Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


9. Chapter Nine

Chapter 9


Harry and I walked across the field towards the school entrance, we kept getting weird looks and people would whisper to each other things like...

'Why is he at school'

'What's the new girl doing with him'

'Why are they together'

'Did they hook up'

Harry seemed pretty chilled about the whole situation, while I on the other hand was blushing like crazy.

We walked into our form class, every mouth dropped open, including the teachers, when they saw Harry in the class. He led me too the back of the room, I was very aware of the eyes following us as we went to take out seats. We sat down at the back of the classroom, in the corner where we would be least noticed.


The bell rang, everyone hurried to sit down and face the teacher who was shaking her head a little. "Nice to see you at school today Harold" Mrs Johnson spoke. Harry's fist slammed down on the desk "It's Harry" he growled angrily. So his name is actually Harold, I thought it would be Harrison, but its not, he obviously doesn't like his name seeing his reaction just then. "H-Harry, Harry" the teacher stuttered, wow even Mrs Johnson's scared of him. There were a few sniggers around the class, I almost giggled myself, but I knew better. Harry's body was all tensed up, he was sitting on the edge of his seat, he wa practically fuming. He was looking at the teacher like he wanted to murder her. "I think your names cute" I whispered quietly in his ear. He relaxed a little bit, slumping down his chair. "I'm not meant to be cute" he whispered back. Yeah, I know, you think your so badass "Whatever". I turned my attention back to the teacher, ignoring Harry. He just let out a sigh. I looked around the class to see if Lara was here, I couldn't see her though so I guessed she wasn't here today, it was probably a good thing.


Our first class was Maths, my least favourite subject. Weirdly enough though I'm actually good at it. Jodie was in this class, so I made an attempt to get away from Harry as I was walking down the corridor. I darted through the crowds of people, weaving my way towards the maths class. Unfortunately Harry caught me, grabbing be by the waist and pulling me into his firm chest. "Your nor going anywhere" he growled in my ear. I shuddered a little, why can't he be nice. "Get off" I exclaimed pushing his chest. He grabbed me by the wrist, his eyes full of annoyance "No". He dragged me into class, pushing me into a seat in a similar place to where we sat in at form time. "Fuck off" I replied getting up from the seat and attempting to move to the front of the class. He grabbed my hip and pulled me into his lap, gripping me tightly. I so take back ever going to Harry's house, I don't give a fuck if he lives alone anymore, he's a complete asshole.

People were staring at us, obviously noticing our argument, also probably the fact that I'm sitting on his lap. Jodie was staring at me as well, out of all my new friends she hated Harry the most, actually right now I do. Jodie was giving me the 'What the fuck' look I sent her a 'Please help me' one back. She looked as if she was about to stand up, but then Mr Ellis walked in and she quickly stopped herself, Mr Ellis is a scary fuck. "Let me go" I whispered angrily. "Why, I'm quite happy sitting like this" he replied smirking, I hate Harry, I fucking hate him. "The teacher scares me" I muttered hoping he would let me sit at my own desk. "Aww, don't worry baby, I'll protect you" he joked pinching my hip. "I hate you" I exclaimed. Harry's chest vibrated as he chuckled at my weak insult.

Mr Ellis started doing the roll...

'Jamie Ables'


'Lara Bond'


'Lea Bright'


'James Byron'


'Lucas Callaghan'


'Natalie Carter'

"Here" I muttered when it got to my name, I was hoping Mr Ellis would look up, but he didn't he just continued on with the bloody roll leaving me to sit unhappily on a jerks lap.

'Ricky Potters'


'Jodie Quinn'


'Ben Ramon'


'Max Sader'


'Harry Styles'

"Here" he answered. The teachers head shot up in surprise. He looked at Harry, then quickly looked away, I guess even Mr Ellis is scared of Harry.

Oh come on, please make Harry let me go, I silently pleaded. But the stupid teacher just finished the roll. Great, now I have to get away from him myself. I racked my brains thinking of an idea to get away from Harry.

Suddenly It hit me, I swear a lightbulb just lit up above my head. I relaxed into his body into Harry's chest, acting as though I was defeated. I felt his chin rest on top of my head. Stupid boy, stupid stupid boy. I started rubbing his thigh, I felt him smiling. Then boom, I punched him in the balls. Harry's hands shot away from my hips and I hopped off his lap, feeling quite proud of myself. It's not everyday you get to punch the most popular guy in school in the balls.

"WHAT THE FUCK" He exclaimed glaring at me. The whole class was looking at us and Jodie and Lara gave me the thumbs up. "Leave me alone, I thought you were different, but your not, your still a fucking jerk" I yelled at him. "Thanks babe, your so kind" he says with sarcasm. I opened my mouth to speak, but Mr Ellis cut me off "Would you to like to go out side and finish your argument, instead of disrupting my class". "I'd love to" I smiled marching out of the class hoping Harry wouldn't follow, so I could just go home. Unfortunately he did the opposite, and as soon as I stepped out of that class, my fear came back, I was only brave when other people were around. So instead of confronting him, I broke out into a sprint, running straight out of the school and down the street, not looking back, I was to afraid I'd see him chasing after me.

I ran and ran and ran, until I finally reached my house, quickly I unlocked the door and slammed it behind me, breathing heavily. Well that was a good work out I thought to myself as I clomped up the stairs. I must have sprinted a good few kilometres and I was in a dress. When I got to my room, I pulled of my dress and replaced it with a pair of grey fat pants and a white t-shirt, I feel like shit. I felt kind of strange, it didn't help that it was really hot and my head hurt. Sighing to myself, I opened my windows and flopped face first down on my bed into my pillow. I felt Lonely, I wish I had a dog, then I would at least have some company. I've felt lonely since I got here, I don't like it here, I have virtually no friends, a creep trying to rape me, a bipolar badboy who's interested in me, a working mum and an empty house. I miss our farm, when ever I felt lonely I'd go hang out with some sheep because I'm awesome like that, or my best friends, I'm not that much of a looser. I wish they were here and Dad...

Thinking about my friends and Dad made me cry, hot tears trickled down my pale cheeks and onto the pillow. Maybe I should just run away, get on a bus back to Doncaster and go live with Mitch or Jai, their families would take me in happily. Mum wouldn't know, she's to busy at work, she hasn't even texted me once to see if I'm okay, I never even texted her to tell her I got the note, great mum aye. Yeah so basically my life is screwed up, or maybe I'm the screwed up one, probably both. I was crying harder now and my pillow was becoming very damp due to all my tears.

"Is it even worth it anymore, no one gives a shit about me" I sobbed to myself. I took a sharp in take of air and my breath hitched in my throat, I was getting the strange feeling again, the hairs on the back of my neck prickled up, I was being watched. I bolted up of my bed and spotted him almost immediately, just sitting there in my open window. I wanted to hit my head on the wall for being so stupid and opening the widow. Of course he was going to come after me, am i stupid or something. He had a pained look in his eyes, as if it hurt to watch me, I shook my head ridding myself of that idea. Rapidly I brushed the remaining tear drops off my face. "Fuck off" I yelled at him as he approached me. He ignored my words and stepped into my room, walking towards me. I backed away, all he ever seems to do is hurt me and scare me I don't want it to happen again. "I hate you" I screamed. Another flash of pain seemed to appear in his eyes. Natalie, no. "Just go away" I cried wishing he'd just leave, he's only making my life worse. "I'm sorry" he apologised."Yeah right, your not meant to be cute and your not meant to be sorry, your a badboy, just leave" I cried, he wouldn't be sorry for anything at all. "Please, just let me explain" he pleaded. "What, that your Bipolar" I hissed. "I know I'm a jerk" he sighed, hanging his head "No one likes me for who I actually am". He looked sad, hurt and upset. "An unwanted, lonely, loser kid, who's favourite movies love actually, cries himself to sleep at night, wishes he had actual friends and someone to love him" he puts his head in his hands "They only like the badboy who skips school, rides a motor bike and fucks girls almost every night, because he doesn't want to be lonely". I felt bad for him, like I had when he told me his parents were dead, but in some ways, I could relate to him, I feel lonely too. "I don't even know what actual love is" he admits "I'm sorry, I scare you and I'm sorry for all the things that I did to you, I'll just leave you alone from now on and stay away from you, I don't want to mess your life up".

I watched as the curly haired boy stood up, his green orbs were glassy, filled with tears. He gave me a weak smile before he turned around and climbed back out my window. Disappearing from my life.

My heart crumbled, seeing him so vulnerable. "Harry wait" I yelled clambering out the window after him. He was about halfway across the roof, and didn't turn back when i called his name. "Come back, please" I begged cautiously walking after him. I grabbed his larger hand and pulled him back towards me. He turned to face me "No" he shook his head, but I wasn't going to take no as an answer. I pulled him back over to my window, don't ask where I got the strength from I honestly don't know.

I dragged him through the window and pushed him down onto the bed. "No" he whimpered fighting against me weakly, in his sad upset state he was so weak, it was almost as though we had turned this around and I had gone to being the strong one and now he was the scared one. I lay down next to the weakened boy. "No" he cried for the third time trying to push me off. I easily batted his hands away "Shut up and let me show you some affection". He looked at me with big eyes, he was so lost. I brushed his curls out of his face, pushing them right back. I almost awed out loud when I discovered he actually had a bit of acne around his hair line, it made him look adorable like this. He tried to push his curls back down, but I stopped him. "Don't!" I pushed his hair back again "I like your imperfections" I whispered, stroking his hair gently and staring into his green eyes, they were beautiful. I leant down to his neck and pressed my lips to his skin gently. He was so unsure of what he was meant to do, he just lay there flat on his back. I kissed up his neck, leaving a trail of soft kisses. He snuggled closer to me, still trying to figure out where to put his hands. He seemed to have lost all his mind, so I did it for him. Gently I picked up his hands, placing one gently on my waist and the other I entwined my fingers with. I looked up, stealing a glimpse of his face. He had his eyes closed and a happy smile on his face. I'd only seen him smirk and smile sadly at me, i had never before seen him smile happily. His two little dimples popped out, giving him an even cuter look. It's not fair, he's close to perfection and I'm miles off it. I kissed his nose, then I stopped and rubbed his arm gently, stroking my hand back and forth over his smooth skin.

Harry was strange to me, he was like no other boy I have ever met, it was almost as though he was two people. Badboy Harry and sensitive Harry. I liked sensitive Harry, he was sweet, cute, lost, in need of love and perfect. Badboy Harry scared me, I wish he would be the cute Harry all the time.

I lay thinking for a while, I hadn't noticed Harry had fallen asleep until he rolled over. He was hugging me tightly like he does when he sleeps, but gently I was able to get out of his Death grip and replace myself with a giant bear that Mitchell gave me as a goodbye present. Harry hugged that for dear life. Slipping off the bed, I pulled the blankets over him, making sure he was all tucked in. I felt like I was taking care of a five year old, he did look like one, considering he was cuddling a bear. I leant down and kissed his forehead lightly, before quietly leaving the room.


Harry slept for almost the whole day, it was five thirty and he was still fast asleep upstairs in my room. I'd spent most of the day watching T.V, mum wouldn't be happy that I just skipped school today, but I honestly don't care. Like she doesn't care about me. I was lying on the couch staring at the ceiling, when Harry finally came downstairs.

"You slept the whole day" I said quietly, glancing at him. "Yeah, I guess I was kind of tired" he scratched the back of his head awkwardly. Just then my stomach growled, I hadn't eaten all day, because I was to lazy to move from the sofa. Like literally, I sat here with the TV remotes, my laptop and my phone all day. Harry laughed at me "Someone's hungry". I blushed, my stomach sounded like a bear. "I think I'll order some pizza" I suggest getting off my lazy ass and walking to the home phone. "Can I cool for you" Harry asked. I gave him a funny look "You cook". He nodded his head in reply "Another one of my secrets". I smiled genuinely "Id love for you to do that". He grinned and went into the kitchen. I decided to go help him, since I had nothing better to do with my life.

"So what are you making" I asked shyly, while he looked around in the pantry. "Chicken Stir fry" he replied pulling stuff out of cupboards. "Can I help" I asked hopefully. "Sure" he replied putting stuff on the bench. "Okay, what do you want me to do" I asked walking up to the island counter where he was standing. "You can cut the chicken, but don't cut yourself" he passed me the raw chicken. I always found raw chicken disgusting, it's all slimy. I took a knife from the draw, it wasn't a very sharp one though, I have a bad habit of cutting myself while i try cooking.

I pulled out a cutting board and placed the chicken on it. Carefully, I began cutting it into thin strips. Harry was cutting up vegetables and other stuff for the stir fry. I stole a couple of glances at him every so often. When Harry was cutting up carrots, I glanced at him, he looked at me at almost the exact same time. Quickly, I looked away, but in my rush, the knife slipped and I felt a searing pain in my index finger. "Shit" I muttered lolling down at my finger. Blood was oozing from a small cut I had made near the top of my finger. Harry grabbed my wrist and ran my finger under the tap, washing the blood away. "Your so clumsy" he shook his head at me.

I pointed out where the band aids were kept and Harry quickly went and grabbed the pack. Blood was still dripping from my finger when he wrapped the band aid round my finger. "Maybe cutting isn't such a good idea, how bout you grate some cheese" he suggested. Now this I could do. Nodding my head, I went to the fridge and grabbed out the cheese. I scrabbled around in the cupboard for the grater. I still don't really know where we keep everything yet. I found it wedged between two pots. I pulled it out and unwrapped the cheese, cutting a chunk off, carefully. I started grating the cheese.

As I did before, I kept glancing at Harry. He had a slight smirk on his face. I couldn't figure out why though. "Why are you smirking" I asked interested to find out the reason. "Oh, no reason" he replied, his smirk widening. I turned back to grating the cheese, confused by Harry. What am I missing, he had to be smirking about something.

I stared long and hard at the cheese as I grated it through the metal teeth, trying to figure out the reason for his smirk. Then it hit me, how the hell did I miss that. "Omg" I exclaimed dropping the cheese on the bench. Harry's head snapped around to see if I was alright. "You don't even put cheese in stir fry, you tricked me" I suddenly realised. "Took you a while to figure that out" he laughed, continuing to cut stuff. I grabbed a handful of cheese and threw it at him. What else was I going to do with it. "You just didn't want me to cut myself". Harry looked at me with cheese all through his hair, he grinned "Exactly". He grabbed a handful of cheese an tossed it back at me. "Hey" I exclaimed as little pieces of cheese fell down around me. "You started it" he laughs at me, brushing a piece of cheese out of his face. "No you did, because you told me to grate the cheese" I giggled grabbing a handful of flour from the bag and sprinkling it in his hair. "This means war" he smirked grabbing the bag of flour, before I could get it. Uh oh.

He looked at me with a mischievous look. "Time to go" I turned around and gapped it out of the kitchen. I didn't particularly want to be covered in a bag of flour. I could hear Harry's footfalls chasing after me, I sprinted down the hall as fast as I could, almost crashing into the lounge doorframe. I like how this house has a loop thought the lounge back into the kitchen, then down the hall, I needed some ammunition. Skidding to a halt in front of the fridge, I grabbed a bottle of milk, the remaining cheese left on the bench and the cocoa. Before I could grab anything else, Harry showed up. I let out a shriek, throwing the cheese at him and then sprinting outside, things were about I get messy.

I ran into the backyard, over to the closest tree. I'd done a lot of tree climbing when I was back in Doncaster, so I easily scaled this one up to a branch where Harry couldn't get me. Harry appeared in the doorway with the flour and a few other things, including the chocolate chips. "NOT THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS" I yelled. "They taste good" he grins shoving some in his mouth. The chocolate chips were my babies. "I hate you" I pouted, he better not eat them all. "Come down and you can have them back" he winked cheekily as he dropped more in his mouth. "No" I replied, he would just throw stuff at me. "I'll get the hose" he threatened, picking it up off the grass. My eyes widened, I'd rather be covered in flour then have my white top become see through, he'll get ideas.

I slid down the tree, armed with a fistful of cocoa and a bottle of milk. I approached him carefully, he was holding the container of chocolate chips out to me. I looked at his face, he had a cheeky expression on his face. I didn't trust him. "Take it" he ordered. Reaching out, I wrapped my hands round it, pulling it out of his hand. Seconds later, flour was tipped over my head. My immediate reaction was to throw the cocoa. It hit him in the face, he stopped tipping flour on me. "Your going to pay for that" he growled. All of today I hadn't felt scared of him, but now here I am feeling scared again. His face was serious, I backed away, step by step until my back hit a tree. My eyes widened as he got closer, I closed my eyes, hoping he wouldn't hurt me.

I screamed, cold water blasted oven me, Harry's amused laugh rang out loud and clear. I put my hand up, trying to block the water out of my face. My other hand reached for the cocoa again, I walked towards Harry, fighting back the water. I pulled the hose from his hand and smushed the wet cocoa in his hair. I turned to run off, but he caught me around the waist, holding me at arms length, because he didn't want to get wet. But unfortunately for him I happened to have a bottle of milk in my hands.

I lifted it up of his head and emptied the contents of the bottle. "I should have seen that coming" he groaned "But you should have seen this. The whole bag of flour was dropped over my head, sticking to my wet body, he was right, I should have seen it. I then proceeded in doing the same with my cocoa, to him though. "Your out of ammo" Harry smirked. "So are you" I replied. "Nope" he grabbed the hose off the ground and turned it on me. I tried to grab it off him, but this resulted in both of us slipping over o the now muddy grass. The hose flew from our hands, flying a couple of metres away. I landed on top of Harry, our faces almost touching. "We'll that escalated quickly" Harry smiles. I blush at our closeness, pushing on his chest so I could get off. He grabbed my arms though, so I fell back down. He smiled nudging his nose into my cheek, I liked Harry like this. I giggled at his action. "This is how I would be if I had actual friends" he whispers quietly. "Can you just stop being your other self and be like this" I asked. "For you I would, if you'd give me a second chance" he replies, kissing my cheek. "Why do you want me to give you a chance" I ask resting my forehead against his. He looked up into my eyes, thinking about his answer. "Because your different, your not like other girls, your not some slut who only wants me because I'm 'hot', your innocent, cute and i just discovered, your playful as well, I don't know, your just special and perfect" He answered. My cheeks heated up "I'm far from perfect, you don't know anything about me" I shook my head. "I know your beautiful" he whispered against my cheek, making me redden even more "And I want to find out more about you". "Maybe you will" I giggle kissing his nose. "OI!" I jumped in fright, falling of Harry, onto the muddy ground. I looked over to where the voice had come from. On the other side of the fence was an old man with a balding head and wrinkled skin, he looked angry. "WHAT ARE YOU KIDS DOING!" He yelled from over the fence. "That's none of your business" Harry replied slightly pissed off. "YOUR GETTING MY WASHING WET, NOT TO METION WASTING WATER AND YOUR THROWING AROUND FOOD" The man yelled back. "Dude, were having a little fun" I exclaimed as Harry helped me to my feet. "LOOKS MORE LIKE YOUR MAKING A BIG MESS" he replied. "It's called a food/water fight, your old enough to have seen one before" Harry snarled at the old man. Harry "I'VE BEEN WATCHING YOU FOR THE LAST FIVE MINUTES, YOU'VE JUST BEEN LYING ON THE GROUND, WASTING WATER, NOT HAVING A FOOD FIGHT" The man exclaimed. "What the fuck, your a pedophile" I yelled frightened of the man now, he lives next door to me. Harry's arms found there way round my waist, pulling me back into .his chest. "YOUNG LADY, THAT IS NO WAY TO SPEAK TO YOUR ELDERS" He replied "YOUR MOTHER ASKED ME TO KEEP AN EYE ON YOU, WHILE SHE'S AWAY, I'M JUST DOING MY JOB. IM SURE SHE WON'T BE TO IMPRESSED WITH YOU STAYING AT THIS BOYS PLACE" He yelled rudely. "She only stayed with me because her mums away an she was worried about stalker a like you, fuck off, I'm taking care of her" Harry glared at the man. "I'll be talking to your mother about this" the man pointed at me before he disappeared behind the fence. Harry and I stood there, stunned for a while.

"What the hell was that about" I exclaimed as we as slowly walked back inside. "Your mum got at pedo to watch over you" Harry replied. "I have Harry the stalker to do that" I joked pinching his bum. He jumped a bit, surprised by my actions. "I didn't think you were that outgoing" He pokes me in the ribs. "Yeah, we'll when I'm not scared of you and worried your going to rape me, I actually am quite outgoing" I giggle pushing him into the downstairs bathroom "Take a shower". "What am I supposed to wear, I'm pretty sure I won't fit your clothes" He asks "I don't think you'll appreciate me walking around naked". "You can wear some of my friends clothes" I reply, Jai and Mitchell always used to leave their clothes at my house when they stayed over, they have a lot of mine too. I still have like half their clothes because I never got to giving them back. "Uh, I don't think I'll fit her clothes either" Harry says awkwardly. "My best friends are guys, they used to leave clothes at my place all the time so I still have them" I laughed "Your stupid". "Shut up" he sticks his tongue out and closes the bathroom door. 

I went upstairs and took my own shower, realising we'd never finished making dinner.


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