Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


6. Chapter Six

Chapter 6


I woke up the next morning in my bed, the curly haired boy had left. I knew he stayed with me though, because I woke up to find him cuddled up next to me. Last night was strange, I'd seen Harry differently, maybe he wasn't just a player, me there was more to him then I had first thought. I checked the time, it was two thirty. I would just pretend I was sick again today, I didn't want to go to school today. I was still shaken about last night.

Slowly I got out of bed, I walked downstairs, in search of my phone. It was lying on the bench along with a note.


I went home, I'm sorry about last night. Text me please

-Harry xx

I picked up my phone, I had a message from Amy

From: Amy is Amyzing

Hey u still coming over tonight?

To: Yeah, something happened last night, that's y I'm not at school, I'll be over at four and I'll tell you about it then


From: Amy is Amyzing

Kk, see you soon


I then texted Harry


To: Harry



From: Harry

Hey, u alright? Xx


To: Harry

Yeah, how's your car?


From: Harry

She's alright, do u want 2 do something 2nite? Xx


To: Harry

Sorry I can't, I'm staying at my friends


From: Harry



I felt bad. He probably thinks I'm just making up an excuse to not hang out with him. He probably thinks I still want to avoid him. He still scared me, but not quite so much.


To: Harry

Tomorrow? X


From: Harry

Ok, do you want me 2 drive you to your friend’s house? Xx


To: Harry

That would be nice. I have 2 b there @ 4 x


From: Harry

Ok, I'll come get u in an hour xx


To: Harry

Thank you :) x

I chucked my phone on the bed and looked outside, it was raining. Dammit my favourite jeans are at Harry's.


To: Harry

Can u please bring my clothes I left @ ur plc x


From: Harry

Sure babe, see u soon xx


I dropped my phone down again and got a towel from the cupboard then I headed for the bathroom. I stripped Harry's shirt off and my underwear before I jumped in the shower.

I put on clean underwear and wrapped my dressing gown around me before. I started chucking clothes in my overnight bag. By then it was three thirty, and there was a knock on my door. I jumped down the stairs and went to open it. Harry was standing there looking up and down my body. I felt self-conscious now, I was only in a short dressing gown. "Hey" I greeted him pulling my dressing gown down a bit. "I got your clothes, but I think you should keep them off" he licked his lips seductively. I felt my cheeks heat up at his cheeky words. He stepped inside, closing the door behind him, I felt nervous again as he took a step towards me. He was back to his bad boy self. I liked the other Harry better.

He backed me up against the wall, putting his hands on either side of my head. Quickly I snatched my clothes out of his hands and ducked under his arms. He chuckled as I ran upstairs into my bathroom. I slid my jeans on and put on a plain white top and my black converse. I grabbed my packed bag and walked back downstairs to Harry.

"Let’s go" I said walking out of the house. He followed me out and I locked the door. Together we ran through the rain to his car. I almost slipped on the muddy grass, but Harry caught me before I fell. "Be careful" he chuckled helping me into the car. I giggled and shut the door. He then hopped in the driver’s seat. Harry started up the car and turned the heater on. I regretted not bringing a sweatshirt, but I couldn't be bothered going back inside to get one. I rubbed my goosebump covered arms, trying to warm them up. "Here" Harry passed me his sweatshirt. "Thank you" I slid it on, it was too big, but it was warm ant it smelt like him. "So where does your friend live" He asks drumming his fingers on the steering wheel.

I told him where she lived and it took ten minutes for him to drive me there. He pulled up in front of her house and killed the engine. "Do you want me to pick you up tomorrow" he asked. "I'll just get a lift home with Lara. She lives just down my street" I replied "But thanks for the offer". "Okay, I'll pick you up from your place at eight, I'm going to take you to a club, but a different one, just us two" He tells me. "Okay" I nod. "Please wear a dress for me" he begs. "Maybe, thanks for the lift, I'll see you tomorrow" I smile at him, grabbing my bag, I was about to open the door "Wait". I turned back to face him, only to have his lips crash down onto mine. "Don't slip on the grass" he winked as I got out of the car, slinging my bag over my shoulder. "Bye" I closed the car door and hurried up to Amy's house.

I knocked on the door, Harry was still sitting in the car, making sure I got in okay. "Hey" Amy opened the door grinning at me. Harry drove off, knowing I was safe. "Hi" I replied grinning at her. "So who was in the car" she wiggled her eyebrows at me "And whose sweatshirt is that". Oops I was still wearing Harry's sweatshirt. "Harry's" I mumble blushing. Her eyes widened "Is that what happened last night?!? You and Harry had sex!" She exclaims. "No!" I exclaim "Nothing like that" I blush. "The girls are upstairs, you can explain to us what happened last night with Harry" she giggled.

I followed Amy upstairs to her room, Lara was lounging on her sofa, Jodie was sprawled out on Amy's bed and Lily was on a bean bag. "Heeeey Nat" Lily gave me a big smile. "Hey" I replied, flopping down onto a second beanbag. "Who's sweatshirts that" Jodie asked suspiciously. "Harry's" I muttered. "Explain" Amy ordered, jumping on to her bed. "Explain what" Lara asks confused. "Something happened last night, and since Harry dropped Nat off I think they had sex" Amy winks at me. I turn a deep shade of red "We didn't, he just dropped me off" I groan covering my face with my hands, this was embarrassing. "So, what happened then" Jodie questions sitting up next to Amy. "He took me out and I nearly got raped, by that Adam guy who's party you were at" I pointed to Jodie. "You went to Adam Vincent's party" Lily questioned, suddenly all eyes were in Jodie. "There's something I haven't told you guys" she scratches the back of her head. We all look at her suspiciously. "I have a boyfriend" she announces. "WHO" we all exclaim, not that I'll know who he is though. "Connor Jackson" she replies, I had no clue who that was "I went with him". "Ooooh, Connor " Amy cooed in Jodie's ear earning herself a smack over the head, he asked me out this morning, I was waiting to tell you all tonight" she grins. "Did you have sex with him, have you kis-" Lily started asking her questions but Jodie clamped her hand over Lily's mouth "Okay okay, Nat keep telling your story".

"Well, Adam touched me inappropriately, and Harry flipped. He punched Adam, until he was almost knocked out and then Adam and eight other guys ganged up on Harry. They grabbed me and had to hold Harry down with four guys. Adam tried to rape me, but then Niall showed up with some of his friends and scared the bastards off" I explained "Harry took me back to his house because I was too scared to go home and I kind of kissed him, because there's like two sides of him, the bad boy player side and then there's this side where he seems so different, I think he's been hurt in the past". "So did you two have sex or not" Amy asks. "No! He actually was going to sleep on the couch, but I didn't want to sleep alone so he came and slept with me" I groaned "Adam and his gang followed us home, and broke into Harry's house, we climbed out his window, and managed to get away, eight of the guys got arrested, but one got away and we don't know who it was" I explained as briefly as possible, because it was quite a long story. "Wow, scary" Lara shudders. "It was" I agree. ”So do you like Harry" Jodie asks. "Kind of, there's something mysterious about him, it kind of draws me to him" I replied honestly. "So, does that mean if he asks you for sex you'll give it to him" Amy asks cheekily. "No" I blush "What is it with you and sex". "I'm just interested" she giggles. "Let’s go watch a movie" Lily suggested, changing the subject. "I like how you think" I agreed.

"What do you want to watch" Amy asks us as we all lounge around on her sofas in the living room. "James bond" Lara exclaims. "Lara, I was just wondering, but do you know if James Bond and Lara croft got married and had a kid, because I think your their daughter" I laughed. "Yeah they did, and I am" she jokes. I think it's kind of cool that her name was Lara bond. The other girls were cracking up, even though it wasn't that funny. Amy put casino Royale in the DVD player. "That's my dad" Lara joked.

We'd been watching the movie for about half an hour, when I got a text.


From: Harry

What's your full name? Xx


Harry and I didn't really know any personal details about each other, I thought it was cute that he wanted to know.


To: Harry

Natalie Belle Carter, u? X


From: Harry

Harry Edward Styles, when's your birthday? Xx


To: Harry

1st of August x


From: Harry

1st of Feb. favourite colour? xx


We spent the next hour asking each other questions about ourselves. "Who are you texting" Lara asked. "No one" I lied.


From: Harry

What coloured bra are you wearing? ;) Xx


I felt my cheeks redden, I wasn't telling him that. Just then Amy snatched my phone off me. "GIVE IT BACK" I squealed. Her and Lara ran into the bathroom with my phone and locked the door. "Guys please" I whined, pounding my fist against the door. I could hear them giggling from inside. "Don't text him back" I exclaimed, knowing they would though. "Nat what's your bra size" Amy asked through the door. "I'm not telling you" I replied. "I'll tell Harry that you’re an A" she teases. "No don't" I whine. Suddenly my shirt was lifted up from behind and my bra strap flicked against my back "HEY" I exclaimed. "She's a D" Lily told them. "I think Harry wants to but you some underwear" Lara giggled from inside. Great. He probably will "I hate you guys" I groaned.

Five minutes later they came out of the bathroom and handed me back my phone, giggling cheekily. I quickly checked what they had sent him.


From: Harry

What coloured bra are you wearing? ;) Xx


To: Harry

Black lace with matching panties ;) xxxxx


From: Harry

HOLY SHIT!!! Send me a pic ;) xx


To: Harry

I can't right now, I'm sitting in the lounge with my friends, later ;) xxxxx


From: Harry

Aww :( what size are you? ;) Xx


To: Harry

I'm a D ;) xxxxx


From: Harry


My cheeks went bright red "I hate you guys" I pouted slouching back down on the sofa. Lara and Amy just giggled. Jodie leant over the side of the couch and whispered in my ear. "Lara has a huge crush on this guy called Zayn, let’s steal her phone and text him". Lara's phone was sitting on the arm of the couch unguarded. I stood up and casually walked over, snatching her phone off. "HEEEEY" she exclaimed as Jodie and I jumped into the bathroom and locked the door. We hi fived each other "Revenge is sweet" I giggled.

We texted Zayn for an hour, I think I actually met him last night, he was one of the guys with Niall. I don't think my revenge worked out to well, because Zayn asked her out. "We'll that failed" Jodie chuckled. We left the bathroom, the girls weren't in the lounge anymore, and they had gone upstairs. "Lara, we got you a date" I announced. "What, really" she exclaimed jumping up. She read the messages and started jumping on the bed. "OH MY GOD OH MY GO OH MY GOD" she screamed. We were all cracking up, Lara was so happy.


"Well, Lara has a date, Jodie has a boyfriend, Harry thinks Natalie wants sex and Lily and I are still single" Amy announced. "What a great night" Jodie laughs. We were all lying down on several air mattresses in Amy's lounge. I wasn't listening to them though, I was thinking about Harry. "Hello, Earth to Nat" Lara was waving her hand in front of my face. "Sorry, I zoned out" I apologised. "I just asked you what you were thinking about" Amy repeated. "Stuff" I replied not wanting to tell them I was actually thinking about Harry. "*Cough* Harry *Cough* Lily giggled and I hit her with a pillow, "Shut it”. “Sorry, sorry" she smirked.

"So, what was it like in Doncaster before you moved here" Jodie asked her head rested on her hand as he looked at me. "Did you have a boyfriend?” I shook my head. "I lived on a farm, all my friends were guys" I told them. "Ooooh, any hot ones" Amy asked giggling. "Yeah, they all were pretty hot, muscular, tan and gorgeous" I giggled "My two best friends are real good looking". "OH MY GOD, you got any pictures" Amy shrieked excitedly. Her personality was so bubbly. "HEY, keep it down" Amy's mum yelled from upstairs. "Yeah I do" I laughed at how easily Amy was excited. "Show me" she ordered more quietly. I passed her my iPhone and her jaw dropped when she looked at my background. "Fuck, I think I'm in love" Amy flipped backwards. The picture was of Mitchell, Jai and I all standing at the top of a waterfall in our togs.

Jai was standing on my left, water droplets dripping down his toned chest, his dark brown hair was swept to the side, plastered to his forehead. His muscular arm was wrapped round my waist. His warm brown eyes stared at the camera, smiling brightly. Jai and I had been friends since birth, our dads were best friends too. When dad died, his dad helped me get through it, he had always been like a second dad to me.

My eyes flicked to the other boy in the photo, Mitchell. Mitchell wasn't quite as toned as Jai, he had abs and stuff, but Jai was more muscular in the arms and legs. He was just as handsome as Jai, his dark hair was always a mess. Hairbrush wasn't in gist dictionary. His green eyes always had a cheeky look about them. He had his arm wrapped round my waist as well. Jai and I met Mitchell when we started school, he decided it would be funny to tip a drink bottle over my head. He didn't expect me to empty my bottle over his head. We instantly became friends.

"What are their names" Jodie asked, all four of them were crowded around my phone. "The one on the lefts Jai, and the one on the right is Mitchell" I answered. "Fuck your skinny" Lily exclaimed.

"Oooh look at this picture" Amy giggles, turning my phone towards me. It was a picture jai had taken when Mitchell and I were together, we were lying in the grass kissing. "Did you date either of them" Lara asks, already knowing the answer. "Yeah, Mitchell" I replied blushing. "What's he like" Jodie asks. "He's a fun guy, always mucking around, he's loud and a bit annoying at times, but he was kind of romantic" I reply remembering the few days we dated. "How long did you date him" Lily questions as they continue to go through my photos. "About a week, because it got kind of weird, Jai was like a third wheel and kissing him was sort of like kissing your own brother, we stuck to being friends" I shrug. "HOLY SHIT! Who is this sexy motherfucker" Amy yells. "AMY, WERE TRYING TO SLEEP, BE QUIET" Her dad yells down. Amy turned my phone to show me the picture. "Oh, he was one of my besties until he tried to pull a move on me, I punched him" I scratch the back of my head. "Oh".

She passed me my phone back, it was two in the morning, and my eyelids were starting to get droopy. Next thing I knew, I was asleep.


The next morning I woke up at one, the other girls were still crashed in the lounge. Silently I slid off the air bed, and walked down the hall to the bathroom. I locked the door and my feet made a patter as I walked along the white tiles. I went and stood in front of the mirror to check my appearance. My eyes grew wide as I looked at my face. A thick black line had been drawn above my top lip in pen. One of the girls had given me a moustache.

I ran back into the lounge "WHO DID THIS" I yelled loudly to wake them up. Amy leapt out of bed with a shriek "It was Lara". The other three girls woke up and started laughing at me. "I hate you" I pointed at Lara, she blew me a cheeky kiss. "I have a date tonight" I whined unhappily. "You never told us" Jodie sticks her tongue out "Is it with Harry?” "Yes, now help me get this off" I pouted unhappily. Amy followed me to the bathroom while the other three girls were lazy and went back to sleep.

We spent the next hour and a half scrubbing my face until it was finally gone. "It is gone" She exclaimed throwing the soapy wet flannel at my clean face. "Thank god" I breathed a sigh of relief.

We returned to the lounge after we got dressed. Everyone was up and dressed now. "I'm hungry" Lily whined rubbing her stomach. "That's good" Amy's mum Louise walked in "Because I made pancakes". "THANK YOU" We all squealed digging into the delicious food.

Louise was an incredible cook, every last pancake was eaten. "Thank you. That was amazing" I thanked her. "You’re welcome, I love cooking and it's nice to know that people appreciate my food" Louise gave me a smile, I couldn't help but wish mum was a good cook.

"Hey Lara, since you drew a moustache on my face, could you possibly give me a lift home" I battered my eyelashes at her. "Yup" she replied "Let’s go". We hugged the girls goodbye, before we went to get in Lara's car.

"Please be careful around Harry" she spoke "He's dangerous as you already know and he's a player". "I know, I will be" I replied. "Just don't do anything stupid" she said as we'd pulled up in front of my house. "Thanks for the lift" I thanked her as I hopped out of the car. "No problem. See you at school" she waved as I walked inside the house and dumped my bag on the floor. It was five o'clock, I had three hours to get ready


Thanks so much for reading! it means a lot


Stay Beautiful





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