Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


53. Chapter Forty-Five

Chapter 45

subconsciously my foot ran up and down the length of Harry's calf, I liked the way the hair on his leg felt against the smooth skin of my own. When I had woken up a short while ago, I'd found him with his arms tightly wound around my waist and his head resting on my chest. It saddened me knowing that he still feared I would run away and disappear whilst he slept.

Gently my fingers combed through his tousled curls as quiet snores fell from his parted lips. I shifted slightly, Harry's grip intensifying as he held me close. He looked so beautiful when he slept, his tight ringlets fell around his face, making him look so much younger, so calm. He looked at peace. It was a vast contrast to his usual harsh exterior which intimidated most. I loved the way he opted to use me as a pillow, our legs entwined as we lay cuddled together near the edge of the bed, three quarters of the mattress left empty.

Harry's eyelashes fluttered, lips moving slightly as he quietly mumbled my name. The green of his pretty eyes twinkled as his eyelids slowly blinked open and his gaze fell upon my face.

"Hello beautiful." He whispered, nuzzling his face into the crook of my neck.

I smiled as Harry's plump lips sponged wet kisses along my jaw, his actions sweet and tender as he gave me his affection. I giggled, batting his head away as dark curls tickled against my skin, lips moving down my neck.

"Can you shift over a little, I'm falling off the bed." I asked, glad of the hold he had on me, or I'd be on the floor.

Harry groaned, reluctantly rolling over onto his back, giving me a tiny bit more room to lie down. I was still unsatisfied with the small amount of mattress I had been given, there was two thirds of the bed free. I pressed my hand against Harry's toned chest, using it to give me a little leverage as I rolled over his body into the open space on the other side.

"Much better."

Harry chuckled as I gravitated back towards him, curling up into his side. His muscular arm coiled back round my body, holding me close to his chest.

"You're warm." He hummed as I snuggled further into his body. "And very naked."

I batted Harry's hand away as he tried to feel me up, his large palm squeezing my bum before I could stop him. I punched him lightly in the shoulder for that.

"Keep your hands to yourself." I playfully scolded.

Harry's mouth curved into a cheeky grin, finding my reaction quite entertaining. However his hands didn't wander over my bare skin any further, they rested on the center of my back where I was quite happy for them to stay.


Natalie's pretty waves fanned out across my shoulder as she flicked her hair out from in front of her eyes pulling a face as she blew a strand away which had ended up over her lips. It must be annoying having long hair, it gets everywhere during the night because of how much she wriggles around.

"Can you please pass me that hair tie?" She asked, raising her head a little to point at her bedside table.

I reached out, picking the elasticated black band up between my fingers and handing it to the beautiful girl beside me. I watched with interest as she gathered her mane of tangled hair up in a clump on the top of her head, wrapping the hair tie around it to keep it up off her face. Natalie looked beautiful as usual, but I preferred her hair down so I could tangle my fingers through it like she did with mine.

"It looks like you have a birds nest on the top of your head." I teased.

"Thanks Harry, you are so kind." She replied sarcastically, rolling her eyes as her hand lightly clipped the back of my head.

I chuckled, nuzzling my nose against her warm cheek, cuddling her close as I tried to entice a laugh out from between her pretty lips. Her arms wrapped round my neck, face burying itself in the crook of my neck as she giggled.

I couldn't stop the smile from forming on my lips, the strange feeling of contentment fluttered in my stomach as I held her tight. I couldn't explain it; there was just something about waking up with the person you adored. Being able to wrap your arms around them and freely speak words of love. I had never experienced this feeling before, up until I met Natalie I only ever woke up to the sound of my alarm or sunlight streaming through my bedroom curtains. Waking up beside her made me happy, knowing that she had endured the night by my side, our bodies entwined. I never used to dream, my nights were always restless filled with nightmares and horrible memories that kept me awake. But now I dreamt of curious, misty, green eyes that shone with warmth and dark waves of hair the fell around her porcelain skin.

I turned my head slightly, pressing my lips against her forehead. Nat's warm breath puffed out over my neck in giggles as I dug my fingertips into her bare sides, tickling her where I knew she was most prone. The sound of her laughter rang out around the room, her slim frame squirming in my grip as I continued to make her laugh.

"Harry!" She gasped for breath, her fingers squeezing at my bicep, begging me to stop.

Unwillingly I ceased the movement of my fingers, I loved the sound of her beautiful laugh, but I didn't want her to die from laughter. Natalie quietly gasped for vital air, the rise and fall of her chest slowly decreasing in speed as she caught her breath.

"What time is it?" She asked, peering up at me through her long eyelashes.

"Time you got up and made me a cup of coffee." I poked her in the stomach.

I grinned in hopes of her abandoning the comfort of the bed to attend to my needs. I also wouldn't mind watching her get dressed, her body was beautiful. Usually the girls I got with were a little bigger than Natalie in the hips and arse and a shorter in height. But what she didn't have on the hips she sure made up in the tits. Natalie was perfect in my eyes, I loved every bit of her, even the hated scar she was so insecure about. Watching her dress would probably add another need she might have to attend to though.

"You're kidding." She rose her eyebrows in disbelief.

Her eyes fell upon my deliberately pouted lips as I moved to hover over her.

"I love you."

"Aww." Nat cooed, fingers brushing my cheek. "I love you too, but I'm still not making you a cup of coffee you cheeky bastard." She wickedly laughed, shoving me back onto the mattress.

"Fine." I playfully huffed.

We had easily conversed under the covers for another hour or so, discussing our plans for the upcoming week. Nat told me about how her mum had said she could go back to Doncaster to see her friends, but had seemed to have forgotten all about it. As much as I felt for her, I was secretly glad her mum had forgotten. I didn't want her to leave me, even if it would only be for a short period of time. I wasn't all that keen on the idea of all her friends there being guys, she was mine and I didn't want any douches going near my girlfriend, especially if I wasn't there.

The subject of what I planned on doing came up briefly before changing to something a little closer to home.

"I've never had sex like that before."

"What do you mean?" Nat turned to face me.

Her pretty eyes held interest as I continued, propping myself up on an elbow. My movement caused the material covering her chest to slip slightly before she quickly readjusted it. But not before I caught sight of a few small love bites I had left on her skin. They were a mix of pink, lightly speckled with purple, evidence of the gestures acted out in the heat of the moment. They looked beautiful on her.

"Like talking." I replied, but she still seemed to be confused. "I mean, other than saying how good it feels. I like how I can just talk to you about something completely irrelevant whilst making love to you."

Her cheeks flushed a pretty shade of pink and I couldn't stop the smile spreading across my face as I watched her blush. I found it entertaining how Natalie would quite happily have sex with me, but she was embarrassed to talk about it after.

"God you're adorable."

My hand cupped her cheek as I pressed my mouth gently against hers. She kissed me back instantly, her lips sweetly moving against mine as she tangled her fingers through my hair. I quietly moaned into her mouth as she tugged at my dark curls, deepening the kiss.

The atmosphere quickly changed from soft and sweet into hot and seductive as I slipped my tongue into her mouth. My body shifted to hover over her, both Natalie's now roughly tugging at my curly locks as we continued to hotly make out.

A sharp knocking on the bedroom door made us both jump in fright, Natalie's eyes going wide as her mother's voice called from the other side of the wood.


"Natalie?" Mum's voice drifted through the barrier of wood between us.

Shit! I had completely forgotten about the possibility of mum being home, she was home so rarely that most of the time I lived alone. I hadn't anticipated her to come knocking at my door at all whilst Harry and I were completely bare together beneath the duvet cover.

"Err... What?" I spoke awkwardly.

Gently I nudged Harry back to my side where he snuggled down again, looking pretty lax which in comparison was the complete opposite to me.

"I'm going down to Starbucks, do you want me to get you guys anything?"

Harry's eyes lit up eagerly, this was like a dream come true to him. The cheeky devil was too lazy to get his own coffee so my mother's offer seemed quite nice to him after I'd turned him down.

"I'll have a regular coffee, thanks." He grinned widely.

"Sure. Nat?" Mum questioned me.

"Uh, I'll have a caramel frappe." I replied quickly, hoping she would hurry up and leave so I could get dressed.

"Okay, I'll be back soon."

I listened as her quiet footsteps slowly faded out until they were no longer audible. The front door slammed closed and a minute later the sound of her car starting up was heard from outside. I let out a sigh of relief; it was safe to say she was gone.

"I like your mum. She can read my mind and offers to get me coffee." Harry teased.

I batted his hands away as he playfully pinched my sides. I couldn't stop myself from giggling, I loved the way Harry was acting. His playfulness was one of his many qualities that I found absolutely adorable. My hands pressed against his chest, forcing him away from me as his plump lips tried to catch my mouth.

"Put some clothes on, you."

Harry laughed, his body shifting closer to mine, the large expanse of his hands gently caressing my hips. His soft touches fluttered my heart, I didn't understand how he could be so harsh and uncompromising most of the time, but so gentle and sweet when he was with me. His warm lips pressed against my neck, gently kissing the smooth skin in an attempt to get the returned affection he desired from myself. I however was insistent on not giving him any love until he had at least put some pants on. I really don't want my mum to come in and get an eyeful of Harry's beautifully bare body, I would most definitely prefer it if he was wearing clothes when she came home with our coffees. I'm not sure what her reaction would be to seeing him naked but I wasn't at all interested in finding out.

Harry's soft curls tickled my cheeks as his wet lips sponged soft kisses along my jaw, slowly inching their way towards my mouth. I could easily predict his intentions, there wasn't nothing subtle about his actions as he continued to move his mouth along my jawbone towards my mouth. I turned my head, his plump, pink lips falling upon my cheek instead of their intended target. Harry let out a groan of frustration, obviously upset by the fact I was rejecting his love and affection deliberately.

"Nat." he whined, purposely pouting those plump pink lips of his as he blinked down innocently with his beautiful, big green eyes.

As cute as he looked, I wasn't buying into the little guilt trick he was attempting to pull on me. My hand shifted up to his face as he dipped his head down towards my neck again, my palm pressing to his lips. He fell back against the mattress again as I pushed his head away.

"Go put some clothes on or I'll never let you kiss me again." I playfully threatened.

"Fine." He mumbled, tossing the covers back.

They layered up upon me. Doubling the warmth I was currently surrounded in. My eyes followed Harry as he rolled over to the side of the bed, swinging his legs off the side so he was in a sitting position. He ran his hands through his dark curls, ruffling them slightly before pushing himself up onto his feet, as confident as ever.

I watched as he walked round my room a couple of times, in search for his black boxers which had been left in the middle of the floor. I smiled as I watched him collect them from my carpet and tug them back up his lovely long legs. My gaze was quickly averted when he looked over at me, a large smirk written all over his face as he noticed me examining every inch of his tanned skin.

My cheeks blushed furiously as he strode back to the end of my bed, grinning wildly as I hid my face beneath the duvet. The warmth of his hands could be felt as he wrapped his long fingers around my ankles. I let out a shriek as Harry tugged my body from beneath the covers and into his arms.

"Harry! Let me go." I yelped in distress, squirming in his arms.

I felt so uncomfortable being naked whilst he had his boxers on, I lacked the confidence about my body that Harry obtained. I crossed my arms across my chest, trying to cover myself as Harry lay above me between my legs.

"Stop covering yourself. Not for me." He whispered. "You're beautiful."

Harry gently pried my arms away from my chest, his eyes scanning over my bare expanses, absorbing every inch of pale skin covering my body. His fingers gently cupped my cheek, leaning down towards my lips. I was still a little flushed as Harry's mouth pressed against my own, sweetly kissing me.

The touch of his plump lips sent bursts of electricity through me, my arms encircled his neck, drawing him closer to me. Our chests moulded together, my legs wrapping round his waist as he lifted me up off the mattress, scooping me up into his strong arms.

"Harry." I giggled against his lips.

I really needed to get dressed, mum would be back soon. He smiled, lightly kissing the end of my nose before setting me down on my feet. My smile matched his as our gazes connected for a second. Harry made my heart flutter, the way he spoke and looked at me made me weak at the knees. I couldn't remember the last time I felt this happy, he brought a smile to my face.

I let out a small yelp as he used his thumb and forefinger to playfully pinch my bum. This earned him a light punch to the shoulder and loss of my warmth as I scampered across the room, rapidly pulling Harry's white T shirt on from yesterday. He laughed as he watched me scramble around in my draws for a pair of knickers and black shorts. My frantic actions brought him great amusement, which was easily read by the smirk on his face and the deep chuckles rumbling from his chest.

"I'm going downstairs." I mumbled in embarrassment.

Closing the bedroom door behind me I quickly made my escape. Harry absolutely adores embarrassing me, I swear he just does it for fun. My cheeks cooled as I quietly padded down the stairs. At the exact same moment as my feet hit the floor, the front door flew open and my mother appeared in the hallway.

Her hair whipped around wildly as the swirling wind blew into the house, making me shiver. She hurriedly closed the door behind her, preventing any more of the chilly air into our toasty warm home.

"Morning sleepyhead." Mum smiled, carefully balancing the three drinks in the cup holder preventing them from falling.

"Morning mum."

As she walked closer towards me, her eyebrows furrowed into a frown, her eyes peering at my neck. It took my mind a second to pick up on what she was staring at. Rapidly I reached up to my head where I had tied my hair in a messy bun, my fingers tugged at the elasticated black band, pulling it out so my long waves fell down over my shoulders concealing the red love bites in which Harry had marked on my skin.

"I already know." Mum spoke.

"Know what?" I attempted to play dumb, but failed dramatically.

"You and Harry, last night." She coyly smiled.

My cheeks flared brightly as she dropped me a wink before making her way into the kitchen. I followed behind her nervously gulping. How did she know about me and Harry already? Mum set the drinks down on the counter before turning to face me again, he blue eyes twinkling as she opened her mouth to answer the question I had thought, it was as if she had read my mind.

"It wasn't hard to figure out what you two had been up too earlier. I walked in the house to find Harry's blazed screwed up on the floor and not to mention the buttons scattered across the floor from his basically destroyed shirt." She laughed.

I mentally slapped myself. I had completely forgotten about Harry's now buttonless shirt that had been left in the middle of the hall. It would have been the first thing she saw she came home from work. The fact that the buttons had been ripped off the shirt was practically a dead giveaway to the intimate activities that had taken place in my bedroom last night. I couldn't believe I had forgotten about that, his know what mum thinks of that.

She smiled as she walked over to me, clasping my hands in her own as she looked up at me. Her face turning from happy to serious for a moment.

"You were safe, right?" Her eyebrows rose questioningly.

"Oh my god mum, yes!" I squirmed, finding it difficult to meet her gaze.

Mum squeezed my hands, looking a little relieved as her smile reappeared again. This was so awkward, I really did not enjoy discussing my love life with her. I found it hard enough having to discuss my monthly cycle.

"My little girls a woman now." She cooed. "Harry is so sweet, I'm so happy for you."

I smiled a little timidly, nodding my head in agreement as my pink flush slowly died down. Harry was definitely sweet, despite his harsh outer walls he built up around himself, on the inside he was the sweetest most caring guy I have ever encountered.

"I really like him." I quietly admitted.

I was yet to tell anyone my true feelings for Harry. My confession of love for the curly haired boy had only been heard by his ears and I liked it that way at the moment. But by the understanding expression on my mum's face she was fully aware of what I had left unspoken.

"The way he looks at you. It's like the way your dad used to look at me." She weakly smiled.

Her words squeezed at my heart. Tears glistened in my eyes at the mention of my father. He had loved my mother so deeply and everyone could see it. He was a simple man, but he gave everything he could possibly give to Mum. I remember growing up and seeing the way he cherished her. But then he was harshly ripped from life. I knew that he was somewhere, still loving her. The meaning behind her words was so powerful.

Our silent conversation was interrupted a Harry appeared in the doorway. His jeans were slung low on her hips, the black band of his boxers peeking out over the top. He was still bare chested but I was pleased to see he did have more than just his boxers on.

"Hello." He greeted, completely unaware of the situation he had just walked in on.

"Good morning, Harry." Mum smiled brightly at him. "I'll leave you two alone now."

My hands were released from her grip as she turned to collect her coffee from where she had set it down on the bench. I watched as she made her way towards the door, exiting the room, leaving just Harry and I.

I twirled one of the bench stools around, plonking myself down in it before swiveling myself back around so my knees were under the marble worktop. Harry moved so stealthily that he was practically silent, I had to strain to hear the sound of his light footfalls against floor. I smiled as the warmth of his bare chest pressed against my back, his muscular arms wrapping round my shoulders. My lips pressed a kiss to his bicep as he rested his chin on the top of my head.

"You're in a cuddly mood today." I commented.

There had barely been any space between us since we woke this morning. I couldn't help but wonder if his need to be so close to me was because he was scared I would leave him like the many other women he's slept with did. There was no need for him to worry though, I wasn't going to disappear.

"I like holding you." He replied so quietly I could barely hear him.

Harry's confession warmed my heart. Knowing he enjoyed holding me and was willing to hold me gave me was the most comforting feeling. My fingers entwined with Harry's larger ones, locking I between the gaps as they slotted so perfectly together. With my free hand I tugged one of the unoccupied stools right up beside me, patting the seat in encouragement to sit. Harry obliged to my request, his hand remained tightly clasped in mine as he shifted to sit beside me.

Reaching out a little, I slid the cup holder containing our drinks over towards us. My fingers curled around the cool plastic as I plucked it up. Harry watched me with interest as I examined my caramel frappe, he found my obsession with chilled drinks somewhat amusing. I nudged him in the ribs, forcing him to stop smirking at me as I took a sip of my drink.

"Stop looking at me like that. You make me feel uncomfortable." I whined when my warning nudge didn't prevent his gaze.

"I'm sorry, y-you just make me feel weird." He stuttered a little.

"It's great to know that I make you feel weird, Harry. I really appreciate you telling me."

Harry shook his head, relishing his choice of words were not the greatest. Maybe if he actually tried to learn at school he'd have a wider vocabulary.

"I mean good weird. Like... Ummm... I don't know how to explain it." He flushed a pale pink, embarrassed by himself.

I thought it was cute how he was trying to express his feelings. Harry wasn't the kind of guy that was good at showing his emotions or revealing his feelings, the way he was struggling now only proved this further.

"Err..." he continued to struggle. “I’m hopeless." He sighed, slumping down on his chair in defeat.

Harry dropped my hand, reaching for his coffee instead. I could see in his eyes that he was upset with himself because he was unable to put his feelings into words. He had really tried, but he just couldn't explain himself.

"I'm so unromantic" He frowned down at his drink.

"So?" I shrugged.

I honestly didn't care whether he was or wasn't, he was Harry and that's all I wanted. But I must say he does do cute little things in which I do find romantic.

"Don't you want me to be romantic?" He asked quietly.

"Harry, I like you the way you are."

I didn't want him to change, he's perfect just the way he is. I don't know why he thinks I'd want him to be any more romantic. He doesn't seem to realize that he is in fact romantic. It's the sweet little things that he does that really tug on my heartstrings, but he doesn't seem to realize.

"I haven't taken you on a single date that I haven't messed up on or been rude to you during. Don't you want me to take you out to dinner or to the movies or to wherever without screwing up?" He sighed sadly. "Face it, I'm hopeless."

Harry wasn't perfect, he wasn't very good at doing dates or speaking his feelings, but I loved him the way he was and I didn't want him to change. He wasn't one of those cheesy romantic guys you see in the movies, but he did do little things that I found romantic. It pained me to see him so unhappy with himself.

I couldn't help but let out a small giggle as the memories of some of our not so amazing dates flashed through my mind.

"I don't want you to change for me, Harry."

I would rather cut off my own hand then have Harry change completely. I'm yeah there were a couple of things I wanted him to change like pub brawls and fights he constantly got in, I wouldn't mind if he stopped locking the car doors every time I got in it like he was afraid I'd run away. But they were things he did, not himself or his personality. I didn't want him to change into one of those cheesy romantic guys you read about in books and watch in movies. I wasn't like girls that dreamt about finding their Prince Charming and living happily ever after. Fairy tales are complete bullshit; people don't fall in love like that. I mean seriously why did Rapunzel let some random dude use her hair as a rope to scale the tower? He could have been a rapist for all she knew.

Harry was no Prince Charming. We fought a lot, he was possessive and controlling. I knew there was no such thing as a happily ever after. Harry had given me his heart, he made me laugh, smile, he made me happy and that's all that really mattered. I didn't want him to change.

Harry smiled, his large hand enveloping my smaller one as I leant over pressing a kiss to his cheek. His dimples indented in his cheeks as he grinned at me. Sometimes I struggled to believe he was actually real, he was far too beautiful to be human. He was close to perfection.

I couldn't stop the laughter erupting from my mouth as I scooped a little bit of whipped cream from my frappe up onto my finger, dabbing it onto the tip of his nose. Harry let out a chuckle, his pink tongue darting out of his mouth as he attempted to reach the blob of cream I had dolloped onto the end of his nose. It soon became obvious that Harry and I did not share the talent of being able to touch your tongue to your nose. The whipped cream was wiped from his nose moments later by his index finger, the tongue to nose thing to much of a challenge for him to succeed in. I watched as Harry brought his finger between his lips, sucking the cream off.

"This is good." Harry commented. "I reckon I should get a whole lot of this stuff and then I can cover you in it and lick it off your naked body."

I don't think my cheeks had ever burnt so brightly before, his comment arousing something deep within me. Although I would never admit it, I was slightly fascinated by the intriguing thought of Harry's wet tongue trailing sliding over my bare skin. Pushing those thoughts out of my head, I drew my fist back, punching him lightly on his uncovered shoulder.

"Dream on Styles."

His laughter rang out loudly around the kitchen and I could only pray that mum hadn't heard the rather inappropriate comment Harry had made only moments before. It was bad enough she knew about the events both Harry and I had participated in last night, I didn't need any further embarrassment.


I hadn't wanted Harry to leave. Our parting kiss had been passionate and I could tell he was just as reluctant as I was to separate. After a failed attempt to climb in the backseat of his car I had been set down on the doorstep, watching as the black vehicle disappeared down the road.

Just from the way he pressed his lips to mine, the gentle entwining of our fingers, I knew his protective nature would heighten. Harry wanted to keep me safe. Even more so now that we had taken our relationship to the next level. He'd barely been gone too minutes and I already missed him; the thought of walking down to the gym to see him again seemed like quite an appeasing idea. I wasn't the clingy desperate type, but I just wanted to be close to him right now. We had spent a large amount of time apart this last week and I'd only just gotten him back. The intimate connection we had shared twice this week only increased that longing for him to come back and hold me again. I now realize what it must have been like all those years Harry spent alone, wishing someone would come and care for him. It's like there's a big gaping hole in the center of your chest, like a part of you is missing, longing for someone to come and fill the empty space.

Harry had promised earlier to call me when he got back from work, so when his name flashed across the screen an uncontrollable smile broke out on my lips.

"Hello beautiful." Harry's raspy voice sounded through the speaker as I answered the phone.

"Hey, Harry. How was work?"

The sound of his deep voice made me smile as flopped down backwards onto my comfortable mattress, resting my head back against the soft pillows.

"I couldn't take my top off today." Harry stated.

My eyebrows knitted together as I pressed the phone closer to my ear, curiosity taking hold of me.


"A certain somebody left scratches all down my back."

My eyes widened with his words, cheeks flushing pink despite him being unable to see me. I had forgotten my nails had caused such indications of my presence on Harry's body. It wouldn't be difficult for anyone to figure out the scrapes were the result of some rather intense tangling in the bed sheets.

"Oops, I'm sorry, Harry."

"Don't be, I think it's really hot." He paused for a second. "It's like you've marked me as yours."

The seductive tone in his voice sent shivers down my spine. I don't think Harry would object to me leaving any kind of mark on his godlike body, he liked to be brandished with marks that signified he belonged to someone.


"Oh fuck, just thinking about last night makes me hard." He growled into the speaker, causing my cheeks to flush further.

"You're so hormonal."

Harry's chuckle vibrated through the speaker, I had no doubt in believing he knew I was blushing furiously right now. I hated how he was so open about anything that fell under the sex category, I always felt like an idiot when he casually just says stuff like that.

"I know, that's why I think you should come over and sort me out." He whispered suggestively.

"Oh my god! Harry! No!" I frantically exclaimed.

Harry laughed again, he knew just how to provoke a reaction from me. He got kicks out of me squirming with embarrassment.

"Well since you won't come over we'll just have to have sex over the phone."

I covered my face with my hands as Harry started to make seductive putting sounds through the phone.

"Harry." I warned.

"Uhh baby. Uhh, Uhh, Nat. Fuck."

"Oh my god!" I exclaimed in embarrassment.

"Yeah, baby get into it." He laughed.

I mentally face palmed myself, I had said the perfect words in which would make it sound as though I was playing along, encouraging him to continue.

"Harry, stop." I pleaded.

He deliberately began moaning more loudly, knowing all too well what he was doing to me. Next time I see him I'm going to slap him so hard that my handprint will mark his skin for days.


"Oh Fuck, I'm so close."

"I'm hanging up." I stated.

My finger hovered over the end button as Harry's voice exclaimed in protest.

"No, wait!" He pleaded. "I'll stop."

A giggle escaped my lips upon hearing his desperate attempt to keep me on the other end of the line.

"Fine, but I won’t hesitate to hang up on you if you start that up again." I warned through my laughter.

Harry made me feel so awkward and uncomfortable at times, but It didn't take him long to make me giggle again. We were both quiet for a little while, listening to the sound of the others steady breathing from the other end of the phone line. The sound brought me serenity, his breath was something that I could listen to all day.

"What have you been doing all day?" He broke the silence.

I hadn't really done much since he left. I got dressed and basically just watched TV for the rest of the day. I had eaten dinner a short time ago and that was about it.

"Not a lot, I'm having a lazy day. I'll probably got to bed soon. I'm tired."

"Was that meant to be a hint that you want me to hang up so you can go to sleep?" Harry chuckled.

That wasn't actually been my intention, but it probably did sound that way since I had threatened to hang up on him earlier.

"No, but I might fall asleep listening to your voice." I whispered into the speaker.

"Now you're saying my voice is so boring that it puts you to sleep." He teased.

A grin cracked across my lips and I let out a small laugh. He was in a very playfully mood today and I couldn't help but wonder if it was because of last night. I have to admit that I've been all happy and smiles today, even though I've been home alone since mum left a few hours ago. I found myself grinning at the very thought of my curly haired lover.

"No, silly. I mean you're voice is dreamy and has the potential to draw me into sleep."

Harry was quiet, not quite sure how to reply to my soft admittance.

"I love you, beautiful." He whispered, through the speaker.

Butterflies erupted in my stomach and my heart fluttered as he confessed his words of love. I would never get sick of hearing those three little words that fell from his lips but came from his heart. He was my first and only love as I was his and I wanted it to remain like that forever.

"I love you too, Harry." I smiled as I quietly returned the words.

"I'll let you go to sleep now, I'm tired as well. Goodnight beautiful." He whispered

"Night night." I replied childishly, which earned me the sound of his deep chuckle.

"Bye, baby."

I smiled as the call ended, he was so sweet.

I crawled under the covers, snuggling down between the sheets. My mind remained on the curly haired boy who had stolen my heart as I slowly drifted off to sleep.


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Guess what guys!


From now on will be writing on my laptop instead of my iPod so spelling and grammar will be so much better. Also I’m going to go back through all the chapters and edit ad improve them so my fanfic will be better.

It would really mean a lot to me if you guys followed me @VASHAPPNEN on twitter, I follow everyone back.

Word of warning, the next chapter is going to be rather dramatic and I'm quite excited about writing it, so I'm gna shut up and get on with it.






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