Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


19. Chapter Nineteen


I woke up to find the other side of the bed cold, to my disappointment, the beautiful curly haired boy had gone. Sighing heavily, I rolled over, my eyes catching on to the bright screen of my laptop, where a little message from Harry was typed.


Hey, Love 

Sorry for leaving so early, but I had to go out and do a couple of things. By the way, you should go check your tumblr. Hope you have a good day, beautiful, I'll see you later.

~Harry xx


I smiled to myself, knowing Harry cared enough to not just leave me clueless about whether he actually stayed or not. I couldn't help but wonder what he meant by 'you should check your tumblr'. Curiously, I lifted my laptop of the bedside table, rolling over onto my back, burying my head into the pillows as I placed it down on my lap. Opening tumblr, I went to look at my newly created blog, to my surprise, there was a picture of Harry and I on it that just made my heart melt. Harry and I were cuddled up in bed, the blankets pulled up around us as we snuggled together in a warm embrace. My eyes were closed, arms wrapped tightly around his neck as he pressed a gentle kiss to my forehead. I figured this picture must have been taken by Harry last night when I fell asleep while he was in the shower. I didn't even think Harry was capable of doing something as sweet as that, but like many things I have thought about him, I was yet again proven wrong.

I changed my background picture to the picture Harry took of us, before glancing at the clock. Ten o'clock, the girls were picking me up at twelve, leaving me two hours to get myself ready. I pushed the covers back, cold air rushed over my body, making me shiver slightly, but it didn't stop me. Put in a happy mood by Harry's picture, I felt like I could take on the world. My feet padded softly along the carpet as I moved towards the wardrobe. I felt like wearing a dress today, a floral one in particular caught my attention. Deciding to go with this one, I unhooked it from the metal bar, it making a slight clank as I did. I grabbed some underwear, before I skipped my way into the bathroom, feeling amazing.

I had been ready to go for a while now, my head now buried in the book 'Inheritance' by Christopher Paolini. I loved the Eragon series, Brisinger had taken me sometime to finish though, it was quite a chunky book, not quite as thick as this one though. I have a feeling I could be reading it for while. My eyes skimmed over the words, line after line, fingers flipping the flimsy paper every few minutes as I completed reading a page.  

A loud honking of a horn could be heard clearly over the low buzz of dead silence. Inevitably, it would be the girls, here to pick me up for our little shopping trip. I put a book mark in the page i was on, before setting inheritance down on the bed. I picked my phone up from the bedside table, dropping it safely in the bag I was taking with me to the mall. Slinging it over my shoulder, I collected my house keys, my feet padding down the stairs toward the front door. 

I stepped out into the warm sunlight, pulling the door closed behind me. I fumbled with the keys as I locked up the house, before dropping them in my bag. Turning around, I spotted Lara also coming out of her place, a few houses down. "GET IN LOSERS, WE'RE GOING SHOPPING!" Amy's loud voice yelled from inside the car parked between Mine and Lara's to houses. I let out a small chuckle as I walked over to the car! Pulling the door open. "Hey" I greeted the girls as Lara slid in next to me, slamming the door shut. "Hey" the all replied as Jodie put the car into gear. "Ready for an awesome shopping trip" Lara asked pushing a piece of her long black hair out of her face, behind her ear. "YEEEAAAH" we all exclaimed excitedly.



"Soooo, who has a date for the dance" Lily asked us all as we began looking around the first shop. "Meee" Lara giggled, a huge smile spread on her face, she really is whipped on Zayn. "Oh, we already knew you were going with Zaynie boy" Jodie laughed, flicking through a rack of pretty dresses. "Yeah and we know your going with Conny wonnie" Amy giggled, poking Jodie playfully in the ribs. "So you got a date Nat" Lily asks winking. The blood rushed to my cheeks as I realised I actually did "Yeah". Lily smirked knowingly "We have a name for you date too". Oh great. "We know your going with Hazzybooboo" Amy moved on from Jodie and began tickling me. "Shut up" I whined, try to bat her hands away, so I could resume searching for a dress.

"What about you two?" I asked once Amy was off me. "Well, actually Liam and I are going together as a joke" Amy answered. I didn't really surprise me that she was going with Liam, they seemed pretty close. "AWW! Amy baby got a date with LiLi" Lara waled up to her and took Amy's cheeks between her thumb and index finger, pinching the soft skin lightly. "He's not my date, were going as friends" Amy cried out as her cheeks were shook side to side. Lara let go, laughing as Amy rubbed her cheeks "That hurt". "Well since you've all shared, I guess it's my turn" Lily grins. All of us leant in towards her in anticipation, I hadn't the foggiest idea who Lily might be going with. We all watched as she opened her mouth, lips curled up in slight smile as she was about to speak.


Everyone looked at her oddly, except me, I'm not sure why their looking at her like that. "Are you nuts" Jodie asks, leaving me clueless to why that think going with Louis is so crazy. "Yup" Lily replied laughing, I looked from each girl, confusion smothered all over my face. I like Louis, why is it so crazy that she's going with him.

"What's wrong with Louis?" I questioned. "Louis has a habit of getting himself and usual his date out of dances in under an hour" Lara replied shaking her head at lily. Lily rolled her eyes at the three objecting friends of her date choice "Well I wasn't just going to say No". I gave Lily a sympathetic look, Louis was a cutie, even if what Lara says is true, I'm sure she'll have fun with him. "Aww come on leave Lily alone" I laughed giving her a hug. The girls all giggled, finding my actions amusing. "Well it's going to be a crazy night for lil" I chuckled, returning to search for a dress, the girls copying my actions.

"Girls?" I asked, earning a reply of hmms or whats. "What type of dresses are we exactly looking for" I questioned, suddenly realising I hadn't a clue about what it was I'm actually in search for. "Well, it's a formal, so kind of like a fancy dress, but not like a full out ball gown" Amy answered. I nodded my head, kind of understanding, but not really.


"OH MY GOD! LIKE THIS" Amy shrieked, a blur of aqua material flew across the store, smacking me in the face, before fluttering gently down to the floor. I retrieved the pretty material, examining the dress. "It would look really good on you" Amy grins, linking her elbow with mine and guiding me through the racks of clothes to the small changing rooms. Amy grinned widely as she nudged me gently into a changing room, pulling the red curtain across, enclosing me in my own little cubical now.

I clasped the material of my T-shirt, pulling it up over my head, before dropping it to the floor. I fumbled with my shoelaces, before I could slip my two feet out from the pair of black converse I was wearing on my two feet. My jeans added to the pile of clothing left on the floor. I removed the beautiful material of the dress from the plastic coat hanger, my fingers pulling down the zipper at the back. I stepped into the dress, wiggling it up my body.

The light material hugged my torso nicely, flaring out around my hips and down my thighs. The chiffon material lay over my chest, turning into thicker material once reaching my breasts, curving into two bumps making a heart shape over my boobs. A diamond of opening in the chiffon material left the cleavage of my breasts exposed. The back of the dress was covered with chiffon a few patches of my skin exposed. I quite liked this dress, it looked nice on me.

"Is it on yet" Lara called from through the red curtain between us. "Yes" I responded, a grin spreading over my face as I tugged the material back, revealing four giggly girls. "BUY IT" Amy yelled excitedly, clapping her hands, jumping up and down like a two year old. "I think I might just do that" I smiled doing a little twirl, making the skirt flare out slightly. "Harry won't be able to keep his hands off you" Lily commented smiling widely at me. "Even if Nat was wearing a jumpsuit, I'm pretty sure Harry wouldn't be able to keep his hands off her" Amy teased, sending me a cheeky wink. "shut up" I laughed, my hand slapping her shoulder playfully, I guess what she said was probably true thought, Harry is quite touchy no matter what I'm wearing.

Jodie was silent during the whole conversation we were having about Harry. I know she's still not keen on him, but I know more about him than any other human does, so she can hate him or like him I honestly don't care. "Get changed and buy that dress!" Lara yelled rather loudly, the shop assistant glaring at the loud female. I nodded my head bore turning around, pulling the curtain back across, leaving me in my own little private box.




After several hours of extreme shopping, I was dropped back home at around six thirty. The sky was starting to darken as the sun disappeared behind the hills. Day turning to night. My fingers clutched the numerous bags I was gripping as I unlocked the front door. My feet were killing me, hours and hours of walking really is quite tough on my tootsies. "Fuck!" I cussed as I dropped my bags in the middle of the hall, practically falling over the river of them. We'd gone a little overboard, we went on a general shopping supree after finding the perfect dresses, I had brought a shit load of new clothing.

A loud grumbling noise came from my stomach as I grabbed the doorframe, steadying myself as not to fall flat on my face. I need food or I'm gonna die, I hadn't eaten lunch, we were to wrapped up in the latest fashion to remember food. My shoe covered feet stomped into the kitchen, my stomach letting out another unhappy grumble. Rapidly I pulled the cupboard door open, to find it empty. "Shit" I muttered, slamming the door in annoyance. I skidded over to the fridge, only to find it in the same state as the cupboard, completely empty. Mum had been gone so long, that I ran out of food. In desperate need of food, I decided to go shopping, again.

"FUCKING HELL" I yelled to myself as I rifled through the bags, trying to find my wallet, I had put it in one of the bags so I wouldn't lose it. My fingers brushed something hard against the soft fabric, a sigh falling from my lips as I pulled the wallet out along with my phone. I honestly cannot be fucked walking to the nearest supermarket, then walking back, my feet are about to fall off. Trying to push away the pain, I stepped back out Into the cool evening air, dragging my feet behind me as I began my walk to the supermarket.

I walked along the aisles full of different types of food, throwing anything and everything that I thought I would eat in the shopping trolley. Looking at all the food was killing me, I wanted to eat so bad, but I had to wait till after I was finished. The growling of my stomach grew louder and louder as Its desire to be fed increased.

I stood on my tippy toes, slim fingers reaching up towards the packet of chocolate chips, I couldn't quite reach them though, my fingertips only a few centimetres away from meeting there target. "Bloody hell" I mumbled trying to stretch higher, why can't they have better shelving heights, down maybe an inch and I'll easily be able to reach the top shelf.

"Need any help" a husky masculine voice spoke from close behind me. Without waiting for a reply, the male stepped forward, pressing his front against my backside as he reached above me, swiping the pack of chocolate chips from the shelf. Tingles ran down my spine, feeling the close touch of his body, I think I know who this is.

My suspicions were confirmed when big hands wrapped around my waist, pulling me into his chest. "Hello beautiful" he whispered seductively in my ear. "Harry" I whispered, relaxing back into his warm body, his amazing scent filling my nose. I was spun around in his strong arms, "Why are you here so late? It's dangerous". I came face to face with a worried looking Harry, his curls were toddled slightly, emerald eyes seemed to bore into me as he waited for a valid reason. "I'm hungry an there's no food left at home" I replied, hands pressing to his toned chest. The rumbling of my stomach confirmed this answer. "You should have called me, it's dangerous" He spoke, a slight frown on his beautiful face. "Harry, I can look after myself" I growled, his protectiveness is irritating, it's like he won't let me step outside the house without him as a bodyguard.

My hands went down to his wrists, pulling them off my waist. In annoyance, I snatched the bag of chocolate chips from him also, throwing them into my trolley before walking off. "Natalie!" Harry called after me, but I Ignored him, my feet continuing down the aisle! Towards the check outs.

To my surprise, he didn't seem to be following me, but I didn't want to look back to check. Instead, I walked to an empty check out and started to load the very few things I had actually brought onto the counter. "Hi" the checkout lady greeted me warmly, giving me a big smile. "Hey" I replied feeling slightly flustered, Harry is quite a lot to handle. "How was your day" the woman asked as she began scanning my food. "Pretty good, thanks" I replied, the lady seemed to look a little confused, her eyes not quite looking at me, instead they were over my shoulder. "Are you okay" I asked, not sure what she was looking at that was behind me. "There is an attractive male in the next check out over trying to get your attention" she answered shaking her head slightly. I didn't need to look to see who it was, there was no doubt about it being Harry Styles. "Just ignore him, please" I told her, watching as she gave me a little nod and started to put my stuff into three shopping bags. Some of the food I bought wasn't the healthiest, but I can't cook to save my life, so easy food for the next couple of days for me.

I swiped my credit card, before thanking the checkout lady and gathering the very few bags I had to carry home. Outside it was dark, the faint illumination of the footpath provided by the street lamps gave me just enough light to be able to see my own two feet. I was surrounded in silence, The eerie atmosphere was quite freighting. A shiver ran down my spine, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up on end. I was being watched.

My pace quickened, fingers clutching the shopping tighter. I could hear heavy footfalls close behind me, I was too afraid to look back though. Just keep walking, Natalie. I rounded a corner, my heart was thudding rapidly against my chest.

An ear piercing scream echoed throughout the empty street as I felt a pair of muscular arms enclose around my torso, hoisting me up onto their shoulder. The shopping fell from my hands, clattering to the concrete ground. "Calm down babe, it's just me" Harry's husky voice laughed, his hands grabbing my bum. I think I would prefer if it was some creepy guy kidnapping me.

"PUT ME DOWN!" I yelled, pounding my fists on his back, why is he so fucking creepy. A deep chuckle vibrated through Harry's chest "It's dangerous out here baby". "LET ME GO, HARRY!" I screamed "YOUR SO FUCKING ANNOYING". Harry gripped me tighter "I'm just protecting you" Harry spoke, slight annoyance in his voice. "YOUR THE ONLY ONE I NEED PROTECTING FROM" I scream, fisting the material of his shirt "NOW LET ME GO". "Would you stop screaming" He growls, ignoring my pleas. I reach up, grabbing a fistful of his curly hair and tugging roughly.

I felt Harry stumble backwards at the force of my rough pull. A second scream racked my body as the ground came rushing up towards me. I found my hands protecting the back of Harry's head, feeling the lump he had been given by hitting a step last week.

My knuckles connected with the solid concrete and I let out a slight yelp as pain shot through my hands. Our body's jolted slightly as the rest of Harry's body hit the ground. "That hurt" He let out a pained groan as I quickly slapped him across the cheek. "Your fault for groping me, Styles" I mumbled, rubbing my sore knuckles. "Well I'm sorry that I want to keep you safe" he mumbled, taking my hands in his larger ones. "Harry" I sighed, letting him kiss over my injured knuckles "You can't protect me from everything".

"I can try"


Hey girlies,

I have a question, is anyone else's create stuffing up on their iPod? Whenever I sync it, then get off the wifi, the writing all disappears, but it's all still there but I just can't see it. Is it just me or is it happening to other people? Could you drop me a comment and tell me yes or no, it would mean a lot.

Sorry this chapters just a filler, the next one will be the formal and there's gonna be drama hahaha, hope your liking this book. :)


Thanks for reading


Stay beautiful





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