Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


72. Chapter Sixty-Four

Chapter 64

My eyes glistened with tears, too many for me to keep contained. Salty droplets trickled down my cheeks as Harry's words settled deep within my mind. It felt as though Harry had taken a knife and stabbed it through my chest over and over again. Why would he think that? I can't believe he would ever think I wouldn't love him anymore if I found out about his mental problems. I most certainly would have preferred to have heard them from him rather than Mitchell but I still loved Harry all the same. You don't just fall in love with someone and then abruptly fall out of love when you discover one of their secrets. It doesn't work like that. People fall in love with future murders and when their lover kill's someone even then they find it hard to let go and move on.

Love works in strange ways but it is love that holds us together.

Harry knows so little of love though. He has never experienced love and therefore knows nothing of how it works. I had never been in love with someone before Harry but I had loved people around me and I have seen how it works in strange ways, especially between my vastly contrasting parents.

I may not have known about his metal problems but every time I was with him, they were present. They are part of him and it's not like pretending he doesn't have them will make them go away. It didn't matter if his mental problems were known or unknown. They existed whether he wanted them to or not and there but I loved him for him and nothing could change that, not even his hidden problems. I fell in love with him. All of him.

It really hurt knowing Harry thought my feelings for him would change if he revealed his well hidden secret to me. It felt like he had stomped on my heart a billion time. It really hurt. Even though Harry's thoughts had been in the past tense, it still pained me to think he would believe I would be cruel enough to leave him or even think about leaving him after discovering this new information. I was in love with him and everything about him and finding out he had depression and anxiety really upset me but I still loved him. It's so sad that Harry has such a hard time believing in himself and trusting in me. If only he had told me earlier then maybe I would have understood the way he acted so often. I want to help him, not hurt him and after absorbing all this knew information I feel as though I've only hurt him.

"How can you even say that, Harry?" I sobbed as I turned towards him, my chest rising and falling heavily as I tried to keep my composure though I already knew it was failing.

Through the haze of tears I could see Harry's head drop down, chocolate curls flopping in front of those brilliant green eyes of his. His fingers curled around the edge of the bathtub, gripping the porcelain so fiercely that his knuckles turned a transparent like shade of white. It was evident that Harry was disappointed in himself and for that I was glad because he really hurt me. I hope he know now that I'm not going anywhere and that he can talk to be about anything because it won't change my opinion on him and I won't judge him. The way he thinks only ever seems to hurt both of us. He's always scared of what I might think and afterwards I am deeply offended by the fact he thought I wouldn't love him anymore. There has to be some solution to his travesty.

My feet quietly pattered across the tiled floor towards him as I frantically brushed my rapidly falling tears from my cheeks. I was sick of what felt like a constant stream of tears trickling down my face but lately things have been pretty rough and I hate it. I don't think I've ever cried so much in my entire life! This trip has been such a disaster, I thought it would be fun but now I'm thinking I'd have more fun in the first pits of hell ben tortured then here. The home I had once loved was now so twisted and messed up that I never wanted to come back ever again, not even to see my family or the remainder of my friends if I even have any. I should have thought this through before bringing Harry here. Mitchell's response to Harry coming should have been a warning to me that this was going to end badly but as usual I didn't listen because I play by my own rules and look where that bloody well got me!

A small sad smile curved at the corners of my lips as slid my fingers into the mess of curls atop of Harry's head. He was the only thing I really had left in this cruel world. But I was beginning to think I had been cursed and that soon enough my fallen angel would be ripped from me too. I could only hope we are strong enough to hold on, we just need to work things through.

Harry's hands gently caught hold of my hips, encouraging me closer. I obliged without hesitation, draping my legs over either side of his lap and dangling them into the bathtub. The warmth of his comforting chest firmly pressed against mine as my arms coiled around his neck, pulling him into an amorous embrace. My heart warmed with the immense feeling of love as he nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck, warm breath puffing out against my skin. Harry was all I needed to survive, I didn't need dumbass friends who wouldn't accept my decisions and thought they could run my life, Mitchell could go fuck himself because it's over, I'm sick if his bullshit.

I took great pleasure gently combing my fingers through Harry's curls as we quietly held each other. The motion was just as soothing to Harry as it was to me which made it even easier to calm both myself and him at the same time. I don't know why but the feeling of Harry's soft, springy curls beneath my fingertips was something we both adored. It was just so calming and it felt almost as though we were melting into one another's arms. Maybe we were. Love works in odd way. Love is love and I was glad Harry was mine.

"I'm not cruel or heartless enough to leave you just because you have problems." I whisper, gently trailing my fingers along his cutting jaw as I tilted his head up from my neck so I could see those beautiful emerald eyes.

"I know." He replied quietly, his gaze fast down, avoiding my intense stare. "I'm sorry."

"It's alright, Harry." I comforted. "I'm just hurt you didn't tell me."

Finally he looked up, his emerald eyes locking onto mine. Green irises shimmering with sadness and disappointment in himself but most importantly love. It was always there, permanently etched into his eyes whenever he looked at me. His gaze made my heart flutter and my stomach do a series of flips. I was certain I could gaze deeply into his eyes for all eternity and never get bored of absorbing that fiery love that burnt into my own gaze reciprocating much the same image.

Harry was utterly beautiful. Both on the inside and the outside. He deserves so much more and it's not fair that he had to suffer all this pain and have all these problems forced upon him. It's not even his fault that he is like this, it's the people who were meant love him but they didn't, they destroyed him. The pain in his eyes was excruciating, both for me and him. It was awful to think of the things he had endured in hopes to receive the tiniest bit of affection. The worst part of all of this was that he was still affect by the things of the past and he couldn't control that.

My fingertips lightly dug into the back of his neck as I urged him closer. We were about an inch apart, warm breath tickling at each other's skin as it fell in uneven pants from both pairs of pink lips. My eyes fluttered closed upon feeling the softness of his mouth lightly brush against my own before I gripped the back of his neck more firmly, pressing our lips together fully. Harry's lips were warm as they wrapped around my own, slowly moving in synchronization. The feeling of his mouth sent a series of tingles sparked through my body as they always did when Harry and I so much as brushed past each other.

It was an incredible feeling. His mouth against my own as his plump pink lips tenderly caressed mine. There was nothing erotic about this kiss, it was purely love, care and gentleness. A sweet kiss that showed the deep set emotion running through our veins, tugging at our heart strings. The passion we felt towards each other was a reminder that neither of us were going anywhere anytime soon. My heart pounded erratically against my ribs, the rapid drumming undoubtedly felt against Harry's chest as we continued to softly kiss.

My fingers lightly tugged at the small ringlets at the nape of his neck, my lips molding lovingly against his as I felt the expanse of his large hand slip around to my lower back. Harry pulled me impossibly closer, his strong body cloaking mine as he enveloped me in his arms. I was almost certain my heartbeat could be felt against his chest now that I could feel the erratic thud of his own beautiful heart against my chest. Harry's heartbeat was something that warmed my entire body, sending an eruption of sparks from head to toe and making me feel giddy. The slightly increased rate of his heartbeat was a feeling I absolutely adored. I knew I was the reason for its sudden racing. His heart was mine just as mine was his.

Reluctantly we pulled apart, our bodies however remaining closely entangled. A smile was etched onto my lips, one in which was very similar to the one Harry wore. My gaze locked with Harry's as my fingertips lightly traced over his broad shoulders in an attempt to soothe his tense muscles. The sweet gesture seemed to have lifted the sadness from Harry eyes or at least I hope it was me rather than those pills though either possibility was plausible. I didn't really care though, as long as he was happy, I was happy and that was all that mattered.

"Let's go home tomorrow." I spoke as I nestled myself into his chest, resting my head on his shoulder.

I would quite happily leave at this precise moment but I don't think either of us are up to driving for several reasons, one being I still don't have my full license, we're both clearly sleep deprived, our emotions aren't stable and quite frankly I'm too lazy to pack my shit and leave.

"Okay." He responded.

A small kiss was planted on the base of his neck before I got to my feet. Harry was quick to follow, his long, lean legs extending upwards as he stood from where he was perched on the edge of the bath. I reached out to take his hand, a smile gracing my lips as his large palm and long fingers enveloped mine. Together we made our way back in the direction of my bedroom. We had just reached the door when Harry abruptly stopped. I turned to we what the holdup was, quickly realising it was the sticky crimson oozing from the underside of his feet.

Glancing between Harry, my crème carpet and his large feet I quickly realised I cared little about this house anymore. For all I cared he could bleed out all over the floor, staining it forever. His opinion seemed much the opposite though. The house had already taken a good beating, mainly from me but Harry had contributed a lovely hole in the wall alongside mine, what did a little blood matter. My mind was quickly swayed however, my brain suddenly clicking onto the fact that Harry was injured and bleeding.

"Go lie down, I'll be there in a second."

I received a quick peck on the cheek before the warmth of Harry's hand evaded me and I was left alone. I turned back slightly, watching as he waddled back into the bathroom like a cute baby penguin as he tried not to bleed everywhere. I couldn't help but let out a chuckle at how adorably idiotic he was. The bathroom was already a mess of glad, blood, tears, clothes and water and I don't know why he would bother. Shaking my head to myself, I turned back in the direction of my room, finally obliging to his orders.

My feet swiftly carried me in the direction of my bed where the sheets lay tangled atop of the mattress once again only proving my 'there's no point in making a bed' point further. I mean we'd literally only been in the bed twenty minutes and it looked more like a savage bear had taken a quick nap on top of it. Quietly chuckling to myself, I carelessly flopped down face first on top of the blankets, fanning my arms and legs out like a star.

This was generally the way I slept when I was alone, flayed out across the vast landscape of the bed in an attempt to fill it. Sleeping in a double bed all on your own could be very lonely, I only filled a small amount of it which left the rest of it cold and empty. After spending countless nights cuddled under the covers with Harry, I had only felt sleeping alone even lonelier. It was like falling asleep in his arms one night all cuddly, warm and secure only for him to go home the next night leaving me with the feeling my bed had grown.

A few minutes went by as I lay with my head resting against the pillows. There was a slight draft ticking at my back where Harry's shirt had ridden up when I plonked down on the bed. I was too lazy to fix it though which meant Harry was going to get a nice view of my backside which I was sure he wouldn't complain about.

For the past ten minutes or so all I'd heard from the bathroom was clattering and the occasional cuss word that fell from those amazing pink lips that I didn't even need to see to be able to picture in my mind. I was beginning to wonder if he was actually okay after hearing the large number of profanities tumble out. If he wasn't bleeding all over my bathroom floor then I probably would have found it hilarious, however, I was slightly worried about the idiot in the bathroom because it sounded more like his foot was falling off rather than just being a little shredded on the sole.

I was just about to go check on him when Harry finally emerged from the bathroom. I breathed out a small sigh of relief seeing both his feet were still connected to his ankles. He tiptoed across the crème carpet making it obvious he was still concerned about staining my plush carpet which I thought was absolutely adorable. I smiled lazily up at him as he grew nearer

"You are so immature." Harry huffed, pouting his lower lip.

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion as I looked at him questioningly. I wasn't sure what I had done to earn myself the 'immature comment'. A smile lit up his face as he absorbed my confused expression.

"Batman? Really?" He chuckled.

I watched as he lifted his left foot, aiming his sole in my direction. As I peered in the direction of his large foot, I couldn't help but smile. The corners of my mouth curled upwards as I absorbed several images of various Batman characters decorating my Band-Aids. I had wondered where they'd gotten to.

It was incredibly adorable seeing the little kid plasters on his feet. They made him appear younger and more childish. It was difficult for me to figure that my cute little Band-Aids were the reason for the profuse amount of cursing if heard from him earlier whilst he was patching himself up. Obviously Harry and I had very different tastes in Band-Aids, I like decorative ones whilst he preferred natural ones or none at all.

"What? Batman is cool

"Not when he's on Band-Aids that I have to wear." Harry chuckled.

I couldn't contain my giggles as the bed dipped at one corner, taking Harry's weight. A coy grin curled at the corner of his lips as he crawled towards me. I wasn't sure what he was up to, but I knew it was something after seeing the cheeky glint in his eye and that devilish grin were watched as the corners of Harry's lips curled up at the corner, displaying his beautiful smile. It wasn't until his fingers darted out, playfully pinching my backside that I realised.

A yelp of surprise escaped my lips as my body involuntarily jolted to the side. I should have seen it coming but those damn Batman band aids distracted me. Laughter filled the room as Harry watched me flip over onto my back, squirming as far away from him as possible to prevent him from doing it again.

"That's payback for all the times you groped my arse." He chucked, his body gravitating further towards me.

"Maybe I did deserve that."

My fingers pinched the hem of Harry's shirt as I wriggled it down to cover my bum and hopefully prevent any more cheeky motions from him. He shuffled closer, bringing his body right next to mine before promptly face planting in the abundance of pillows strewn across the head of the bed. Warmth radiated off his skin as he I hummed softly. I felt Harry's arm fall across my back, long fingers curling around my hip as he tugged me closer to him, pulling me against his toned chest. My heart fluttered with the effect of his actions. I adored the way he held me. Harry was so gentle with me and knowing he was right there to hold me and protect me whilst I slept was a comforting feeling. I was never afraid to close my eyes when I was with him because I knew he would protect me from both physical and mental fears I was succumbed to during sleep. I always felt safe and secure when I was with him and that was one of the many things I loved about Harry.

I shuffled around a little in his grip, trying to get comfortable which proved to be a difficult task due to his firm hold. I writhed in his arms for a minute or two, swiveling onto my side. Harry's chest pressed to mine as I snuggled against his warm body, letting my arm drape over his hip where it settled on his lower back, just above the elastic of his boxers. His skin was smooth beneath my fingertips as I delicately touched over his back. Small patters were traced into his silky, smooth skin as I caressed his body, taking great pleasure in being able to touch all over him.

Harry's eyes fluttered close as my fingers trailed over his exposed back, feeling the taunt muscle beneath the tips. I don't think I had ever felt quite so content in my life. However, I was still curious about Harry and though there was a great thrill in his mysterious personality it still hurt to know he'd kept some of these things from me. They were I'm portably details about him that I had the right to know because of his constant mood swings, anger towards others, self-hatred and fear of losing me. Ever since the day I met him I could never work out why he acted in such ways and I thought he was just jealous and bipolar but I was wrong. Harry had been mentally damaged and I knew nothing of it.

I wish he would have opened up to me sooner because I know I am part to blame as I have said some things that may have made him feel as though he should keep things to himself. I've said some awful things about him being an extremely jealous asshole and at the beginning of this relationship when I hated him I told him he was a disgusting and despicable person because if the way he acted. I understand why he did some of the awful things he's done, though in not saying I approve of them. I see the regret in Harry's eyes, now and he had openly told me he wished he had never done those things and for that I am glad. I don't think I could live with knowing he was proud of such things.

I still can't believe Mitchell has gone as far as this. To torture a person he knows nothing of by uprooting a past they were trying to forget. Harry's trying to be better and he was doing wonderfully until bloody Mitchell had to come along and tear him down. He had gotten on so well with most of my friends and my family the other night but now everything had turned to an even bigger hell. I don't think I'll ever be able to spend Christmas with my grandparents again or with Stefan and Tobias. Once we leave here, I'm not coming back and I mean it. I cannot bear the memories here anymore, they hurt too much. My world feels as if its crumbling down around me but my selfishness is now nonexistent as I know Harry's life had been much more tragic then my own. The only thing I selfishly want is Harry and nothing anyone does or says will not stop me from having my selfish need for him.

A sad smile tweaked at the corners of my mouth as Harry tucked his head beneath mine, his warm cheek pressing to my own. My fingers glided up his back, trailing up over the small knobs of his spine before embedding themselves deep within his luscious curls. I cuddled him closer as a single tear slid down my cheek. Life was so unfair. I don't understand why such a beautiful, kindhearted, sweet boy ended up with all this suffering. He deserves so much more, so much more love and kindness, more than I can give him. Harry doesn't ask for more and it warms my heart knowing that he wants me. He is the most selfless person I know and I admire his strength and bravery to live through such traumatic events and suffer the after effects all alone.

"I can't believe how lucky I am to have you." My lips ghosted over his ear as I combed back his curls. "I thought I was just a bad luck charm."

"Yeah right." Harry scoffed. "If anything I'm lucky that you put up with all my bullshit problems and still stay with me no matter the number of times I fuck up."

I urged him closer, clasping a fistful of curls in my fingertips as my legs tangled with his. My chest pressed more firmly to his as he pulled me closer. Pressing me against him until there wasn't even the tiniest bit of space between us. Our bodies molded together so perfectly that it only proved we were made for each other. Harry and I slotted together like a puzzle and I loved that because being so close to him made me feel as though I were on top of the world despite the eerie sadness looming over us like one of the dreary, grey rain clouds high up in the black sky.

"I mess up too, it's not just you. We both play a part in screwing up and it's not your fault you have problems." I softly spoke in his ear. "I love you no matter what."

My lips pressed a small, sweet kiss to his temple as he nestled against me. Harry's warmth radiated of his as a shiver ran down his spine. I smiled with the knowledge of it being my doing, making him happy was the most successful, enjoyable and satisfying thing I could ever do.

More kisses were splotched over his smooth skin as a symbol of my great love and adoration for the beautifully broken boy. I could feel the beat of his heart drumming erratically against my own chest as I trailed my lips along the expanse of his neck. My lips parted every time I pressed a tender kiss to his silky smooth skin, leaving him with a small open mouthed kiss before my lips moved to tickle his neck a little higher up.

I paused a moment when I reached a sweet spot where his jaw and neck met. My lips puckered as I lightly sucked against Harry's skin, drawing blood to the surface. He squirmed in pleasure, his hips pushing into mine as he tried to contain his moans. It was clear he took much pleasure in my movements though he refused to let me win so easily which I acknowledge by his suppression of moans dying to break free of his chest. Lightly, I grazed my teeth against the already red mark in hopes to decorate the little love bite with flecks of purple. Harry couldn't take it anymore, his mouth falling open as a deep moan vibrated through his toned chest before being emitted into the cool air. My lips released his skin with a small pop as u grinned with success. I seemed to be on a bit of a winning streak lately, usually he beat me but Harry wasn't in the best state at the moment hence my achievements of late.

Harry blinked up at me with twinkling green eyes, a warm smile on his face as I gently brushed his curls back from his forehead. He looked so beautiful in this moment, so happy and content looking. What seemed to have been a constant scowl had disappeared and his beautiful face was free of a single frowny crease. Harry looked somewhat younger, more carefree and less uptight. I wish he would stay like this forever but I know it'll only last a little while before his frown returns. Harry looks so much better with a smile and those vibrant green eyes that twinkle at me so cheekily.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you about my shitty problems." He spoke bravely. "I only kept it from you because I thought I was getting better. When you came along began to feel less depressed and so much happier. Even when I was a completely controlling dick to you I felt a surge of happiness because chasing you around was fun and exciting and you hated me but I loved it. I wanted you to be mine from day one even though I didn't even know it myself."

My heart convulsed with love as his grip tightened on my waist. I wasn't really sure how hating Harry had made him happy, but I wasn't about to complain because his smile was the only thing I wanted to see. Knowing I had been the cause of his improvement had me feeling a little giddy, good thing we're already lying down because I might be lying on the floor with a concussion if we weren't.

"You gave me life again after if been trapped in the dark for such a long time. You were like my little ray of sunshine that wasn't afraid to snap at me with your feisty comments or slap some serious sense into me. I used to come up with ways to piss you off just to get a rise. When you wanted me I don't think I had ever felt so happy in my life, I couldn't believe you wanted to be with a jerk like me and it made me want you more." He explains. "Fuck I was wrong though, with every passing day you made me even happier and I haven't take those damn pills since before I met you."

I was amazed by just how much Harry had shared with me. He spoke so little of his emotions that I was almost stunned by the amount of words that had just fallen from his lips in less than a minute. I loved listening to his feelings and discovering the way he had felt about me previously in our relationship. He was a man of so little words and I couldn't quite grasp the concept that he had just spilled his guts onto a platter and practically fed them to me.

Before I could stop myself, my head dipped down and my mouth had found its way roughly to his. For a moment he didn't respond, slightly taken aback by the abrupt crash of my lips to his but he soon clicked on. My palm gently cupped Harry's cheek as I was gently rolled off my side and onto my back. My spine pressed into the mattress as Harry repositioned himself above me, not once breaking the kiss as he shifted to lie between my bent legs.

His body enveloped me in warmth as our lips moved lovingly against one another's savoring the feeling of soft, sweet flesh. Lightly, I nipped at his plump lower lip, sucking it between my teeth before lightly dragging it back. This evoked a small groan from Harry, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth uninvited. I didn't care though because I was happy to give Harry whatever his beautifully, fragile heart desired and also because all I wanted to do right now was portray my love. His tongue lightly grazed against mine as I tugged at the curls at the nape of his neck, noticing they were still slightly damp from our steamy shower session. I found it amusing how we'd made love practically everywhere but in bed on this trip, though at the rate we're going, I think the bed might be christened tonight too.

Harry's tongue swirled around mine, delicately caressing the muscle with his own as we continued to passionately kiss. I was beyond in love with him. Love was an understatement, there had to be something more than just love because what I felt stretched way beyond the limitations of love. I mean who's to state the boundaries of a feeling? I love Harry so much that it hurts! Love isn't something you can measure but I feel as though I've reached the outskirts of love but there is no word to describe the feeling of loving him more than love.

My mind reeled with thoughts as Harry's mouth remained on mine for a few more moments before our lips slowly pulled apart, the kiss coming to an end. A smile curled at his lips as he gently rest his forehead against mine. Hot breath puffed out over my lips as he breathed heavily, our heated encounter somewhat breathtaking. Despite the disconnection of our mouths, I could still feel him tingling on my lips and taste him on my tongue. Harry did something to me that was completely and utterly indescribable.

Craning my neck upwards, I playfully left a kiss to the tip of his nose. Harry let out a chuckle as I tugged him down to lay atop of me. The feeling of his warm, masculine weight was something I always craved. The feeling of his strong body concealing and cloaking me in Harry's radiant warmth reminded me of how he would do everything in his power to keep me safe and it showed the extremity of his love.

"Let's get under the covers, yeah?" The corners of Harry's lips curled upwards into a small smile.

I nodded my head in agreement, glad to finally be able to fall asleep knowing he was right there with me.


The rain didn't let up the entire night, if anything it only got worse. Cold crept in through the cracks and the wind wailed as it whipped around the house. I don't know how many times I've had to get out of bed to turn the heating up because it was so cold. Harry on the other hand was sleeping almost soundlessly, the occasional groan falling from his lips every time I got out of bed. It had just gone six o'clock when crawled back into bed for what felt like the millionth time. Harry's fingertips lightly traced the skin covering my hips as I settled back beneath the bedding. My lips curved up into a smile as Harry wrapped himself around my body, cloaking me in warmth.

Though he may not have complained about my frequent night activity. I know I wake him up each time. I don't mean to wake him but Harry has an extra sense that realises when I am shifting out of his grasp whilst he's asleep. The first few times I got out of bed I practically had to wrestle him off me but the more I got up, the looser his grip got as he slowly realised I came back every time. However, that didn't stop him from watching me stumble clumsily threw the dark as I went to turn the heater up a bit more, just to be sure I wasn't going anywhere else.

The warmth of his breath wafted over my cheek as I nestled back into his body. Harry's soft curls tickled at my skin as he nudged his nose against my neck. Our legs tangled together and his arms coiled around my middle, pressing his chest to my back. The unmistakable beat of his big heart could be felt against my back as Harry held me impossibly close. I loved it when he wound himself around me like this. I never wanted him to let me go. After such a horrific holiday in hell I never wanted to lose him again. I didn't just love him, but I needed him. I didn't want to exist without him, I wanted to live. I would quite happily die tomorrow simply for a day in his arms.

My heart fluttered against my ribs as the fullness of Harry's lips came in contact with my skin. A delicate kiss was pressed to my earlobe which became the cause of my ear to ear grin.

"Morning' beautiful." Harry huskily spoke, his words slow and dragged out.

The sound of his groggy morning voice sent shivers down my spine. The way spoke after just waking up was so slow and seductive that I would have quite happily used his voice as my alarm clock. Harry's perfection was just so unfair, he didn't have to put any effort into being the most beautiful guy on earth. He fell asleep like and angel, slept like an angel and woke up as an angel. I on the other hand was not so lucky, I fell asleep as a mess, woke as a mess before having two minutes of near attractiveness before being a mess again. To say I envied him was an understatement, but I wouldn't change him for the world because I knew he was all mine.

My body contorted in Harry's hold as I rolled over to face him. Darkness cascaded around us, making it difficult for me to make out anything other than his silhouette in this dull light. I wish I could've seen his face. The beautiful expression he always woke up with went hand in hand with his sleepy morning voice. The way his eyelids dropped and lips parted lazily as he deeply inhaled was something you didn't want to miss.

Despite the lack of visibility, my hand slipped from beneath the sheets before reaching out towards him. Harry's curls became tangled between my fingers as I lightly ran them through his hair. The silky, soft curls glided smoothly beneath my fingertips as they ran lightly over his scalp. Harry hummed quietly, taking pleasure in the feeling I was creating with my delicate touch.

"You're warm." I cooed, snuggling closer as tangled my other hand within his unruly mess of hair.

My head ducked down into the crook of his neck as I snuggled closer, hoping he'd share some of his radiant body heat with me. As usual I was granted with the feeling of his body moving slightly to envelop me in his constant warmth. The rapid drumming of my heart against my chest was undoubtedly obvious to the masculine figure curled around me due to the fact of the nonexistent proximity between our two bodies. I was concealed within his loving warmth as we lay tangled in the sheets an even more closely in one another. Harry's bare back was smooth beneath my fingertips as I lightly trailed them down his neck, following the slight nubs of his spine. The shiver of pleasure I felt course through him was just as notice lie as my rapidly beating heart.

Harry and I were both so comfortable with each other that there was no fear of letting the other know how we felt by the uncontrollable reactions our bodies had. It was even the simplest touched that got my heart thudding that little bit harder or the rise and fall of my chest quickening with each breath. The effect Harry had on me was like nothing I'd ever felt before. I wanted to be close to him all the time. To be able to feel his skin against mine and see the warm smile that always lit up his face when he saw me.

"Maybe if you cuddled closer you wouldn't have to turn that heater up every two seconds." He chuckled, teasing me a little as I was drawn even closer into his chest. I smiled against the warm skin covering Harry's neck, leaving a tender kiss to his jugular. His Adam's apple vibrated slightly as he laughed.

Silence drifted eerily above us as we listened to the dreadful storm. The only other sounds audible was that of our heavy breath as torturous memories undoubtedly seared through both our minds. I couldn't help but think of how fitting it was for weather as bad as this to occur whilst I was present in my former home town. It was almost as though. The devil was turning what was already feeling like hell into something ten billion times worse.

My mind was set on my father and that treacherous night of his death. The blundering rain and the howling wind were so familiarly unforgettable. Pain was all the ghastly memory brought me. The night my father died because of the mistakes I made. If only I hadn't been so stubborn, so sure of myself and so selfish. The outcome of my stupidity only ended in disaster for me, my father died, I crashed on a bed of rocks and nearly died from pneumonia in hospital. My thread of a relationship I had with my mother snapped in two and everything I had worked for in my life caved in. I closed myself off, wanted to die for my mistakes but I feared death, so I smiled through the pain.

Then Harry came along and things suddenly didn't look quite so grey.

A tear slipped down my cheek as I buried my face into the crook of his neck, silently willing myself not to cry. My attempts failed though, tear after tear falling from my eyes, dampening my cheeks. The wet sensation of my skin didn't go unnoticed by Harry. His body shifted beneath me, large hands carefully tracing small circles into my lower back in an attempt to comfort me.

"Hey, hey. Don't cry." He softly hushed as a number of sweet kisses were pressed to my forehead. "I've got you, baby."

It warmed my heart to hear him say things like this even though he knew so little of what was going on inside my head. Harry had no clue as to the reason for my sudden stream of tears but he was determine to be there for me and hold me no matter what. I can't understand why anyone would want to harm Harry. He is honestly the sweetest guy I think I've ever come across and he refuses to accept that. He does have his darker side though. But then again, who doesn't?

Although Harry may have a darker side then most average people, it can't be helped as his life has been tainted by cruelty and hatred. Mitchell simply knows about the things Harry has done, he doesn't know the real cause for them though. I'm not giving Harry an excuse for the bad things he has done. The darker side of him is not something to be proud of and I know he's not. I am however saying that I understand why. He's changed and he knows I won't put up with shit like that. Mitchell will never see the real Harry because he has labelled Harry as bad.

Just because someone has done bad things doesn't make them a bad person.

Mitchell doesn't know Harry. He knows his name and the crimes he has committed but he doesn't know the whole story. Mitchell is merely judging harry by what he sees on the outside. He only sees the harsh exterior image of Harry. I have delved into the deepest darkest corners of Harry's clouded, pained mind and discovered there is more to him than meets the eye. Mitchell will never know the true Harry because he simply doesn't want to and he never will with a closed mind.

Despite the dreadful things that had happened the last couple of days I couldn't be happier spending time with Harry, cuddled up in bed together. By the looks of the weather outside the pair of us may end up staying in bed all day rather than battling the raging wind and blinding rain to make our way home. I don't particularly want to stay here any longer but because the lack of sleep that had been not been sustained lately and the storm it was probably best we stayed one more day rather than leaving today. I don't particularly like the idea of Harry falling asleep at the wheel and crashing us into a ditch... or worse.

However, there was still the problem of food. I hadn't been shopping at all since we'd arrived and I was starting to feel the effects after not eating at all yesterday. My body felt hollow and my stomach would growl angrily every so often, desperate to consume some form of energy. I was hungry and knowing Harry and his appetite he probably was too. Maybe we'll just go get food and then we can drive home tomorrow and get out of here before more shit happens and hell swallows me whole.

My fingertips lightly traced over Harry's shoulder as we lay quietly together beneath the sheets, enjoying each other's presence. It was almost as though we were in our own little world, completely shutting off everything else around us and focusing in on the want mattered most.


As dramatic and cheesy as it sounds he was literally the only thing keeping my world spinning right now. Harry was both the cause and comfort for my grief, however I wouldn't want to live life any other way. Mitchell could hate Harry. That was fine as long as he knew that our friendship was over and I wasn't going to sit around and listen to him say cruel things about my boyfriend.

By tomorrow at the latest, Harry and I are out of here and we aren't ever coming back. I'm putting everyone and everything I've ever known here to the deepest darkest corner of my mind and hope that in time the memories of the people I once loved will disappear. The only thing I will ever allow myself to remember is my father and everything he taught me.

I'm going to start over. Properly this time. There aren't going to be any hopes of coming back and my mind will be open to whatever Cheshire throws at me.

Doncaster is dead to me.




Hey Guys,

This is probably the billionth authors note I've left you apologising for how slow my updates have been lately, so sorry again, but writing is actually a hell of a job! I really appreciate how no one complains about how long i take to update because I live quite a busy life and it's getting busier! So usually I update once a week but it's winter here in NZ and in winter I play several sports which take up about 70% of my free time with games and trainings. Four days a week I have no free time after school as I play so many sports and then on top of that I also have homework. So then on my free days I have to do my school work and currently my teachers are throwing bloody assignments at me! I swear I'll get rid of one and then I'll get another the next day so a lot of my time has been spent on those especially the last three weeks when I haven't updated. Generally I spend my weekends writing until like 3am in the morning. I promise you I won't stop writing and I won't be putting this fanfic on hold. However, updates may be a bit slower, I will do my best to update every week but it may be more like two weeks and if I'm extremely caught up with school work then a maximum of three. I hope you understand that writing is something I do for fun in my free time whenever possible and other commitments in my life come first.

So i hope you like this chapter, I feel like I've rushed it a littl but it's really just a filler. I'm not sure how many chapters are left because my writing varys in lenght as i put a whole lot of detail into my work. I feel like I might be dragging this story out too much and i'm considering wrapping it up soon. If you could comment how you feel about the legth of my work id really appreciate it.

You guys are so amazing and patient and I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!




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