Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


17. Chapter Seventeen

"Hello sexy" a deep male voice growled.

An ear piercing scream fell from my lips as I stumbled clumsily backwards into Lara, whose loud scream united with mine into an even louder one. I felt like throwing up, it's Adam, he's back again, and he’s going to kill me. "HOLY SHIT! DON'T SHINE THAT IN MY EYES" The male voice yelled loudly at the same time as Lara's scream ceased. I looked up from the ground an over to the bed, to where a muscular male was lying shirtless in my bed. The guys face was buried in my pillows, avoiding the bright light of Lara's phone torch. Relief washed over me when I saw the Hair, dark curls, it was just Harry. I pressed my hand against the wall, steadying myself as I regained my breath and let my pounding heart return to its usual pace.

"LARA! NATALIE" Louis slightly high pitched voice yelled in worry as he and Zayn charged in my room. "Its okay" Lara grabbed Zayn's shoulder. "But we heard you scream" He says in confusion, grabbing Lara round her waist. "False alarm it was only a half-naked Harry" I mumbled squeezing my eyes shut and closing them again, I had this image in my head of it being Adam in my bed not Harry, I was trying to get rid of it.

"Thank god" Louis gives me a quick hug. "WOULD YOU GET THE FUCKING LIGHT OUT OF MY EYES" Harry yells angrily at Lara who quickly turns it down to the floor. "Thank you" Harry breaths out a sigh. An odd thought suddenly occurred to me, how the fuck did he get in my house. "How the hell did you get in my house?" I ask in complete confusion, I know one hundred percent that I locked every door and window before I left the house this morning. "Your mum keeps a spare key under the doormat" Harry replied simply, how does he know that? I didn't even know. I nodded my head "I'll be back in a second" I told him, before grabbing Louis and Lara by the arm and tugging them out of the room with Zayn following closely behind us. "Sorry about that" I motioned to my bedroom, meaning the creepy Harry in there who gave Lara and I a bloody heart attack. "It's sweet, we heard you guys scream, so we came up to see what was going on" Zayn replied as we walked back downstairs together. "Harry is so creepy" I groan, running my fingers through my soaking hair. "Fuck yes! My heart stopped when I heard him" Lara nods her head in agreement. "I'm sorry" I gave her a reassuring hug, my own heart was still hammering from that frightening experience. Lara lets out a laugh "It's alright, at least I won't have to worry about you now".

We pulled away, and for the second time I said goodbye to all of them, before closing and locking the door after they were back in the car or in Lara's case her house. Now I had to go deal with the curly creep upstairs, but firstly I have to get out of these wet clothes. Since it was dark and I couldn't be bothered turning my phone on I had to feel my way back up the steps and into my room.

I tripped over several times on my way up, but I made it in one piece. If Harry is in bed with no shirt on, then he probably had no pants on. The easiest way to get into some dry was to wear his clothes, which I found by the end of my bed. Feeling my way around through my underwear draw, I pulled out a pair of underwear. "What are you doing" Harry asked as I slipped inside the bathroom, even if it is pitch black and I know he can't see a thing, I am not changing while he's in the same room. "Getting changed" I replied closing the door. "But I can't see you" Harry calls in annoyance.

My skin was covered in goose bumps and my body was shivering violently. Speedily I pulled of my soaked clothing and dried myself off as best I could with a towel. I quickly slid into my dry underwear, while kicking away all my soaking clothes to the corner of the room.

As I pulled Harry's shirt on over my head, I inhaled the delicious smell of his body, he just smells so amazingly good! I pulled his pants on quickly, before I opened the door again. My teeth were still chattering as I slipped between the blankets. Almost immediately, Harry’s warmth was wrapped around me, how is he so hot when it's this cold!?!

I swear he's like my own portable heater, he just radiates with heat, it's not fair. "Shit your freezing" he exclaimed. A soft whimper was the quiet reply I gave him. I found myself being pulled further in towards his body so there was absolutely no space between us. "I'll keep you warm" he whispered quietly in my ear as his gentle touch ran up my cold arm, immediately heating the area he just touched. His heated skin continued to touch me, wherever it could come in contact with my own, warming me back up slowly.

"Is that better love" he asked quietly, kissing my ear, warming that up too. "Mhmm" I hummed softly in a pleasured reply. "That's good" he cuddled me even closer into his bare chest if that's even possible.

"Why are you in my house" I asked as my fingers trailed up and down the left side of his body. "I came over to see you like five hours ago, straight after detention like I said I would, but you weren't here" he answered softly. My heart clenched up, I had totally forgotten that Harry had said he was going to come over afterwards, I feel horrible now. "I'm sorry, I went to Louis' house with my friends, I wasn't even meant to stay this late, but we got a little wrapped up in Mario Cart and lost track of time, then the power shut off, I'm so sorry" I apologised, I actually feel terrible, he waited five hours for me to show up, he probably thought I rejected him, after all he's done for me. "I got bored and even remade your bed like you told me to" he whispers, only adding to my guilt. "Why were you even at Louis place and how did you forget me" he asks with a tinge of hurt in his voice, it made me just want to die on the spot.

"Because I need to make some more friends Harry, Lara invited me so I just went along with them, I'm sorry" I apologised yet again. “Why didn't you pick up your phone when I called you, I was worried that Adam got you again or something, it freaked me out, if you hadn't come back in another hour I was going to go look for you" he asks questioningly. Why don't I check my phone, I'm such an idiot, I made Harry worry about me, I'm such a horrible person. "I didn't check my phone and it was in my jacket pocket so I don't feel it vibrate" my arms trailed up around his neck, I needed more contact, I wanted him to know that I was sorry and that I wasn't rejecting him. "Kiss me" I whispered bringing his lips down to my neck.

Harry's head pulled back up out of my grip, his complete touch vanished from my body, leaving me cold again. Fuck, I messed up, he hates me now. "No, you kiss me" his voice whispered from in the darkness. A small smile curled up my lips, he doesn't hate me. I know Harry likes me kissing him, it makes him feel special, I know that from the way he looked those other times, when I kissed him. Pure Happiness.

I closed my eyes as I reached out for Harry's warm skin! Crawling over to him, my hand fell on top of his chest, brushing his nipple lightly. "Mmm" he hummed as I brought my lips down onto his collarbone. I felt a large hand slide under his shirt I was wearing and rest on the small of my back.

Softly, I moved my lips along the predominant bone that stretched across his two broad shoulders. Every time my cold, purple lips came in contact with Harry's warm skin, they felt tingly, Harry makes me feel so odd, he's just so alluring, I just can't. They continued moving in, towards the centre of his neck, where I placed a kiss on his Adam's apple. A chuckle vibrated within Harry's chest as I boldly slid my tongue out of my lips and licked a strip beneath his jaw up to his chin. I wish it wasn't so dark and that I could actually see his happy smile. It made me smile, it brought me happiness.

My lips teasingly kissed around his mouth, making him go insane. His tongue would stick out in different places, trying to latch on to my teasing pink lips. I giggled when he managed to get his tongue in the right place, only he forgot he was trying to kiss me so instead he licked my lips "you taste nice" he laughs, grabbing the back of my head and pulling my face down to his soft lips.

A rush of sparks exploded through me at the touch of our lips. What the hell is this boy doing to me! "You taste so good" he moaned into my mouth, making me giggle. I pulled away for a moment "You sound like a creepy vampire". Harry rolled us over so I was underneath now. "That's right, I'm Count Haracula and I vant to suck your blood" he does a terrible impression of Dracula, which I find hilarious. Let’s just say acting is not one of his talents.

Harry's soft curls brush past my face as his head dips down into my neck. I felt the fullness of his lips come in contact with the soft skin of my neck and he began to softly suck. My fingers wound their way through his dark curls, tugging on them gently.

Harry's lips didn't linger on the same spot for any longer than thirty seconds, before he moved on to a different one. It's a good thing that tomorrow is a weekend, because I'm going to have a billion love bites from 'Haracula' the nippy vampire.

"Harry" I whimpered, he was sucking and nipping quite hard at the already purple mark left on my neck from a few days ago. My hands grabbed his shoulders, trying to push him off, but he didn't budge. "P-please s-stopped " I begged, raking my nails down the side of his body, in a failed attempt to get him to stop. I only made things even worse, it turned him on more than he already was.

Harry caught hold of my hands and pinned them above my head, now I was sandwiched between the bed and Harry’s muscular body. "H-Harry, stop it" I pleaded with him "Your h-hurting me". Harry pulled his head away from my neck "I’m sorry, I thought you liked it" he apologises frantically, placing a gentle kiss on my nose. My heart was beating rapidly as I tried to calm my breathing "I did, just not the last one" I whimpered quietly. I re-joined our hands again and gave his hand a squeeze. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that, I just like knowing that your mine" he replied. I immediately snatched my hand from his.

"I am not yours" I whimpered. Just when I thought we were making progress, we weren't really, he still thinks he owns me, I really am just another toy for him to play with. I can't believe him! "Nat, I didn't mean it like that" he tries to change what he said, sorry styles but that's not how it works. "What, am I just another girl for you to fuck with" I ask quietly, my fear of the male above me all flooding back, was it all just a fake thing to get in my pants. "Natalie, I care about you, I just-" suddenly there was a flash of lightning, shortly followed by angry rumbling of thunder. My mind wandered back to what Zayn had said to me earlier.

At the exact same moment Harry's weight was lifted off me. I watched in shock as he pulled the covers up right over his face "Mum" he whimpered. I stared at the contorted lump hiding under the sheets, as another lot of thunder and lightning rolled through "Mum". What's going on, what's he doing, why is he calling for his mum. What am I meant to do, do I comfort him, or do I just leave him. My mind wandered back to what Zayn had said earlier...

'At the club, he looked devastated when he saw that you nearly got raped by Adam and he was almost in tears, I don't think a player like Harry would show that kind of emotion for a girl he just wants to fuck with, I think he cares about you, but doesn't know how to show it'


I decided on what to do.







There was a flash of lightning followed by the angry growl of thunder, "Mum" I cried out, pulling the blankets over the top of my head as I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to block out the memories of that dreadful night. There was another crash of thunder and lightning and I found myself remembering, calling out for her again "Mum". I fisted the sheets of the bed, go away, go away, I silently pleaded, hoping that it would all just stop.

"Harry" a soft voice whispered. "Mum" I asked a third time, my mind kept flashing between the past and the present. "No Harry, its Natalie" her small hand found its way to my cheek, lightly touching it. Natalie's thumb gently began to caress my cheek softly with her thumb in an attempt to calm me down. My body jolted as there was another flash. "Harry, it's just lightning" she whispered soothingly in my ear, it's not though, it's not just lightning to me. I rolled over, away from her, trying to hide my emotions.

I felt the front of Natalie's body press against my back, it was an odd situation, I'm always the one who does the spooning, but Natalie's spooning me, it was a nice feeling. "Harry, I know there's something wrong and I know it's about your parents" she whispered softly in my ear, her warm breath fanning out over my skin. Natalie had already figured it out, I've made it so obvious, I had to call for my mum didn't I. "Y-yes" I stuttered, I need to tell her, she needs to know why I'm like this, she's smart enough to understand. Natalie's thin arms tightened around my larger body and I felt the softness of her lips against my bare shoulder. "Harry, what happened" she asked softly, her slim fingers finding their way into mine. I rolled over, so we were facing each other, Natalie's green eyes peered up at me questioningly.

"Four years ago, I used to live with my Mum, Stepdad and sister, Gemma" I began my story, this was the first time I'd ever told anyone about my past, no one really asks about it, but when they do I usually keep it hidden.

"My stepdad was an alcoholic, he would always come home fucking drunk. He would always come home and hit my mum and occasionally Gemma and I if we didn't stay out of the way" I explained, glancing at Natalie, I could just make out a look of concern written all over her face in the darkness. "I always wanted to stop him from hurting my mum, but I wasn't strong enough at only fourteen" I squeezed my eyes closed, trying to push away the painful memories.

My mum pushing me urgently into Gemma's room, in a desperate attempt to keep him away from us. I remember sitting on the floor with Gem's arms wrapped tightly around me as we tried to block out the noise coming from downstairs.

"There was this one horrible night that he came home extremely drunk and very angry"



"Harold Edward Styles, get your feet off the coffee table" My mother scolded me as I aimlessly flicked through TV channels trying to find something interesting to watch. "Sorry Mum" I mumbled, swishing them up onto the sofa so that I was lying down instead. "Jonathan will be home soon and you know what he'll do if he catches you with your feet up on that coffee table" she pinched my cheek lightly as she walked back downstairs to the kitchen. I cringed remembering the pain inflicted on me when I was caught doing that.

I continued channel surfing, until I heard the front door slam open. "BITCH! WHERE IS MY DINNER" Jonathan yelled. My fingers clenched themselves around the remote, I hate the way he treats my mum. An ear piercing scream echoed throughout the house, followed by a dull thud. My feet instantly began moving towards the noise. "KEEP OUT OF THE WAY YOU LITTLE SLUT" The angry voice of my stepfather screeched at who I figured must have been Gemma.

My feet pounded down the stairs, where I found my older sister lying crumpled on the floor, blood trickling from a gash in her cheek. "Gem" I asked worriedly, shaking her shoulder. "H-Harry, h-he had a k-knife" she stuttered pressing her fingers to the wound on her cheek. "JONATHAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING" Mum's panicked scream came from down in the kitchen. My eyes widened in fear, he's going to hurt mum. "KIDS! UPSTAIRS" Mum appeared in the end of the hallway, running quickly away from a closely behind Jonathan, holding a silver blade in one hand and a half filled bottle in the other.

I grabbed Gemma's arm, tugging her up to her feet and together we hurried up the stairs, Gemma pushed me into the bathroom, following me in. She held the door, waiting for mum to get inside so she could slam it as soon as she was safe.

"HURRY MUM" Gemma yelled as mum practically fell into the bathroom. The door slammed behind her and Gemma did the lock. "Mum" I whimpered, crawling over into her open arms, where Gemma joined as well. "OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW OR I'LL KILL YOU ALL" Jonathan's fists slammed against the door, making it rattle loudly. "It's alright, I won't let him touch you" mum snuggled the two of us closer into her body. The scent of her lavender perfume filled my nose as I hid my face in her shoulder. Little did I know that this was the last time that I would ever inhale her motherly smell again.

Jonathan continued to scream abuse and threats at us, while we stayed huddled together on the cold tiled floor. There was silence for a while, the only sound I could here was my pounding heart. A flash of lightning lit up the room at the exact same moment as Jonathan kicked the door down.

"OUT THE WINDOW" Mum commanded us frantically as she pushed Gemma out the window. I watched in horror as Jonathan clumsily stumbled across the room towards us, his lips curled in an evil smirk and his eyes filled with malice. "HARRY" Mum exclaimed pushing me out onto the roof after Gemma.

The heavy rain poured down around us and I jumped at the sound of angry thunder. "Come on sweetie" mums protective arms wrapped round my shivering body as we carefully made our way along the roof top, towards the tree Gem had already descended. "YOU LITTLE FUCKERS ARE DEAD" Jonathan's enraged scream followed us as we scrambled down the tree. The branches were slippery and hard to stand on. I could barely feel my fingers and I found climbing out of the tree difficult. I was nearing the bottom when my foot flew out from beneath me and I fell towards the ground, somehow managing to grab another branch, saving me from breaking any bones.

"Harry, come here" Gemma shouted over the raging wind and pouring rain the whipped around us. I jogged over to my older sister, snuggling into her arms in fear, watching mum climb down the tree. Suddenly the front door flew open and Jonathan appeared in the doorway. A flash of lightning made him look even more terrifying as the evil man stared at us smugly. "MUM" Gemma and I screamed in unison as She reached the bottom of the tree, unaware of the danger only a few metres away.

Jonathan ran at her, knife raised in his hand. "MUM" I yelled again, pushing out of Gemma's arms and trying to run towards my mother. I watched in shock as Mum turned around just in time to see the knife coming down on her chest. I'll never forget the look on her face when she saw the knife, it was a look of shock, horror and fear. "NOOOOOOO" I screamed as mum fell backwards, the knife embedded deeply in her chest. Her eyes stared into mine as she took her last breath of air. I fell to my knees next to her lifeless body. "Mum, Mum, MUM". I screamed frantically shaking her shoulders begging her to wake up. Lightning and thunder flashed around me as I continued to scream at her to wake up.

Jonathan's figure loomed above me, I looked up to see him raising the bottle left in his hand and bringing it heavily down on my head. The last thing I remember is seeing shards of glass flying everywhere, before I fell into unconsciousness.




I choked back a sob, trying to hold back the tears, but failing dramatically. Fat teardrops rolled down my cheeks, dotting themselves on the pillows. "Harry" Natalie cried, almost feeling my pain, she squeezed my hand reassuringly, placing a light kiss on my nose. "Every time there's a storm, I get flashbacks of the night and I imagine ways I could have saved her and I remember the pained look on her face" I cry, letting Natalie hug me tighter.

Natalie and I stayed in that position, just holding each other for a while. "Harry, that still doesn't explain why you live alone" Natalie's timid voice came from the darkness, scared that I would get angry again and smash a light like last time. I let out a deep sigh before continuing "I woke up two days later in hospital, with my grandmother was sitting beside my bed".




"Hi love, how are you doing" Grandma asked, her wrinkled hand clasped my gently as I looked up at her in confusion. Her eyes were red and bloodshot, she looked like she had been crying. "Where am I" I asked in confusion, how did I get in hospital? "Don't you remember" she asks, giving my hand a small squeeze. The memories all flooded back...














Tears filled my eyes as I realised mum was gone, she was killed. "Mum" I let out a choked sob, my fingers clutching on to grandmas. She's gone forever, I couldn't save her, I failed. Grandma hugged me tightly as I let out all there sadness inside me, it wasn't fair,




That day, I silently promised myself I would get stronger so I could protect my sister and my grandmother from anyone and anything.

"My grandmother took Gem and I in, Jonathan was put in prison and mums funeral was a few weeks later. Grandma always loved Gemma and I, so she was the one to immediately take the two of us in" I explained to Natalie as I felt her soft fingers rub up my arm in a soothing way. "We sold the house we used to live in and the money was split between mine and Gemma's bank accounts, but I was never happy. After about half a year Gemma moved on, knowing she needed to move on with her life, but I didn't, I couldn't. Every night I would cry myself to sleep, unable to rid my mind of the horrific memories. I remember how grandma would stay with me all night and hug me until I finally fell asleep. Grandma made me start to feel Happy again, she made me feel loved. When I was ready, I started school again, where I met Niall. He was a really good guy and we became really close, we used to go to the gym together" I explained.

"It had been about half a year since mum was killed, that's why I couldn't believe it when Gemma started seeing a complete bastard. She would always come home after a date with bruises up her arms. Whenever I asked her about it she would just brush me off, making up some excuse like she fell over, she told me she loved him..."

"One night she brought him home"





I was lying on my bed, staring blankly up at my ceiling. I had nothing to do and was feeling very bored. "FOR FUCK SAKES, HURRY UP AND SAY GOODBYE, AND LETS GO" An angry voice yelled from downstairs, followed by a thump. I found my feet shuffling quickly down the stairs towards the noise.

I found him trying to drag her out the open door. His hands clamped tightly around Gemma's wrists as he roughly tried to pull her outside. Her face was filled with pain as she weakly tried to resist the violent pulling on her wrists.

"Please...you’re hurting me" she cried, eyes filling with tears as she tried to pull out of his grip. His head turned in my direction, and I swiftly walked forward.

"Get off her!" I shouted,

I roughly grabbed his shoulder, yanking him back. His tight grip on Gemma’s wrists was released and she stumbled back, slumping down on the floor, rubbing her sore wrists. My Hands angrily fisted his shirt as I dragged the bastard outside. I was a lot stronger then I was when my step dad was around.

"What you gonna do, kid" he taunted.

I didn't think, my fist slamming into his face, again and again. Forcefully I shoved him down onto the grass, climbing on top, hitting him. Blood covered his face, making my knuckles turn crimson red as I brought my clenched fist back up again. I imagined Jonathan, thinking about all the times I wished I could have hit him.

"Harry! Stop" Gemma pleaded, but I ignored her, I was too angry. "I love him". I continued to hit him until my arm ached and my breathing was erratic. I pushed myself up, unable to look at the bleeding mess in front of me.

I turned around to look at my crying sister.

"Gemma" I asked, taking a step towards her. She backed away "How could you".

"Gem, please" I begged, reaching out my hand to her, but she refused to touch me, her eyes full of pain and anger.

"I hate you"



Natalie's warm touch had evaded me, her silhouette brushed the hair out of her face as she watched me intently. 


"I nearly killed him" I said quietly. She didn't reply, instead she lay motionless next to me.

"Does that scare you"? My heart sunk at the lack of response I got from her.

"Do I scare you?"

"No" she didn't hesitate to answer. Her small hand slid into my own, reassuringly.

"I just wanted to protect her, keep her safe" I shuffled my body a bit closer to Natalie's "I want to keep you safe".

She was quiet for a moment, I watched as her chest rose and fell heavily as she took in my words. Slowly I felt my hand being brought up to Natalie's mouth by her smaller one. Her soft warm lips came in contact with my skin, delicately kissing over my knuckles as I closed my eyes.

I let her nudge my shoulder back so I was lying flat on the mattress. Boldly she pushed herself up, lifting a leg over onto the other side of my body so she was straddling me. Her small hands roamed my chest as she dipped her head down into the crook of my neck, sprinkling soft kisses over my skin. She jumped slightly as I placed my hands on her waist, but didn't object to my touch as I lifted the shirt she was wearing slightly, so I could caress the soft skin with my thumbs.

I honestly can't remember the last time anyone has been so tentative with me. Usually the girls I brought home would be rough, finger nails and teeth leaving marks on each others bodies. But with Natalie, it was like she was trying to make me forget the painful memories edged in my mind, trying to kiss them away.

I was surprised when Natalie found a sensitive spot on the left side at the base of my neck. A deep moan fell from my lips as she began to gently suck on the spot. I tilted my head back slightly, allowing her more access to my neck. Her head dipped in further as her hand wound its way into my curls, tugging on them lightly as she continued to suck on my skin. My mouth parted, eyes squeezing closed as another throaty moan came from my lips.

A short while later, she pulled back, placing a quick kiss on the love bite she just made on my neck. Her fingers remained tangled in my hair as she let her head rest down on my shoulder. "There's still more isn't there" she asked. My mind was blank for a moment, confused about what she meant, but then I remembered. "Yeah" I replied. Natalie had actually made me forget about it all for a moment.

"You don't have to tell me anymore if you don't want to" she whispered. But I did want to, I want her to know, I want her to understand.

"Gemma ran away from home a couple of days later, she just left, her last words to me were 'I hate you'. I only had my Grandmother left. She wasn't impressed by what I did, but she understood. I continued to cry myself to sleep every night, having my grandma stay with me. Everything went downhill from there on out, Gemma never came back and I blamed myself, somehow people at school found out about what I did and it spread like wildfire. People started avoiding me, no one came anywhere near me, they were scared I'd hurt then. Niall was the only one that didn't avoid me, he stuck by my side the whole time, until disaster struck for a third time".

Natalie's hand tightened around my own as I continued speaking. "My grandmother died unexpectedly, one day she just didn't wake up. Everything turned into chaos, I had nothing left but a big house and a heap of money. I didn't sleep for weeks after she died, I couldn't, every time I closed my eyes I would see faces, My Mother, My Sister, My Grandmother, Gemma's boyfriend and Jonathan, all of them haunting me with antagonising memories. The worst nights were when there was a storm, even when I'm awake, I see their faces, reminding me how I lost everything because I was weak and useless. I screamed and cried on those nights, praying for some miracle that it would all just stop. Niall tried to help me, buy I refused to accept help, pushing him away. Eventually I started skipping school and started going to the empty warehouse, alcohol becoming my only friend. But it wasn't enough, I was lonely. I started picking up random sluts, bringing them home so I wouldn't be so alone, but even then I felt alone, there's like this huge gaping hole in my heart, that hurts every moment I live. I finally realised I was alone, unwanted and that I would never be loved" a small tear fell from my eye, I was glad it was dark, so she couldn't see me cry.

"But then I met you" I whispered turning my head slightly so I could face her even though we couldn't see each other properly. "You’re different".

Our noses brushed slightly as I moved my face down, pressing my lips gently onto hers. She kissed back softly, Natalie made me feel as if the hole in my heart was closing.

Natalie's forehead rested against mine as her lips drew back. I could feel the fast beat of her heart against my chest


"I understand" she whispered.




So this chapter you find out about Harry's past, did you like it? I'm quite proud of how long it is :)


Thanks for reading


Stay beautiful






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