Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


55. Chapter Forty-Seven

Chapter 47

I sat on the doorstep waiting patiently for Harry's black SUV to pull up in front of the house. My suitcase lay beside me, full of things I would need for our trip to Doncaster which would commence in mere minutes. However, I wasn't feeling as excited about it as I had been earlier yesterday when I was at Harry's.

Last night I'd gotten into a fight with Mitchell whilst telling him my exciting news, the cause of our argument being Harry. He was not very keen on my boyfriend after all the things I had told him about Harry before I got to know the curly haired male. Mitchell and Jai were the ones I had first told about Harry's stalker like ways and they had believed me and unfortunately it appeared to be a little too well. They had it stuck in their heads he was some monster who only wanted me for sex and would run off the moment he got it because that's what I had told them in the beginning. The way I had spoken about Harry had made them dislike him and they didn't believe me when i told them he was actually a better person beneath his harsh exterior and defensive walls. It's not so much Jai I'm worried about, he'll give Harry a chance before he decides whether he likes him or not, but Mitchell just jumps to conclusions and once his mind is set it is difficult to be swayed.

I wanted them to all be friends, but I was beginning to worry that they would do much the opposite. Worry had begun to eat away at my insides as I thought of how Harry had snapped at that waiter the other day on my birthday. The poor guy had almost been strangled because he was being a little too friendly with me for Harry's liking. The waiter was barely flirting with me and I had shown no interest in him yet Harry still attempted to murder him. But this will be different when the three boys meet, I've known Jai and Mitchell my whole life and the two guys aren't exactly gentle with me and their both going to want hugs and I'm worried about how Harry's going to react to that. Things will probably become a mess if they don't get on and I'm scared Harry will see them is a threat to our relationship.

The sound of a car engine snapped me out of my thoughts, looking up to see Harry's black SUV pull up in front of the house. I scrambled to my feet as I watched Harry's muscular figure climbed out of his car down onto the pavement. Brushing myself off I turned towards my bag, grabbing the handle as I scuffled to meet Harry, pulling it along behind me.

I absorbed his appearance as the gap between us decreased, our bodies becoming closer with ever step we took. His unruly curls ruffled in the light breeze, flopping at all angles as he desperately tried to push them back out of his face. I'm pretty sure he needs a haircut, his dark ringlets are getting a bit long and causing Harry annoyance. His legs were clad in the usual pair of black jeans that hug his legs so tightly that you could almost mistake them for his skin. Sometimes I wonder how he wears them, they look tight enough to cut off his blood circulation but I have to admit they do show off his lovely pair of long legs and I like that.

The moment I was within reach Harry cupped my cheek, smashing his lips against mine. Caught slightly off guard, I dropped my bag in surprise, stumbling back slightly before Harry caught hold of my waist bringing me close to his chest. I was slightly taken aback by his impulsive actions, usually he said hello before anything else. It was only when Harry moved his hand to cup my face than my brain actually registered to the fact his mouth was against mine. My hand slid up the front of his shirt, fingers grabbing a fistful of the simple white singlet he was wearing as I kissed him back. His touch was warm as usual, one large palm cupped my cheek whilst the other was pressed into my lower back to hold me firmly against him.

A smiled as we pulled apart, Harry's mouth leaving a slight hint of mint on my lips. The worry and fear I was experiencing towards the idea of my best friends meeting my boyfriend were vanquished by our monetary embrace. The thoughts left forgotten as Harry's overwhelming presence captivated me bringing a smile to my lips.

"Hello to you too." I laughed.

Harry's thumb gently caressed my cheek as he leant down again to press another kiss to my forehead. My grin widened at his sweet gesture, he was always did the smallest little things that could make me smile. Harry slid his hand into mine, our fingers interlocking as I turned to collect my fallen bag.

"I'll take that."

Harry brushed my hand from the bag, taking it in his own firm grasp before turning towards the car. I followed after him without objection to his statement like offer to carry my bag. I hadn't exactly packed lightly because I don't know how long we'll be staying in Doncaster so the bag is quite heavy. Harry tugged it along behind him with absolutely no struggle, he made it look almost as though it were weightless.

The bag was released from Harry's grasp on my suitcase was released momentarily once we reached the car. Using his free hand he pulled the passenger door, aiding me in climbing into the close confines of his SUV. I made myself comfortable as Harry closed the door, walking round the back of the car where he chucked my bag into the back. I smiled as he returned, appearing beside me in the drivers seat in the blink of an eye. I watched as Harry pushed his curls out of his face before twisting his key to stray the engine. The car roared into life, rumbling beneath us as the hand brake was removed and we began rolling forward.

"So, where are we even staying when we get there?" Harry asked as he reached across to hold my hand.

"My old house probably." I responded, obliging in linking our fingers before resting our joined hands in my lap. "I was going to stay with my grandparents if I went alone, but I'd rather stay there since you're coming."

Harry nodded, eyes set firmly on the road as we drove through town. He looked a little relived by the fact it would only be the two of us, I didn't think he'd be all that comfortable staying with my grandparents, two people he doesn't know. They can also be quite overwhelming, my grandpas a real show, he's always cracking the most embarrassing jokes or tricking you into doing the most stupid things. He's quite amusing but sometimes it can be a bit much to handle. My grandmas warm and friendly, but I'm slightly scared she's going to freak Harry out because when I was speaking to her on the phone last night she got rather excited about meeting him. Everybody I tell Harry about gets excited and flips out on me because I've never really had a proper boyfriend. It's actually a little bit offending because it's like they thought I'd be forever alone just messing with boys as friends. I hung up on her last night because she started questioning me about Harry and how we started dating. I wasn't about to explain to her our very complicated relationship because I'm still not sure how we even ended up together, it just kind of happened.

"Didn't you sell your house when you moved here?" He asked.

I shook my head. We hadn't sold the house when we moved because I had refused to leave if she sold it so we made a deal. I would move to Cheshire if we kept the house. I just couldn't let mum sell the house or the farm, they held too many memories of my dad and I couldn't bare to lose what little I had left to remember him. I had intended to go back and live there once I finished school and it wasn't like mum didn't have an abundance of money sitting in her bank account so there wasn't really any stretch.

We'd left the farm in the hands of Jai's Dad, Herman. He was happy to take it since he and dad were close friends like Jai and I. Herman actually owned half the farm as Dad and he brought the farm together when they were younger so he was quite happy to care for it.

"We kept it because I couldn't bare the idea of selling it." I explained


A comfortable silence fell between us as I snuggled down into my seat, clutching to Harry's hand as I gazed out the window. Harry flipped on the radio as he noticed me drifting off to sleep, it had been a long night and I hadn't got much sleep hence the heavy eyelids. I didn't fight sleep because I knew if I drifted off into unconsciousness when I woke again I would be back in the place I called my true home.


"Nat? Natalie." Someone shook my shoulder in an attempt to rouse me from my sleep.

I brushed the hand off, turning away from whoever it was shaking me as I tried to go back to sleep. However this was not to the liking of the irritating hand on my shoulder because it came back, this time shaking me a little harder. I let out a small groan as I slowly blinked my heavy lids open coming face to face with a curly haired male with astounding green eyes. Harry's closeness came as a bit of shock, causing me to jolt back, painfully hitting the back of my head against the window. I winced at he impact, squeezing my eyes shut as I tried to block out the sharp pain. Usually I found waking up to Harry's face quite pleasant, this time however it was not.

"Oww." I rubbed the back of my head.

"Shit! Sorry." He apologised as I shot him a glare.

Harry reached across to me, wrapping his strong arms round my waist as he encouraged me to sit on his lap. I obliged, quickly undoing my seatbelt before scrambling across the gap between our two seats where I collapsed down onto his lap. Harry's arms coiled tightly round my waist as I nuzzled my face into the crook of his neck. The back of my head was still throbbing from where I had hit it against the window, I plan on getting an ice pack as soon as we get there before I get a huge lump. Speaking of getting there, why are we parked on the side of the road?

"Where are we?" I asked sitting up slightly on Harry's lap and looking around.

"Well..." Harry smiled. "We're in Doncaster, but I had no idea where you lived and you were asleep so I pulled over to wake you up."

Come to think of it I haven't really told him any of my plans, all he knows is that he's taking me to Doncaster but as for everything else I've left him in the dark. Not that I know much more than he does though, I kind of just intend on playing it by air. The only bonus details I have on Harry is where I live and that we're going to my grandparents' place for dinner. I probably should warn him about that too.

Harry stared at me expectantly, waiting for me to give him the answer to his question. I shook my head, bringing myself back to reality after my momentary zone out. My house wasn't exactly easy to find, I couldn't give him the simple name of a few streets to go down and then the number. I lived a bit out of town a decent way down a dirt road with multiple twists and turns that you had to take before you finally found my house out in the countryside.

"Hop out, I'll drive." I say. "It's too difficult to give you directions."

Harry let out a groan of protest as I pried his arms from around my waist, freeing myself from his protective hold. I chuckled as he reached out to grab me again but I darted into the back seat before he could get a good grasp. It was funny watching him reluctantly get out of the front seat, mumbling something or other under his breath as he shut the door. As he walked around to the passenger seat in which I had been sitting only minutes ago I bobbed back into the front compartment taking position as driver.

I still haven't got my full drivers licence yet, but I'm taking my test in a couple of weeks anyway. It's not like I haven't driven Harry's car before and he was drunk on one occasion as well so I'm pretty confident I wont crash his car or get a scratch on it.

Harry appeared in the passenger seat only seconds later, his eyes gazing at me exquisitely as he watched me twist the key in the ignition. I ran my hands over the steering wheel positioning my right one firmly around the black rubber casing before releasing the clutch. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Harry almost telepathically saying 'Don't break my car' his expression read it. I eased my foot gently down on the accelerator, smiling as the car rolled forward. I always forget how much fun driving is.

"I get scared when you drive." Harry admitted. "You get this really terrifying glint in your eyes."

"I love driving." I grinned."It's fun."

Back when I rode my motorbike I always got the biggest adrenalin rushes, it was the best feeling ever and I loved it. Ever so since I stopped riding I've been getting little bursts of excitement whilst driving a car or a quad, but it was nothing compared to the rush I got whilst on my bike. Cars and quad bikes aren't the same as motorcycles, their four wheels make them much more difficult to manoeuvre and are easier to control. Motorbikes are much more agile and exciting to ride. Even though I haven't ridden in years up until late times which I don't count because I was never driving, I still remember the extreme feeling I got whilst riding.

"Maybe you should get back on your bike." Harry quietly suggests.

I shuddered at the very idea of ever riding again, my body stiffening at the thought. I desperately fought back memories of the night of the accident as I tried to stay in control. Now was not the best time to bring this up, when I'm driving a car I don't need fucking flashbacks. My hands involuntarily tightened around the steering wheel, my knuckles turning white due to the extreme squeezing I was doing to the black rubber. I don't know why, but the fact Harry had even said that enraged me.

"No." I snap. "Why don't you go find your sister or your Dad where ever or whoever he is."

Out of the corner of the corner of my eye I saw Harry's face pale and I immediately regretted what I said. What Harry had said had meant no harm, it was just a simple suggestion and I had been implying I missed riding which was the truth. He had been trying to help me, however what I had said had been designed to stab him straight in the heart and I had no right to say that.

Besides Gemma must be near possible to find, she left four years ago and hasn't contacted him. I doubt that he would even be able to find her if he tried. And his Dad I know next to nothing about, the only tiny little detail I have about him is that he is dead to Harry. The way he never speaks about his dad and immediately shuts down the conversation when his father is brought up makes if pretty obvious they do not have a good relationship.

I had no right to say any of that to him and I wish I could take those words back. I just got angry because he brought up painful memories of my father so I felt the dreadful urge to do the same and that was wrong of me.

"Harry, I'm sorry." I apologised.

My eyes remained on the road as I cautiously reached across to him, laying my palm down upon his thigh. His muscles were tense beneath my fingertips, it was clear I had hurt him by what I had said yet I was surprised when he didn't push my hand away. Gently I squeezed at his tight leg muscle, rubbing my hand up and down the length of his thigh in an act to soothe him. Thanks to my stupid moment of anger back there I've probably gone and hurt him enough that he'll give me the silent treatment for sometime. It's not that I don't deserve it, but I was hoping this trip would be fun and not spent pissed off at each other which is the direction we appear to be heading.

I was beginning to lose hope after a few moments past and I was still getting no response from Harry signifying forgiveness. I guess this is what I get for snapping at him. A heavy sigh came from my mouth as I finally gave up, my fingers gave his thigh one more squeeze before moving away. I let out a gasp of surprise as a warm hand quickly darted out, wrapping his fingers round my wrist. Harry guided my hand back to his jean clad thigh, splaying the expanse of my palm over his leg before resting his hand over mine. A wave of relief washed over me as his digits slipped into the empty gaps between mine, right where they belonged.

"It's alright." Harry spoke quietly. "I shouldn't have said anything either."

A smile tweaked at the corner of my lips now that we had fixed our broken bonds. I can only hope that we don't get angry at each other while we're here. Some how I highly doubt that considering the whole male friends meet boyfriend situation that we are soon going to embark. I'm afraid they're going to rip each others throats out hence the beginning of World War Three. The thought of them meeting actually makes me feel sick to the stomach with a bundle of nerves.

Pushing the fearsome thoughts to the back of my mind I tried to focus in the roar ahead of me and the warmth beneath and above my fingers. I can't predict the feature, it is not inevitable they will hate each others guts but whatever happens, happens. I have no say or input in what occurs during their meeting, so I think it's best I do not dwell on unhelpful and unnecessary thoughts in which only bring me discomfort.

"Let's just forget that happened." I patted Harry's leg."

Minutes passed and I began to feel excitement bubble within me as we drew nearer to my previous home on which I had grown up in. My heart was involuntarily began to thud rapidly against my chest as eager anticipation grew in the pit of my stomach. As I turned the final corner towards my home a grin spread across my face as the building came into view. My former home didn't quite fit into its grassy surroundings, it was large, pretty and had a freaking indoor pool. Mum had put her touch on this place by renovating the smaller house in which my dad had been living in before they got married. I didn't mind the out of place extremity of it though, this was the house I grew up in and it proved to be a pretty awesome house.

I pull up in front of the house, parking the car beside a large oak tree before killing the engine. I turn towards Harry to return his Keys, a smile cracking on my lips as I absorbed his surprised features. Harry's eyes were practically bulging out of their sockets as he stared up at the house looming before us. This wasn't the first time somebody had gaped at my rather out of place home, but seeing their surprised reaction never got old.

I couldn't help but smirk a little as I dropped his car keys back into his lap and lightly patted his thigh. The door was pushed open before I stumbled clumsily out of the car. I was glad to be able to stretch my legs after being trapped inside the close confines of Harry's car for so long, my legs were now finally free. I wandered round the side of the car to the boot, my fingers fumbled with the open contraption momentarily before it rose upwards, allowing me access.

The sound of Harry's car door slamming made me jump a little as I fumbled to get my bag. The gravel crunched beneath his shoes as he made his way towards me. Once he reached me he used his hip to gently nudge to the side after noticing me struggle with my heavy bag. I watched in slight annoyance as he easily lifted the black suitcase for the depths of the boot with only one hand and placed it down on the ground. Harry smiled smugly at me as he noticed me glaring at him. I don't think it's fair that he gets all that arm muscle whilst I have puny little twigs for arms. Watching him lift heavy objects with such ease makes me envy his strength and I'm seriously starting to consider paying Nathan to teach me how to box just so I don't feel useless.

"You enjoy rubbing in my face don't you." I asked rhetorically.

Harry released a loud chuckle as he dumped his much smaller duffel bag to the ground. The green of his mischievous eyes twinkled as they met mine. I didn't need to hear the answer to my question fall from his plump, pink lips, the gleam in his eyes and cheeky grin on his face read it all. I rolled my eyes, marching past him towards the house. But before I could reach the first step up onto the porch the pair of muscular arms that both impressed and pissed me off so much wrapped round my waist.

Harry pulled me back into the warmth of his chest, using his strong body to enclose me within and to prevent me from escape. Despite my jealously towards Harry's strength I couldn't prevent the stupid grin from spreading across my lips as he held me close. The way he makes me feel is indescribable, he makes me crazy, but I love him.

"Don't deny it, I know you're silently impressed." Harry teased.

He was right, I was impressed by his strength and protectiveness. Not only did Harry keep me safe but I could use his cockiness to my advantage so he could save me from having to strain myself and carry heavy stuff for me. I squirmed a little in his strong grip until I managed to wriggle my way round 180 degrees so that our chests were now moulded together. I let my fingers wander up his strong arms, wrapping them around his muscled bicep where I lightly squeezed as if to test the muscle. I had carried out this action many times before because I enjoyed feeling the power held captive within his arms. I was well accustomed to the fact that Harry was practically a lethal weapon just waiting to be triggered, however I no longer feared him on that front. Now his strength reminded me that when I was with him I knew I was safe and that if need be he would use the rippling power beneath his skin to protect me. Even though I hated him using violence on others it was comforting to know if worst came to worst he could defend himself and look after me.

"Sometimes I wonder if you're secretly superman." I laughed.

My arms moved to wrap around his neck, bringing us closer together as we smiled at one another. I pressed a kiss to his cheek, the gesture provoking his cheeky grin further up his dimpled cheeks.

"I wouldn't be caught dead in Lycra." Harry chuckled.

"Damn, I was only dating you because I thought you were superman." I joked, playfully shoving him away.

Harry was quick to encircle me in his body again, chuckling lightly as I snuggled back into his familiar warmth. He hummed quietly as I nuzzled my face into the crook of his neck, wrapping my arms round his waist as we embraced each other. No words were exchanged, but the tenderness we showed through our actions spoke our words unspoken. These were the moments in which I both felt and knew I loved Harry and that he loved me back. The minutes that passed by as we remained silent made me realise just how great my affection for him was.

"I we going to cuddle outside all day or am I going to show you inside." I ask, peering up at him through long lashes.

"Hmm, I like the cuddling idea." He sighs contently.

It took all my will power and what little arm muscle I possessed to break free of Mr Cuddlebug Styles' tight grasp. He pouted as I darted away from his outstretched arms in which only desired to hold my body again. My heart ached a little for him, but I didn't want to spend all day doing nothing but cuddling with him whilst we were here. Any other day I would happily do nothing but cuddle with him, but here it could wait till later because I wanted to get as much out of this trip as possible.

"You don't like my hugs?" Harry pretended to be offended but I knew perfectly well that he knew I immensely enjoyed being in his arms.

"We can cuddle in bed later tonight when we have nothing to do but sleep." I replied as I walked back to the car.

My fingers wrapped round the handle of my oversized bag, tugging at it as I attempted to drag it across the gravel. The task proved slightly more difficult than I had anticipated, the roller wheels on the bottom of the bag refused to move across the loose stones as I yanked it behind me. I'm pretty sure the bottom of the bag was being shredded by the small rocks due to the way I was carrying it, but I couldn't care less. I was back at my home in which I loved and with the person I loved most. Harry.

"I can think of some things we can do in bed that involves some cuddling." Harry purred as I passed him with my heavy bag.

The suggestive tone of his voice made me freeze, my grip loosening slightly on my bag causing it to fall flat to the ground with a dull thud. I'm no mind reader, but I'm pretty sure I know the next few words that will undoubtably fall from his perfect, plump, pink lips. The very thought of those words caused a pink flush to creep up my cheeks.

I gulped as Harry moved in, decreasing the proximity between us until there was barely a centimetre keeping us apart . I struggled to control the speed of my involuntarily heightened breath and the rapid pounding of my heart as I remained motionless, just waiting for him to utter the words that made my cheeks flush pink but I also found rather alluring and desirable. Harry was determine on making my anxiety grow further just so he can provoke the best reaction from me and forcing my impatient self to wait is probably the way to do it.

Harry's breath was warm against my cheek, caressing my skin as it fanned out over my flushed skin. He was driving me to the point of insanity, forcing the anticipation to increase every moment that passed us by. Shivers shot down my spine like icy pinnacles upon feeling the soft touch of his pink lips as they brushed my earlobe. Our skin had barely made contact but the feelings I received from our mere skim of an encounter felt more like being electrocuted.

"Making Love." Harry seductively purred as his lips grazed along my jawbone.

The way he spoke made it sound like more of a promise than a thought in which had been simply bouncing around in his perverted mind. His words caused my cheeks to change from a light flush into a deep scarlet red burning across the contour of my cheeks. Despite his deep, husky voice causing me obvious embarrassment he knew that I wanted him again and it was true.

I lightly shoved him in the chest, trying to hide my face as he laughed at my discomfort. It took me a moment to grab my bag again before I practically sprinted up to the porch dragging the heavy object behind me. His deep, rumbling laughter followed as I shoved my hands in my pockets desperately searching for my keys so I could escape from his embarrassing teasing. I swear he only does it just to see my cheeks flush pink and to provoke a ridiculous reaction from me for his own amusement.

My fingertips brushed against the cool metal of my keys, relief flooding through me as I fumbled a moment before retrieving them from the depths of my pockets. The array keys attached to the keyring jangled as I pushed the one that belonged to this door into the silver lock. The lock was stiff from its lack in use the past couple of months, It took a minute of rattling the key for it to become unstuck and the welcoming click to sound.

My heart leapt and an uncontrollable grin spread across my lips as I reached for the handle. In one swift twist of the door handle the thick wood barrier swung open revealing the oh so familiar hallway of my home. It was exactly the way it had been left, empty. Not a single jacket hung from the coatrack that I was so used to seeing practically full nor was there a list of groceries written on the whiteboard which hung from a hook in the wall. A layer of dust had gathered on the rim of photo frames and any other object in which jutted outwards. The filled photo frames gave off a very eerie feeling, it felt almost as though I were a ghost returning to haunt my home after death.

My grip tightened around the handle of my suitcase as I blocked out Harry's amused laughter before I took a step inside. The moment the sole of my shoe touched the wooden floor a wave of memories flooded through my mind. I remembered the countless times I had burst through the front door traipsing mud through the house before mum scolded me before I was sent outside to remove my shoes. The time dad and I brought a lamb inside and put it in bed with mum on April fools day. But no matter how hard I tried to be rid of it one memory continually tortured me, there hasn't been a day gone by that I have thought of the dreadfully memory I wish I could erase. I was always going to remember the day I ran off and accidentally got my father killed it was be burnt into my mind forever, making me suffer for all eternity, the memory as clear as crystal.

I choked back my tears as I shook the thought from my mind. I was yet to find peace at heart and to forgive myself, but that's something I'm unsure of ever being able to succeed in. I am almost certain I will be haunted by my disastrous mistake my whole life despite the number of people that tell me it wasn't my fault because I know in my heart that it really was.

Finally snapping out of my little flashbacks of the past I turned back to glance at the idiot who thought himself as being hilarious. Harry was still stationed in the spot I had left him, his eyes following my movement intently as I glared at him for his earlier tormenting.

"Just so you know, I've decided that you can sleep in the guest room." I spoke as seriously as possible, trying to keep a straight face as not to alert him I was only kidding.

It seemed to work though and I felt pretty smug with myself after witnessing his face fall. Harry looked absolutely mortified by the idea of having to sleep all alone, but since he had fallen into my trap I decided to let him think that because quite frankly he deserved it for being such a hormonal guy. I leant against the door frame as he continued to gape at me in disbelief.

"I might reconsider if you don't make any more suggestive comments you cheeky bastard." I stuck my tongue out at him with less maturity than a five year old.

I laughed as he reciprocated my childish gesture. It was adorable seeing Harry so playful, he looked so squishy and huggable at this present moment in time. His cuteness gave me the urge to run back over to him and snuggle him in my arms. However I fought the desire to hug him as I had already gone through a difficult mission to escape his strong hold. I laughed to myself before turning away from him and heading down the hallway into the depths of the house.

My footsteps echoed through out the house, bouncing off the walls and creating a creepy atmosphere. The rooms were dimly lit due to the fact the sun was slowly setting and all the power was shut off. I should probably turn the electricity and water back on before it turns dark out, I really don't want to have to go into the basement when it's pitch black. I've never been fond of the basement, all the creepy crawlies live down there and I once got locked down there during a power cut when I was home alone, the very memory of that makes me shudder. Imagine being trapped in a pitch black basement for eighteen hours while spiders crawl over you and listening to the wind howl. It was not a pleasant experience and by the time my dad found me I had lost my voice from screaming at the brush of spiders legs and my cheeks were stained with tears.

I left my bag at the bottom of the staircase after figuring I probably wouldn't make it all the way up to my bedroom with it. Instead I padded down to the end of the hall where a flight of descending stairs had been built. Hesitantly I made my way down to the door in which awaited at the bottom. I was careful to make sure that the door wasn't going to lock if it slammed closed like it had done previously and then I pushed an old paint can up against it just to be safe.

I felt around in my pockets before pulling my phone out and flicking my torch on. I was glad to have the small beam of light my phone provided, it may not be much, but it sure as hell beats stumbling around this windowless basement in the dark. I shone the light around the room, trying to locate the switch box in which contained the switches to turn the power and the water back on. I hadn't been down here in a long time, both mum and I avoided visiting the creepy basement me because of my awful experience in it and mum because Mitchell convinced her to watch The Hole with us and now she's convinced there's a creepy clown down there that's going to kill her. When we left she had been too scared to go down there and then refused to let me go so she called Jai's dad. My mother is honestly the biggest wimp I know.

My eyes landed on the square, black box jutting slightly out of the wall in the far left corner of the room. I scanned the path towards it for any sign of spiders or there webs before determining it safe to cross the room. Cautiously I took a few steps in, glancing back just to be certain the door was still open. Taking a deep breath I turned back towards my destination, keeping my source of light trained on the floor in front of me just in case any creepy crawlies tried to sneak up on me. I don't really know why bugs freak me out so much. I think might just be the fact that anything that had more than four limbs seems unnatural to me and on the spider front eight eyes and eight legs is just plain creepy. The very thought of their beady little eyes watching me right now sends shivers down my spine and makes my skin prickle.

I breathed out a sigh of relief as I made it to the switch box without any spider encounters. My phone was swapped into my left hand before I reached for the latch using my right. The front of the box swung open revealing the switchboard in which was covered with an array of various buttons and switches that turned on certain things. I was just reaching for the one that read power when a large, fuzzy, black creature dropped from the top of the box.

A shrill scream escaped my lips as my phone fell from my hands hitting the concrete floor with a thud. In my panic I stumbled backwards, tripping over a bunch of empty paint cans in the process. Another scream broke free of my chest as I fell hard against the ground causing quite the clatter.

"Natalie!?" Harry yelled, his tone of voice desperate and frantic after hearing my terrified screams.

His heavy footfalls sounded as loud thuds as he hurried down the stairs towards me. Harry rushed to my side, catching hold of my elbow as he helped me to my feet. I was quick to move behind Harry, putting as much distance between the hairy eight legged terror and myself.

"What's wrong, baby." Harry asked worriedly as he turned around to face me.

My fingers clutched at his shirt as I peered over his shoulder in the direction of the switchboard. I could no longer see it as my phone now lay face down on the ground, casting its beam of light across the floor towards the wall now. I shuddered fearfully, I preferred knowing where they were rather than them sneaking up on me from god knows where.

"T-there's a huge spider." I jittered, pointing towards where I had seen it.

"You've got to be kidding me." I saw Harry roll his eyes in the dim light.

His shirt slipped from my fingers as he pulled away, turning around in the direction I had pointed. I watched as he stopped down to retrieve my fallen phone from the ground before retracting to his full hight. The light my cellular device emitted was shone on the inanimate black box, illuminating the contents so Harry could see where the creepy spider was. I let out another shriek as it came back into view, it's beady black eyes glinting in the light beam.

"It's a tiny, I don't understand why girls get so worked up about siders ." Harry laughed.

"The fact that it has eight eyes and right legs doesn't freak you out at all?" I asked, moving back a little as I was afraid it might jump.

"It probably looks at you and thinks you're a weird, two eyed, two legged giant coming to kill him." Harry laughs. "I'm pretty sure it's more afraid of you than you are of it."

He craned his neck to look over his shoulder at me. The way I was all jumpy and scared brought a smirk to his face, my fear of spiders clearly funny to him.

"Come here." He beckoned me over.

I shook my head. I didn't want to be anywhere near the hairy monster, it probably wanted to eat me.

Harry moved forward, taking only a few long strides to reach me. Gently my hand was taken in the warmth of his larger one as his intense emerald eyes met with mine. His small gestures came as a comfort to me, I found his very touch soothing.

"Baby, it's not going to hurt you." Harry reassured.

Hesitantly I nodded my head, grasping his hand tightly as I huddled close to him. A comforting smile was given to me before Harry turned around, gently pulling me after him. I shrank back as the beam of light shone upon the creature again as it hung suspended in midair, dangling by a sliver thread. All eight of its legs wiggled and the matching number of black eyes peered back at us with just the same amount of curiosity as Harry and I had.

"Shine this on him so I can pick him up." Harry held my phone out to me.

I didn't like the idea of touching a spider, it amazes me just how fearless guys were of the beady eyed creatures, it's like they don't think there's anything even the slightest bit abnormal about them. Why is it that 99% of the female population are terrified of them.

Hesitantly I took my phone from Harry's fingers, quickly shining the light back on the spider before it had the chance to disappear. I watched with wide eyes as one of his hands moved towards the fuzzy arachnid, the other hovering just below it as he pinched its silver thread between his thumb and forefinger. The spider fell on Harry's palm, crawling around on the expanse of his warm skin.

"See, he's harmless." Harry smiled at me whilst carefully cupping the spider in his hand as if he were caring for his own child.

Watching Harry and the spider was kind of cute, despite my hate for the little fuzzy beings that silently crept around. The way he was so gentle with the spider was so sweet, it appeared as though he cared for the small creature, holding its life I his hand.

I jumped a little upon feeling Harry's delicate touch on the back of my hand. His fingers curled around my wrist, flipping my hand over so it was palm up. Reluctantly I allowed him to lift my hand up so it was level with the one in which he held the spider. I knew what he was going to do and quite frankly the idea of holding it myself freaked me out, but I wanted to try and overcome my fear anyway.

"I promise he won't hurt you."

I gulped down my fear as the thumbnail sized spider was transferred from Harry's palm to mine. My arm went ridged as it touched my skin, I was afraid that if I moved it might jump in my face or something. It sat on my palm just as motionlessly as the two of us examined each other, me with two eyes the little fuzzy fella with all eight of his.

I was surprised to find holding him wasn't that bad, but that was until he became comfortable on this new environment and decided to move. The feeling of his legs moving who's my skin forced my heart rate to rocket, fear coursing through my body as I begun freaking out.

I screamed, shaking my hand wildly until the spider fell off landing on my shoe. A second ear piercing scream racked my body as I kicked my leg until it fell down on the floor somewhere along with my phone again. The moment it was off my body I jumped into Harry, wrapping my arms round his neck and legs round his waist as I clung to him for dear life. I don't think I'm ever going to overcome my fear of spiders somehow.

Harry chuckled, obviously finding my frightened reaction funny and enjoying my extreme closeness as I held onto him. I didn't want to touch the ground in fear of the scary arachnid crawling up my leg or worse bringing a whole nest of his little buddies back.

"What did the innocent little spider do to you?" Harry teased.

I didn't respond, instead I nuzzled my face into the crook of his neck and squeezed my eyes closed. I think Harry's idea of getting me to overcome my fear of spiders only intensified the matter he had tried to help me get over.

I hung onto him tightly as I felt his body lower to retrieve my phone for the second time in about ten minutes. The number of times I've dropped my poor iPhone I'm surprised it still works, it's been through a lot of falls recently and it still works perfectly thanks to my shock absorbent case. Harry's fingers returned the device to my back pocket, using it as an opportunity to punch my bum, forcing me to attempt to jump further into his chest than it was actually possible.

One of his arms uncoiled from around my body, the sound of switches being flicked caught my attention. I opened my eyes, smiling as I realised the room was now lit by a simple bulb hanging in the centre of the room. I tried not to look around too much, the sight of numerous spiderwebs gave me anxiety because I knew all too well that something must have created them.

"Get me out of here, please." I practically begged.

Harry's chest vibrated as he released a throaty chuckle, he was still finding the whole situation hilarious. I was relieved when he began to carry me back towards the door we had entered through. I just wanted to get out.

"I hate spiders, they're creepy." I shuddered I spoke as Harry switched the light off.

He grinned with amusement.

"You definitely have arachnophobia." Harry chuckled before closing the basement door and locking it tight.

No spiders will be escaping from there anytime soon.


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