Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


4. Chapter Four

The next morning I didn't feel like going to school, I was sick of Harry's creepy ways and all the teachers I had today were bitches, so I pulled a sickie on mum. "Mum, I don't feel well" I groaned clutching my stomach as I walked into the kitchen. "Aww honey, go back to bed, I'll call school" she was all nice to me since she thought I was sick. I nodded my head and walked back up to my room.

I sent all my friends a text saying I was sick. They sent me texts back saying get better soon and stuff. I think I fell asleep again because mum gently shook my shoulder. "I just got a call from work, I have to go over to America for a while. I don't know when I'll be back" she announced. My heart died a little bit, I was going to be home alone for who knows how long. "Okay" I sighed rubbing sleep out of my eyes. "I have to leave now, I love you" she kissed my forehead and gave me a big hug. Before she left me in the house. Alone. I checked my phone; I had a few texts and a missed call from my best friend back in Doncaster, Jai. I checked my messages first.

From: Jodie :D

Harry was asking us where you were. It was scary and Amy told him you left the country hehehe ;)

To: Jodie :D

Hahaha tell Amy I love her :P


From: Harry

Where are you Babe??? X


I didn't reply to him, instead I called Jai.

"Hey Nat" he answered the phone

"Jai jai" I giggled

"Sorry I didn't call you sooner, I broke my phone" he apologises

"Agaaaain???" I laugh, he's always breaking his phones

"Yeah, Mitchell pushed me in the pool the other day" he groans "I liked my phone".

"I'll text him for you and tell him he's a bitch and when I see him I'll push him in the pool and he can break his iPhone and then I'll come back here so he can't murder me" I plan

"Did I ever tell you that I love you" he asks

"No, usually you say you hate me" I chuckle.

"We'll I love you"

"Love you too Jai" I reply.

"So how's Cheshire" Jai asks changing the subject.

"I hate it, there's this guy who's trying to rape me, he scares the fuck out of me" I cry "And I miss you and Mitchy"

"MISS YOU TWO NATNAT" I hear Mitchell's voice yell.

"LOVE YOU MITCHY" I call back.

"Wow loud people, you'd make the perfect couple" Jai teases

"We already tried that, it didn't work out" Mitchell says more quietly. We dated for five days, but we both found it was weird kissing each other so we decided to just stay as friends.

"More like you and Nat" Mitchell teases Jai now

"EWW" we both said at the same time, we'd been friends way too long to consider that.

"So who's this guy that wants to fuck you" Jai asks changing the subject.

"He's the schools biggest bad boy, his names Harry Styles and he scares the fuck out of me. He made me get on his motorbike" I cried

"What happened, are you okay" Mitchell asks.

"We'll I puked, cried and shook violently, but I'm okay now"

"Poor baby Nat" Jai sympathises

"MITCHELL, JAI WHAT ARE YOU DOING" I hear the familiar voice of Coach Wilson my old P.E teacher.


"Sorry, I called you guys in P.E, I miss that class"

"It's Not fun anymore, we don't have any Natalie left to chase down and tackle" Mitchell whines

"You can come and live in my house, then we can be all together again" Jai suggests.

"When you convince your mum, then convince my mum, tell me and I'll be there in less than twenty four hours" I chuckle

"Even Coach Wilson misses you, he says he has no female athletes anymore, the girls are always like oh no I broke a Nail I'm gonna die" Mitchell mocks all the girls in our class

"Mum said you two can come here for a couple of weeks in the holidays" I tell them

"YAY, I'm counting down the days" Jai chuckles.


Knock knock knock. Someone was knocking on the door.

"So am I, it's so lonely here it's no fun" I sigh as I walk down the stairs, I absentmindedly opened the door not thinking of who it could be. I almost dropped my phone when I saw.

"Uh guys I have to go, I'll call you again later"

"Okay, Love you Nat" they both say

"Love you Jai Jai, Love you Mitchy"

With that I hung up. In front of me stood a scowling Harry. He took a step towards me and I stumbled backwards landing on my bum. "Who were you talking to" he growled as I scuttled backwards in fear. "M-Mitchell and J-Jai" I whimpered. "Who are they" he growled, if I was brave I would have said one of them was my boyfriend, but since I'm not, I said they were my friends.

"Good" he growled bending down so his knees fell either side of my legs. "Because your mine" he spoke angrily in my ear. "W-why are you here" I asked, turning my head, I was too scared to look him in the eye, he was angry. "We're going out, at seven, be prepared to get on my Motorbike" he hissed. "N-no" I replied. "Yes" he argued before he swiftly got up and left, slamming the door behind him.

I lay on the ground crying for an hour; Harry was terrifying when he was angry. I felt my phone vibrate


From: Harry

Wear something sexy xx


I shook my head "no way". He'd be all over me if I wore a dress. I didn't want him all over me. I was more scared about tonight than any other place he had taken me, because mum wasn't here. Would Harry try to get in my house because she wasn't there?


I stood staring at my reflection in the mirror. I was wearing a black crop top with a longer shirt with a cross on it, Denim jeans and black converse. I was wearing a small amount of makeup and my hair was out naturally as usual. My stomach was churning over and over. I was terrified of what the outcomes of tonight could be. I really didn't want to go. Maybe if I locked all the doors and pretended I wasn't here then I would be alright. I decided it was worth a shot. I had half an hour to put my house on lock down.

I ran around the house like a crazy person, checking that the doors were all locked about a hundred times. I was standing my room looking out on the road outside.

Minutes flew past, my eyes were still transfixed on the road outside. Waiting for the sound of a motorbike, which was yet another thing on my very long list of things that scared me.

My eyes widened in surprise as a black SUV parked In front of my house. I watched as a muscular figure got out of the car, it was Harry. I moved carefully away from the window and curled up on the floor with my eyes squeezed tight. "Please go away please go away" I quietly whispered to myself.

Knock knock knock. I had to cover my mouth to stop myself screaming. It felt like I was in a horror movie and Harry was the murderer coming to get me. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK, he knocked on the door louder. My heart was in my mouth. Wet liquid dripped onto my knee, I hadn't noticed that I'd been crying, this morning had really scared me when he turned up, I swore he was going to hurt me.

Suddenly my phone started ringing loudly on my bed. Hurriedly I scrambled over the floor to get it and quickly answered it without checking who it was. "Hello" my voice came out in barely a whisper. "Where are you" Harry's voice growled into the speaker. I was such an idiot, of course Harry would call me why did I answer. I was lost for words "Natalie" Harry asked angrily. "Uh...Um...I'm at my friend’s house" I lied terribly. "Don't lie" Harry's laughter drifted through the phone. "I'm not" I whimpered. "You’re a terrible liar Natalie" I could hear the smirk in his voice, it made me shudder.

"Your just pretending you’re not at home aren't you, Love". "Leave me alone" I cried. "You didn't deny it" he chuckles. I knew I had to get out of the house, I could get out the back door and run into the trees behind the house. "I'm at my friend’s house" I told him again more confidently as I quietly walked down the stairs, silently. "I don't believe you" Harry growled as I peered round the corner of the staircase down the hall, to see Harry smirking at me through the glass on the left hand side of the door. His phone was pressed to his ear and he was wearing his usual sly smirk. "Great lying" his laughter echoed in my head.

What was I going to do. "I'm not letting you in" I said into the phone. "I'll wait outside all night then babe". "Have fun with that" I casually walk across the hall into the lounge and turn the TV and light on to make it look like I'm going to stay in there. "I will have fun with that" Harry replies.

I sneak out of the lounge ant into the kitchen. "We'll I'm going to watch T.V, make yourself comfortable on the doorstep" I giggle a little, before hanging up. I quickly unlocked the back door and pulled it open. A scream escaped my lips and my phone clattered to the floor. "You’re smart, but not quite smart enough" Harry loomed over me "next time, close the curtains so I can't see where you’re going". I couldn't move, my body was frozen to the spot. "Let's go now" He smirked grabbing my hand and tugging me along behind him. I could do nothing but follow him. My eyes flicked from left to right, trying to spot an escape route. They landed on a small house down the street a bit with lights on, I think it was Lara's house. A plan slowly formulated in my head.

Harry opened the car door, and pushed me inside. He jogged around the other side of the car and just has he opened the door, I opened mine and bolted out the door. My feet thumped along the pavement as I made my escape, eyes focused on the house down the road. I was glad that I had been gifted with the ability to run fast when I wanted to. A small smile crept up my face as the house drew nearer. Fuck you Harry, I just out smarted you.

My smile faltered when I heard a second pair of feet chasing after me. I stole a glimpse back, immediately regretting it, as Harry's strong arms grabbed me round the waist, pulling me back into his chest. "Like I said before, smart but not smart enough" he whispered in my ear. I slumped in his arms defeated, I couldn't out run him, he was too fast and too strong.

He carried me back to the car, only he didn't put me in the passenger seat, he carried me around to the driver’s seat. "I don't trust you" he playfully nibbled at my ear as he slid in the car with me on his lap. My back was pressed against the door, which he had now closed and locked to my horror. I was his prisoner now. A small whimper escaped my mouth, as his lips slid down to the spot where my jaw and neck connected. The spot that he had already left a harsh purple mark on. He nudged my head to the side using his own, to get more access to my neck. I scrunched my eyes up in fear as he roughly began sucking on the spot the he had stolen from me and claimed for himself. I hated how he could simply do this and I wasn't able to fight back, because of my fear.

I may have been wearing jeans, but that didn't stop him from squeezing my thighs, slowly moving upward. "Stop" I let out a small moan. I tried to push him away, but he grabbed my wrists, tugging them behind him and around his waist. I squirmed under his grip as his teeth became involved, nibbling at the already bruised skin making it stand out more.

His head moved away, his curly hair tickling my neck as he moved. Hurriedly I clamoured into the passenger seat. Harry let out a deep chuckle "You’re so innocent" he reached over and stroked my cheek, I hit his hand away "Don't touch me". "How can you be so innocent and so feisty at the same time" he questioned with a smirk as he headed onto the road.

I didn't know where he was taking me, but I was defenceless, no phone, no money and no hope. Fear bubbled up inside me as we pulled up in front of a club. I didn't even know how we were meant to get in unless he was eighteen, which he probably was. I watched as Harry climbed out of the car and walked around to open my door "Come on" he ordered. "No" I replied not wanting to go anywhere on earth with him. "You’re so stubborn" Harry exclaims grabbing me a little roughly by the wrist and tugging me to my feet. I was dragged unwillingly into the club, not having a single clue to what would happen next.

I was right, Harry was eighteen, but he also knew the club owner which made it easier for him to get in. Harry had a firm grip on me as he tugged me through the crowd of people by my arm, until we reached a crowded private room with many people sitting round a massive table. "Harry" a dark haired guy nodded up at him. "Hey Ben" Harry replied. The rest of the table greeted him. "Who's this pretty little lady" a bulky man stood from the table, I stepped behind Harry, fearing him less than the man standing in front of him. "Back off" Harry growled at the approaching male. In a strange way I felt safe with Harry. "Wow Haz, calm down I was just asking" the man raised his hands in surrender. Harry carefully walked around the man, me safely behind him.

He sat us down in two empty seats, one next to the guy called Ben that I met the other day at the ware house, which I sat on with Harry on my other. "I'm Ben, we didn't really meet properly yesterday" the guy smiled offering his hand. Ben was attractive, dark brown hair, and blue eyes, he even seemed nice. "Natalie" I replied shaking his hand. "This is my girlfriend Tori" he introduced us again. "Hi" Tori smiled warmly at me, she had light brown hair, green eyes and she was very pretty. They looked good together. "I like your dress" I commented, it was gorgeous, it reached mid-thigh, it was navy blue with chiffon covering her chest embroiders with little blue flowers. "Thank you" she replied.

All the guys around the table were talking about girls, I looked at Tori, who had the same disgusted look on her face. "So what do you think about Harry" she asked starting up a quiet little girl talk.

"He has a bit of an anger issue" I replied, letting out a deep sigh as I glanced at the curly haired male.

"He likes you" she whispered quietly in my ear. I just shook my head, he wants to rape me.




To be honest, I actually was having a lot of fun, Tori and I got on really well and we exchanged numbers, she was really nice. Ben was cool too, not like the rest of the jerks round the table, he wasn't all creepy and sleazy, he was a genuine friendly guy, loyal to his girlfriend. Harry seemed to trust him, because he wasn't going all overprotective. "We better get going now" Ben announced standing from the table "It was nice meeting you" he smiled at me "same here" I replied. "Bye Natalie, we should hang out sometime" Tori waved before they both left. I was sad to see them go, they were the only people who didn't scare me. Now I was left with only people who terrified me.

As the night went on guys started leaving the table to go dance, or in other words, to go try and rape some poor girl. Only Harry, Adam and I were left. "I'll go get us some drinks, I'll be right back" Harry told me getting up from the table, leaving me and Adam that sleazy guy at the table alone. "I'm Adam, do you remember me" he introduced himself. "Natalie" I replied uneasily. "So your Harry's girl" He asked shuffling closer to me. I was no one’s girl, especially not Harry's. "No" I replied trying to move away. "Good, that makes it easier" he smirked, running his hand up my thigh. I jumped up "Don't touch me" I spat. Adam got up from the table "Harry told me you were a little feisty". I backed away from him, not wanting to be touched by him again.

My back hit the wall, I let out a whimper as Adam grabbed my wrists pinning them above my head. I was scared, Adam pushed his hips hard against mine, Harry didn't do it as hard as Adam was doing it, this was really painful. I whimpered in pain. "Harry also said you were innocent, I agree" he smirks. I wanted to get out, so I did the only thing that came to my mind "HARRY" I screamed. "Shut up" Adam growled pushing his hips harder into me "I can make you feel good, better then Harry can". Adam started grinding his crotch against mine. "Harry" I tried to scream again but it only came out as a whimper. I closed my eyes, biting down on my lip hard, trying to get rid of the pain, but it just wasn't working.

Suddenly, the pressure of Adams body was lifted from mine. I opened my eyes, Harry's face was right in front of mine. "Are you alright" he asked gently stroking my bare arm. My eyes widened "LOOK OUT" I pulled Harry down, just before Adams fist could connect with the back of Harry's Head, it connected with the back of the wall.

"Thanks" he quickly said getting to his feet to face Adam, pulling me behind him. I wrapped my arms round his waist, burying my head in the back of his shirt, scared of what would happen next. "DON'T TOUCH HER, YOU BASTARD" Harry yelled. I looked up, over Harry's shoulder, to see Adam come charging at him throwing a punch into Harry's stomach. I felt the punch force Harry back a little I was so scared. Harry's hands clenched into fists "Go wait in the car Natalie" he ordered pulling keys from his pocket. "Please don't fight him" I begged not wanting this to happen. "Go wait in the car" he growled. Pushing me away "GO" he yelled, I started walking towards the car quickly, I was still scared of Harry, even though he was protecting me.

Hurriedly I walked towards the exit, but I was stopped. Where are you going" some guy who was friends with Adam asked grabbing my arm "Lets watch the fight". I gulped as he gripped my wrists, leading me back over to Harry and Adam.

As soon as we got back, I noticed Blood pouring out of Adam nose, it looked broken. It scared me, how strong Harry was, he was definitely very dangerous. A crowd of a few guys had gathered round to watch. "STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM HER" Harry yelled enraged as he punched Adam against a wall. I watched as Adam body crumpled to the ground. Harry repetitively threw punches at Adam "HARRY STOP" I cried, if he continued punching Jack with the force he was punching with he'd kill him. I didn't want to witness a murder. Harry faltered at the sound of my voice. "Please, Harry, for me" I pleaded. "SHUT UP BITCH" the male holding me smacked me across the face. I stumbled back a little, before quickly returning the favour. "YOU LITTLE..." Suddenly Harry was in front of me, throwing a powerful punch at the guys face "WHAT KIND OF MONSTER HITS A WOMAN" he yelled. "Get him" the guy hissed at the rest of the males in the room.

My eyes widened as eight large males and Adam who by some miracle was on his feet started closing in on us. "H-harry" I whimpered. "Stay close" he took my arm pulling it round his waist. "You’re going to pay" Adam spat, throwing a punch at Harry, who easily blocked it and punched him under the chin, making his head roll back and him fall on his bum.

Suddenly the private room we were in went into a frenzy. All nine men attacked Harry, he fought back, but he was taking more punches then he was giving out though. Harry was strong when it was only a couple of guys he could win, but when it was 9 on just him, that wasn't a very fair fight at all, he was just getting pounded. I felt so helpless as I gripped tightly onto Harry's waist. All I could do was hold onto him, my eyes scrunched up tight, as he took punch after punch from the men. Images of the accident flicked through my head. How all I could do was hold on to my dad, it was like now, all I could do was hold on to Harry, I was scared that what happened to my dad would happen to Harry. I was actually pathetic, Harry was protecting me, taking punches for me while I just held onto him helplessly. I could help, my eyes snapped open, a little bit. Jai and Mitchell were never all that gentle with me, it was always rough and tumble.

I watched as a guy threw a punch at the right side of Harry's head, I grabbed the guy’s wrist before it could connect and twisted it, the surprised guy let out a yelp of pain.

Suddenly I was ripped from Harry's back, a big guy grabbed me round the waist, lifting me off the ground. "HARRY" I screamed, thrashing around in the large man’s grip trying to get free. Harry turned around, for a split second, it was all the time the men needed. One grabbed his left arm, another, his right. A third man came and grabbed his shoulders as another one kneed him in the balls. Harry buckled forward, and the man holding his shoulders pushed down, forcing him to kneel. "NO" I screamed as Harry's head fell forward in defeat. I kicked and punched the man holding me, eventually wearing myself out.

Adam went and stood in front of Harry "You’re going to watch as I rape your pretty little girlfriend to death" I could hear the smirk in his voice. Harry's head snapped up, his face dripping with blood. "NEVER, DON'T YOU LAY ONE FINGER ON HER OR I'LL KILL YOU" Harry fumed trying to pull out of the grip the three men had on him. But his attempts were pointless, they had to firm a hold on him.

Adam laughed maliciously "You’re in no position to do that". Suddenly he turned to me, my heart was suddenly in my mouth, I had never been so scared in my life. He walked forward lifting my chin "It's a shame that your Harry's, you would have been better off with me". I spat in his face "I prefer Harry billions of times more then you". He raised his hand and brought it swiftly down on my cheek. "YOU FUCKING BASTARD" Harry yelled in a struggle to break free. I was afraid, but I realised there was no point in being scared because I was already going to get hurt and I knew it.

"I'm going to have fun with this" Jack smirked. "Wish I could say the same" I replied. Adam grabbed my wrists, digging his Nails into them, the pain was overwhelming. I let out a cry of agony, my knees buckled as he dug his nails deeper and I crumpled to the ground. "Stop" I pleaded. "SCREAM HIS NAME, SO YOUR CRIES OF HELP WILL BE STUCK IN HIS HEAD FOREVER, REMINDING HIM THAT YOU WERE THE GIRL HE JUST COULDN'T SAVE" He yelled at me evilly. No way was I going to do what Adam had told me "STOP HURTING HER, I SWEAR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND MAIM YOU, SO YOU'LL HAVE TO LIVE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH A FUCKED UP FACE" Harry yells. "His face is already fucked up" I smirked a little through the pain. "Agreed" Harry smirked back.

It was weird, we were joking around while in a life threatening situation. Angrily Adam pushed me forcefully down on the floor, so he was straddling me, my arms pinned beneath his legs. My eyes widened as he grabbed my white shirt and ripped it open. I squirmed under his weight "You'll be screaming for him soon" He evilly smiled at me. "GET OFF HER" Someone Yelled, It wasn't Harry, yet the voice was familiar.

Yelling suddenly began, I couldn't see what was going on, jack was in the way. Moments later Adam was violently pulled off me and Harry towered over me. He helped me to my feet, I looked round the room to see who saved us. I recognised him immediately. Niall! And some of his mates. All the guys who had grabbed Harry and I had ran away, like the cowards they were. I ran to Niall "Thank-you" I cried into his chest. "Shhh, it's alright Love" he comforted me rubbing my back gently. I can't imagine what would have happened next if Niall didn't come. "How did you find me" I sobbed. I saw a guy drag you in here, you looked panicked, so I went to see what was going on. I saw those guys giving Harry a pounding, so I quickly ran round the club trying to gather these guys together, then we ran in" he explains. "Thank you so much" I thanked him again. "Would you like me to take you home" he offered. He was going to think I was crazy after I said what I was about to say. "I need to stay with Harry" I replied pulling away. "I think I understand" he nodded his head, yay, he didn't think I was nuts. The guys that had helped save us were all standing around now. "Thanks" I thanked them. "No problem, love" a cute brunette guys replied.

Niall quickly introduced me to them, I found out their names were Liam, Zayn, Josh, Greg, Andy and the cute brunette one was Louis. I was seriously grateful for them saving my life practically. I looked round the room for Harry, I spotted him sitting at a table, with his head pressed to the surface. "Can you guys wait a minute, I need to talk to him but I'm scared they'll come back" I asked. "Sure" Zayn smiled.

I walked over to Harry and sat on the seat opposite him. Gently I put my hand over his big one, He looked up "I'm so sorry" he cried "I should never have left you alone with Adam" he looked so vulnerable. "Can we please discuss this later, I'm scared they'll come back, I want to get out of here" I whimpered. He nodded his head, and got up. We walked back over to Niall and his friends. "Thanks" Harry gave them a nod. "It's cool" Louis replied as we all walked out.

I was glad they didn't leave Harry and me alone again, because Adam and his gang were all just outside waiting for us. I shuffled closer to Harry, pulling my ripped top tightly over my chest. Harry's arm wrapped round my shoulder, pulling me to him protectively. In a way I felt safe with him, even though he was dangerous. Quickly I unlocked Harry's car, with the keys he gave me that we're still in my pocket. I quickly slid in. "Thanks again Niall" I smiled even though I wanted to cry inside. "See ya soon" he replied as he and his mates all headed for their cars.

Harry locked the car keeping us safely inside. "Do you want me to take you home" he asked wiping partially dried blood from his face using his shirt. "I'm too scared to go home, my mums away" I whimpered "You can stay at my flat with me" he replied starting the car up. "Okay" I replied.



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