his fingers gently slid down my sides. Damp tears glided down both out cheeks as the storm outside continued to rage on. The passion put into the kiss was unmeasurable, it was pure and innocent yet held such an intensity. The depth and meaning behind the kiss wasn't like any stupid teenage relationship. Harry and I were different, we had been through enough shit together for a thousand lifetimes. We fought constantly and we had our differences but what I felt for him was so deep I could even see the bottom. I had fallen head over heels in love with the beautifully broken man and I was never going to be able to get back up. I didn't want to.

My fingertips gently grazed across his sharp jaw before gently cupping his chin. With some reluctance our mouths disconnected but we didn't completely pull away. With my eyes still hidden behind my lids I gently pressed my forehead against Harry's. The warmth of Harry's breath mingled with mine as our noses lightly nuzzled against one another's. Time seemed to stand still as we listened to thou sound of uneven breaths falling from each other’s lips before sweet breath was caught in the others mouth. My head felt as though it were about to explode. There were so many thoughts racing through my mind. So many things I wanted to say and to do. Harry was back here in my arms and I couldn't quite believe it.

"I love you, Harry." I whispered, unable to string together any other coherent sentence.

"I-I'm sorry." He softly spoke, his voice weak and timid as he gently brushed his fingertips down my spine. "I'm sorry for being the biggest fuck up on earth. I should have believed you every single time you told me you loved me but I was stubborn and decided to believe I was to messed up to ever be loved and your words only came because you pitied me."

My heart broke a little hearing him speak of my love as if I only said the words because I felt sorry for him. That wasn't true. I didn't pity Harry, I pitied the people in his life that took him for granted and ignored the love he had to give. I admired Harry, he was truly the most inspirational person I've ever met. To go through eighteen years of such daunting life alone is the bravest thing anyone has ever done and I have no idea how he survived. Harry is a walking miracle.

I didn't love him because I pitied him. I loved him for his laugh and his smile, his strengths and his weaknesses, his bravery and his beautiful, pure hearth even though the rest of him had been damaged.

Harry really was a fallen angel.

"I can't believe it took me one drunken night, a brawl and the day and part of the night stuck sleeping in my car on the side of the road to realise how much of an asshole I really am." He speaks softly. "I should never have doubted how you felt about me. I was blind and finally I can see."

My heart leapt with joy as the words I had so desperately wanted to hear came rumbling from his mouth. Finally Harry seemed to be able to grasp the concept of my unconditional love. My eyes fluttered open only to be met by the intense gaze of a twin green eyes. They shimmered with tears as he peered at me through dark lashes. He looked awful, his face batters and bruised but in my eyes he was still the most beautiful thing is ever seen.

"I've done some disgusting things that I deeply regret, Natalie." Harry dropped his gaze. "I wish I could take them back and start over but it's too late because what's done has been done and I can't change that."

My thumb gently caressed his cheek as I watched him nervously nibble on his lower lips as he struggled to find the right words to say.

"I never believe in love before I bet you. I thought it was all bullshit because I never had anyone who loved me. I finally believe now though, I believe you love me despite the things I've done. Last night really got to me because Mitchell taunted me and made me feel like I was a real life monster." A couple of tears slipped down his cheeks. "I shouldn't care about what agora think of me because it’s only your opinion that matters. You know who I really am and you're not running for the hills and I should have realised that before that you are here with me on your own terms not by force and that means so much to me now. I'm sorry I'm not the ideal guy who brings his girlfriend roses, gives her chocolates and takes her out on romantic dates but I will try to be what you really want."

"Don't apologise for that, Harry. You are romantic." I shook my head. "I don't want to like the life of a movie character where you're some stupid sap and I'm a perfect girlfriend. I want to live on the edge, I want danger and excitement but most importantly I want you."

Harry's gaze flicked back up to meet mine and his eyes absolutely born me away. There was so many emotions swimming in the emerald green of his irises, way too many for me to count. He looked lost yet so certain at the same time but as usual he was stunningly beautiful.


"I would be bored with a relationship like the one you believe is ideal. It's stupid and predictable, where's the fun in that?" I asked.

A small smile quirked on his lips as a quick peck was given to his lump, pouty lips which had turned purple from the cold. My eyebrows furrowed together as I became aware of the trembling in his body, the paleness of his skin and the colour of his lips. Harry's image as he sat before me came as a wakeup call to the fact he was going to get really sick if he didn't get out of his drenched clothes and get something warm on. His injuries also need attending to, I have no idea who he picked a fight with but obviously he was drunk due to the fact he's had a bit of damage done to his beautiful body.

The state he was in was pretty awful and hypothermia was probably going to kick in soon if I didn't warm him up. God knows how long he stood out here in the rain probably trying to prepare himself before knocking on the front door. The idea of him becoming fatally ill makes me feel sick to the stomach.

My hands fell away from his cold cheeks, fingers slipping down to entwine with his. Harry watched me through damp lashes as I carefully stepped out of the car and back onto the slippery gravel below. The rain splattered down against my back in heavy droplets, the cool water seeping into my clothes and running off my exposed skin. Lightly I tugged at Harry's hand, encouraging him to follow me into the storm. He silently obliged and I watched for a moment as he stretched his long legs out of the car. Harry ducked his head slightly as he pulled his trembling body from within the confinement of the car. Unfolding himself he extended back up to his full height, soaked curls tousled roughly by the violent wind as it swirled angrily around us.

The door was slammed shut before I moved to wrap my arms round his torso in an attempt to share some of my body warmth with him. Despite my attempts I knew my own body was cold and would provide him with little heat as he was chilled to the bone. He looked such a mess and if it wasn't for his ghostly white skin I would have almost thought he'd been struck by lightning. Looking at him in such a vulnerable state made me want to cry because I was scared he might not ever go back to the warm, cheeky Harry I knew so well.

My arms squeezed around his body a little tighter as we began our journey back across the drive to the porch. I had left the door open and it smacked against the interior wall with every gust of wind. We moved slowly, both our legs stiff from the cold and our bodies ridged with every crack of lightning and rumble of thunder. Harry's fingers quickly caught hold of my dress as another bolt of lightning escaped between the clouds. His fingers roughly curled into my dress, his body pressing tightly against mine as we huddled close.

I could hear the chatter of his teeth and feel the violent beating of his hear beneath my fingertips. Harry was frightened and I knew that all too well. My hand gently rubbed over his back in an attempt to calm his heavy breathing and the rapid beat of his heart. He was so vulnerable right now, more vulnerable than he'd ever been before. I wanted to make him better, I want to see him smile again.

Once we were softly inside I pushed the door shut, moving quickly to lock the door behind us. I turned again to see Harry with his arms wrapped around himself as shudders racked his body. My eyes glided up from his feet to meet his dull, drained gaze. I could see he was fading out, his body becoming weaker and weaker with every passing moment. Harry was slipping further towards becoming hypothermic.

"How long have you been outside?" I asked worriedly as I moved closer towards him.

"I-I don't k-know." Harry shrugged weakly. "I-I was outside b-before I even got h-here."

"You need to get warm, Harry." I spoke softly, my hand gently pressing against his lower back as I guided him in the direction of the stairs.

Though I appeared calm on the outside on the inside I was mentally panicking. After the accident years ago I had suffered from hypothermia and had been in hospital for a couple of weeks. Being outside in only a thin shirt and a pair of jeans for a long period of time wasn't good for Harry but he doesn't look as though he is in a condition as severe as I was when I was taken into hospital. I can only pray a hot shower will be able to warm him up and I won't have to make a late night trip to the hospital because he's got hypothermia.

We ascended the stairs quickly, dripping water on the wooden floor as we made our way to my room. I nudged Harry lightly into the bathroom before leaving his side. The soft carpet wen earth my cold, sore feet both relieved and warmed them as I shuffled across the floor. I took a moment to tug all the curtains closed and flick on the lights before turning the heater on. Crossing the room I moved back over to the bed which was still piled with Harry's clothing and the bedspread in a tangled mess.

My fingers grasped hold of a wad of clothing, tossing it carelessly behind me and off the bed before repeating the process. Gradually the pile of material on my bed decreased and the amount of clothing strew across the floor increased until the bed was free of clothes and the floor was smothered. Laying the sheet out smoothly across the bed I got to work putting the covers back on tidily instead of it being in the tangled mess I had created due to tossing and turning, unable to sleep.

I smiled to myself as I spread the duvet back out across the landscape of the bed. I felt somewhat proud of myself considering that was possibly the only time I'd ever made a bed. Mum always made mine because I never bothered because theirs wasn't much point to it as I was only going to mess it up again the next night. After settling Boo between the abundance of pillows at the head of the bed I made my way back over to the bathroom to check on Harry.

Cautiously I peered round the doorframe into the bathroom. The first thing I noticed was that Harry wasn't in the shower, in fact it hadn't even been turned on. Frowning slightly I glanced to the left, my gaze immediately landing on the tall male standing by the sink. His lower lip was taken roughly between his teeth as his frozen fingers fumbled with the button of his jeans. It was obvious he was struggling to rid himself of the waterlogged material due to his fingers being too stiff to so much as undo his jeans or even grasp hold of the hem of his shirt. I couldn't help but watch him for a moment, imprinting the adorable image of him attempting to undo the button of his pants but failing terribly. Harry looked so innocent in this moment, he looked like a young boy again because of the way his hair flopped in front of his eyes. Looking at him in such a vulnerable way made me want to protect him, to keep him safe just as he wanted to keep me safe. I was desperately in love with him.

Harry seemed to sense my presence, his gaze flicking up towards me as he caught me staring. My heart melted as a pale shade of pink tingled on his cheeks clearly embarrassed by his struggle in undoing his jeans. I felt my own cheeks heat a little now that he'd caught me staring at him.

"Come here." I whispered quietly.

A small embarrassed smile curled at the corners of his lips as he took a couple of steps towards me. Once he was close enough I reached forward, my fingers catching hold of the hem of his sodden shirt. Pinching the wet material between my thumb and fingers I began to lift the shirt upwards. Harry's toned chest soon came into view as I slowly peeled the shirt from his body. As I did so I noticed purple bruises marking his torso, obviously inflicted by the guy he got in a fight with. It saddened me seeing his beautiful body damaged like this, I hated knowing someone had hurt him.

Harry watched me quietly as I forgot how cold he was for a moment and allowed my feelings to take over. Gently my fingertips traced over the dark marks decorating his stomach. I wished I could take them away, remove the bruises from his skin and take the pain instead of him. I wish I could've been there to protect him from his own irrational thoughts and the urge to let loose his anger on someone. It is difficult to look at him when he has been hurt, there's always that pang of pain I feel in my chest when I see the one man I fell in love with inflicted with such bruises and cuts on his godly body.

Shaking my head lightly I snapped myself back into reality. Delicately I traced my the pad of my index finger down his centre crease, smiling a little as I felt a shudder rack his body. It was not one from the cold this time, it was a pleasurable shiver that brought me joy knowing my touch did that to him.

My fingers brushed over the waistband of his boxers before slipping down past them to the top of his jeans. I caught hold of the button, quickly popping it open before pinching the metal zipper between my thumb and forefinger before pulling it down. A finger slipped into a belt loop on either side of his body as I lightly tugged at the black material. Removing his pants proved to be more difficult than I had anticipated as the sodden material was determine to cling to his legs. The damn skinny jeans were tight enough on and difficult as hell to get of even when dry and them being wet now seriously wasn't helping the situation.

As I grew more agitated my actions became rougher and I found myself forcefully tugging at the jeans which appeared to have melded to his long legs. Even if Harry had managed to pop the button of his jeans open earlier he would have still had a hell of a time trying to yank the material down. The process of removing his jeans should have taken little more than a second but I'd been here for a few minutes now and if barely managed to get them off his hips.

After five minutes of struggling I was beginning to contemplate whether I should just go grab a pair of scissors and slit either side of the denim legs. Just when I was about to get up and do exactly that his jeans finally slipped down a little further and I was able to pull them down to his ankles. I mentally laughed as they fell almost believing the material had heard my violent thoughts and decided they wanted to stay in one piece.

I crouched on the floor, my fingers fumbling a little with his shoes before I managed to rid his feet of them closely followed his socks. Silently Harry stepped out of his jeans, his body almost completely bare. A small kiss was pressed to either of his knees before I hooked my fingers into the band of his boxers slowly bringing them down his legs. Harry's stiff shaft slapped up against his lower abdomen displaying that despite his coldness he was still the most hormonal guy I knew.

Taking my lip between my teeth I stood up again, avoiding Harry's intense gaze as I turned towards the shower. My heart thrummed rapidly against my chest as I reached for the shower knob, still feeling his gaze upon my back. The sexual tension between us was almost unbearable, not of us were desperate do as little as even hold each other. The atmosphere almost gave me the feeling we were restraining ourselves from one another, keeping our distance just in case the other showed any sign of remorse. I was afraid Harry would suddenly snap again and run from me again. I was scared he would leave again because he regretted coming back.

Losing him once had been bad enough but losing him a second time would kill me, especially if we got all cosy again. I could only handle so much hurt in a small portion of time and I wouldn't be able to withstand the pain of him disappearing again.

"I'm not going anywhere." Harry spoke as if he could hear my thoughts.

The state I was currently in wasn't a very stable one and I was unsure of what I would say or do if he provoked the right feelings within me. I wanted to grab him round the neck and let him take me as I am but I was afraid I'd wake up and suddenly he'd be gone. My eyes fell closed as I pressed my hand against the glass shower wall to steady myself. My calm composure was beginning to wear thin and the insane girl I had become last night when I lay in bed cold and alone began to surface. I had no idea of my own measure of my love for him until last night when it hit me harder than a truck. There truly was no limit and I couldn't stop the desperation I felt for him to return and now that he had my feelings all felt intensified by a billion times.

My heart was racing and my head was pounding and I was beginning to struggle with keeping myself upright. I was lost in a lust for him and I was struggling to keep myself under control. He was everything and the only thing I could ever want and I had him but now there was that fear of losing him like last night.

"H-harry." My voice came out in little more than a whisper. "I'm scared."

The feeling of his breath against my neck caused my body to flood with intense feelings of love, passion and desire. These feelings only increased when his muscular arms encircled my waist, his chest pressing firmly against my back as heavy breaths tumbled from between his plump lips. The sensation he had sparking through me was indescribable, he truly was the spark that ignited the burning flame within me. He made me feel alive, free. When I was with Harry I felt like me again, the adrenalin junkie who was constantly looking for trouble and I'd finally found it. I'd finally found my trouble because my trouble was Harry.

"I'm scared too."

That was it.

My body swiftly spun round, arms coiling round his neck as our lips roughly met with such desperate passion. I've loved danger my whole life and now I truly have him. Harry forced me back against the shower wall, our mouths remaining unbreakable connected as he pressed his exposed body against me. Rough fingertips slid up the inside of my thighs as his tongue delved into my mouth before he grasped the hem of my damp dress taking it up over my head before carelessly discarding it.

The kiss broke for only a moment as my dress was brought up over my head, the material forming a thin boundary between us before it fell to the floor. The emotions flooding through my body in this moment were

Cold fingertips caressed my bare skin, gently gliding down my sides before settling them on the slight curve of my narrow hips. Harry's touch had my heart rate soaring sky high. It was difficult to deny the fact I was completely lost in him. He meant everything to me and finally after so much pain, stress and fighting and he finally seemed to understand just how much I loved him. Suffering through all the shit he'd thrown at me and what we had to go through together and it sure as hell was worth it because now I have bliss.

As his mouth met mine again a smile of pure joy curled on my lips. Harry could feel the smile I was giving through the heavenly kiss, his own mouth forming into grin similar to my own. I doubted I would ever get used to seeing the beautifully bare skin of Harry's near perfect body. I was never going to be able to properly wrap my head around the fact the beautiful man before me who had a body of a good and looks of an angel was all mine. Harry was so handsome and he had a beautiful heart to match his godly looks.

The dampness of his tongue was felt gently lapping against my lips. Without a second thought I opened my mouth slightly granting the slick muscle access to the warmth of my mouth. Nothing but Harry mattered anymore and I was more than willing to give him every little bit of me for all of him in return. As his tongue softly caressed mine I allowed the palms of my hands to roam his chest. Delicate fingers traced small patters into his toned abdomen as he held me firmly against the shower glass. The only sound audible was the pounding of the strong blast of water exploding from the shower head before splattering to the floor.

Harry's chest was glorified with my touch as the pads of my fingertips gently traced down the creases of his stomach. With every movement I felt the strong muscled beneath his smooth skin clench before becoming slack again. With every breath he took I noticed a rapid increase of the pace his chest rose and fell. My touch awakened something within him in much the same way as his did to me and the heavy thud of his heart against my near bare chest signaled to me that he was just as mesmerised by me as I was by him.

The coolness of has hand as it slid round my body was unmistakable. The cold was almost alien as I was so used to the radiating warmth Harry seemed to emit but it was his loving touch all the same and his fingertips still rose goosebumps on my skin. I quietly gasped into his mouth as my bra was unclasped by his skilful fingers. By now my heat was hammering a million miles per hour and I was almost certain the erratic drumming could be hear as clear as crystal in Harry's ears.

My hands were forced from Harry's chest as the straps of my bra slipped down my shoulders. The black lace slowly fluttered down my arms before falling to the ground amongst the numerous pieces of clothing strewn across the bathroom floor. I was surprised by how comfortable I felt with Harry seeing me in this way. I was bare and vulnerable but I felt as though the more often we were intimate the more my confidence grew and the more my embarrassment faded.

Our lips broke away, leaving my mouth cool and lonely as Harry leant back a little. His lustful eyes shamelessly absorbed the image of my naked chest as I stood before him. Greedily he indulged in an unhurried glance at my entirety. My heart pounded impossibly harder as he reached forward between the valley between my breasts, gently catching hold of the pendant hanging round my neck. I peered expectantly up at him through long lashes as he gently lifted the paper plane from my skin. I watched with interest as he pinched the pendant rolling it between his fingers for a moment before bringing it to his lips. A small kiss was pressed to the cold metal before he carefully let it fall back where it belong. Right next to my heart.

I remained quiet for some time as I allowed Harry to gently touch over the ghastly scar I had been given as a permanent reminder of my father’s death. The jagged mark wasn't something I was proud of, I hated it with everything I had. I still wasn't entirely comfortable with Harry touching the horrible scar, the gentle words he spoke did relive me of some of the pent up hatred I had towards it. He made me feel as though it were a rim under of my father’s life rather than his death. Harry's gentle and the way he told me that he thought the mark made me more beautiful really did warm my heart. The way he spoke to me with such gentleness and kindness made me love him so much more.

My eyes fluttered closed as his cool fingers delicately slipped between the two mounds on my chest, lightly wandering up to my collarbones. My whole focus was based on the sensation his touch evoked on my body as he delicately traced my collarbone across my shoulder. Fingertips glided down my arm, gently tickling at the palm of my hand as he searched for the hold of my hand. Smiling softly to myself I caught hold of his hand, slipping my fingers between his before locking them at the knuckles.

"Natalie." Harry's voice came out in a soft whisper as he gently pressed his forehead against mine.

Warm breath was expelled from his body, wafting over my lips as I let my eyes blink open. I was greeted with the image of vibrant green eyes and a disarray of chocolate curls of the beautiful man who had stolen my heart. My free hand wrapped found his waist, trying on his lower back as I pulled him forward. He groaned quietly as his manhood pressed firmly against my crotch, the thin material the only thing preventing us from joining in a sea of lust and bliss.

My palm traveled up his back to the nape of his neck where I gently tangled my fingers between his damp curls. There were no words to describe the intense feelings I felt towards Harry. It was impossible. The love I had for him did however run deep. Deeper than the ocean, deeper than any mass of liquid or earth. The way I felt for him was infinite, there was no way to measure my love. I would go to all ends of the universe for him and I hoped he knew that.

"I wish you were the only girl I've ever been with." Harry mumbled quietly. "I wish I could have given you my innocence like you gave me yours."

My fingers gently combed through his mess of curls as I listened to him softly speak of what he wished for. The words 'juvenile prostitution' bounced poisonously around in my head, making my heart ache torturously. Though I wasn't about to bring any of his past up right now I was certain he hadn't lost his virginity to someone he loved or even cared the littlest about.

"I know I'm dirty and scarred whilst you're a blinding white angel, pure and innocent as you have only been taken by one man. I know I'm selfish and overbearing and you probably think I'm filthier than a rabid street rat..."

He breathed out.

"But I want you forever, Natalie."

My heart swelled and tears pooled in my eyes as Harry gazed at me with such truth, such sincerity. His eyes glimmered with emotion as the beautiful words poured from his loving heart only to be caught by my ears. Harry had a heart of gold, it was pure and untainted just like his souls but unlike his body. I didn't care his body had been damaged because what really mattered was the fact his heart and soul were still as pure as falling snow.

Gently I pressed my fingertips into the nape of his neck, gently coaxing him forward as I leant up to press a tender kiss to his mouth. Nothing Harry had done stopped me wanting him. My whole body craved him and yearned his gentle touch. I loved him so much that what he shad said wasn't enough, I needed more of him. As our mouths gently parted I paused to cup his cheek, my eyes locking with his in an intense gaze.

"Forever isn't long enough."

"Then we better not waste a moment." He responded.

I could feel my heart race pick up with his words as a cold finger was hooked into the side of my panties. For a moment Harry hesitated, his eyes flicking up towards me as if to ask if it was alright. The simple nod of my head seemed to be the approval he needed as gently he dragged the black lace down the length of my legs. I watched as the material fluttered to the floor, pooling at my feet before I stepped out of them. The bubbling excitement within me began to grow as Harry's eyes lovingly trailed up and down the length of my body. Just the way he looked at me made me feel beautiful, like I was the only girl in the world.

My breathing was heavy as short puffs of hot air fell from my mouth. The effect Harry had on me was overwhelming, he could spoke my heart rate in a second and knock the breath from me leaving me feeling as though I had been winded. His green gaze met with mine as a small, sweet smile curled on his lips causing his adorable dimples to make an appearance. I found myself shyly smiling back as two large palms were pressed into my lower back, bringing me towards him.

Dipping his head down, plump lips made contact with my jawbone, sponging wet kisses across my skin. The touch of his mouth had a billion butterflies erupting in my stomach and that feeling of intense pleasure flooding through me. Heat flooded through my lower stomach as a burning flame was ignited with his fiery darkness. Clasping a fistful of curls between my fingers I let my eyes fall closed and my body to be consumed by Harry.

"I love you. You know that, right?" He quietly groaned.

Gently my fingers tugged at his curls, his words evoking a flood of emotion to flood through my body. I loved him more than anything and to finally be able to both give receive and believe the love the other game knowing they meant it with all their heart was the most amazing feeling in the entire world. Grasping at him desperately I coaxed him closer, my desire to have him near was becoming stronger and stronger with every passing minute.

"And I love you." I whispered as I twisted a springy curl at his nape around my finger.

Harry moaned loudly, his erection becoming increasingly obvious against my hip. A small gasp of surprise escaped me as the feeling of his large palms skimming over the smoothness of my backside but I made no objection to his touches. He could have all of me as long as I got all of him in return. Harry's large hands cupped the underside of my thighs as he tenderly caressed my sweet spot with those plump lips of his.

"Up." He ordered as his fingertips pressed into the muscle of my thighs.

I obliged, lifting my feet from the ground as Harry easily lifted me up. My legs wrapped tightly round his waist. My spine pressed roughly against the glass walling behind me and I knew I'd probably get bruises tomorrow from the harsh contact but right now I couldn't care less. I was immune to everything but Harry in this present moment in time.

Breath fell from my lips in short pants, my body becoming further aroused by the intimate position. I still struggled to believe the wild, carefree girl I had once been had returned and she back bigger and brighter and better than before. The timid girl who flushed at the very word 'sex' had taken over for a short period of time but now she was tangling with danger and mystery and darkness and honestly I was loving it. My chest rose and fell at a rapid pace. The once steady, rhythmic pattern had been replaced with short, sharp gasps and an increasingly fast rise and fall of my chest. With every breath my breasts pressed firmly against Harry's chest before retracting slightly before moulding to his toned torso yet again. He took pleasure in my natural movement, forcing himself closer as to feel to softness of my breasts fully.

"Harry?" I spoke in a desperate whisper. "Make love to me, please."

"Mmm, where." He responded, satisfaction evident in his raspy voice.

"Right here."

The ecstasy burning through my body made me more desperate to have him now. I couldn't wait, my body was too heightened by the flood of emotions to have any patience.

"Condom." Harry groaned. "Can you get it, my fingers are still too fucking cold."

For a moment I was released, my hands resting upon his shoulders as I was set back down on my feet. Moving quickly I scrambled towards his water logged jeans, catching hold of a belt loop as I tugged them from the floor. My fingers immediately delved into his back pocket in search for his wallet as I knew he always kept a condom for out of the blue random moments like this.

My pulse could be heard in my ears, its dramatic thrumming booming loudly as I fumble for his wallet. The burst of adrenaline rushed through my veins, fizzling my blood as I tugged the silver packet from one of the compartments. I dropped Harry's wallet to the floor, my eagerness evoking carelessness though I knew he wouldn't mind.

When I turned around Harry was no longer where he had once been standing and for a sickening moment I thought I'd imagined everything. But my edgy thoughts were relived as I watched a finger trace various letters across the condensates glass from within the glass cubical. I watched for a moment, cocking my head to the side a little as he continued to write. I couldn't help but giggle as his attempts to write so I could read it failed as an 'e' and 'B' appeared backwards.

'I'm getting lonely, Baby.'

I could feel my stomach do a series of flips as I stumbled back over to the shower. My feet padded quietly against the tile flooring as I made my way back towards the shower. Clutching the silver packet in one hand I reached for the handle to the shower door. Through the sheath of condensation I could see Harry's toned figure standing beneath the hot water as he let it rush over his body. Even through the blur he looked like nothing I had ever seen before, his figure still clearly displayed his lean, muscular body, much in the comparison of a gorgeous Greek god. With a thudding heart and heavy breath I drew the glass door back, revealing Harry and all his glory.

Jets of hot water cascaded down his body, dampening his hair and skin. Small droplets slithered down his chest, gliding down the creases of his muscular abdomen. I was greeted with a cheeky grin and swirling green eyes alit with a lust. With a small step forward Harry was standing directly in front of me. Water continued to rain down on his body as I stood slightly beyond the boundary of the shower.

Wet fingers lightly trailed down my arm until he reached my hand, gently entwining our fingers. I received a small encouraging squeeze in which had an eruption of tingles shooting down my spine before Harry took a simple step back. With a gentle tug I was brought beneath the waterfall of water and pressed up against the comfort of Harry's chest.

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