Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


56. Chapter Forty-Eight

Chapter 48

My eyes lingered on Harry's face as we drove back into town, towards my grandparents house. His expression read somewhat of nervousness which could be easily defined due to the way he was gnawing on his lower lip. I must admit it did surprise me a little that he was worried about meeting my grandparents, however I can't blame him. The only member of my family he'd met was my mum who liked most people because she couldn't tell when they were real or fake, my grandparents were a whole different story though. Harry had never met my dad so my Grandpa was the next closest thing to a father and I think that may be what Harry is suddenly coming to terms with. My grandpa is a father like figure to me and Harry fears that grandpa won't like him and will forbid him from seeing me ever again. He has nothing to worry about though, grandpas a real softy and the worse he's going to get is a terrible joke that involves a shotgun threat.

"Harry, are you alright?" I asked quietly, reaching for his hand.

Removing one hand from the wheel he obliged in clasping mine in his larger palm, entwining our fingers. Although he was too proud to admit he was nervous, his clammy palms and anxious expression made it pretty clear he was. So without pressing him for an answer I silently gave his hand a light squeeze in hopes to assure him that everything would be okay and that we'd have a great time.

After a few minutes we pulled up in my grandparent's driveway, parking just outside the front door. I smiled upon seeing the familiar house, the welcoming, warm light spilling from the windows was a much more pleasant greeting than the first was on our arrival. This house was actually inhabited everyday where as the other hadn't had a living soul in it for several months.

"Is this it?" Harry asked, his eyes staring at me expectantly.

I nodded my head in affirmation, after the countless times I'd visited this place in the eighteen years of my life there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that tis was my grandparent's home.

"Yup, this is the one."

I have Harry's and a final squeeze and reassuring smile before releasing him from my grip and turning to open the door. I had barely put my foot on the ground when A large, warm hand caught hold of my wrist, pulling me back into the cosy confines of the car. My head snapped back round facing Harry to discover his reason for holding me back, instead I found the answer written on his expression as I had done only minutes earlier.

He was anxious.

"Harry?" I softly coaxed him to tell me what exactly was going on.

I know Harry's reluctant to show his emotions or admit the way he feels, he keeps it bottled up inside himself where it slowly eats away at him and heightens his emotions about ten times more then they were earlier. He is proud and he is stubborn. Harry thinks that hiding all his feelings makes him tough and strong but it actually doesn't. When we first met I found him intimidating, controlling and overpowering, he was black and hollow. Seeing someone so lost in darkness without the slightest emotion was frightening, it was like staring right into the hollow pit of his soul.

I still don't know how, but slowly, very slowly I dug up his emotions from the depths of his soul where he had so deeply buried his heart. And there's not a day gone by that I don't notice him opening up to me further, expressing himself and finally feeling again. And it means a lot to me when Harry tries to explain how he feels because I know he struggles, yet he still makes an attempt even if he does not succeed.

I examine his face with an intent gaze as he avoids my watchful eyes. This made it even clearer than before that he was nervous and I couldn't help but find his actions adorable. Harry's fingers were still curled tightly around my wrist, preventing me from evacuating my position within the car. Gently I pried his hand from my wrist, comfortingly slipping it into my own like I had done before. Reaching to the side I pulled the car door closed again, I wanted this conversation to be completely confidential and uninterrupted by any form or matter.

My free hand moved to brush a few of his wild curls back from his face so I could see his beautiful, emerald eyes. Harry's gaze flicked up to me briefly before he quickly averted his gaze, his lap suddenly becoming very interesting.

"They're going to hate me." He spoke in barely a whisper.

My grandparents aren't going to hate him, if anything Harry will hate them after my grandpa my grandma bombards him with hugs, kisses and terrible jokes. Grandma practically adores him already, Grandpa was into boxing when he was younger so there's something they have in common and as long as you're not stuck up, rude or just plain annoying you'll get on with my grandparents. I think Harry will pass their likeable test and if he doesn't it'll be because he exceeded that and past the loveable test and they'll decide they want to adopt him.

Leaning over I pressed a soft his to his warm cheek, smiling as I did so. I had never seen Harry like this before and who knew he'd get so anxious about just meeting my grandparents. There was no need to worry about them, they're as scary as baby penguins and just as soft.

"Harry." I laughed. "They're not going to hate you."

"But what if they realise I'm a bad person and I'm that not good enough for you." He looks at me through worried eyes.

"Don't start this bullshit again, Harry." I warn. "You're not a bad person and I love you just the way you are."

"I didn't mean it like that." He shakes his head. "I meant what if they ask us how we met and then realise that."

I hadn't given that subject very much thought. I had avoided it last night on the phone, but I couldn't just hit end call when I'm speaking face to face with someone. I'd done a fair amount of illegal things with him since we met such as sneaking into a club, underaged drinking and his illegal boxing match. There's also his pub brawls, the almost kidnapping business and our bedroom activities.

"They won't realise because one; you're not like that anymore and two; we simply tell them we met at school." I replied.

I squeeze his hand, coaxing a little smile onto his face. I was relived to see his grin and adorable dimples, witnessing his lively smile spread across he's beautiful features gave me peace in the knowledge that he was happy. A happy Harry was a good Harry.

My own lips curled upwards as he leant across from his seat, craning his neck to press his mouth sweetly against mine. My heart fluttered as the fullness of his pink lips softly touched mine, causing a swarm of butterflies to erupt in the pit of my stomach. My hand moved to cup his cheek, pressing his lips more firmly against mine as the urge to have him closer took over every sense in my body. The way he kissed me was so gentle, so sweet, so tender that I never wanted our mouthes to disconnect. I only wanted him to be closer so we could remain wound in one another's lips forever.

Cold air rushed over my lips when our mouthes most regrettably parted, the warmth of his lips evading me. Harry held my gaze for a moment, still looking a little nervous about the inevitable meeting with my grandparents. I rubbed the pad of my thumb over the back of his hand before leaning in again to give him a quick peck on the mouth which actually ended up being three and a final eskimo kiss.

"I promise it'll be alright." I smiled.

Harry nodded his head. Satisfied with my efforts to reassure him, I released his hand, opening the passenger door again. Harry and I met at the front of the car where he took my hand before we took to the few stairs that led up to the doorstep.

I lifted my clenched fist, bringing my knuckles down against the solid wood where I rapped on the door three time. The familiar sound of dogs barking brought a smile to my face as they eagerly scampered towards the door to greet us. I had to bite my lip to contain the joy of being reunited with not only my grandparents, but with two of the tree dogs inside as well.

Before we left I had made the difficult decision of leaving my two dogs with my grandparents. I had thought it be best for them to stay here where they had plenty of space to run around and lots of sheep to chase, they were farm dogs after all. I was worried that they would become bored and possibly run away if I took them to Cheshire with me, but here I knew they were safe and well looked after on home ground.

The dogs eagerly yipped as their little paws attempted to claw holes in the door to speed up the process of getting it open. A few more moments passed until the sound of footsteps were heard from down the hall, slowly getting louder and louder as the owner of the feet grew nearer. My fingers tightened on Harry's hand as the door handle rattled, the gesture not only one to comfort him but to help me contain my own eager anticipation.

Finally the door was pulled open, revealing a near seven foot male with bright blue eyes that twinkled like the stars in the night sky. His light brown hair was pushed up at the front in a quiff like style, streaks of gold glistening in the faint light. He had grown immensely since the last time we saw each other, he must have been peaking 6 ft 5 by now, he almost had to stoop under the doorway.

His eyes glinted with a look of mischief very similar to the way Harry's did when he was up to no good. My eyes were practically bulging out of my head as I stared up at him in complete shock, I hadn't expected him to be here at all. Why hadn't Grandma told me about him being here, this was completely and utterly unexpected. I watched as his lips curled up into a smirk of amusement, he was finding my reaction to his presence as entertaining as I found the thought of Harry in a hula skirt.

"Surprise!" He laughed.

"Stefan!" I exclaimed, launching myself into his open arms.

He stumbled back slightly, the force of my body hitting him slightly more than he had expected from me. Last time he'd seen me I was a lanky fifteen year old whereas he was a lean, strong, quite a bit shorter seventeen year old who could pin me within mere seconds. We'd both changed dramatically since then, I'd filled out a bit more and he was practically a tree now.

Stefan squeezed me tightly round the waist as he lifted me up off the ground, spinning me around as he had done years back almost tripping over a dog in the process. He was still the same old Stefan, constantly flaunting the upper hand he had me, he was just reminding me that no matter how many veggies I ate, I was never going to come near to obtaining the strength he possessed.

I wobbled slightly as I was set back down on my feet, but fortunately Harry's hand quickly darted out, catching hold of my elbow to steady me. My fingers clutched his shirt whilst I caught my balance after my spinning session with Stefan. Within seconds Harry coiled his arm round my waist, pulling me possessively into his side as he usually did when he felt as though someone was threatening to steal me from him.

The way he worries I'm going to leave him for someone else or someone will take me away from him really pisses me off because I'm not going to. Although, I will give him a little leeway since he was already nervous, he didn't know there was going to be a rather intimidating guy here and he has no idea who Stefan actually is. Harry doesn't have a clue about what's going on and he's just worried that Stefan is some guy who just wants to get with me.

"You must be Harry." Stefan smiled as if he doesn't notice my boyfriend sending him daggers. "I'm Stefan."

Harry's glowering green, eyes flicked down the Stefan's outstretched hand in which he was offering to him. I watched as he stared at it for a moment, unsure of whether he should shake it or snap Stefan's fingers. My elbow subtly jabbed into his ribs in an act of encouragement and also he deserved it for being so jealous and controlling. I was pleased to see Harry take Stefan's hand after my slightly rough prompt. The two males shook hands as Harry mumbled a Hi through gritted teeth. I fought the urge to roll my eyes at him, I honestly don't know if he will stop being so overly protective, I pray he does though.

"Stefan! You better not have let those damn dogs out!" My grandmothers voice rang out loud and clear from somewhere within the depths of the house.

I watched as A look of panic crossed Stefan's face, his eyes darting left and right as he searched for the three small dogs. I glanced around too, suddenly noticing the sudden quiet. The night air was no longer filled with the sound of excited yipping, now a gut wrenching silence loomed over us. The dogs were gone.

"Shit." Stefan and I swore in unison.

This wasn't a first time occurrence, the dogs had run off before in the past, but there last escape was not recent as I'd eventually realised they jumped at every chance to explore. After past experiences of having to hunt them in the dark I'd been careful not to let them out, but after the shock of seeing Stefan in the doorframe I'd completely forgotten.

"I'll get Tobias." Stefan spoke quickly, darting back into the house and disappearing down the hall.

Now that he was gone I knew it was only a matter of seconds before Harry start asking questions. As anticipated he spun me around from where I stood on his left so we were face to face. His features were hard and angry, I could tell he was displeased by the looming threat that was Stefan and soon to be met Tobias. I'm getting so sick of him being the overly protective, jealous boyfriend he is, Harry really needs to chill out because he should know I'm not interested in anyone but him.

His eyes swirled with a mix of jealousy, anger and fear as we stared each other down. The gaze he was sending me was so intense that I almost thought the green of his irises were going to burn holes right through me. I looked away, averting my gaze to the ground as I was unable to bare looking into his torturous eyes any longer.

"What the fuck!"

I winced as he caught hold of my forearms, his fingers wrapped round my bicep right where the wounds in which Luke had inflicted were still healing. Pain shot through my body as the pressure of his fingers caused the awful searing pain. A wave of relief washed over me as he loosened his grip and a glimpse of sadness flashed in his eyes momentarily knowing he'd accidentally hurt me.

Unfazed by my moment of hurt I roughly pushed his hands away from me, my head snapping back up as I felt anger bursting through my veins, fuelling my imminent rage. I can't believe him. I cannot fucking believe he's going to be such an asshole to every male acquaintance I know. This was a bad idea, I shouldn't have let him bring me here, I knew he was going to be like this. If he's like this with Stefan, god knows what he'll be like with my best friends, it'll turn into a bloody fight in which neither side will back down until the other is dead. After tonight I think it'll be best if we just go home before half the male population here end up in hospital. Harry just can't handle me speaking to guys and it's really starting to piss me off.

My fists involuntarily clench by my sides as I tried to control the built up fury I felt towards all situations very similar to this we'd been through. I don't know how many times I'll have to tell him that he's the only one I want and that I love him until it finally gets through that thick skull of his.

"I'm sorry, but I didn't know you were the fucking king of England who defies who I can and can't speak to." I snared.

I watched as anger spark in the darkness of his once forest green eyes, igniting the angry fire that burnt within his chest as he desperately tried to contain it. My provocative words were clearly making it difficult for him to control his anger and I could see he was about to lose his cool.

"You don't have to go fucking flirt back with every fucking guy that comes near you when you have a fucking boyfriend that's standing right fucking there, for fucks sake."

Hurt washed over me after every single one of those little words that fell from his mouth to form that cruel sentence. What he spoke of was not true at all, he was either delusional or deliberately trying to inflict me with mental pain. Not every guy I come a cross tries to flirt with me, in fact very few do and I don't flirt back with them. Stefan and I weren't flirting, I hugged him because I was pleased to see him, Harry is an idiot if he thinks hugging someone is counted as flirting, it was just a friendly gesture.

It really upsets me that Harry would say something like that to me, it enrages me. I'm sick and tired of him thinking that every male I meet wants to go out with me because they don't. Even if every male in the whole entire world wanted to date me, there would only ever be one male out of those millions that I would ever want but sadly he is too stupid to realise that.

The hurt Harry made me feel triggered a deep anger in the pit of my stomach and I could feel it slowly rising, consuming my entirety. I felt my fingers uncurl and curl into tight fists repeatedly as rage boiled inside me, nearing that point where it bubbled over. Unable to restrain myself anymore I unleashed my fury, allowing it to control me and whatever it so pleased. I used every once of my anger against Harry as my knuckles collided with his gut with a hefty punch.

Harry stumbled back slightly, his hands clutching his stomach where my fist had so brutally impacted. I watched as his fingers grasped the doorframe, grabbing at it as he desperately gasped for the breath I had stolen from him. Curls flopped all over his face as he doubled foreword but I felt no need to push them back and kiss the tip of his nose. Never when we had fought before had I punched him, I had slapped him and shoved him but I had never used my fist. Harry deserved it more than any other time. He was being an asshole and his words hurt me enough to lash back at him and give him what he deserved and I felt proud.

"Fuck you, Harry." I seethed.

Harry straightened up as footsteps sounded from within the house, it was clear he was still pained but he soon masked it with an expressionless face. I shot him a glare only seconds before Stefan returned with Tobais and a couple of torches. A smile lit up my face seeing Tobias, removing the scowl that had been there only seconds ago.

"Hey Toby."

"Nat." He grinned, opening his arms, enticing me in for a hug.

I stepped into his outstretched arms, wrapping my own around him in a warm hug. Over Tobias' shoulder I set my eyes on Harry who was watching me with a look of jealousy as I glared at him. I was released by the strong arms engulfing me, which now enabled me to take a step back. Reaching up I ruffled Tobias' golden coloured hair, causing the short strands to stick out at random angles.

"You may have grown but I'm still older."

Tobias' laugh rang out loud and clear through the cool crisp night air. Since we were small we'd had a growing competition between us and it had always been pretty close race, but I stopped and he kept shooting for the sky, he's already catching his older brother.

"Well I gotta win something." He chuckles, punching me lightly in the shoulder.

"Come on you two, we've got missing dogs to find." Stefan shakes his head at us.

A torch is tossed towards me and i easily catch it, flicking the light on. The beam stretches out towards the driveway where the dogs have probably trotted down to get onto the street. I steal a glance at Harry before quickly glancing away from his hawklike eyes staring at me like I'm his prey. Rolling my eyes I follow after Stefan who's already halfway down the drive, his flashlight darting left and right searching for any sign of the curious dogs.


My eyes gaze longingly after Natalie as her slim figure follows after fucking Stefan. A growing sense of envy, pain and anger weigh heavy on my chest as I watch Nat catch up and lightly bump her shoulder against his. She seems so much smaller standing next to him, he's about a head or so taller than her and I can't help but feel slightly short compared to his towering height. I'm just over six foot and that's considered tall, he's a fucking giant.

I know she's pissed off me and she's deliberately trying to make me more jealous than I already am. She doesn't see the way guys look at her and she's to nice not to tell guys to fuck off when they flirt with her, she's too innocent. I don't get why she's even with me or why she stays with me, we shouldn't be together, we shouldn't be compatible. I live every day wondering when she'll realise I'm not good enough for her and she deserves someone who is much kinder, less fucked up and better than me. Someone who is good. One day she'll wake up and realise I am well and truly not an angel, that I am really a dirty, blackened demon from the darkest depths of hell. Natalie was pure and I blackened her with my dirty hands and stole her innocence. I took it away, I dirtied and destroyed her purity like I do with everything I touch and everything that looks upon me. She loves me and I hate it. How can someone so perfect as her ever love me. I hate how I love her so much that despite knowing I should let her go I can't and every day that goes by makes me hold on tighter, clutch onto her that little bit more because I know that every day that goes by is one step closer to her realising. Truth be told I'm scared because I know that every guy she meets she'll see the goodness in them that I do not obtain and she'll realise just how blackened I am and she will leave me just like everyone I ever loved did and I will be alone again and this time I will not survive. She was the light shining in the darkness in which consumed me and she led me back to life and gave me hope again. Natalie is the only reason I have left to live and I can't lose her. Without her the pain will kill me, but if it doesn't I am as good as dead. I know I am selfish, but I need her and I will do anything to hold onto the only thing I have left in this cruel world.

"You're totally whipped on my cousin."

My head snapped around to face the guy who had spoken. Tobias grinned widely at me as he leant his shoulder against the doorframe, his eyebrow raised in a knowing look. I stared at him a little blankly as I processed his words as I broke out of my thoughts back to reality. Cousin?

"What?" I asked, unsure if I had heard him right.

"You're so whipped on Natalie." He smirked. "You've got that look, ya know when you zone out and all you see is her."

Well I wasn't meaning that, I already knew I was whipped on her, I have been since day one. Every waking moment since the day I saw her she's on my mind, she's all I have. Fuck, I am probably the most whipped guy on earth.

"You're her cousin?" I ask more specifically.

It took me a moment to register to the fact he said c

"Yeah." He nods his head giving me a look as though I'm stupid. "What did you think we were? Ex boyfriends?"

It took a moment for me to register to the fact Natalie, Stefan and Tobias were family and what I had assumed was incorrect. I'm such an idiot, I didn't even give her the chance to explain. I just had to go be the complete dick I am and make false accusations. No wonder she's so pissed off, she has every right to be and now she probably hates me. This is exactly why I can't believe she's still with me, I'm a complete jerk.

My mouth fell open in surprise, relief and guilt as I stared at Nat's younger cousin in slight embarrassment. I was glad I didn't have to worry about Stefan and Tobias posing as threats to me, but I felt terrible for hurting Natalie the way I did. She was beyond angry at me and I knew it, I'd been slapped about before, but I'd never been punched by her in such a brutal way. I deserved it, what I had said was harsh, cruel and complete bullshit, I fucked up big time.

If I hadn't been so busy being a jealous asshole of a boyfriend maybe I would have noticed the slight resemblances between them as I'm realising now. They all had very similar sea green eyes, they were all tall and this was Natalie's Grandparents place why would her friends be here? It seems pretty obvious now that I think about it and if I had of worked it out I would be in a much better position. Stefan probably thinks I'm the biggest asshole around and Tobias will think I'm a complete douche bag. Way to fucking go Harry, Natalie and her family hate you.

"Oh, you didn't know." Tobias realises what he had said as sarcasm was actually true.

"She didn't tell me and now she's pissed off." I mumble more to myself then him.

"She'll forgive you, she's not one to hold a grudge." He claps me on the back.

I shake me head, after all the shit I say and do will she forgive me? She punched me, this is a different fight and this could be it for us, tomorrow she'll wake up and kick me out. The thought sends chills down my spine an I quickly push it to the back of my mind.

"Yeah, but I do this all the time." I mumble. "I try and protect Natalie, but I really should protect myself because I end up getting punched by her." I mutter.

"She sure can pack a punch." Tobias chuckles as he hands me a torch. "But I bet you by tomorrow morning at the latest it'll be like nothing happened, maybe quicker if you find her dogs and don't tell her you know we're cousins and get on with us tonight."

If I get on with her cousins who she thinks I don't know are her cousins then she'll be pleased, but why would Tobias want to help me out? To most people I come off as a asshole with a badboy rep. No one really likes me, every ones either scared of me, hates me or a ver tiny percent think I'm okay.

"You won't tell her?" I ask skeptically.

"Nah, I'm on your side." He grins. "You seem pretty cool, she needs a guy like you to protect her, she's a little reckless."

I genuine grin spreads across my lips as I follow Tobias down the drive and set search for the three puppy escapees. Maybe tonight won't be quite as awful as I had anticipated with her relatives, but her on the other hand, at the moment we are a fucking disaster.


The beam of yellow light shooting out of my torch darted back and forth over the bushy shrubs on either side of the rode in search for a ball of brown fuzz or maybe three. It was almost silent, the roar of the occasional car driving past the only sound audible apart from the sound of our shoes quietly thudding on concrete as we walked along the pavement. The engine of the occasional car passing by roared before slowly fading out into the distance before it completely disappeared.

I shivered as a gust of chilly wind rushed past me, the cold air raising goose bumps on my exposed skin and I suddenly found myself wishing I'd worn a sweatshirt. My fingers wrapped tightly around the torch as the cold blanketed my body, chilling me to the bone.

"Here, put this on." Stefan spoke as he removed his hoodie. "I'm not cold."

I smiled gratefully at my cousin, taking the hooded sweatshirt from his fingers. I slipped into the warm material in which was much too big for me. I pushed the sleeves up a little, giving my hands freedom and allowing the torch to shine into the darkness rather that the warm material.

Harry's probably going to go apeshit if he sees me wearing Stefan's sweatshirt. I'm not going to tell him we're cousins though, I'm sick off him being such an over protective boyfriend who thinks the entire worlds trying to take me from him. I'm not going anywhere and I would never cheat on him so I don't get why he's such a possessive jerk. He deserves to feel some jealousy whilst the situation is actually completely innocent and there are no real posing threats to him.

I just have to survive tonight and then we'll go home tomorrow because he can't handle meeting any of my friends and I'm not going to put up with him and Mitchell deciding they want to have a brawl for dominance. We aren't bloody wolves, there's no Alpha male. If Harry goes all possessive asshole again then Mitchell will hate him and Jai will side with Mitch and then there will be another tombstone in the graveyard and it'll probably be mine. Stupid male pride and competitiveness is what's going to kill me.

"What do you think of Harry?" I can't help but ask. "Don't sugarcoat it."

"He seems tense, over protective, too serious, he's got looks that can kill and he doesn't know we're related does he." Stefan lets out a laugh.

I'm slightly surprised that defensive asshole wasn't added in that list because I sure as hell would. It does please me somewhat that asshole wasn't on that list of things, I wonder how he's getting on with Tobias, hopefully he hasn't killed him.

"He's irritating." I mumble. "He can't handle other masculine presence without being jealous and plotting some plan on how to kill them if anything happens."

"Maybe you should tell him we're cousins, I don't blame him for freaking out, I can seem rather intimidating." He laughs.

I roll my eyes after realising Stefan's siding with Harry. Guys don't know how it feels to have someone so bloody overprotective that they make you feel suffocated. I love how Harry is willing to protect me from frightening things like Adam, Luke and spiders, but stupid little things like worrying about every male trying to take me away from him is just over the top.

"You're a guy, you wouldn't understand." I mutter, lightly elbowing him in the ribs.

Guys are stupid.


Stefan and I searched for what felt like hours but it was probably only a half hour and we still had no luck finding the troublesome three dogs. My feet hurt after the walking for so long in a pair of uncomfortable wedges that I highly regret wearing.

"My feet hurt." I whine, grabbing at Stefan's strong, muscled bicep for support.

His laugh rings out through the silent, cool night air, brining somewhat of a happy feeling to the dreary dark in which surrounds us. I'm glad for his presence, it had been a long time since we'd been in one another's company and I had missed his radiating smile and the sound of his melodic laughter which could brighten even the saddest persons day. Being here with him today was good for me as he helped take my mind of a certain possessive male and brought a hearty grin to my scowling expression.

"I think we should probably head back, Toby's probably found the dogs and Grams and your 'Irritating' boyfriend are probably worried." He teases.

I shove him in the shoulder for mocking me and he pretends to be hurt even though it's obvious such a lean, muscular male such as himself would not be at all injured by my weak attempts. I've come to realise I don't like growing up, because the male percentage of my friends become much stronger, faster and much taller, now a hundred times more capable of beating me at everything I ever beat them at.

Stefan was right though, Harry would probably be having a minor heart attack as he does and grandma will probably be worrying that she lost two grandchildren I just one night.

"Would you like a ride, small fry?" He teases.

Just because he's a bloody seven foot dinosaur doesn't mean I'm short, I'm taller than the average male hight, he's just abnormally huge.

"Just like old times, aye brachiosaur."

Stefan chuckles lightly before stooping down to allow me to climb onto his back. I move to stand behind him, coiling my small arms around his neck loosely so not to strangle him, but tight enough not to fall off once my feet leave the ground. In one swift movement I pushed myself up from the safety of the pavement, jumping up onto Stefan's muscular back before tightly wrapping my legs round his waist to secure myself.

He stood up to full hit with ease, it was almost as though I was as light as a feather, my weight making no apparent impact whatsoever. His large hands cupped my thighs to aid me in staying stationed on his back as not to slip off and fall from a his great towering hight to my death. His exposed skin was a little cool and I felt bad for wearing his sweatshirt whilst he was cold, but I knew even if I offered to give it back he would insist on me wearing it. Stefan may appear scary and intimidating but he's a real softie with a kind heart.

My chin rested atop of his head, face partially buried in his golden brown hair in which I had slightly messed up when nuzzling my face in the soft locks. With every step he took I bounced a little on his back as we headed towards our grandparents home. I couldn't help but feel a little sick, I didn't know where two of my dogs and my grandparents dogs were which was creating that awful gut wrenching churning you get in your stomach when you lose something, I hate the sensation, it makes me want to puke. There was also worry weighing heavy on my shoulders, I had left a clearly angry, upset Harry with Tobias who didn't know the two males he'd just met were actually my cousins.

The wind lightly tousled my hair as Stefan carried me back the few short minutes to get back to our grandparents home. The night was quite peaceful despite the occasional gust of wind that rose goosebumps on our skin. I deeply breathed in the fresh air, treasuring the sweet scent of my home whilst it last. Tonight is going to be the first and last night here.

Stefan carried me up the drive to the front door in which I aided him in opening, kicking the wooden barrier so it swung open. As I was sitting on his back, Stefan's towering hight forced me to duck under the doorframe if I didn't want to smack my head on the thick wood.

"Oww." I yelped as my back was used to close the door and I became sandwiched between it and Stefan.

Footsteps sounded from down the hall and I smiled upon seeing my grandmother hurrying down the hall. She smile warmly, the deep creases on her face wrinkling further after so many years of grinning brightly. Grandma had always been a very happy woman who smiled constantly and frankly just loved life. She was old and wise like my dad had been and I had figured years ago that she had taught him everything he knew and everything he passed down to me.

Stefan slid me down off his back where I quickly found my footing again. A smile graced my face as I turned towards my grandma, he frail arms outstretched towards me, offering me a hug. I obliged, quickly taking a step towards her embracing her in a hug. My arms coiled around her small ageing body, she was getting old now but she was still full of life.

"It's nice to see you, dear."

She cupped my cheeks, pulling my head down so she could kiss my forehead, probably leaving a big red lipstick stain. I squirmed away before she could leave anymore red lipstick on my face. No one in the family enjoyed having smudged red grandma lipstick on there face that I swear she wears just to annoy us. It doesn't like coming off and it's especially annoying for the guys because it doesn't run off and they don't want to be seen with red lipstick on there faces, that's probably why Stefan ran off.

"You too, Grams." I smile whilst subtly rubbing my forehead hoping it will come off.

My arm was taken in one of her bony hands, leading me down the hallway towards the living room where Stefan had disappeared into. My eyes fell upon the bathroom as we walked past it and I found myself longing to go rub the lipstick from my forehead with soap and water. Once I'm released from her tight grasp that's where I'll be heading.

"Harry is very handsome." She comment as we drew nearer to our destination.

I felt a hot flush creep up my cheeks at the mention of Harry and his extreme attractiveness. I still wasn't exactly comfortable talking about Harry with my family, it feels strange. The females in my family also tend to be rather nosy especially when it comes to me, the only female in the latest generation of Carters. I'm an interesting specimen, apparently because most of my friends are guys and I've never had a proper boyfriend up until late.

"He's lovely, more helpful than your grandfather, Harry offered to help me with dinner." She added. "He really seems to have hit it off with Tobias."

I felt my eyes widen a little as I processed this new knowledge. Either Harry was actually getting on with Tobias or maybe he was attempting to murder him and Grandma thought they were just play fighting. Though I hope the former is true, the latter seems more plausible. Harry looked as though he wanted to murder both my cousins since the moment he saw them and I don't think I helped the situation when I hugged Tobias for longer than I probably should just to make Harry jealous. I probably put Tobias on his long list of people to murder.

However I was slightly surprised when I entered the room to see Harry and Tobias sitting side by side on the floor, their backs leant up against the foot of the couch, playstation controllers in hand. I blinked a couple of times just to be certain that I wasn't seeing things and the two males were actually being friendly, not murderous. I couldn't help but smile a little to see Harry getting on with my cousins, maybe tonight will be better than I thought.

"Play station, bringing guys together since 1994." Grandma shook her head.

I laughed at her true words, playstation was always something guys had in common, I've never met a boy who doesn't like playstation.

My eyes shifted around the room, studying the contents and the bodies it contained. My grandfather sat in his armchair that we were always shooed off if we sat in, his grey hair starting to turn white and his glasses sitting on the end of his nose. My small Australian silky, Teddy, sitting on Grandpa's lap, it's head rested on his little paws, fast asleep. By his feet Nova, the energetic Jack Russell that belonged to my grandparents pricked her ears up upon seeing me. I was surprised when she didn't move, usually she was a little bundle of excitement, but I guess her adventure had worn her out.

I looked around the room for my second dog Scooby who was usually the pack leader when it came to getting into trouble. He tended to be the adventurous one, always the one to jump in first. Scooby didn't exactly live up to his name, he was probably the opposite to Scooby-doo who usually needed coaxing to go into haunted houses, but in some aspects they were similar. My eyes fell upon the little fuzzball sitting beside Harry, watching my boyfriend intently with his little brown eyes. I wasn't surprised to see Scooby interested in Harry, he wasn't familiar, therefore the little dog wanted to see what this new person was like.

I laughed a little as Scooby wiggled on his tummy a little closer to Harry's hip, placing his two front paws on black jean fabric. Harry jumped a little, obviously oblivious to the curious dog watching him as he was so absorbed in the game he was playing with Tobias. But he soon relaxed realising it was just a small dog playing chicken with itself.

I quickly averted my gaze as Harry looked up, attempting to meet my gaze. Ignoring Tobias' protests grandma and I walked right in front of the screen in which he was focused in. I knew Harry was no longer staring at the screen so intently as I felt his hot gaze on my back when I passed him by.

Grandma disappeared into the kitchen leaving me in the presence of four males and three dogs. I smiled as I moved towards my grandpa to greet him.

"Hello Nat." He grinned, giving me a one armed hug as he didn't want to wake the sleeping dog. "How's your mum been treating you."

"Alright, I guess." I shrugged.

A laugh rumbled from deep within his chest, he knew how my mum was and he found her pretty funny. I don't think he ever understood why his son married her, because quite frankly I don't either. But then again I don't actually know her all that well because I was always with my dad and never really did things with my mum. We never talked a lot, but things are starting to improve which I'm glad of.

"If she gives you a hard time we'll get Grams onto her." He chuckled. "She's just a bit more pushy than your mum."

I grinned knowing what he had said was true. Grandma wasn't a force to be reckoned with and she tend to tell you what to do and you just had to do it whether you liked it or not. Mum was like that, but unlike grandma she pressured you to do things you weren't comfortable with doing such as going out with Harry when I first met him. Mum didn't listen to anyone but herself most of the time, but if you put grandma into the equation you get a nodding head and a quick response from my mother.

"You better go wash that lipstick off your forehead before she comes back." He laughed, nudging me in the ribs to send me off to remove the bright red lipstick. I had momentarily forgotten about that, but I was grateful for his reminder.

Tobias' muttered at me when I walked in front of the screen again blocking his vision. Boys get pissed off when that happens, but they hate it more when I beat them at there own game. Tobias and Stefan may have beaten me in height and strength, but I'm pretty sure I can still kick their asses playing playstation.

I wandered back down the hall to the bathroom, flicking the lights on before I turned to shut the door. I jumped in surprise when I saw Harry standing in the doorframe preventing me from shutting him out.

"Go away." I snapped.

I didn't want to deal with him right now, I was still pissed off at him and I just wanted to have five minutes alone to gather my thoughts and remove the sticky lipstick. Despite my request, he didn't budge, he remained stationed in the doorway blinking at me with pleading green eyes.

"No, I want to talk to you." He argued.

"We'll I don't want to talk to you, so goodbye."

A huff of annoyance left my lips as I used one arm to shove him in the chest, the other to partly close the door in his face. It wasn't that easy to get rid of him though, he quickly wedged his foot between the doorframe and the wooden barrier I wished to place between us, preventing its closure.

The door was forced back open with his powerful strength and I took a step back as he slipped inside, turning to close and lock us within the bathroom together. I rolled my eyes at his usual irritating persistence before moving as far away as it was physically possible. I turned my back on him, moving towards the sink where I decided I would ignore him and wash my face. Just because he had forced his way in here doesn't mean I have to acknowledge his presence.

I turned the tap on, putting my fingers under the running water. I didn't look in the mirror to examine my forehead because I knew I would see Harry and I didn't want to see him right now.

My eyes reminded on the water swirling around the sink before disappearing down the plug hole as I rubbed my wet fingers over my forehead. Every few seconds I would rinse the red off my fingers before scrubbing at my head again until I was finally satisfied it was gone. I took my time drying my hands and dabbing the m few droplets of water off my head using the end of the towel. I wanted to delay the imminent confrontation with Harry to negotiate my exit as long as possible.

Slowly I turned around, ignoring the longing gaze he was giving me as he leant against the door. Getting out of here wasn't going to be easy, because I knew he wasn't going to move until he got what he wanted. I glanced to my left, noticing the open window that I could probably squeeze out if I had to go to drastic measures.

"Move." I commanded.


I took a few steps towards him so we stood face to face, my eyes level to his thanks to the wedges I was please that I hadn't gotten to taking off yet. I narrowed my eyes at him as I folded my arms across my chest, trying to look as intimidating as possible.

"Move or I'll knee you in the balls, take your keys, climb out the window, steal your car and drive home leaving you here forever." I threaten.

It irritates me when a smirk curls at the corner of his mouth, obviously amused by my stupid threat. I don't like how he finds my anger with him funny, it's not and it makes me want to punch him again.

"I know you wouldn't." He says knowingly.

"I hate you." I stomp my foot before turning to perch myself on the edge of the bath tub, knowing all to well that I had lost.

I watch as his back slides down the door until he's sitting propped up against it on the floor with his knees bent up towards the ceiling. I stuffy his face, the urge to push his curls back from his forehead and kiss away the frowning crease between his eyebrows comes over me, but I quickly push it away. He tilts his head towards me, his beautiful green eyes staring at me pleadingly. Pleading for my forgiveness. I won't forgive him, not until he apologises and actually tries to stop being so over protective and aggravatingly possessive.

"You don't really hate me do you?" He questions quietly, reminding me he takes every harsh word I say whilst we fight to heart.

Despite the great anger I'm feeling towards him I find myself slipping down from where I'm positioned on the bathtub and crawling towards him. My hands fall upon his knees, pushing them slightly further apart so I have just enough room to slip between them. My hand moves to cup his cheek, gently caressing his soft skin with the pad of my thumb.

"No." I shake my head. "I love you and you should know that."

Harry's warm palms press into the small of my back, bringing me closer to his body as I lean in to kiss him gently on the mouth. His full lips wrap around my lower one, softly sucking it into his mouth as to keep our mouthes together, savouring the kiss he doesn't really deserve right now.

Our lips remain wound together for a while longer, but when he attempted to push his tongue between my lips that was the end. I grabbed a fistful of his shirt, shoving him a little too roughly back against the door, causing him to hit his head in the same way I had done earlier in the car.

"I'm still angry at you." I snarled. "But I don't want my grandparents to hate you so I'll pretend I'm not."

Harry slumped down against the door, disappointed in the result he had gotten from following me in here. I think he wanted a little more than a quick kiss, he wanted to be forgiven. But forgiveness was not something I would give him, not until he promises to stop being so defensive and relax a little knowing that I won't leave him, not until we discuss this properly because I am honestly sick of feeling like he doesn't trust me and that really hurts because I completely and utterly trust him.

"I'm sorry, I ruin everything." He apologises.

As much as I want to forgive him I force myself not to because I know he will do it again probably tomorrow and the day after and the day after that.

"We'll talk about this later, not now." I shake my head, pressing my hands against his chest to push myself up. He follows, getting to his feet before I wrap my arms round his neck, pulling him close. Although I am still pissed of at him I can't stop myself from wanting to hold him and kiss him and love him.

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