Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


16. Chapter Sixteen

Chapter 16

It was our final period now, And I was walking with Lily to geography. Harry wasn't Happy that he didn't have this class with me, but I told him to go to his class which I'm hoping he actually went to. Anyways, the two of us walked into geography and took our seats at two desks at the back of the room.

To be honest I'm not even sure why I'm taking this subject, I hate geography, I should have taken cooking even though I can't cook and my blood would probably be all throughout the food.

The bell rang and Mr Marshall walked in. "Good afternoon class" he greeted us. The class was silent, they didn't respond to his greeting, in fact no one made a sound. I guess I'm not the only one who hates geography.

The teacher shook his head in disappointment "Alright then, today were going to be learning abo...." I found myself completely zoning out, Mr Marshall has this voice you can only listen to for so long without getting bored, which is about five seconds for me, he just drones on and on and on and ON!

My mind went wandering off to the curly haired boy. What is it with me that he seems to want, I'm not attractive in any way, half the time he's seen me I've been a bigger mess then I usually would. Then there's him, the most attractive thing on earth, why is he so possessive over me, it's creepy! He still scares me as well, I was beginning to not feel so afraid last night, but after he snapped at me this morning, it's all come back. I'm not really sure how I feel about him, but I know that I am seriously attracted to him.

I felt someone give me a light tap on the shoulder, snapping me out of my thoughts. "Oh, sorry, what" I said in a quiet exclamation, turning my head I saw it was Lily. "So, have you heard about the formal" she asked. Formal, what formal. "No" I shook my head lightly I have heard nothing about it. "Well there's one next Friday, are you going to go" she explains. I've never actually been to a school dance, let alone a formal. I've never really been able to dance and Jai, Mitchell and I would never go because according to them their pretty gay. "I don't know" I shrugged my shoulders "I've never been to a dance before". Lily looked at me with a shocked expression "Are you actually serious!?". "Yeah, I can't dance" I mumbled in embarrassment. "Oh my God! Then this is going to be your first one" she grins at me he eyes dancing with excitement. "I guess" I whisper, I'm not sure if I really want to go to this. "Great! We're going dress shopping after school tomorrow" announces. Oh no what have I gotten myself into. "Okay" I mutter, I'm not even sure if I'm going to go yet.

"Does Harry go to these things" I suddenly blurted out. I clamped my hand over my mouth, I was not meant to ask that question. I watched Lily's face turn into an amused expression "Aww, I think someone's in love" she cooed, taking hold of one of my cheeks, pinching it lightly. Wow, back it up a step, there is no way that I can love that boy, he's a bipolar badboy with to many crazy sides to him. I haven't known him that long and I am scared of him, I'm pretty sure that's not love. "I am not in love with him" I smacked her hand away from my cheek. "You two are like joint at the hip" she laughed. "No we are not and I'm most certainly do not love him, he's bipolar, one minute he's cute the next he's an angry monster from hell" I shake my head. "Yeah, I think you have a point" she nods her head.

"Anyway, he doesn't go to formals" lily shook her head "badboy's don't do slow dancing". I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. If he goes, he'll be all possessive and won't let anyone else come near me, but I kind of want to go with him. If he doesn't go, then it gives me a chance to meet other guys. "You look like your deep in thought" Lily laughs. "No not really" I shook my head, I heard her say that the first time.


The bell finally rung signalling that school was over for the day, I think I fell asleep during that lesson, I remember talking to Lily about going shopping tomorrow, then nothing. "Did I fall asleep" I mumbled to Lily as the two of us left the class. "Yeah, you were cuddling your books, it was cute" she giggles at me. Oh god, that's embarrassing. "Why didn't you wake me up" I whined face palming myself. "You looked to cute to be woken up" she coos in my ear playfully. "Shut up" I mumbled as she let out a laugh.

"So are you meeting up with Mr Styles now" Lily asked a few minutes later. I shook my head "He has detention". Lily looked at me with a surprised expression on her face "You must seriously be working wonders on that boy if you got him to come to school AND to go to detention" she exclaimed. I just shrugged my shoulders, I honestly don't know how I'm doing myself.

The two of us walked over to the field to where we were meeting up with Lara, Amy and Jodie. It was only raining lightly now which was an improvement. I was meant to be walking home with Lara today, since I wouldn't be getting a lift with Harry since he's in detention. As we got closer, I noticed there were actually five people waiting for us instead of just three.

The closer we got to the group, the better I could see the extra two people. They were both guys, one of them had jet black hair styled up into a perfect quiff and the other one was brunette. Suddenly I recognised them one of them was Zayn. I was right, I did set Lara up with the Zayn that helped Harry and I out the other night and the boy he was with was Louis, damn he's cute.

"Hey Natalie" Louis waved when he saw me. "Hey" I have him a wave and a shy smile back. "You know Louis" Lily asked in confusion. "Yeah, he was one of the guys that helped Harry and I out" I replied. "Ohhh" she nodded her head.

"How are you" Louis asked engulfing me in a bear hug. This guy is very forward, good thing Harry's not here, he'd be pissed. "Alright, how bout you" I asked patting him on the back awkwardly. "Wonderful" he grinned pulling out of the hug. "Hello" Zayn smiled, he had his arm casually slung round Lara's shoulders, they looked good together. "Hey Zayn" I replied. "Nat, were going to go to Louis place, do you want to come or do you have other plans" she asked sending me a wink. "Yeah, it will be awesome!" Louis exclaims doing a little happy dance which included multiple hip thrusts. I let out a laugh, Louis was quite entertaining to watch, this could be a fun afternoon. "I'd love too" I grinned at the dancing boy. "Lets go then" Zayn grins. All seven of us followed a very happy Louis to his car.

"Lou, how are we all meant to fit" Zayn asks scratching the back of his head, Louis car was only a five seater. "Uhh, sit on eachother" Louis suggests quickly diving into the front seat. Oh I am not being sat on or sitting on someone with my leg fucked up like this. I followed Louis lead and jumped in the passenger seat. "HEY!" The five remaining people all exclaimed as I closed the door of the car. "Hi five for being smart" Louis grinned holding up his hand, which I went and hit with my own. Louis seems like a really fun guy.




"Louis how much further" Jodie whined, she had Amy sitting on her lap while Lara was on Zayn's and Lily was sitting in the middle being squashed, fun life for them. "Shut up and stop complaining" Louis orders trying to contain the laugh that he's holding in.

"We are here" Louis singsonged as we pulled up In front of a nice looking two storey white house. "THANK GOD" the five people in the bank all yelled as they clambered out of the back seat. Louis and I started cracking up as soon as they were all out. The whole car ride they'd been elbowing eachother, kneeing eachother and arguing, it was quite entertaining. "Stop laughing, you two are assholes" Lara slaps us jokingly.

Louis leads us up to his front door and unlocks the front door. "Welcome to my humble abode, do not enter my sisters rooms or you will be torn to shreds when they come home" he announced. "You are a weirdo Louis, I hope you know that" Amy laughs at his weirdness. "You too, Amy" he laughs as he leads us upstairs to his room.

"Louis, did you actually clean your room" Zayn asks. I watch as Louis eyes widen "Ah, nooo" he face palms himself, he sounds like the normal teenage boy who has a messy room. "Don't worry, I'm sure my rooms not much better" Lily pats him on the back. I watch as she walks up to the door and pushes it open "HOLY SHIT". I watch as Lily backs out of the room, I guess it's a very big mess.

We were all in hysterics after we saw Louis hurriedly close his bedroom door. "OH MY GOD LOUIS HOW IS YOUR ROOM THAT BAD" Lily cries out through her laughter. "Shut up I don't know" he slaps her playfully. "IT LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING BOMB EXPLODED IN THERE" Zayn laughs like an idiot, rolling around on the floor. "Okay, okay" I try to calm my breathing back down "Leave Louis alone". Louis helps me to my feet "You are officially my favourite" he pats my head. "Bitchez be jealous" I exclaim laughing a bit. "Come on let's go play some video games downstairs, while these freaks calm down" Louis grabs my wrist and tugs me back down the stairs.

I have a feeling Louis and I could become pretty close friends, he seems to be a lot like me. "Wanna play Mario cart" He asks grabbing a bunch of controllers. "Yes! I love this game" I grin taking a controller from his hands. I have a secret talent, I'm very good at video games. "Me too" he flops back down onto the sofa a huge grin on his face. "I'm gonna kick your ass" I sit next to him, a smirk spreading over my face, most boys think I'm going to be an easy challenge. "Bring it bitch" he laughs as we pick our characters. I picked Yoshi, He's just so cute! Louis however picked a very very very manly, Peach. Yes, you heard me right he picked that princess one that always just makes me laugh. I looked at Louis with a surprised expression on my face "Really, Louis" I asked. "What, aren't I allowed to play as a girl" He stuck his tongue out at me as we started the game.

Louis was winning most of the way, but that's just where I want him, I always pass the leader in the last lap. "YOUR GOING DOWN" Louis yelled as he put his feet up on my lap. "HEY! Get your smelly feet off me" I exclaimed still trying to drive at the same time. "Nah uh uh" he laughs evilly.

"Whooo go Nat beat the Tomo" The others entered the room and started cheering, I was officially in the lead now and Louis was behind me. "How the fuck are you beating my princess" Louis complained. "Yoshi skilled like that" I smirked. "You have a little go cart and I've got a sleek motorbike, you should not be winning with your little crocagator lizard thing" He exclaims as I pass the finish line in first. "LOSER" I yelled pushing Louis off the chair and onto the floor. "Nice" Zayn hi fived me, taking Louis spot on the chair. I put my feet down on Louis back, the silly boy was lying face down on the creme carpet pretending to cry. "Louis, it's just a game, don't cry" Lily joked patting him on the head. "I got beaten by a girl" He cries jumping up "I will get my revenge". "Tournament" Lara suggests plopping down on Zayn's lap. "Oh yeah" Louis nods. I smiled innocently at him, this is going to be fun.

We decided to play it one on one instead of a four player race, just to make it more interesting. Lily and Lara were up first, while Louis was making good of some unknown description on the kitchen. He seemed to be taking a while so I got up and went to see if he needed a hand.

I found him trying to open a bag of coloured popcorn, he was having obvious difficulties, he just couldn't get it open. "Need a hand" I asked with a smirk edged on my face, I'm still pretty stoked that I beat him. "No! I don't need your help" he huffed in annoyance. "Mmmhmm" I hopped up on the kitchen counter watching him with amusement. The way he scrunched his face up every time he tried to open the bag was cute. His face scrunched up and he turned bright red from either embarrassment or annoyance, I'm going to go with a bit of both. The only reason it wasn't opening was because he was trying to open it by pulling the two sides outwards, when he just needs to rip it down the middle, trust me I've done what he's doing before.

"Are you sure you don't need any help" I chuckled poking the frustrated boy in the ribs. "No, I am a man, I don't need help from a woman to open a bag of popcorn" he replied batting my hand away from his ribs. "Oh really" I hopped down off the counter "Gimmie the bag" I ordered trying to grab at it, but he turned his back to me. "No" he clutched the bag closer to his chest as he continued trying to pry the bag open. I stepped to one side of his body and tried to snatch it from him, but instead I caught onto his wrist. "Come on" I begged, still gripping his wrist tightly. "Never" Louis tries to get free of my grip by wriggling it out, but I had to good of a grip on him for him to escape.

I pretended that I was trying to get the bag by going the same side as my arm that had his wrist in a firm grip was, which made him pull the bag to the other side of his body, away from his gripped hand. I knew he would react like this, so promptly I pulled it out of his hands and let go, running away with the bag.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA" I laughed evilly, feeling extremely proud of myself. "What the!?!" He exclaimed I shock and confusion. Smiling happily, I tore open the bag and poured it into a large bowl on the bench. Louis was staring at me gobsmacked, his lips were in an 'O' shape, as if he finally understood how to open a bag of popcorn. "And that Louis is how you open a bag of popcorn" I passed him the bowl. "Shut up" he muttered.

We walked back into the living room and Louis put the Popcorn down on the coffee table. Damn I'm craving again. "So what's the standings" I asked, noticing that Lily and Lara had stopped playing and now Jodie and Amy were playing eachother. "Lara lost, so she's a loser" Zayn announced through a mouthful of popcorn, boys will be boys. "You are disgusting" Lara smacks him playfully on the chest "And very mean". I laughed at the two of them as Zayn tried to kiss her with popcorn stuffed in his mouth, while she was just shrieking And pushing his face away.

"HA! YOU LOSE! SUCK MY IMAGINARY DICK, BITCH" Amy suddenly screamed, jumping up and down like a mad thing. Lily jumped up and they attempted to do a chest bump. When I say attempted I mean ATTEMPTED and then failed. "FUCK, MY BOOBS" Lily screamed falling backwards on top of Lara and Zayn clutching her chest. Amy was slightly luckier and managed to somehow remain standing, although she did have a pained expression on her face and arms crossed over her chest. "Girls were not designed to do that" she groaned in pain, lying down on the floor. Zayn and Louis were cracking up like it was the funniest thing in the world while the five of us looked at them as if they were crazy. I guess Louis is, but I'm not so sure about Zayn. Well I guess none of us are normal so anyway.




The next two hours were spent talking about random shit while we continued playing our tournament of Mario cart. Louis and Amy were currently in a battle for a place against me in the finals, I had beaten Zayn, who hadn't been all competitive like Louis, he congratulated me.

"So you and Harry, huh?" Zayn asked while it was just us two sitting on the couch, all the others were crowding around the two very loud pair racing eachother. My cheeks heated up at the question about Harry "Uh, yeah, sort of". Zayn smiles at me cheekily "Gotten up to 'anything'" he asked with an obvious hint in the question. "WHAT! NO!" I exclaimed in embarrassment, this is fucking awkward. "I'm just messing with ya" he laughs, ruffling my hair at the same time. "Don't touch the hair" I ruffled his hair back. "How dare you" he laughed in mock horror as he tried to fix his now ruined quiff, while I straightened out my own.

"Are you and Harry like together or are you just future Fuck buddies" He asked removing his hands from his black hair. That is a really good question, what am I to Harry? Just another toy or do I actually mean something to him? "I ask myself that same question everyday" I let out a loud sigh. Zayn put a reassuring hand on my shoulder "I think you must mean something to him, I mean, not just any old girl would be able to get him to come to school". I nodded my head, that was true. "What if it's all just a sick joke to get into my pants" I ask hoping to get some advice from him. Zayn stared thoughtfully at me "At the club, he looked devastated when he saw that you nearly got raped by Adam and he was almost in tears, I don't think a player like Harry would show that kind of emotion for a girl he just wants to fuck with" Zayn replied really thoughtfully, I never knew a guy could be this easy to talk to and so easily understand how I feel. I nodded my head in agreement "Thanks, Zayn". He gave me a soft smile "No problems".

"FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! YESSSSS". My head snapped back to the group gathered in front of the TV, Louis was the one yelling, Amy nearly beat him, that's why. "NOOOOOOOOO" Amy threw down her control "Someone hold me, I'm devestated". "Hehehe" Louis laughed creepily as I watched Amy dive into Lara's arms pretending to cry. I guess this is my cue to kick Louis fat ass again. "IT'S THE FINAL!" Lily yelled excitedly as she tossed me a controller. Grinning, I caught it one handed and went to take a seat beside Lou.

"Better get a box of tissues, your going to be crying all night long after I kick your ass" I smirk. "To much talk, lets leave the racing to do the talking" He turns his nose up, like he's to good for me, I'll show him. I watched the screen, my eyes narrowing in concentration as the count down began.










Louis and I both shot off "EAT MY DUST" He yelled as he took off ahead of me, like he did last time, it was funny how unknowingly he was right where I wanted him. "Nanananana na na na na can't touch dis, Nanananana na na na na can't touch dis" Louis sang proudly, thinking he was going to win, cocky little shit. I think it's time to play dirty.

Considering he was sitting next to me, I shouldered him playfully, making his character slip up slightly allowing me to gain more ground on him. Louis shoved me back, but I was expecting it so I had my character under control. "Cheat" he muttered shaking his head. "You cheated right on back so I think we're even" I laughed as Yoshi passed princess Louis, oh I meant peach on the second lap. "Get your green ass back here you cold blooded monster" Louis yelled at the screen. "Shit just got serious" Jodie jokes from just next to Louis.

On our final lap, we were basically neck and neck, both of us trash talking the other, I am determined to win this race, I beat him once, I can do it again. "YO MUMMA'S SO FAT, WHEN SHE WALKS PAST THE TV WE MISS THREE SHOWS" Louis yells. "YOUR MUMMA'S SO FAT THAT ASTRONAUT'S THOUGHT SHE WAS ANOTHER PLANET". There was silence for a while, Louis was trying to think of a comeback, but nothing came to him so he said "Shut up". "Nice comeback" I smirk, as I pull slightly ahead of him in the race. "Wait, I got one" Louis announces. Oh this should be good. "YOUR MUMMA'S SO FAT WHEN SH-" suddenly the screen flicked of and the lights went out. "MUMMY" Louis screamed jumping into my lap.

Screams echoed throughout the house, as we all freaked out. "I WANT LIAM, WHERE'S LIAM" I could hear Zayn crying from somewhere to the left. "Zayn it's okay, it's just a power cut" I heard Lara say soothingly. "A faint light flicked on and Lara's face glowed lightly, she had turned her phone on. Zayn was clutching onto her for dear life. The torch light suddenly came on and a stronger light lit up the room. Jodie, Lily and Amy were all clutching onto Louis, who was clutching onto me. "Power cuts freak me out" I shuddered cuddling closer to Louis. "Agreed" six voices chorused.

We all sat in silence, listening to the rumbling thunder and the occasional crack of lightning that lit up the room for a moment. I don't think any of us noticed before because it couldn't have been heard over the noise we were making in here. "What's the time" Lily asked in a whisper, almost sounding afraid that there was a monster lurking somewhere in the room, I used to think that when I was younger and the power went out. Hell! I still do. "It's almost ten o'clock" Lara replied in the same tone of voice. We'd been here for ages, like six hours. "I think we should probably all get back home, our parents are probably worried" Amy suggested quietly. Mine won't be. "Mum's out tonight! She's on a camp with my sisters, don't leave me here alone" Louis whimpered quietly in my arms. I was about to say he could stay at my place tonight, but Zayn beat me to it. "You can come to my place, Lou" Zayn spoke. "Thanks Zaynie boy" Louis thanked him. "Good, princess Louis' has somewhere to stay now, so lets get going" I wriggled my way out from underneath him and got to my feet, tugging Amy up who immediately grabbed my wrist. The others got to there feet, and we all huddled together, I felt very safe because I was snuggled in the middle. "To the car" Jodie ordered as we all began to move.

The rain was pouring down like hell, I could barely see through the heavy droplets of water. By the time we were all in the car we were already soaked to the bone and shivering like crazy. The car burst into life and Louis turned the heater right up and rubbed his cold hands together before pulling out of the drive.

The whole ride was in silence, the only sound that could be heard was our chattering teeth. One by one, we dropped passengers home, everyone of them sprinted into their house, terrified of the darkness. Eventually it was only Zayn, Louis, Lara and I left in the car. "Nat, do you want to stay at my place" Lara broke the silence. "I'll be okay, I need to toughen up a bit, but thanks for the offer" I replied, honestly I was scared to death, the last black out that happened I was home alone and literally crying, black outs are my worst fear, because I worry the light will never come back again and we'll be trapped in darkness forever, but my prides getting the better of me to day and I refuse to show my fear. "Okay, but I'm going to walk you into your room, just incase there's anyone in there, can you boys wait outside till I come back out" she replied, referring to Adam. "Sure, just scream and we'll be there before you can finish" Louis jokes patting my arm gently. "Thanks" I smiled a little at how nice these people were.

Eventually, we pulled up outside my house. "Thanks Louis, that was fun" I thanked him. "No problems, we have to restart our rematch sometime soon, I'm gonna kick your ass" Louis replies. "Not if I kick yours first" I replied giving him an awkward hug over the gear stick. I pulled away and jumped into the backseat, giving Zayn a hug too. "Thanks for that nice talk Zayn" I thanked him as well. He nodded his head as I pulled away. "Bye boys" Lara and I both said before we sprinted out into the rain.

My cold, shaky fingers fumbled with the house keys as I tried to Insert them into the lock. They slipped from my fingers and fell to the floor. Lara picked them up and unlocked the door for me. It creaked a little bit as I pushed it open and stepped into the hall. My house was officially creepy as fuck. Lara's torch shone towards the gloomy looking staircase that I would fearfully have to climb. Quietly I shut the door again, hearing the quiet click, signalling that it was closed. "Lets go" I whispered, leading her to the stairs.

Every step we took upwards, this sickening feeling grew in my stomach, it was like I sensed that something was wrong. Shut up Natalie, it's just you imagination, I tried to force myself to believe that. "You okay" Lara asked placing a gentle hand on my back. "Yeah" I nodded my head as I stepped up the final stair. "Are you sure you don't want to come stay at my place" she asked for the second time today. "I'm already here, I might as well stay" I answered as the two of us walked along the landing side by side. "Okay, but if you change your mind, just come over" Lara looked at me sincerely. I nodded my head in silent agreement. "I'll stay until you get changed" She smiled.

I stepped inside my room, with Lara a couple of feet behind me. That feeling in my gut grew stronger and I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck prickle upwards, the way I feel when someone's watching. Its just my imagination, or the fact that I'm cold. Boy was I wrong.

"Hello sexy" a deep male voice growled.

An ear piercing scream fell from my lips.




Hey there,

Another cliff hanger!

Who do you think it is?


Will Natalie be kidnapped?

Hmmmm, that's for me to know and you to find out, I hope your enjoying this book. Sorry about this chapter, it's currently 1:26 am and I wrote this kind of shitty, it doesn't quite flow the way I usually write it, the next chapter will be lots better I promise and it will be longer hopefully.


Thanks for reading




Stay beautiful



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