Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


43. Chapter Forty

My fingers gently combed through Harry's damp curls whilst he nuzzled his face into my neck, breathing heavily. Our bodies still remained lovingly connected. The feeling was felt nowhere as alien as it had when Harry first entered me, my body had become more accustomed to the uncomfortable feeling. "You okay?" Harry asked, raising his head. The sparkling green in his eyes a comforting sight as he looked down at me with concern. "Mmm." A smile formed on his swollen lips, his nose sweetly rubbing against mine. Harry released a content sigh, his lips softly pressing down against mine. Our gentle kiss distracted me as I felt Harry gradually retract his hips, the softening length from within me. Sharp, interrupted sounds puffed out of his mouth, long fingers tangling with mine as we became disconnected. My muscles ached and my whole body was sore from the heated events that had just taken place. The dark duvet I lay sprawled out upon was almost soothing to my aching entirety as I relaxed into the dark colours. Harry's warmth evaded me as he rolled off to the side, hastily fumbling with the condom before chucking it into the bin. I couldn't help but smile at Harry's appearance, knowing I was the cause of the unruly sex hair currently adorning his head. Harry's head lolled to the side to face me, dimples popping on either cheek. In the blink of an eye he was back with me again. I felt as though I was unable to move and still slightly breathless after our heated activities. The large expanse of Harry's hands delicately caressed my body and his lips worked away on kissing every inch of my sensitive skin. I was surprised by the lack of embarrassment in being completely naked before him, it just didn't really register. I didn't seem to care. The only feeling I was experiencing was Harry, his presence, lips, hands, curls, skin making contact with skin. When one hand began searching the bed for mine, I openly offered him my right palm, interlocking our fingers. Dark curls tickled at my stomach, soft lips peppering affection over my bellybutton which I had momentarily discovered he quite liked. The depression in the centre of my stomach was a spot he immensely enjoyed worshipping with his plump lips. I couldn't help but giggle as he flicked his tongue into the sunken hollow. His own chuckle vibrated against my skin, before continuing to attentively worship my aching body. The warmth of his touch soothed my aching muscles, sliding his large hand up my thigh as his mouth continued to gravitate towards my left hip. I was confused for a moment when a frown formed on Harry's beautiful features. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, motions ceasing as he stared down at my hip. A wave of horror washed through me as it suddenly hit me as to what he was looking at. My fear of him catching sight if the bruises that would have inevitably have formed after his previously rough touch. He didn't need to see the marks he had brandished unknowingly upon my pale skin. Harry looked up at me, green eyes wide with concern. I watched as his Adam's apple bobbled as he nervously gulped. "They weren't there before." He stated, obviously he had taken great care I quickly moved my hand to cover the purple marks impaled on my skin, but he caught my wrist before in observing my naked body earlier. "I didn't did I?" Realisation hit him hard. I watched in torture as Harry rose his hand to my hip, placing his fingers and thumb over the marks of impact and of course they fitted perfectly. A sharp intake of breath was sucked through his lips as he stared down at my hip. "No." He gasped, desperately shaking his head, causing dark ringlets to fall around his face. I reached out to brush them back, but he beat me to it, desperately running his hand through his hair, panicked. "D-did...did I do that." He stuttered. Breathing rapidly increasing as his green eyes desperately searching my own for the answer. I looked away, teeth gnawing on my lower lip as I grasped his hand, encouraging it away from my hip. "Harry." I whispered, I didn't want to tell him he was the one who inflicted the marks on me, he had been pained enough when I had felt the unavoidable pain of my first time. In all honesty the marks didn't bother me much, I actually kind of liked them. The situation of marks covering both Harry and myself made me smile. Some bruises, nail scrapes and a few other marks, evidence of heated seductive lips. I liked the feeling of having left marks on one another's body, it was like we were marking the other as our own. What I didn't like was how the darkness within him overcame him and the Harry I had come to love became consumed. And that scared me. "Baby, please tell me." He pleaded, grasping my hand tightly as I kissed over the pad of all four fingers and his thumb. I couldn't bring myself to verbally answer the question, instead I gave him a small nod of confirmation. It broke my heart as I witnessed Harry's angel like face flood with guilt and horror. I knew that Harry would be comparing himself to Luke right now. He was nothing like Luke, he was the complete opposite. "I'm so sorry." He pleaded, eyes glassy as he begged me for forgiveness. "Harry, it's alright." I tried to reassure him, fingers falling from his as I moved my arms to wrap around his back instead, pulling him down on top of me, holding him tightly to my chest. "What happened?" He whispered timidly in my ear, afraid of the oncoming answer and confirming my suspicions. He didn't know he lost control. My fingers skimmed up his spine, tangling within his curls. The action brought comfort to not only him, but me as well. "Harry, your eyes..." I quietly began, a shudder running down my spine remembering the darkness swirling in his usually green eyes. "They went black." I paused, swallowing hard as he stared down at me. "Y-you..." My eyes squeezed closed as I squeezed his torso harder. I felt the warmth of Harry's hand cup my cheek, his thumb brushing over my eyelids, encouraging me to open them. When I did, his eyes gazed at me with such desperateness that I was almost afraid of confirming his fears. "You held me down." I whispered Harry's eyes widened in horror, pink lips parting in shock. "No." His voice cracked as he frantically shook his head, desperately wishing it wasn't true. Harry rolled onto his side, encasing me in the warmth of his body as he pulled me into his chest, holding me close. "I can't tell you how sorry I am... That should never have happened, not with you Natalie." I could see in his eyes that his brain was ticking away, wondering what else he had done in his darkened state. "Was I rough?" He asked worriedly. I tore my gaze away from his, my silence confirmation. "Shit." He cursed, eyes squeezing closed. "Oh god...Nat, that was your first time." Harry choked on his own words. I hated seeing him like this. I could tell he was internally beating himself up. My hand touched his cheek, gently caressing his smooth skin. My touch caused his eyes to flutter open. "It's alright...you came back to me." I smiled reassuringly at him. "What do you mean." He questioned blinking at me in confusion. "I touched your face." My gentle touch ran gently over his long eyelashes. "Your eyes...you came back to me." Harry caught my hand in his larger one, bringing it to his mouth. A delicate kiss was pressed into the back of my hand. "I'll always come back to you." He whispered. His words squeezed at my heart, bringing a smile to my face. I watched as he moved down my body again, crushing my fingers between his as as he reached my left hip. Soft kisses were delicately pressed over the small bruises marking my pale skin in an attempt to kiss the away. I could tell by the way he acted that he really was sorry for inflicting the marks upon me. "Harry." I quietly whispered. He peered up at me through his dark lashes before crawling back up my body. A large hand was extended his hand towards my cheek, his long fingers gently brushing a loose strand of hair from my face. Harry's hand remained on my cheek after removing the stray piece of hair, the pad of his thumb gently caressing my skin. "Yes beautiful." "Will you lay with me?" I asked, my voice timid. "It would be my pleasure." The honesty in Harry's raspy words caused warmth to tingle through my aching entirety. He smiled, lightly kissing my lips before tugging the corner of the duvet back, holding it up so I could slip into the warm confines. Rolling onto my front, I slipped in between the sheets, Harry following moments after, taking up the position to my left. The duvet was pulled up over us, concealing our naked bodies. My fingers interlocked with Harry's as he shuffled closer, both of us on our sides as we quietly gazed at each other. I took this as the perfect moment to map out ever last detail of his stunning face, right down to the small freckle just to the left of his mouth. A deep chuckle vibrated through his chest as I poked the adorable indent on his cheek. We'd just made love. I was still trying to get my head around the truth. I felt sore, speechless but content. A small part of me was still aware of the darkness Harry had struggled to control during our intimate connection. That frightened me. I was snapped out of my thoughts by the feeling of Harry's dark ringlets ticking against my cheek. His head dipped into my crook, pressing his mouth over my most sensitive spot. The pleasurable sensation caused my eyelashes to flutter closed. His plump lips peppered affection up my neck, leaving a trail of soft kisses in his wake. "You did so well, baby." He mumbled against my skin. Kisses were sponged over my jaw towards my mouth. I couldn't contain my smile as Harry's lips left multiple pecks on my own "I'm sorry I hurt you." His hand skimmed up my thigh, this time apologising for the pain he had caused upon entering me. "You're just really..." I trailed off A smirk curved on his lips giving me the feeling he had easily picked up on what I was attempting to say. Harry found amusement in noticing me nervously glance at the wall. "You're body will adjust to me. The more times we have sex the easier it will be." He explained. Harry's free arm wrapped around my waist, drawing me closer to his body as his face nuzzled into my neck, lips attending to the sensitive skin for a moment before moving up to my ear. Harry's teeth gently nibbled on my earlobe, his warm breath fanning out over my cool skin. The heat radiating off Harry's naked body against mine warmed my entirety. "No pain, just pure pleasure." He purred. My cheeks flushed pink as he spoke the last word. Harry's slow raspy voice took the word to a whole. The way his full lips caressed the meaning, firmly assured me be had every intention of standing by his statement. The way he spoke left me breathless. He drew back, eyes meeting with mine. "What's wrong?" He frowned in confusion. "You want to do it again with me?" I asked quietly. A grin spread across my lips, untamed hair falling around his face as he nodded his head. ***HARRY*** My fingers gently trailed up and down Natalie's bare arm as we lay moulded together beneath the covers. She'd fallen asleep sometime ago, snuggled up in my side. I on the other hand hadn't been able to sleep, my mind on many other things as I watched the beautiful brunette girl entangled with me peacefully sleep. I was still struggling to wrap my head around everything, she had shocked me twice in one night. Her accidental confession of love had left me dumbstruck. Never in a million years would I have expected anyone to love me, I always pushed people out. I'd let her in though, I'm not sure why, but I had let her in to my heart. After having shut all my emotions off for so many years, she'd been able to turn them back on and make life mean something to me again. She was the only reason I had left to live. The heated events of earlier this night played over and over again in my mind. I was still trying get my mind to register to the fact that we had made love. It was a first time thing for me, I had never given a fuck about any other girl I'd slept with. I felt so much closer to Natalie after last night, I felt like the bond between us had strengthened. She had willingly let me take her purity and had given me her heart as I had given her mine. I hated the how I had momentarily lost control during our intimate connection. I had unintentionally hurt her. It pained me to think that had been her first experience of sex. It wasn't the first time it had happened, every other girl I had been with experienced me like that. But none of them were remotely like Natalie, she was innocent and didn't deserve to have me lose control like that. A number of females had commented on my sudden turn. Some even openly encouraged the darkness out of me. That side of me went hard and deep, I shut myself off from everything else, all my emotions, everything I felt. I became uncontrollable, something that a lot of girls found arousing to say the least. I had little connection with that side of me, most of the time I was never able to recall what happened during sex. They liked me rough, relentless as I held them down and forced them to reach their shattering orgasm. But I had come back to Natalie. My chest ached as I watched her sleep, she was so beautiful, so innocent, so unaware of what she had actually done to me. I was snapped out of my thoughts as Natalie stirred a little, rolling further onto my chest. I smiled hearing my name sleepily mumbled from her pretty lips. But it was soon replaced by a frown as her arm reached across my torso, her hand resting on my shoulder. Even in the dim light I could see the inflamed wounds in the soft flesh on the underside if her arm. It hurt knowing I hadn't been able to protect her from Luke I promised her I'd keep her safe, but he had gotten to her, like he said he would, bringing all my fears to life. The night I had fought against him in the boxing ring, he had used her to provoke the anger out of me in which I had used to win. "I'm going to carve her pretty little face up and send what's left to you in a body bag." The most haunting of the words he had said to me echoed in my head. My blood bubbled with anger as I just lay here thinking about what he had done to hurt her. I would kill him. Unable to stop myself, I untangled my body from hers, removing my body from the warm confines of my bed. Natalie stirred a little, sensing the disappearance of my body but she didn't wake. After dressing myself, I turned back to look at the beautiful girl lying alone in my bed in her most vulnerable state. I didn't want to leave her alone, especially after last night, I didn't want to lose sight of her. I quietly walked back across the room, crawling onto the end of the bed. On my hands and knees I moved up her body, hovering just above her head. Her smooth shoulder was left visible to my eyes as she lay curled on her side. "I'll be back soon, beautiful" I whispered, leaning down I gently pressed a kiss to the soft skin. Trying to be as quiet as possible, I made my way out of the room, glancing back at her once more, before exiting the room. Moving down the stairs, I silently prayed she wouldn't wake up before I got back. If she did, she'd probably think I had left her and that she meant nothing to me, when she actually meant everything to me. It was risky doing this now, but I knew his exact whereabouts at the present moment in time and I wouldn't rest until Luke had been brought to justice.     

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