Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


54. Chapter Forty-Six

Chapter 46

"Morning, Mum." I brightly chimed as I entered the kitchen.

She held a finger up to silence me as she pressed the phone against her ear, carefully listening to the person on the other end of the line. I shrugged my shoulders, padding over to the pantry to feed my rumbling stomach. My eyes skimmed over the labelling on the various breakfast cereals our pantry obtained, deciding on which to eat. Eventually I decided upon Special K, pouring myself a bowl of the crunchy treats before adding milk.

Mum was still on the phone when I sat down at the counter, setting my breakfast down in front of me. I watched as she continued to chatter with whoever was on the other end. She looked a little flustered, deep creases were indented in her forehead as she frowned, a strand of hair being roughly tugged between her fingers as she continued to converse. I put a spoonful of cereal into my mouth, subtly straining to hear what was being said.

"No, no I can't. I don't have the time right now." Mum gushed.

"Well it's not my fault the trains aren't running again till next week."

"She's gonna be so upset with us."

"Fine, fine it's my fault. Yes, I'll talk to you later. Goodbye Audrey, tell David I said hi."

Aubrey? David? My Grandparents? They were my dad's parents, still living in Doncaster where I'd left them. Why would mum be talking to them and what was I going to be upset about?

Mum released a loud sigh as she hung up, running her hands through her hair frantically. I peered up at her from where I was seated, waiting patiently for her to explain the reason she was talking to my grandparents. She looked back at me sadly, he blue eyes slightly glassy as she tried to prepare herself for the oncoming conversation.

"You know how I told you I had to go pick your present up on your birthday?" She began.

I nodded, realization suddenly hitting that she'd never given me anything, not that I really minded, but it is a little depressing come to think of it. I had been so infatuated by Harry's beautiful gift that all other birthday present thoughts were ruled out. I smiled to myself as I jangled the bracelet on my wrist.

"Well they were originally train tickets to Doncaster, but when I went to get them I discovered train lines wouldn't be open till next week because of damage to the rails."

Tears threatened to spill from her eyes as she spoke and my heart clenched seeing her so upset over my birthday present, she really was trying to be a better mother. She sniffed loudly trying to prevent herself from crying as she furiously brushed at her mascara webbed eyes. Mum knew how much going home would mean to me and she was so close to making my dreams come true, but it was just my luck that the train lines would fuck up.

"I was going to tell you yesterday, but you and Harry were all kissy and cuddly, and that smile on your face, I couldn't bear to ruin your lovely day." She sobbed.

Tears were now free falling down her porcelain cheeks, she desperately tried to brush them away, but they were too quick. Fat droplets rolled down her cheeks, leaving dark streaks of black in their wake. I bit my lip to prevent myself from crying, I didn't want to make her any sadder about this than she already was. The way she was acting made it quite clear she had desperately tried to make me happy by giving me tickets back to Doncaster and that really warmed my heart. Honestly I was extremely upset, mum had been correct on that front. I so badly wanted to go back and see everyone I missed so dearly again. I was glad mum had waited to tell me, otherwise I probably would have curled up in a ball and broken down and pathetically cried in front of Harry.

"It's alright." I managed to choke out.

She shook her head, refusing to believe that I was okay with discovering my birthday present would have been amazing if I were able to go. I stared down at my bowl, twisting my spoon about, pushing the contents of my bowl around. I no longer felt hungry, I was just using my cereal as a distraction to prevent myself from breaking down right now and making my already tearful mother even more upset.

"I'm so sorry." Mum wailed. "Nothing ever goes right when I try to do something nice for you."

I looked up from my bowl, my heart clenching upon seeing her so upset with herself, even if the situation was out of her control. I was worried she'd pull her pretty, blonde locks out if she yanked at them any harder. I gave her a weak smile, unable to muster much more without crying myself.

"Mum, really, it's fine." I lied.

She blinked at me through wet lashes, sniffling loudly as she came around the counter, her frail arms coiling around me as she pulled me close. I hugged her back, burying my face in her shoulder, silently willing myself to hold it together just a bit longer. I just need to keep it all in until I got to my bedroom, then I could let it all out.

"I know you're lying. You and your father lied so well, but I always saw that mischievous little gleam in your eyes when you tried to fool me." She sobbed.

I couldn't contain it any longer, the mention of my father just pushed me over breaking point. Tears fell down my cheeks like heavy rain, dampening my mother's shirt as I quietly sobbed into her shoulder. Her small hand gently rubbed my back, her motherly touch coaxing my tears out but also comforting me as I trembled. My heart felt heavy in my chest as I remembered my friends and family back in Doncaster. I knew deep down that this was the moment where I had to let them go. As much as I liked to believe I'd keep in contact with my old friends, it just was working out for me. Things happened here in my new life and the small number of times I've contacted my friends had slowly been degrading every week. The last time I spoke to Jai and Mitchell was weeks ago and that just shows how I'm useless at keeping in contact with people and that long distance relationships would never work out.

I knew this was the moment when I finally let go of every ounce of the hope I held in ever going back.

This was goodbye.

Once I'd stopped crying mum had left for work, she was still teary eyed even more so now that I had cried and I really felt quite awful about making her feel worse, it wasn't my intention. When I first moved here, the moment I finished school I intended on going back to live in Doncaster, but now I felt so torn. All my oldest friends and family are in Doncaster. I've known them all my life and the sadness I feel knowing I won't be seeing them again for a long time really stabs at my poor, confused heart. But then there's here, with Harry and all the new friends I've made. If I hadn't become so close with them then I would definitely go home in a heartbeat. That's not how things work though, everything becomes a maze of twists and turns and you know it's not going to be easy to get out. I'm standing at a crossroad unable to decide upon which path to take.


My knuckles rapped upon the wood of Harry's front door, patiently waiting for him to let me in. The moment his eager footsteps became audible I plastered a fake smile on my face and hoped he wouldn't notice I was upset, I didn't want to upset him like I had mum. The door handle rattled a second as his fingers fumbled with the key in the lock before the wood barrier between us was yanked open and Harry appeared before me. A grin curled on my lips as I absorbed his features and it just so happened I didn't need to fake a smile.

An involuntary giggle escaped my lips as I continued to peer at him. He stood shirtless in the door frame, grinning sheepishly in a pair of grey joggers hung low on his hips. What had me laughing though was that he was covered in chocolate frosting and a white powdery substance that I figured must be flour. The frosting covered his toned chest in blobs and sticky streaks where he had attempted to wipe it away and there was even a blob on the tip of his nose and a streak across his cheek. The flour was sprinkled through his dark curls like icing sugar on cake and I couldn't help but wonder if he had sensed my sadness over the phone and deliberately held the sifter over his head to make me smile.

"Hello, beautiful." He grinned.

I stepped forward, wrapping my arms around his neck without a care for the flour and frosting rubbing off him onto me. Harry's hands grasped my hips, pulling me firmly against him as I leaned up, pressing my lips to the tip of his nose, kissing the chocolate frosting away. He had unknowingly just brightened up my dreary day.

"Hello, messy cupcake."

Harry let out a deep chuckle, finding my new nickname for him somewhat amusing. He was quiet for a moment, his head tilting a little to the side as he leant in for a kiss. Our noses sweetly rubbed before our lips softly met halfway. My eyes fluttered closed upon feeling his warm lips against mine, the corners of my mouth curling up as I smiled into the kiss. His mouth tasted like the chocolate frosting he had been wearing on his nose moments ago which brought me to the conclusion that he had been eating the chocolaty mix just moments before I arrived. Gently his tongue pried my lips open, slipping into my mouth where his met mine and they frolicked happily together. My fingers crept up his neck, weaving their way into his soft, flour covered curls, gently fisting them as our mouths moved together in perfect sync.

Harry quietly hummed, licking his plump, pink lips as our mouths disconnected. I reached up to brush a bit of flour of his cheek. His eyelids fell closed as I touched his face, skin soft beneath my fingertips as I wiped the white powder away. I loved the way his skin felt against mine, just touching him had little tingles shooting through my body.

"What have you been doing? Trying to bake yourself?" I laughed, tugging at a floury curl.

"No, I was actually trying make cupcakes, but I'm not very good at it." He replied.

Harry making cupcakes was a little difficult to imagine, his exterior shell made it somewhat hard to believe he would ever try and bake cupcakes. But here he was, covered in flour and icing attempting to make some. I smiled as he took my hand, leading me inside before closing the door behind us.

"Well if you asked me to come over to give you tips I think you called the wrong Carter, It's my mum you're looking for, I can't bake to save my life." I teased.

"Actually I was looking for someone to give me a kiss every time I do something wrong which is quite frequently." Harry leant down to kiss my cheek, his lips warm against my skin.

I laughed, lightly bumping my shoulder against his. If he thought he was getting a kiss every time he messed up, he was horribly mistaken. I wasn't going to give him a kiss if he deliberately left the cupcakes in the oven too long and they caught on fire and the house burnt down. I think I would probably go and punch him in the face for being such an idiot.

Harry led me down the hall to the kitchen in which I expected to be a bit of a mess, but a bit of a mess was an understatement, Harry was clean compared to the kitchen. My eyes bulged and my jaw fell open as I glanced into the kitchen which appeared to be a makeshift winter wonderland. The floor was no longer visible and there was chocolate frosting splattered on the walls where Harry had turned the beater up too high and sent the chocolate mix flying. I blinked a few times to see if I was imagining the messiest kitchen I'd ever seen, but sadly I was not. The damn curly haired boy had decided to call me to help him clean up after his disastrous baking experience.

"Holy shit."

Harry rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, clearly embarrassed by his baking attempts. I don't think I would have made a mess this big and that's saying something. His cheeks flushed as I blinked up at him in disbelief, I swear it's impossible for someone to create such a big mess just baking a batch of cupcakes.

"I told you I mess up frequently." He mumbles.

"I should just shove you in the oven and be done with your sorry ass." I joked.

Harry's eyes darkened, his eyes dancing with mischief as he gazed down at me. I knew he was scheming something up when a smirk curled at the corners of his mouth. I immediately began to back away, knowing all too well that I was in for it. My movements only made Harry's smirk widen and he began to advance towards me, playing cat and mouse with me was something he found extremely amusing. I on the other hand was not so fond of the game, it always ended in me losing, because that's just how the game works.

Harry licked his lips seductively as he continued to slowly approach, his eyes blazing as he eyed me up, just waiting for the right moment to pounce. I was contemplating whether or not to make a mad dash across Harry's makeshift winter wonderland and risk falling and him tackling me or to stand here and let me catch me and most likely end up with him on the floury floor anyway. When he lunged forward made the decision to make a run for it.

I'd taken about two steps when Harry caught my wrist, yanking me back into the warmth of his chest. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact we were both standing on our feet and not rolling around on the floor covering ourselves in flour. I pushed at Harry's chest as his mouth found its way to my already love bite covered neck, his lips softly pressed over the marks he had left a couple of nights ago, leaving a trail of wet kisses.

My palms pressed to his chest, lightly shoving at him in a halfhearted attempt to get him to stop. His chest vibrated as a laugh rumbled from deep within him, his hot breath fanning out over my neck in raspy puffs. His laugh was beautiful, I loved hearing it instead of seeing the frowns he often wore. After all the hurt and pain he had felt in his life knowing he was happy made me smile, especially when I was the source of his laughter.

My fingers wound into his curls, grabbing a fistful of the flour covered locks before gently tugging at them to move his head away from my neck. His lips had done enough damage on my skin, Mum constantly noticed the marks that were difficult to cover and her knowing Harry and I had made love made me feel rather uncomfortable. I didn't like her knowing so much about my love life, I preferred keeping these things between me and Harry. I'd kept to myself after Dad's passing and I refused to talk to Mum about anything personal and it's weird and awkward with her knowing so much.

"You're an idiot." I smiled, pecking him on the cheek.

"You're beautiful." He whispered.

My arms wrapped round his waist as I allowed him to cuddle me close, enveloping me in his strong arms. The sense of security I felt when in Harry's arms was indescribable, I knew he would willingly lay down his life in order to protect me. The knowledge of this both horrified me and caused my heart to flutter. I never want Harry to get hurt because of me, but the knowing someone would do everything in the power to protect you was just... indescribable.

We stood quietly in the kitchen just holding each other and enjoying the very presence of our other half. I let my eyelids flutter closed as I deeply inhaled Harry's heavy scent, nuzzling my face into the crook of his neck. I think I'm slowly coming to terms with the undeniable way I feel about him, I could honestly just stand here all day with him. We could sit around and do absolutely nothing and I'd still be happy as long as he was there. I had well and truly fallen in love with a beautiful creature who I believe had fallen from the heavens.

"Harry." I broke the comfortable silence between us.

"Mmm." He hummed.

I gently traced my fingertips up his spine, causing him to shiver in pleasure. I smiled at his reaction, weaving my fingers between his soft curls before opening my mouth to speak.

"I love you."

I gasped when Harry pulled out of my hold, afraid he no longer wanted to hear me say those three little words. I was soon relieved when his larger hand gently took mine in his. I watched as he brought my knuckles up to his mouth, warm lips pressing kisses against the protruding lumps of bone. I smiled as his pretty green eyes peered over my hand as he continued to kiss over the smooth skin, his lustful gaze meeting mine. Harry moved my hand from his mouth, lowering it to his chest where he placed my palm over the heavy thudding in his chest.

I blinked up at him, surprised by just how fast his heart rate was. Gently I pressed a little more on his chest, wishing to feel his heart beat harder against the palm of my hand. It was such a beautiful feeling to be able to hold the person you love most in the world's heart in the palm of your hand.

"Do you feel how fast that's going?" Harry asked.

I nodded my head, focusing on the rapid thud beneath my fingertips that signaled he was alive and breathing. My lips quirked up into a smile as Harry's hand came to rest over mine, keeping my hand over the smooth skin of his chest right over where his heart was heavily beating at a heavy, rhythmic pace. I peered up at Harry's face, the gleaming green of his eyes hidden behind closed eyelids. His lips slightly parted as he inhaled and exhaled deep breaths. He looked so at peace, not a single frown line creased his forehead, it was a vast contrast to the way he looked almost any other time.

"Y-you make me feel weak at the knees." he paused for a moment. "Breathless."

Harry's sheepish confession had butterflies bursting in my stomach? Spiraling around crazily as his words sent by body into a frenzy of emotions. He was finally starting to open up and admit his true feelings in which he had kept bottled up inside himself for so long. It brought a smile to my face hearing him admit to some of the ways I made him feel in a quiet, slightly nervous voice as he held my hand against his thudding chest. My arm hooked up around his neck as I leaned up slightly to give Harry a quick peck on his slightly flushing cheek.

"I never thought it was possible for me to love someone so much, but I do." He whispered.

Harry's words squeezed at my heart as the tips of his fingers trailed down my arms before slipping between mine. The way he had just admitted his feelings was adorable, his cheeks had turned a pale shade of pink and his eyes were faced down towards our entwined fingers, lip taken between his teeth as he nibbled nervously at the soft flesh. I feared for his poor lip, his teeth always seemed to be gnawing at it if he kept going he'd probably tear it to shreds and I wouldn't be able to kiss his pretty lips anymore. Harry could be so sweet and adorable at times and all I felt like doing presently was kiss him all over after hearing him spill out his heart.

Gently I tilted his chin up towards me so the green of his eyes met with mine. My knees almost gave way when Harry shyly smiled at me, the pad of his thumb running gently over the back of my hands as the upward curling of his lips rubbed off on me, the corners of my mouth turning up in a smile. His curls were flopped over his forehead and I gently pulled my hand from his, reaching up to push his dark hair back. My hand remained in his curls, the soft texture of his hair beneath my fingertips as I gently stroked the back of his head. Our noses sweetly bumped, lips merely millimeters away as I opened my mouth to speak.

"You worry me all the time and refuse to let me protect you or look after you. All I want to do is stand by your side, hold your hand, cuddle you, and kiss you." I whispered. "God, you make me so crazy."

My eyes fluttered closed as his mouth met with mine in a sweet, gentle kiss that filled my entirety with the love Harry seemed to radiate as he held me so close yet so gently.

Is this what love is? Being so wound up in someone that your only desire is to be close to them, to feel their loving presence?

My fingers trailed from Harry's messy curls, down his spine until my hand fell upon his lower back. I smiled as I felt shivers of pleasure run through his body, a quiet moan escaping into my mouth. The large expanse of Harry's palms slide down my sides, cupping the back of my thighs in his large hands, easily hoisting them up onto his hips. My arms moved back around his neck as we continued to kiss, our lips not breaking apart even once.

We held each other so close that there wasn't a gap between us, we were molded together perfectly, fitting like pieces of a jigsaw. The warmth of his skin was still absolutely astonishing, I remember the first time we touched and how surprised I was by his warmth. I had thought it he had to be warm to keep his cold heart beating at first, but I was wrong. He was so warm because he had a big heart that he'd kept behind bars for so long and had finally set it free.

Harry's fingers tugged at the hem of my shirt, desiring to feel the burn of my bare skin against his. My legs clenched around his waist, holding myself around him as he moved to navigate the removal of my shirt. His fingers slowly peeled the material upwards, my stomach coming into view, but before he could pull it over my head I stopped him, disconnecting our lips.

Harry's eyes were full of worry, obviously unsure of why I had abruptly brought our kissing to a halt. He peered at me through long lashes begging me to tell him what he had one wrong, but he hadn't done anything.

"Harry, I smell burning." I announced.

We both turned to look at the oven. Sure enough, smoke was puffing out of the oven, emitting the burnt smell. I watched as Harry's eyes widened in horror as he stared at the oven that held the cupcakes he had spent all morning trying to make, only to realize they were no longer edible.

"Shit." He swore.

Gently he set me back down on my feet before rushing over to the oven and yanking the door open. A cloud of smoke puffed out and Harry coughed a few times as he desperately delved in, trying to save them. A string of cuss words fell from his lips as he pulled the muffins out of the oven with his bare hands, the tray sizzling his soft skin as he did so.

Harry stared down at his blackened cupcakes, a frown edged into his face as he looked down at his ruined creations that he had tried so hard to make. My heart ached for him as I witnessed him yank the bin open, roughly shoving the cupcakes in before angrily kicking the tray across the floury floor.

"Fuck!" He swore angrily.

Harry's hands wound their way into his disheveled curls, yanking at them furiously. It wasn't hard to tell that he was angry at himself, it made me sad having to watch him act this way. I quietly stepped towards him, my shoes gathering powdery flour as I crossed the room. My hand gently pressed into his lower back, fingertips gently massaging his warm skin as he continued to huff angrily.

"I can't even make bloody cupcakes." He seethed.

At least he can cut food and make the batter without adding the metallic taste of blood for extra flavor. I was barely allowed in the kitchen, let alone attempting to bake unless mum was there supervising. I gently caught hold of one of Harry's wrists, removing it from his hair before he yanked all his lovely curls out.

"It's okay, I can't even get up to the stage of putting them in the oven." I whispered as my mouth left a kiss to the back of his hand.

He snatched his hand from mine before I had a chance to press another kiss against his smooth skin. It annoyed me when he got into these pissy moods over the most stupid things. Not everyone can do everything, but he seems to think that he has to be the greatest at everything and if he messes up even the slightest little bit he thinks he's useless. Even though he'll never admit it, I know he's insecure. The last couple of days have made this pretty clear to me. Harry believes that I'll find someone better than he is if he isn't good at everything. He doesn't think I'll love him if he isn't absolutely perfect, he thinks he's not good enough for me. He doesn't understand that no one’s perfect and I love him exactly the way he is and that I wouldn't want him to change for the world.

"Harry, their just cupcakes." I exclaimed. "It's no big deal."

"I'm useless! Who can't make fucking cupcakes!?"


"Me." I glared at him.

His eyes widened slightly as he realized the words he had just uttered had hurt me a lot. Not only did it hurt because Harry was putting himself down again, but it also hurt because I couldn't cook or bake without messing everything up. He could do that stuff, this was just a one off when he forgot to put the timer on and singed his cupcakes. I've never had to worry about burning food, because I ruin it before I can even get near the oven.

"Baby, I didn't mea-"

"You know what, Harry, fuck you." I snapped. "Stop being pathetic and get over the fact that you're not perfect and nor am I."

Tears welled in my eyes as I harshly shouldered passed him, I was sick of him putting himself down for his faults and imperfections. Personally I liked them, they made him who he was and that's the way I loved him. If we were all perfect everyone would be exactly the same and that would be just plain boring. No one is perfect, there is no way to define perfection, but through my eyes I think Harry is perfect, but he won't accept the fact that I love him just the way he is and I wouldn't have change for the world.

I felt Harry's stare burning into the back of my neck as I furiously stomped up the stairs. I know he's been hurt in the past and that the pain he still feels will weigh heavy on his heart for the rest of his life. The scars run deep, but I'm trying to help ease his pain, but no one will be able to help him if he continues putting himself down for the rest of his life. Harry sees the glass as being half empty, if he saw it as being half full and got over the pointless little insecurities he had, life would be better for him. But it's hard to help someone who's already given up on them self before they've even tried to see the good in them.

"I'm not being pathetic." Harry yelled from downstairs.

"I'm useless." I mocked. "You sound pretty pathetic to me."

My feet quickly scuffled across the hall floor towards his bedroom. Tears fell down my cheeks as I sat down at the end of his bed, tugging my shoes off and tossing them to the floor before I scrambled beneath the covers, pulling them right up over my head.

Sobs racked my body as I buried my face into his pillow, salty tears dampening the pillowcase. A few minutes past before I felt Harry's presence in the room. His quiet footsteps were barely audible as he entered the room. Although my sobs were muffled by the pillow, I knew he heard my crying and I silently hoped he realized he was being a real dick.

The bathroom door was slammed forcefully, the sound of running water reached my ears only mere seconds later. I couldn't help but hate the way I loved a broken boy who refused to see the good in him, he only saw the ever looming darkness. I was trying to help him, ease him of the painful memories of his past life and turn this around. I wanted to give him all the love, trust and hope I had to give him. I wanted him to be happy.

I wanted to see his beautiful smile instead of his signature scowl. The thing is that Harry thinks he's a bad person who doesn't deserve any of the things I want to give him. But truth be told, behind the harsh exterior of his defensive shell is the sweetest, most kind hearted boy I have ever come across. Harry yearns to be kissed and cuddled and held all through the night. He desires love and he dreams of being wanted.

I loved him.

I wanted him.

I'll do anything to make him feel loved and wanted. I'd go to all extremities just to see him smile. If I could I would rip out my heart and give it to him just to show him that he was the reason it beat. I never knew that loving someone who hated them self would hurt so badly.

Harry is lost in a deep hate for himself that I don't entirely understand. His dark past is pulling him down to join his demons and as hard as I try to hold on I know I'm losing my grip and that he's slipping through my fingers. I don't want to lose him, but the darkness is drowning him and I don't know if I can save him before he becomes impossible to find.

But Harry wasn't the only reason for my tears, the moment I came here I was a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode. I was upset about Doncaster as well and Harry getting pissed off at himself just set my tears off again. I really wanted to go back, visit my dad's grave, see my friends, family and home again.

But I couldn't.

Minutes ticked past and eventually I heard the bathroom door creak open and Harry's footfalls cross the room towards his wardrobe. I stole a glance over the duvet cover to see him tugging a pair of jeans up over his boxers. I watched as the muscles in his back expand and contract every time he moved. My gaze lingered a little too long and I found myself quickly pulling the covers back up over my head as he turned towards me. I silently prayed he hadn't seen me watching him but I was pretty confident he had.

I felt the end of the bed dip as he climbed up on it beside me. I gripped the material of the duvet as he attempted to pull it back, my body squirming as I tried to wrap myself up further in the warmth of his bed covers. Harry grew frustrated, eventually giving up on trying to draw back the barrier I had deliberately put between us. A small sigh sounded as I felt his body shuffle close to mine his arm draping over my body, holding me close despite the lack of my body being hidden from view.

"I'm sorry." He whispered. "I just got upset because I wanted to make a pretty cupcake I made and decorated just for you."

Harry's body heat radiated through the material of his duvet, he was twice as warm as usual due to the hot shower he had just taken. Despite the way he had lost his temper earlier, I thought it was sweet of him getting upset because he wanted to give me a cupcake he had made especially for me. I just wish he would learn to chill out a little bit and that he doesn't have to go apeshit just because he burns a dozen cupcakes.

"I didn't mean to hurt your feelings before either, you know I say stupid things without thinking." He continued to apologize. "Please forgive me."

I slowly unraveled myself from the duvet, pushing it down my body as I sat up, allowing the open air to lick at my skin. Harry gazed at me through beautiful green eyes in which silently pleaded me to forgive him. I leaned towards him, my arms coiling round his neck as I pulled myself into his chest. Harry's skin glistened with moisture, his body still slightly wet after his shower. I was sad he was no longer a mess of flour and chocolate icing, I wanted him to make me laugh again.

My lips found their way to Harry's temple, pressing a light kiss to the throbbing pulse before burying my face into the crook of his neck. He quietly hummed, his arms encasing me in their protective warmth. He pulled me closer, pressing me more firmly against his toned abdomen, my body molding against his taut muscles. I was glad to have his arms around me, making me feel safe knowing I was under his protection.

"It's alright." I croaked.

Tears threatened to spill down my cheeks again despite my attempts to hold them back. Still holding onto Harry I used the sleeve of my shirt to dab at my eyes before any of the salty drops could splash onto his bare skin. But my tears flowed too fast and a loud sob escaped my lips before I could muffle it.

Harry instantly squeezed me tighter, his mind rushing frantically realizing I was still crying. He didn't know about the disappointment I was hit with this morning and I really didn't want to burden him with any more of my tears.

"Baby what’s wrong? You're still upset! Do I need to apologize for anything else!?" Harry gushed.

I pushed at his chest, forcing him to release me from his warm embrace. With much reluctance he removed his arms from around my waist, his eyes searching my face frantically as I sank back against the pillows sprawled our behind me before bringing my knees up to my chest.

"I-It's not you, Harry." I sobbed, brushing away my tears as he continued to gaze at me with a look of worry. "Mum was supposed to give me train tickets to Doncaster for my birthday, but the train lines are fucked up so I can't go and I'm just really gutted."

I was trying my best to pull myself for Harry's sake. I know it pains him when he sees me cry, the fact that there's absolutely nothing he can do to protect me from my own tears makes it hard for him to suffer through. I hate seeing him upset and sad just as much as he does me, but despite my attempts to prevent the loud sobs tumbling from my mouth, my tears continued to free fall down my cheeks.

Harry's expression was one of anguish as he pulled me back into his arms, holding me close. I cuddled into his chest, wrapping my arms round his waist in desperate need to feel the heat of his bare skin against mine. Harry's fingers gently combed through my hair in which I knew was a mess after burying myself under the covers, yet his gestures were soothing and I found myself calming down.

It was amazing how the smallest gestures Harry performed could soothe me so easily. He knew exactly what to say, where to touch me and how to treat me when I was upset.

He gently rocked me back and forth in his muscular arms, holding me close to his body as I quietly cried. I let out a small gasp when I felt the soft touch of his full lips against the exposed skin on my neck.

My eyes fluttered closed, the sensation of his lips against my neck igniting sparks within my body. The feeling of his mouth against my skin was somewhat soothing, the soft kisses he pressed against my skin trailed up my neck leaving goose bumps in their wake

Harry's touch was so gentle and the outstanding determination he had to bring a smile back to my lips warmed my heart. It felt nice knowing he cared so much about me, but it also saddened me knowing no one had been there to care for him. Harry was good and kind despite the harsh opinions he had of himself and his dark past. I wanted him to believe he wasn't a bad person like he stereotyped himself to be. Harry wasn't perfect, but he wasn't a terrible person and I just wish I could make him see that.

Harry's warm lips brushed the flimsy skin covering my earlobe, his heavy breath fanning out over the side of my face as he exhaled. I noticed the scent of minty toothpaste lingering on his warm breath, the fresh smell filling my nose as I inhaled the air he expelled. A small smile quirked on my lips upon feeling his lips wrap around my lobe, gently sucking on the cartilage as he tried to coax the small smile I was showing a little further up my face.

His hands pressed into my back, enticing my body further into his body. I snuggle closer into his chest, feeling the strong urge of desire to be close overwhelming my senses. I just wanted him to hold me, hold me until the knot of sadness that clenched tightly in the pit of my stomach disappeared. It was difficult for me to stop crying. No matter how hard I tried to cease the flow of tears, they just kept reappearing. Harry's arms drew me in closer as another loud sob racked my body. I missed home so badly.

"I'll take you." Harry's voice cracked through my string of sobs.

What? Did he just offer to take me to Doncaster? I stared up at the beautiful curly haired male blinking at him in utter disbelief. Either I hadn't quite heard right or Harry had just made me the happiest girl on the planet. My eyes locked onto to his, searching the swirling green of his gaze for any sign of misconception. However, I found none.

"A-are you serious?" I sniffled.

Harry's fingers rose to my cheek, the tips pushing a strand of my dark here back behind my ear so it no longer fell in front of my face, obstructing my vision. But instead of moving his hand back to where it had rested on the small of my back, he cupped my cheek in his palm. The pad of his thumb gently brushed over my wet skin, wiping the salty teardrops from my cheeks as they involuntarily fell. His intense gaze made my heart involuntarily clench and I felt as though I was melting under the intensity of his forest like eyes.

Harry nodded, the disarray of damp curls bobbing atop of his head in confirmation. I nearly died in his arms. My heart was pounding ferociously against my ribs in excitement. Not only was I going back to Doncaster, but the boy I had fallen hopelessly in love with was doing to come with me.

Harry had no idea just how much it would mean to me if he took me back to my birth town and quite frankly the idea of showing him around and introducing him to my family and friends thrilled me. I had never thought of wanting to show him around Doncaster, but now that he had offered to take me, the idea was on the top of my 'To Do' list.

"You have no idea how much that means to me." I cried. "I love you so much."

Harry wasn't entirely prepared for my next movements, his back hitting the mattress hard as I launch myself forward at him. I pulled myself on top of him, my legs straddling his waist whilst he stared at me with wide eyes. My lips crashed passionately against his as I leant over Harry's body, a hand on either side of his head, palms pressing into the soft fabric of the dark bedspread. His mouth was unresponsive for a couple of seconds, slightly taken aback by my forthcoming actions. It was only when I moved a hand into his mop of chocolate coloured curls that he reacted. One of Harry's hands slid up my thigh, his touch radiating warmth as my fingers lightly tugged at his roots.

A low moan rumbled from deep within his chest, his large hand grasping my hip. The sound he emitted made a smile curve at my lips as I slowly drew back, still sitting astride his waist. Our faces were only inches away from one another's as we gazed at each other with warm, caring eyes. It was in this moment that I realized that Harry cared so much about me. It warmed my heart knowing he would put himself through all the trouble of driving me to a place in which had no significant meaning to him and I loved him so much for that.

My arms wrapped around his neck, my body relaxing down against his strong chest as I mad myself comfortable on top of him. His lips curled into a grin as I tucked my head beneath his chin before feeling his body snuggle around me to share his warmth. I pressed a kiss to his jaw, smiling widely as I closed my eyes, absorbing his unmistakable presence. Tiredness washed over me, my body feeling weak and exhausted from the past few eventful days this week. Heavy eyelids remained closed despite my attempts to open them. I was exhausted. Harry's heavy scent didn't help, his cologne was heavy and familiar, making it ten times harder to keep my eyes open.

Fatigue soon became too difficult to fight, my body going limp as consciousness slowly dissolved and I slipped into a deep slumber. The sound of soft singing near my ear was the last thing I remembered, his voice deep and raspy sounding rather like heaven to my ears. I tried to open my eyes to watch and listen to the beautiful sound of Harry's voice as he sung. The sound of him singing was foreign to me. I had never heard him strum at his vocal cords like this before. I wanted to hear more of his gorgeous voice, but the lull of sleep overcame me, the sound of his soft voice drifting in my ears.


My eyelashes fluttered as my eyes slowly blinked open, still heavy from sleep. I pressed my elbows into the mattress, propping myself up on my forearms. The room was dark, a dim strip of daylight peeking out from between the curtains in which had been drawn across to shield me from the light. My fingers skimmed across the blanket that had been placed over me considerately. Harry's care for me caused a smile to crack on my lips. No one had treated me as sweetly as he did in a long time. His unmistakable need to protect and care for me made my heart flutter.

Sitting up a bit further I shifted my hands to rub the sleep from my eyes. Harry's presence was no longer felt in the room. The warmth of his arms around me had been replaced by the blanket he had covered me in. I stumbled out of bed deciding to go find him, my body desiring his gentle touch. The feel of his smooth skin against my own is something I've become quite engrossed in. The way he caresses my skin as his sparkling green eyes burn into mine gives me a sense of security and the feeling of being so absorbed in one another that nothing else matters but the two of us.

My feet pad against the wooden floor as I make my way down the stairs. My ears pick up on the faint sound of the television buzzing. I follow the sound of the T. V towards the lounge, my eyes darting into the kitchen as I pass it by. The floor is no longer covered in flour and the walls are clean again. Harry must have tidied up the mess he made while I was asleep.

I keep walking past the kitchen, quickly raking my fingers through my tangled waves before I reach the lounge. I probably looked like I'd fallen out of tree, my hair looks like that most days when I sleep with it down. It tends to tangle into a mass of knots and stick out awkward angles on top of my head. I tried to smooth it down as best I could, hoping I'd flattened most of the crazy bits down.

I quietly peeked round the corner into the lounge. My eyes immediately landed on Harry's long body sprawled out across the couch, his long legs dangling off the couch slightly. His eyes were glued to the T.V as he intently watched the ongoing football match playing across the screen.

I moved a little further into the room watching as Harry's gazed flicked from the television to me. He lifted his head slightly from the arm rest of which it lay upon and I watched as a smile spread across his face. The warmth in his grin meet his eyes as dimples popped on either side of his cheeks. He was so incredibly handsome that I still found it hard to believe he was mine. Harry looked like something from out of a dream, something that fell from heaven.

"Come here." He beckoned me towards him with his hand.

My feet carried me quickly across the room. The empty space between us soon disappeared as I came to stand over the couch where he lay. The moment I was within reach Harry's touch fell upon my waist, fingertips lightly pressing me into my hip as he encouraged me closer. The remaining short distance between us was soon closed as I crawled onto the couch spreading myself out on top of him.

Harry's strong arms protectively encircled my body, holding me close to him as I lay on top. My head fell upon his chest, the heavy sound if his pounding heart pressed against my ear causing a smile to crack on my lips. I don't know what it is about hearing his steady heartbeat, but it soothes me, calms me, and makes me feel safe. Maybe it’s the way Harry's heartbeat is so strong and brave sounding, that it makes me know that as long as it is beating I am safe, I am loved and that I want to hold his heart in my hands and keep it safe.

"Did you have a nice nap?" Harry asks, leaning down to touch his warm lips to my forehead.

"It was alright, but it would have been better if you were there when I woke up." I responded.

"So now that I'm here are you going to doze off again instead of watching this 'boring' football match?"

I playfully slapped him on the shoulder, my actions provoking a deep rumbling from in his chest to blurt out of his mouth in a chuckle. Harry and I had never really spoken about the sports we took part in, his boxing was the only activity we had talked about. Although he didn't know, I actually quite enjoyed football considering I played it back home along with Hockey which happens to fairly similar.

My dad and I used to watch the football all the time when I was younger and I'll never forget the one match he took me too only months before his death. I haven't really watched it in a long time, mum usually flips the channel over muttering about how boring sport is. Watching a game with my dad is one of the many things I miss so much about him.

"Football's not boring." I defend. "If it was I wouldn't play it."

"You know we never actually talk about sport." Harry chuckles. "I'm pretty sure I've never asked if you play any."

"Well I do, I play football, hockey and volleyball."

A cheeky grin spread across Harry's face, this look I knew all too well. He was either thinking of something perverted or he had a teasing thought on his mind in which he was about to speak aloud. Although Harry does have a rather dirty mind I'm going to go with the latter but only because I can't think of what he would get that was perverted in any way from what I said.

"How well do you cope in hockey? Do they try and snap you like one of your sticks." He teases.

I slap him. I slap him hard.

Harry chuckles his fingers curling round my wrists to prevent me from hitting him anymore. I struggle to break free as both our laughs rings out around the room. Harry easily flips me over so I'm pinned beneath, my strength seems like nothing against his large muscles.

"I'm just kidding, babe." He smiles. "I bet you kick ass."

Harry's hands unwrap from around my wrists, now that he considers it safe to release me. However, it's not quite safe for him to release me. The moment my wrists are free my hands dart up into his unruly curls. My fingers wrap around his bouncy hair, grabbing a fistful of his soft ringlets. I yank lightly to the left, forcing him to flip over onto his back where I claim the dominating position.

"Oww." He groans.

I loosen my grip on his hair, I was probably holding a little too tightly. I leant down, pressing an apologetic kiss against his cheek. I lay back down on his chest again, peering up at him through long lashes.

"Were you actually serious when you told me you'd take me to Doncaster?" I asked changing the subject to something a little more serious.

"Yeah, I'll take you whenever, tomorrow if you like." He replied.

His words clenched at my heart and I found my arms coiling tightly around his neck, squeezing him to death. My lips sweetly pressed against his, showing him just how much it meant to me.

"Thank-you, Harry." I whispered.




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