Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


51. Chapter Forty-Four

Chapter 44 Harry's arm was wrapped tightly around my waist, his protective touch making me feel safe and secure as we walked along the streets in the dark. It was a little cool, but I couldn't really feel the cold due to the warmth caused by Harry's proximity. "Did you have a nice birthday?." Harry asked, tilting his head to the side in a questioning manor. I did have a nice birthday, it had ended up being pretty good. Apart form a few hiccups during dinner and a surprise appearance from my mum's boyfriend my day had been wonderful. "Mmmm." I hummed in a quiet reply. Harry's arm squeezed me a little tighter, making a smile curve up on my lips. He was the one that had made my eighteenth birthday wonderful. Even though he had caused a bit of a scene at the restaurant, if he hadn't of been there I'd most probably be depressed and deeply affected by Johns presence. I smiled up at the beautiful guy that had turned my life inside out and upside down. He had literally forced his way into my life, and now I never wanted him to leave. "What?" He asked noticing my gaze lingering on his face. I stopped walking, my hand grabbing a fistful of his white shirt. Using all the strength I had to force him back up against the high fence we were walking alongside. His expression showed the surprise he felt towards my forceful actions. Just shocking him that little bit further, my lips roughly pressed against his. Fingers tugged at his soft ringlets forcing a few moans from Harry's lips as we hotly kissed. I knew he could feel the sparks too, the sizzling current running through our bodies. I wanted him, and I wanted him bad. "Hurry up and take me home." I breathlessly instructed. "With pleasure." My hand was grasped possessively in his before he started moving quickly along the path, eager to get back to my place. I struggled to keep up with his quick pace, walking in my wedged heels proving to be difficult as he pulled me in tow behind him. I wasn't going to be able to get home with these damn shoes on. I was practically running after him, It was hard enough to walk in these shoes let alone run. I stopped in my tracks, Harry turning to see why I halted. Releasing Harry's hand I bent down, my fingers fumbling to remove the black wedges from my feet. Barefooted, I stood up again, my shoes held in my left hand. I yelped in surprise as my legs were knocked out from beneath me and I was lifted into the familiar hard warmth of his chest. Even after the countless number of times Harry had sept me off my feet, his habit still took me by surprise. "I can't wait to get you out of that dress." He growled. His raspy words sent shivers down my spine. I tightly held onto him as he commenced in hurriedly carrying me along the footpath. * I clung to Harry, legs wrapped tightlu round his waist as he effortlessly carried me up the driveway to my house. His curls were tangled between the fingers of my right hand, lips kissing along his jaw as Harry fiddled with the keys in the lock. I had given them to him earlier as I had no pockets in my dress. The door was slammed shut with his foot, pressing me against the wood as he locked it again. I dropped my shoes carelessly over his shoulder, letting them fall to the floor with a dull thud. I nuzzled my face into the crook of his neck, my hands tickling their way under the black blazer he wore to hold him beneath the clothing. I felt safe as I snuggled further into his comforting warmth, inhaling his strong scent that seemed to cloud my senses. But comfort soon transformed into desire, soft kisses changing into marks of passion brandishing his skin as I uncompromisingly sucked on the warm skin at the base of his neck. A low moan followed a sharply inhaled breath as Harry responded in roughly squeezing my bum. "I want you so bad." "Put me down." I breathily laughed. My feet made contact with the floor, backing away as Harry stalked forward. Despite the hallway being dimly lit, it wasn't difficult to see the seductive smirk plastered across his face. There was barely a couple of centimetres between our faces. The fiery heat of Harry's eyes remained teasingly on me as he undressed, taking his time to slide the dark blazer off his shoulders. The material dropped to the floor. "I want to be dirty with you." Harry's forehead pressed against mine, his hand leisurely skimming up the inside of my thigh, crinkling my dress. I squeezed my legs together, successfully ceasing his efforts. "Patience." Gripping the fabric of Harry's shirt I repeated the actions I had done earlier, shoving him up against the wall with all the strength I could muster. Swollen lips parted in pleasure, eyes squeezed closed. I decreased the the distance between us, my fingers hastily attempted to unbutton his shirt. His sudden motions left me in shock, yanking either side of his shirt to forcefully rip it open. The sound of scattering buttons hitting the floorboards rang in my ears. I'd never witnessed anything quite so desperately hot. My hands palmed the newly exposed skin of Harry's toned chest and stomach. He looked almost godlike, tanned, muscled...and all mine. "I love it when you're rough with me." Harry confessed. The last couple of words had barely left his lips before I scratched my fingernails down the length of he abdomen, sure to leave a few raised lines in their wake as evidence of my harsh gesture. He swore through gritted teeth. "I'm gonna take you in bed." My heart thudded rapidly with his promise, pressing a heavy kiss to my mouth where heavy breath was being puffed out. Regrettably I pulled away from the temptation of Harry's plump pink lips, turning and walking down the hall. I came to a stand still at the bottom of the stair case, my ears straining to hear the sound of his heavy footsteps trailing behind me. I peered behind me to discover he had been watching my every move. His heated gaze burning at the skin he desired to uncover. We stood facing each other, several metres between us as he carelessly brushed his ruined shirt from his broad shoulders. I had quickly come to learn that Harry's body was close to perfection. Even the variety of scars he had sustained during fights held an intriguing beauty. I wondered if he would ever open up and educate me in the origins of the marks a teeing his beautiful skin. I teasingly rose my hand, flicking my index finger in a gesture to coax him towards me. "Come here." His smile tugged up further on his left cheek than it did on the right, his mouth curling into a smirk. Kicking of his shoes he stalked towards me, I backed away, my feet moving up one stair for every stride he took. Harry let out a grunt of frustration, his hands darted out to catch my hips but they narrowly missed. "You are a tease." He growled. We were soon in the comfort of my bedroom. Once I'd flicked my fairy lights on my attention drifted back to him, now stood barefoot in only his black jeans. Harry's eyes were alight with mischief I raised my hand to stop him from coming any closer. He complied, eyes intently watching as I leant forwards, fingers travelling up the skirt of my dress before hooking them into my underwear and trailing them down my legs. I stepped out of them, dropping the lace material to the floor before standing up straight again. The look he gave me was one of lust, my cheeks flushed as he practically undressed me with his eyes. A rough him sounded from Harry as I mirrored his movement forward with a step back. He seemed to enjoy the game, intent on victory, closing the distance between us rapidly. I giggled as Harry's arms caught hold of my waist, our bodies falling backwards onto the bed. "Where do you think you're going, baby?" His hot breath fanned out over my face, the depth of his tone giving me goosebumps as my heart rapidly thumped in my chest. Harry sat back up at the end of the bed, instructing me to lie down whilst his fingers explored the soft skin of my thighs. He spread them apart, indulging in an unhurried glance to the heat between my legs. My cheeks were on fire as I wrapped my hand round the back of his neck, pressing my fingertips into his nape in encouragement. "Who got you so wet." A whimper escaped my lips, hands desperately tugging at his curls as he looks up at me through hooded eyes. The tables had turned, I had teased him and now he was teasing me. "Was it that guy from the restaurant?" He spoke spitefully. "No." I managed to speak. The warmth of his lips were felt against the inside of my thighs. Harry's lips nibbling at the soft skin as kisses were trailed along my thigh. "He could never make you wet." Harry spoke smugly. He commenced in his teasing, lips and teeth working together as he attempted to get me to admit he was the cause of my arousal. "Hmm." He encouraged. I watched as he opened his mouth, deliberately puffing his hot breath onto my aching core. My breath hitched, back arching up off the mattress as his name fell from my lips in desperate gasps. "Y-You. You did." My voice shook, fingers grasping his curls tightly as I desperately pleaded for him to carry out his pleasuring actions. A smirk tugged at his lips hearing my confession, his eyes swirling in lust as he gazed up at me. I squeezed my eyes closed as his warm breath puffed out over me, tingles of pleasure up my spine. Seconds later i felt his tongue lick up my centre. He let out a chuckle as my thighs involuntarily clamped around his head, large hands pushing against my knees, restraining them so he could continue. I didn't have time to pull myself together before his tongue darted into me, a small shriek leaving my lips. My hand tightened its grip on Harry's hair, roughly yanking on his soft curls, forcing a moan from his plump lips. His tongue delved into me a second time, shooting waves of pleasure through my body, causing my back to arch up off the mattress again. My breathing was erratic, chest rising and falling at an increasingly fast rate as Harry's mouth and tongue worked together. Plump lips wrapped around my most sensitive spot before sucking. His name fell from my lips in strangled breaths as I neared my end. My hand roughly grasped the bed spread, fisting the material between my fingers. I knew I was close. But it had been Harry's next few words that knocked me over the edge. "Fuck you taste amazing." I was still seeing stars when Harry crawled up the bed, his elbows holding his weight as his body hovered over me. His smug grin said it all, curls a wild mess. Harry opened his mouth to speak, but I quickly cut him off, pressing my lips against his before he could make some arrogant remark concerning the short period of time it had taken him to force my climax. Without breaking the kiss, I pushed at Harry's shoulders, rolling us over so I lay on top. My hands rested over his chest, the heavy thud of his heart could be felt beneath my fingertips as our mouths continued to move in synchronisation. Harrys whimpered in protest as I broke the kiss, sitting up on his lap. I was surprised by my newfound courage as my hands moved down to the top of his jeans, popping the button open. My fingers fumbled slightly with the zip as I tugged it down before pulling his jeans open. Harry looked shocked by my sudden streak of boldness, sitting up as I positioned myself over the bulge in his boxer briefs revealed by his open black jeans. I lowered my exposed lower region down on his crotch, the black boxers the only thing preventing him from penetrating me. A low moan fell from his lips as I gently rocked my hips over his arousal. I gasped upon feeling him harden against me, the sensation heating my core. My arms wrapped around his neck, chests pressing together as I continued to rock my hips over his erection. Harry's face nuzzled into the crook of my neck, quiet moans falling from his mouth as my crotch continuously ground against his groin. Leaning down I pressed my lips against his bare shoulder, peppering affection across his hot skin as I increased the speed of the rotation of my hips. My dominant actions surprised me more than the did Harry. I didn't have a clue as to where the sudden confidence had come from, but I liked having Harry quietly moaning into my neck as I rocked my hips over him. I was in control and I have to admit, I was loving it. Harry's chest rose and fell against mine at a rapid pace. He was struggling for breath, raspy gasps being sucked through his lips as my motions continued. I could feel the heat rising in my stomach as I grew near to my high for the second time tonight. Judging by the string of cuss words falling from my boyfriend's mouth I figured he was too. Curls tickled my cheek as Harry's face pulled away from my neck, blazing green eyes meeting with my own. The warmth of his hands was felt on my hips, gently gripping them as he forced them to stop. I looked at him questioningly, unsure to the reason he had stopped me. Did I do something wrong? I attempted to climb of Harry's lap, my cheeks blushing furiously with embarrassment. Harry prevented me from evading his touch, his arms holding me securely to his body. I struggled in his arms, avoiding his gaze. "I don't want to come just yet." Harry whispered, noticing my embarrassment. "Was it alright." I asked timidly. Harry's gaze was full of lust as he lazily smiled at me. "No. It was fucking amazing." My cheeks flushed, his comment stirring a strange feeling of success in my stomach. "You almost made me come quicker than I made you." He spoke in disbelief. Timidly I looked up to meet his lustful green eyes, my teeth nibbling shyly on my bottom lip as we looked at each other. My fingers reached up, brushing his curls off his forehead as he smile at me. Harry's hand cupped my cheek before passionately pressing his mouth against mine. "Can we get under the covers." I quietly asked. He grinned, eyes alight with a playful warmth. "Course we can, but I want to get you out of this dress first." We scrambled off the side of the bed to negotiate the removal of our remaining clothes. I subconsciously walked in circles as I reached behind my back, trying to reach the zipper which seemed to be perfectly positioned so I couldn't reach it at either angle I attempted. I could hear Harry laughing, the unceremonious dropping if his jeans sounding as I huffed in frustration, the zipper on this dress becoming infuriating. "Come here, you." Harry beckoned me towards him. Gratefully accepting his help I hurried towards him. Harry's arms encircled my body, my breasts pressing against his chest as his fingers fiddled with the zipper behind my back before gently bringing it down. His hands ran up my back over the skin he had newly revealed. Hands smoothly slid over my shoulders, pushing the pretty blue materiel down my arms. Harry winced at the sight of my wounded arm, the mark a hateful reminder of how he had not been there to protect me. I wished he would stop mentally blaming himself, it wasn't his fault, I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time all on my own. I moved my hand across to hide the mark from his view. I didn't want to think of anything other than Harry and the steamy events that I knew would soon take place. His gaze was averted from where the marks were now hidden beneath my hand, his eyes focussing back on the task at hand. Wiggling my hips, I aided Harry in sliding the fabric over my widest point. My dress fluttered to the floor alongside Harry's jeans. "Holy shit." He cursed. I was completely bare apart from my bra, my embarrassment becoming apparent as a rosy blush danced on my cheeks. His mouth curving into a grin whilst Hopkins his thumbs into the band of his boxers and promptly tugging them down. Harry's boldness was always astounding. I struggled to prevent his foolish grin from rubbing off on me, but I was fighting a dying battle, shyly glancing away as I giggled. Harry shifted to stand in front of me before my arms drifted up to wrap around his neck. Our mouthes met, my eyes fluttering closed with the tenderness of the kiss as we gradually made our way back over to my bed. Harry blindly reached behind me, enticing the covers back before gently laying me down on the white sheets. Harry knelt above me until I joined him. My bold streak continuing as I took ahold of him, pumping my hand up and down his hard length as i nuzzled my face into the curve where his neck and shoulder met. Harry's hot breath puffed out in light laughs, reaching for his wallet as I teasingly nibbled at his skin. The movement of my hand ceased as I intently watched Harry carry out the actions I had witnessed him perform once before. His erection rested heavy between his thighs before rolling the condom he had ripped open with his teeth down the stiff length. I smiled as he gently lay me down against the pillows before settling himself above me. In that moment I noticed the slight hesitation in his confident movements, the uneasiness in his eyes. "I trust you." I spoke, sweeping his hair off his forehead. "But last time I..." Harry worriedly trailed off. "You said it wouldn't happen again and I trust you." He kissed my cheek, warm lips peppering affection along my jaw to my ear. "Okay." Harry's warm fingertips grazed my skin his warm touch tracing the shape of my side. He was so delicate, gently kissing my lips as his eyes remained on me. I lifted my right leg to rest on the curve of his back, my heel pressing into his lower spine. The tip of his hard length brushed me twice before carefully pressing in. Harry caught hold of the duvet, smoothly sliding it up his naked back, encasing us in warmth. I knew the temperature would dramatically rise in the next few minutes, but it felt perfect at this present moment in time. Harry gradually guided himself in, small sounds escaped my lips captured in the breath Harry inhaled. My fingers lightly tugged at the sheets unaccustomed to the feeling of anything quite so intimate. It still felt a little odd, but nothing compared to the first time we had sex. "Is that alright?" His anxiousness was made obvious as he pried my hand away from the bedspread to hold in his. "Mmm." "Can I go deeper?" He almost pleaded. A small nod of my head gave Harry permission to sink into my right warmth. Both of us were struggling to draw vital air, our bodies lovingly connected. I had never felt closer to another person. "Oh my god." My nails dug into Harry's back as I attempted to relax, helping in Harry's gentle persuasive movement. The position was held to allow me time to completely absorb him. Broken sounds tumbled from Harry's parted lips, his eyes alight with warmth as my muscles contracted around him. I watched him intently as I repeated the foreign action, enjoying the reaction I had provoked. A knowing smile curled onto the swollen pink of Harry's lips, receiving a barely noticeable nod in request to feel the pleasuring squeeze once more. A low growl reverberated from the back of his throat in response. "Please, let me move. Harry strained. The deliberate roll of his hips was something indescribable, rocking back and forth at a steady unhurried pace. We had all night. Our chests were pressed closely together, the cups of my bra making contact with Harry's firm torso. I cuddled him impossibly close, desiring to feel the heavy masculine weight above me. "I've never gone this slow before." He confessed. "I like it." Harry lazily smiled. My hand cupped his cheeks as our lips united in a sweet kiss, the duvet slipping down Harry's back until I quickly tugged it back up. "You looked really pretty in your dress tonight." A smile appeared on my face caused by Harry's sweet compliment, also finding it a little amusing that we were having a conversation whilst making love. It made me wonder if this was his way of trying to distract himself from repeating previous mistakes. "Thank you. But you've already said that though." Small gasps separated my sentence every couple of words. Harry's hips ground down onto mine, stealing the breath from my lungs. "I meant it." My head lolled to the side upon receiving a heavier thrust, my eyes squeezing closed as I gripped tightly to his hip. It hadn't hurt, just felt strange, oddly pleasurable. "Sorry." Harry apologized. "Don't be." I replied, giving him a reassuring peck. "Keep going." Harry was still above me, supporting his body on his forearms. His curls tickled at my cheek as he kissed at my neck. "You smell really nice." He continued. "I'm talking a lot, aren't I?" His voice broke the muffled sounds of desire coming from my mouth, his face reappearing from my body, the blush on his cheeks made me aware that he was a little embarrassed. I always found it undeniably cute, contrasting vastly from his sometimes unforgiving harsh exterior. "Yes." I strained in a giggle. "Sorry, it's just I-I've never been able to before." "I don't mind, as long as you keep moving." I playfully gave his hips a squeeze. His laughter rand out around the room before he moved slightly to the left. My mouth parted as he began to massage a new sensitive area with his length buried inside. His name left my lips in desperate cries, the heat from both our bodies increasing. Although we were still taking it slow, the depth was penetrating me further as he deliberately held the position longer. "Harry." I whimpered. A lazy grin appeared on Harry's features, he was enjoying my pleading, desperate for him to move I within me. When he did, the same reaction was repeated, remaining stationary inside me. I desperately clung to him, both my legs tightly wrapped round his waist, my heels digging into the small of his back. My arms abruptly spread out on either side of me, desperately fisting the sheets as Harry hit a spot that had pleasure bursting throughout my body. My hands still tightly gripped the sheets, shoulders rising from the mattress slightly to plant a heavy kiss to his plump, pouted, pink lips. "There". He mumbled. I cried out as he continually met the spot that had me shaking. My arms were drawn in close to my body, Harry lowering down as I caressed his jaw. There wasn't an inch between us, his body seemed to wrap protectively around, encasing me as he practically rested all his weight on top of me. Harry's hands cupped my shoulder blades, holding me against him as he buried his face into the crop of my neck. I could do nothing but cling onto him as his hips repeatedly collided with mine at an increasing pace. All while Harry was expressing the intensity of the situation in a sting of cuss words. My hands cupped Harry's cheek, guiding his face out of my crook, bringing his mouth against mine. "I want to be inside you when you come." He panted. We'd never experienced my orgasm while having sex, since the act had only been carried out once before. It had been to much for me, overwhelming. But now, the pain and uncomfortableness of first penetration had been almost entirely vanquished, barely noticeable. Now, I was ready. I nodded my head, voice unable to string together a coherent sentence. "Tell me when you're close." He were still wrapped in each other, Harry's mouth leaving sweet kisses to my cheek as he rolled us further to the left. He protected my body, arms encircling me in a safe embrace, hips grinding against my own. My hand moved from his waist to between us. "Nat?" Our noses brushed, eyes swimming with need as I gently rubbed the area just above where we were intimately connected. Harry brushed my hand away, my back landing flat on the mattress, Harry coming to hover over me again. "Let me." The moment Harry's fingers made contact with my sensitive nerve endings I grasped hold of his nape. My burning muscles clenched round his throbbing intrusion, warmth begging to tingle in my stomach. His green eyes widened, lips parting as he stared down at me, Harry's naked body lowering down further, engulfing me. "I've got you." He reassured. "You can come for me, you're safe." I let Harry take me. My orgasm pulsed around his stiff length, muscles clenching around him causing his swollen lips to part. It felt different, so much more, allowing it to absorb my entire body. My fingers tangled between the damp curls at the nape of his neck as Harry witnessed me fall apart beneath him in awe. His focused observation was short lived, preoccupied with suppressing gravely moans. I was still too immersed in my own orgasm to fully take in the transformation of his features as he came. All too soon Harry gently slipped from within me before pressing his lips against mine. Heavy pants fell from both our lips as rolled to the right, leaving the duvet to reveal my bra covered chest. I shifted to watch him, long fingers fumbling with the condom before removing it. A grin graced his beautiful face as he turned to face me. "Did you enjoy that birthday present?" Harry quirked. A giggle escaped my lips, my face burying in the pillows to hide my blushing cheeks. I had very much enjoyed it. "Yes, Harry it was the best birthday present ever." Harry mimicked my voice terribly. I suddenly found the strength to roll him over, pinning his hands above his head against the pillows. I sat astride his waist, leaning over him. "You're a dick." I retaliated. He was still laughing, unsuccessfully attempting to nudge my cheek with his nose as I pulled back. Harry flopped back against the pillows, staring up at me as he remained my captive. "I know you want my dick." His tone made it clear he was in a playful mood. "Shut up." "Make me." He didn't miss a beat. His voice lowering considerably with the challenge. I grinned a little, dipping my head down to pepper kisses across the burning landscape of his chest. It rose and fell quickly with my attention, mouth sucking on his left nipple. I felt rather smug as I glanced up at Harry through my lashes. His eyes were closed in pleasure, silent. A smile quickly grew on his face, deep laughter erupting from his lips as I dug my fingers into his armpits, tickling at the dark hair. Harry squirmed beneath me, trying to escape my hands as I straddled him. "You're adorable." I cooed over the way his face cutely scrunched up and his body writhed beneath me as I tickled him. Leaning down I kissed his mouth, my fingers ceasing their torturous actions. Harry's lips smiled against mine, his fingers caressing my sides before sliding up my back, his touch falling over my bra strap. "Can I take your bra off." He quietly asked, mouth disconnecting from mine momentarily. It warmed my heart knowing Harry respected the fact I wasn't comfortable showing the horrid scar marking my breast. Although the mark made me feel insecure and I hated it, with Harry I seemed to forget the hideous reminder, he made me feel beautiful. The slight nod of my head gave him permission to remove the lacy material from my chest. His fingers quickly unclasped the hook, the straps slipping off my shoulders, fluttering down my arms where it fell upon his chest. A silly smile appeared on Harry's face as he stared at my exposed breasts. His large palms came up to cup my chest, I couldn't help but notice how they seemed to fit perfectly in his hands. I gasped as he gave them a small squeeze. A small whimper fell from my mouth as the pad of his thumb ran over the jagged mark on the underside. "You're so beautiful." He whispered, trying to reassure my discomfort. I smiled shyly, lying down against his chest, desperate to feel his warmth. Harry's arms coiled around me protectively as I pressed a sweet kiss to his mouth. "You're much better looking than I am." I replied. I had always envied girls with curvier bodies than mine. Guys didn't seem to like skinny girls quite so much, they wanted girls with wide hips and big boobs. I had always believed that to be one of the reasons boys didn't seem that interested in me. I was to thin. A couple of years ago I had gone through a faze of trying to put on a little more weight after a fee girls had made some unkind comments on my small size. But despite my efforts my body just didn't want to listen. Eventually I had accepted I was how I was and I just had to make do with what little I had. "No, baby. I'm nothing compared to you." He whispered. "You're a goddess, whilst I'm a lowly slave." "Well I happen to be very attracted to this angel like slave." I poked at Harry's chest evoking a rumbling laugh from the back of his throat. He yanked the covers up over our heads, encasing us in a world of white. Shrieks of laughter escaped my lips as we playfully wrestled under the sheets, rolling each other over and over in a fight for dominance. I had a feeling that Harry wasn't putting his full effort into our little competition. I had no doubt in the belief that if he was actually trying I would have been pinned beneath some amount of time ago. "When did you get so strong?" Harry teased, allowing me to flip him over onto his back, grasping his wrists as I held them against the mattress, preventing him from moving. "I think the real question is when did you get so weak." I giggled. Harry let out a playful huff, easily rolling me off his body, holding me down against the mattress. He hovered over me, his nose nuzzling against mine in a sweet Eskimo kiss. I craned my neck up a little in an attempt to steal a kiss from his plump lips. He leant back though, a cheeky grin plastered all over his face as he deliberately teased me by moving just out of my reach. "Okay, okay, you win." I flopped back down against the bed in defeat. Harry smugly smiled, his body rolling from on top of me to the left. I tugged the covers back from over our heads, it had start to become a little suffocating under there. "Come lay with me." Harry quietly enticed. Crawling across the bed a small distance I reached Harry, my body snuggling into his side as his strong arms wrapped round my body. I was encircled his warmth, the heat radiating off his body warmed my entirety as he slipped a leg between mine. I gazed up at the beautiful guy above me, a smile spread across my lips as his eyes met mine. We lay in silence for a few minutes, both of us content in the other person. "I love you, Harry." The honest words fell from my mouth. I love the way he could be so playful with me, I love the way he made me feel safe, I love the way he touched me, I love the way he made me smiled, I love the way how he's slowly opening up to me... I loved him. A slight blush appeared on Harry's cheeks, a small smile gracing his lips as he leant down to my ear. Warm fingers gently brushed my dark hair behind my ear as he leant in a little further, lips grazing my earlobe as he opened his mouth to quietly whisper. "I love you too." *

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