Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


14. Chapter Fourteen

Chapter 14

I stepped outside into the darkness, pulling my sweatshirt tightly across my chest as the wind whipped around me making me shiver slightly. the street lights dimly illuminated the road giving me enough light to be able to see where my feet were as I began my short walk home. Residential cars were all neatly lined up down the quiet street. As I walked by I noticed a few lights in houses flick off as people turned in for the night. I turned a corner, my eyes landed on a pub a little further down the street. Loud voices and jeering came from inside, echoing out around the quiet street.

My pace quickened, wanting to get away from intoxicated people filing out of the doors, circling around something or someone. But I had to take a second glance, my curiosity getting the better of me. Even from across the street I could recognise his tall frame and dark curls. I froze, when I realised what was going on.

The situation was obviously intense, judging by the defensive stances of the men. There were about three of them, plus Harry standing in the middle of the large crowd. I watched in horror as Harry forcefully shoved one of the opposing males. I didn't know what to do. My brain was telling me to walk away, but my heart was telling me to stay. My breathing increased rapidly as I watched one of the men grab Harrys hands, pulling them behind his back while the other two sent several hefty punches to His stomach.

I found myself ignoring my brain and running straight across the road towards the pub. My hands pushed drunken Males out of the way as I forced my way through the crowd.

"HARRY" I screamed

He stumbled slightly, before turning around, a frown etched into wis face as he scanned the crowd searching for the person who called his name. His eyes locked onto mine, widening slightly as he realised it was me. This distraction gave one of the males the perfect opportunity to punch Harry hard in the face. My hand flew to my mouth in shock, why is he even fighting again.

"Move it girlie" A tall male shoved me back, blocking my view of the ongoing fight. I manoeuvred my way around the man, gasping when I recognised one of the males fighting Harry. Adam.

Fear coursed through me as I continued to push people out of the way, trying to get through, but the crowd was making it difficult to get through. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY" I screamed as I watched Harry take another punch to the face. To my surprise, but also horror, people split, giving me a little path to walk down. I ran forward, breaking into the centre of the circle where the fight was taking place. "Hey Adam!" I yelled, raising my fist. Adam diverted his attention from Harry, turning to face me, a smug grin was plastered on his lips, immediately I brought my clenched fist down on his face, there was a sickening crunch as it connected with his nose. The crowd went into a frenzy of cheers. I withdrew my hand, clutching it to my chest, that hurt, but I was satisfied with that punch. Blood dripped from his nose, before it was hastily wiped away with his sleeve. Suddenly I felt a pair of big hands grip my forearms, pulling them behind my back, by a man I assumed must be Adam's friend. I was turned to face Harry, forced to watch, desperately looking at Harry, His jaw was tight with anger.

"Nice to see you too, Natalie" Adam teased, his rough fingers brushing a loose strand of hair out of my face. "Don't touch me" I spat, raising my leg, kneeing him hard in the balls. Another series of whoops and cheers came from the onlookers as Adam buckled forward slightly. "Keep her still" He ordered the male hiding me through clenched teeth as he diverted his attention back to Harry, who was staring at me. That was until Adams fist connected with Harry's stomach. A grunt escaping his parted lips as he bent forward slightly. I know they've been drinking, I can smell it strongly on the guy behind me and I know Harry would be smarter than to pick a fight with three guys when he's out numbered. I watched as Adam'a fist rose again.

"Don't" I warned. Adam gave me a smug look as he punched Harry in the face. I lifted my foot, stomping it back down hard on the male's. He let out a yelp, his grip loosening on my wrists. I pulled my arms away and my elbow sharply jutted back into his stomach. He cursed, displeased that I had put up a fight. I turned to see him disappear into the crowd, fleeing from the pub.

The man holding Harry had his mouth wide open in shock. Surprised that I made his mate run off. "Let him go" I growled, stepping towards the remaining three males. At my orders, he let go of Harry and I watched as he slumped down onto the grass. The man decided to follow his friends idea and run off as well, leaving only Adam and I to battle over Harry. Urgently I placed myself between He and Harry. Adam sniggered at me.

"You shouldn't bother with him, babe" he paused, dipping his head down slightly so he was at the same level as me "I can give you what you need".

Disgusted, I raised my hand and slapped him across the cheek. The force made his head turn, but it quickly snapped back to face me. I heard Harry deeply laughed from behind me. Adam scowled at me, his vision then darting to Harry. "What's funny styles, the fact that You need a girl to protect you" Adam taunted.

We both knew that this would provoke him. Harry pushed himself off the ground, stumbling forward as he tried to grab Jake, but I stopped him. "Just stop Harry" I growled, turning around and forcefully pushing him back. My actions proved affective whilst he was intoxicated, the many other times I've pushed him, he hasn't budged. He looked terrible, his curls lay messily on his forehead, his normally bright green eyes were dull and pained. His face was left bruised and bloody after multiple punches from Adam.

I spun back around, my back almost touching his chest as I protectively stood In front of him. I put my hands up and shoved Adam back by the shoulders "Leave" I ordered, glaring at him.

"Yeah, just leave bro, the girls got you under her control" Someone in the crowd yelled, followed by a chorus of agreement. Adam just smirked and to my surprise turned around, strolling away "I'll be seeing you Styles".

I let out a puff of relief, as I watched the crowd part making a path for Adam to leave through "Oh, and you too Gorgeous" he called back.

Adams final comment angered Harry and I felt him move forward slightly. "Harry" I warned, putting my arm back across his chest to stop him from continuing. His chest huffed up and down as he tried to push past my arm and chase after Jake. I spun around and grabbed Harry's face in my hands. "No" I said firmly, angling his face down until he was looking directly in to my eyes, distracting him from Adam as he left.

"Wow, you got a kickass girlfriend " some guy came up to Harry and clapped him on the back before he followed the rest of the crowd back inside the pub. Now that the entertainment was over, it was time for them to go drink more until some other idiots started fighting.

Once the crowd had disappeared, I caught hold of Harry's chin, tilting it down to get a better perspective on his injuries. His swollen bottom lip had been split open, blood smeared across his cheek from his nose. A small cut just above his right eyebrow oozed crimson blood and a dark ring surrounded his eye. He looked terrible.

"Oh Harry" I sighed, shaking my head as I let go of his chin. He was clearly drunk, having a hard time walking in a straight line as I tried to get him back down on to the footpath. This proved to be difficult, to my annoyance he would drift off one way, only to have me tug him back and then drift the other way.

Sick of having to pull him left and right every five seconds, I wrapped an arm round his back, leading him back to the footpath. "How did you get here" I asked, hoping he brought his car, not his motorbike. "I used my feet" he replies stupidly, not really answering my question. "Did you come in your car, motorbike or did you walk" I asked him slowly, giving him time to process what I just asked. "Car" he replied again. Well that's just great, could have told me where it was. "Where is it" I asked, stopping so I wouldn't have to take him any further if I was going the wrong way. "Parked" he answered, making my life more difficult. "Give me your keys" I ordered holding my hand out, expecting him to give them to me, but to my dismay he did the opposite.

"I'm driving" I watched as he reached behind his back, digging around in his pocket before he pulled them out, clutching them to his chest.

"If you drive, we'll be going to a funeral" I told him, trying to pry them from his hands. "Who's" he asked, not getting what I meant. "Ours" I replied. "Oh" he nodded his head. Even though he understood what I just said, he refused to part with his keys, only raising them higher. His deeply chuckled as I struggled to pry the metal from his fingers. He saw it as a game.

Eventually I succeeded in taking them from Harry, I clicked the unlock button, looking around the street for the flash of his lights. To my dismay, his car was parked in the opposite direction at the end of the street. Just my luck. Stuffing his keys in my pocket, I turned him around with great difficulty and tried to steer him down the street. He let out a huff, reluctantly letting me take control.

"Where are we going" he asked, his voice raspy and partially slurred. I thought about it for a moment before sighing "Back to mine".

He was more then happy with my decision. I let out a gasp as his big hand slid down my back, landing on my bum before giving it a light squeeze. I tightly gripped his wrist, yanking his arm away from my backside, whilst he laughed.

I managed to get him over to his car, opening the passenger, I waited for him to get in, but he wouldn't. "Get in the car" I grabbed his arm, pushing him down into the seat, strapping him in, before slamming the door. "Fuck" I muttered to myself, I really badly want to go slam my head in a door. I walked round and got in the drivers seat. He had a mischievous look on his face as I put he keys in the ignition. "Harry, I swear to god if you touch me once while I'm driving I will chop your fingers off" I threatened. I don't have my full license yet and I don't need him distracting me while I try to drive home in the dark. "Fine" he slumps down in his seat folding his arms across his chest. Right where I want them to stay.

The walk back to my house was rather difficult. Harry made constant attempts to either squeeze my bum, or hold my hand. Neither of which I wanted him doing, but my reluctance only seemed to encourage him. A wave of relief washed over me as we neared the front door, the hardest part was almost over. Harry leant against the door frame as I searched my pockets for my house keys.

Just as I pulled them out, a car pulled up just past my house, in front of Lara's. I got a sinking feeling in my gut as I saw her figure get out of the the car. "Shit" I mumbled, hurriedly trying to get the door open, I really don't want her seeing him with me at eleven o'clock at night. "Natalie" she called suspiciously a I rapidly pushed the door open. "Get inside" I shoved him, forgetting he was drunk, making him fall flat on his face. "Hey" I replied, shutting the door keeping the groaning Harry inside. I'm dreading what the neighbours will think. Lara approached me "What are you doing out this late and was that Harry you just pushed inside your house". Oh no "Umm, well I walked home from Jodie's and I sort of found him drunk" I ran a hand through my hair. "OWWWW" a loud deliberate wail came from inside my house, he wasn't impressed with me shoving him inside. "You should probably go take care of him, he sounds like he's in pain" she laughs a bit. "Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow, then you can tell me about your little date" I give her a wave as I open the door again, slipping inside to find Harry lying on the ground right where I left him. "You are a lot of trouble" I sigh, helping him get back up to his feet. Taking him into the kitchen, Making him drink several glasses of water, to sober him up a bit.

I took him up to my room, sitting him down on the bed. "Stay here" I told him.

When I returned, his t-shirt lay strewn on the floor. I watched as he awkwardly tried to see the large red mark on his stomach. He prodded the area with his fingers, wincing in pain. "Oww" he mumbled, then flopped back on the bed.

His behaviour when drunk was so childlike, it was sort of cute. When he noticed me, he sat up grinning like a fool, great, here comes trouble. I walked towards him and immediately large hands were placed on the back of my thighs as he tried to pull me down on his lap. "No" I shook my head, sitting down next to him instead.

"Come here" I took his chin in my hand and gently brought a wet flannel to his face, dabbing the of the blood away. He squirmed at my touch, moving his head away from the cold flannel.

"Would you hold still" I complain, grabbing him by the shoulders and gently pushing his back down on the bed. Honestly, I don't know what to do with him. "Hmmm, I like this side of you" he teased "It's sexy".

I rolled my eyes at him and returned to dabbing the cloth over his slightly pouted injured lip. He was intently staring at me, his eyes boring holes into my skin. We stayed quiet for a couple of minutes as he let me clean him up. Then he broke the silence. "Why did you defend me?" He asks "I thought you said you didn't care". I was slightly taken aback by his question, I didn't want to answer it, so I remained quiet.


"I-I don't know, you were getting hurt" I replied hoping he'd just leave it, but he didn't. "Yeah, well I can take care of myself and the other day when I was fighting Adam you didn't defend me, you ran off" he snapped, pushing my hands away from his face and moving into a seated position. "That was different, it was one on one, you were out numbered one to three" I reply. He lets out a frustrated grunt "You make no sense! I don't get why you would help even if I was out numbered, you told me you don't care". He's an idiot! Can't he fucking see that I do.

I reached out, grabbing his wrists in my hands tugging him towards me. "I was pissed off at you when I said I didn't care, you wouldn't listen to me so I ran off because I hate it when you fight, it scares me" I spoke softly, falling back down on the mattress, pulling him down with me "Why were you even at that pub alone". "Because I care about you and I was trying to drink away the pain I felt" he says quietly "Then Adam showed up and I kind of attacked him". "I'm sorry I said I didn't care and how I was rude to you over the phone" I apologised "I was worried about you all week". Harry looked down at me "I'm sorry too, I never meant to scare you".

I pressed a quick forgiving kiss on Harry's cheek, before sitting up "I'll be back in a moment" I dropped his hands down, pushing myself up to my feet. I exited the room, leaving Harry sitting on my bed. I just remembered that I needed to call Liam, he's probably worried now.

I walked downstairs, to get the home phone, getting his number out of my iPhone and dialling it into the home phone. It rang twice before he picked up.



"Hey Liam, it's Natalie"

"Nat! I was worried, are you okay" he asked frantically.

"Yeah, I'm fine, I was walking past a pub, where I found a drunk Harry getting beaten up" I replied

"Is he okay? What happened?"

"Harry is okay I guess, a bit beaten up. I confronted the three guys and somehow managed to get rid of them" I laughed, not really sure how exactly I did it, I think it was just a rush of adrenaline.


"I'll tell you about it tomorrow, right now I have to go deal with Harry"

"Okay, good luck with that"

"See ya Li"

"Bye Nat"

I hung up the phone and went back upstairs to Harry, where I found him looking through my underwear draw. "What are you doing" I asked, feeling my cheeks flare red. "Just seeing what you've got" he gave me a suggestive wink as he continued going through my draw. I stood there stunned, what the hell!

"I like these" Harry wiggled his eyebrows as he held up a pair of lacy black underwear. I ran forward, snatching them out of his hands and rapidly stuffing them back into my draw. "What is wrong with you" I asked rhetorically. He let out a throaty chuckle at my embarrassed reaction, His hands finding their way to my hips as he pulled me into his chest.

"I'd very much like to see them on you" he lowly growled as I felt his lips graze along my jaw until they found the faded bruise that had now almost completely vanished. He nipped at the exposed skin, making me let out a whimper, I froze as a large hand skimmed down my body, dangerously close to my crotch. I flinched away before his wandering hands could go any further. Harry's eyes never left my face. My breathing became increasingly heavier as he cautiously played with the tips of my fingers. They became intwined and slowly he pulled me forward. Harry sat on the edge of the bed looking up at me, I was glad to see his eyes weren't as full as they were before, the affects of alcohol slowly draining away. He caught my other hand, tugging me forwards until I was standing between his legs. My heart beat quickened, hammering hard against my chest as I felt him place a large hand around the back of my thigh. He lifted it, encouraging me to straddle his lap.

Harry shifted back further on the bed, making me have to put my hand on his bare chest so I wouldn't fall into him. My hand stayed there a moment, feeling the uneven rise and fall of his chest, before my touch quickly with drew. I let out a small gasp as he caught hold of my hand, bringing it back up to his shoulder, before guiding me down over his left collar bone. "Please" he begged.

Harry's hand left mine and I surprised myself when I continued to touch his tanned chest. His muscles were toned, hard under my fingertips. I watched his lips part as my index finger lightly ran over his nipple. Hot breath forced from his body, fanning out over my face as my touch travelled down his front. Carefully I traced my fingers over the defined lines on his stomach. Harry couldn't take his eyes off me as I dipped into the curves. For the second time today, curiosity get the better of me, curiously I let my fingers wander to the v lines on his hips. But my touch ceased when I reached the black band of his boxers, which were visible over the top of his black jeans.

My body went ridged, still sat on Harry'a lap as he slowly released his belt. The button was popped open and the zip pulled down. My eyes widened, Oh shit! Harry moved quickly as I tried to climb off him, one of his large hands held my thigh, the other slid round to my lower back in an effort to keep me straddling him.

We stayed like that for a few moments. My shaky breath trembled from my lips as Harry's only grew deeper. I shivered slightly as his warm touch ran up my back, forcing me closer to him. He leaned forward, his nose nuzzling my cheek as he desolately tried to get me to respond. I turned my head towards him, giving him the perfect opportunity to catch my lips with his own.

Harry's hand disappeared from my leg. Seconds later a deep moan followed, vibrating against my mouth. I pulled away, wide eyes instantly darting down to find Harry's fingers rubbing over his crotch. His eyes were closed, mouth slightly agape as the movements became harder. I couldn't stop myself, my fingers carefully moving to his forehead, blushing his soft curls back off his face. He hummed quietly at my touch, a small smile appearing on his injured lips.

I had never seen him like this before, he seemed almost vulnerable as I watched him press his palm down. It was a vast contrast to seeing him beat Adam at that club a couple of weeks ago. Now Harry was quietly moaning, enjoying the pleasure washing through his body. Maybe it was because I wanted to feel stronger, create a sense of dominance that Harry always seemed to have over me. Whatever the reason, I was curious to find out how it felt to be the one in charge.

Harry's eyes shot open as my fingers gently trailed down the tense muscles in his stomach. My hand began to tremble as I moved to the black fabric revealed by his undone jeans. I had never done anything like this in my entire life, the closest experience to this would be hitting a guy in the balls. I gasped as his large hand fell over mine in an act of encouragement. Harry's eyes stayed firmly locked onto my face as he showed me how to touch him. He grew harder as I gently squeezed, watching in awe as Harry's hips rocked up to my touch. His hand withdrew moments later when he was satisfied I could do it without encouragement.

"Harder" he instructed quietly. I applied more pressure to his crotch, which had Harry groaning in approval. My name tumbled from his lips in breathy gasps as I continued to rub over him. I couldn't quite believe this was happening, not in a million years had I imagined doing this, let alone to someone as attractive as Harry was. Moisture was beginning to pool on the black fabric and Harry moans were becoming noticeably more frequent.

I watched as Harry'a face contorted in pleasure, his head rolling back. My hand caught the back of his neck, while the continued to move against his prominent bulge. I leant forward, placing my lips against the warm skin of Harry's neck. I felt his fingertips dig into my backside as I began to suck. For once I was the one in control, not him. I fisted his curls between my fingers, a deep moan was forced from his throat as I increased the intensity of mouth, sucking as hard as I could. I wanted him to know how it felt, to have someone make you feel helpless. My teeth grazed the already reddened skin, still holding his head to my mouth.

A strangled moan echoed around the room, before a wet heat spread in his boxers. Harry continued to breathe heavily as another wave crashed through him. His hands held me close as his hips rocked up desperate for more contact.


I bit down on his neck as Harry stilled, coming down from his high. I had to use both my hands now, to keep Harry to my lips. He let out a grunt at my dominant actions, but quickly decided to reverse the roles. Harry flipped us over, my lips losing contact with his heated skin as I lay beneath him. He panted slightly above me, gripping both my wrists in one of his big hands, pinning them above my head.

I watched as he reached up to the painful looking purple mark on his neck. Harry's eyes squeezed shut as his fingertips gently brushed over the skin. "Ow" he mumbled, releasing me and lying down beside me. He was still drunk. I pushed myself up, leaning over the heavily breathing male. My lips lightly brushed against his ear "Paybacks a bitch" I whispered. A smile curled at his lips "I like your payback" he chuckled."It's fun".

My eyes fluttered close as he placed a heavy kiss on my mouth. Harry's touch made me feel weak as he playfully ran his tongue over my lips, He tasted faintly of alcohol. Our lips disconnected and he fell back on the bed again. "I don't have any other boxers, I guess that means I get to sleep naked" he chuckles, standing up, hooking his fingers into the belt loops of his jean. I moved quickly, snatching his hands away from his pants and pulling him back down on the bed. "No your not" I shake my head, going over to my draws, riffling around in the draw "I'll give you two options; one, you can sleep naked outside or two, you can where these and take a shower" I throw a pair of either Jai or Mitchell's black fat pants at him.

I couldn't help but giggle as he took the clothing into the bathroom, mumbling to himself, obviously displeased with not being allowed to sleep naked. I wonder if he'll actually remember tonight when when he wakes up in the morning. I listened for the shower to turn on, before I starting stripping my own clothes off and pulling a pair of black booty shorts up my legs and and Harry's discarded shirt. I walked over to the light switch and flicked it off, finding my way into the warm covers of the bed, thinking about the intimate moment Harry and I just shared.

A few minutes later, Harry appeared in the doorframe, shirtless with pants hung low on his hips. Small droplets of water glittered as they ran down they ran down the creases in his chest. His hair flopped down on his head, slightly damp from the shower. My eyes ran down his body, landing on his v lines on his hips disappearing into the into the Fat pants. My eyes flicked back up to his face, which held a cute grin and deep dimples, despite the dark bruises covering his body, he was beautiful.

"Like what you see" he smirked, a deep laugh eg hoped around the room, bouncing off the walls as my focused dropped, cheeks burning bright red as he walked towards the bed. Harry pulled the blankets back, the cold air licked at my skin before Harry quickly put the blankets back down around us. A smile spread over my face as I felt a strong arm wrap round my waist, pulling me into his chest. His hot breath fanned over my neck, sending tingles down my spine. "If you ever want to feel me up again, you just have to ask" he lowly whispered in my ear. "Shut up, your drunk" I slapped him on the leg. He let out a deep chuckle "Night beautiful" I didn't object when he tangled his legs between mine, pressing a light kiss to my cheek. "Goodnight Harry" I replied closing my eyes. The room was silent, the only sound was our heavy breathing.





"Or, I can return the favour again"



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