Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


44. Chapter Forty continued

***NATALIE*** I awoke with a shiver as cold air swept over my body, Harry's warmth evading me as he removed himself from the warm confines of the bed. Sleepily I opened my eyes a crack to see where he was going. It was probably just to the bathroom, but my curious nature made me want to know and I couldn't help but check anyway. The room was dark, but I could just make out his naked silhouette as he prowled across the room to his draws. My eyebrows furrowed into a frown as watched as he pulled a clean pair of boxers from the draw, pulling the up his long legs. What the hell was he doing? I continued to observe his odd behaviour as he proceeded in tugging a pair of black jeans up over his boxers, a shirt was also pulled over his head followed by a black hoodie. My chest tightened in hurt as he slipped a pair of converse on, doing the laces up quickly. A sickening feeling spread through my stomach as It became obvious he was going out. Panic washed through me, unanswerable questions playing in my mind as I struggled to pull my eyes away from the curly haired guy as he dressed to leave the house. Had I just been played? Was he just toying with me the whole time? Was this another fuck and run? Did last night mean anything to him? Does he actually love me? The sickening thought of just being another toy in his sick game filled my mind. Was I just like all the other girls he'd had sex with or was this all just a sick scheme to get in my pants. When he turned towards me again, I quickly squeezed my eyes shut, pretending to be asleep again. I knew I would have to face him if he knew I was awake and I just wasn't physically or mentally able to take it at right now. I felt like crying, he was running off after everything that happened between us last night. The bed dipped as he crawled onto the end and up my body. Gentle fingers brushed a few messy strands of hair out of my face. Hot breath fanned out over my skin as he leant over me. "I'll be back soon, beautiful." he whispered. His soft lips pressing to my bare shoulder before drawing back, clueless to the fact that I was actually awake. I almost let out a sigh of relief when he whispered those words to a supposedly unconscious me. He was coming back. But I forced it to stay down as my curiosity intensified. I wanted to know where he was going in the middle of the night, I knew it couldn't be good if he was sneaking out at this late hour. Harry's body removed itself from the bed and I peeked through my eyelashes to catch a glimpse of the dark figure disappearing out the bedroom door. Two seconds after he was gone, I found myself digging around in my bag for clothes. I couldn't even remember travelling across the room, I'd moved so fast. "Hurry up." I quietly urged myself as I pulled clothes on ignoring the aches and pains in my body. If I didn't move quickly, I wouldn't be able to discover where he was going and my mind wouldn't ever be at peace if I didn't. I grabbed my combat boots, pulling them on as I rapidly followed after Harry, not stopping to tie them as I descended the stairs. Stepping out into the night air, I quietly pulled the door shut behind me. It had stopped raining fortunately, but the cold bit at my skin and the sky was clouded. My eyes darted left and right down the dimly lit street, searching for a tall figure dressed in all black. He hadn't gotten all that far, he was only a few blocks away. My eyes locked onto the person of interest as I began to follow after him. Oh how the tables had turned, he was no longer the one doing the stalking, now it was me. I pulled my hood up, shielding my face from Harry and anyone else around a view as I followed after the suspicious male, determine to discover his destination. I moved with stealth, keeping my distance, but remaining close enough as to not lose sight of him. I felt the adrenaline buzz through me as I silently tailed Harry, I found the whole situation rather exciting. I'd always enjoyed reading books and watching movies about spies, but they were nothing compared to the strange thrill I was getting from following an unaware Harry. He had no clue I was following him, he wasn't even aware of my presence as he rounded a corner. Harry probably assumed I was still fast asleep and would never know of his very early morning stroll. Boy he was wrong. My stomach dropped at the sight of flashing lights and loud music blaring from a large house on the corner of the street. He had come to a party. The asshole had snuck out in the middle of the night to come to a fucking party. ***HARRY*** "Yo, Haz! What up!" Jake drunkly greeted me as I entered his bomb site of a house. Pricey looking objects were smashed on the hall floor, several unconscious beings sprawled on the floor, all holding half drunk bottles of beer in theirs hands. Jake threw some pretty wild parties, most of which I had attended, none of late though. I hadn't been to any parties since the one I took Natalie to when I first met her, come to think of it. "I thought you said you weren't coming." He tried to hug me, but I lightly pushed him away dismissively. If I pushed him any harder he would probably topple over backwards and knock himself unconscious. Mot that I really cared, but I didn't want to piss of the host if I wanted to find Luke. Jake knew where everyone one was even though the guy was a fucking stoner. "Where's Luke?" Jake opened his mouth to speak but I watched in irritation as two topless blonde streaked passed him squealing in such a high pitch that i think caused my eardrums to bleed. I didn't care for stupid sluts I used to pursue anymore, I only wanted Natalie. Jake however became excited at the sight of the two females, he was almost drooling at the mouth. I was forgotten as his gaze followed the girls, his legs moving to chase after them. "Well fuck you." I muttered in annoyance. My hand lashed out at a glass vase, sweeping it off the dresser it stood on. It fell to the floor, shattering, becoming mixed with shards of other broken items. They crunched under my feet as I continued down the hall, not bothering to step over the knocked out losers on the floor. The hand of a brunette male lay in my pathway towards the kitchen. I didn't hesitate in squashing it underfoot. His hand immediately recoiled, body jolting back into consciousness. He sprung up, clutching his hand to his chest in pain. "What the fuck, man!" He swore. "Go home, cunt." I snapped, continuing past him into the kitchen. A red cup filled with murky liquid was immediately placed in my hand. I didn't care what type of poison it was, only that it contained alcohol. Raising the rim to my lips, I downed the drink in one gulp. It burnt down the back of my throat as I swallowed. It was strong shit, bur I needed the alcohol to do this. Discarding the cup on the floor, I continued to search for Luke. Pushing my way through the sweaty crowd of grinding bodies I forced my way outside. When he came to parties, he and his gang usually hung outside smoking pot, in which he dealt to poor fucks like Jake. Jake would be a pretty decent guy if Adam hadn't introduced him to his older brother. Luke was the one who got him into the weed and alcohol, he actually used to be a straight A student before he started taking drugs, throwing parties and getting absolutely wasted. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the darkness of the night. A sliver of moonlight shining through the grey clouds helped light the large expanse of Jake's backyard, aiding the outside garden lamps. My eyes skimmed over the people stood on the lawn. The backyard was mostly filled with more passed out people and red cups scattered across the grass, the two colours creating a vast contrast. I averted my eyes from a couple doing the unspeakable to each other in a bush. Anger rose in my chest as my eyes finally out the bastard who had attacked my girlfriend. He was sitting on the edge of the marble fish pond with a few of his buddies. The fact he was smoking a joint came as no shock to me. Luke immediately stood, dropping the joint into the fish pond as his almost black eyes locked onto mine. I quickly advanced, alcohol pumping through my veins. "How's Natalie." Luke knowingly asked a smirk playing on his lips. He knew exactly how to provoke the anger within me to come out. My hands bawled into fists by my sides as I continued to advance on the sick male I had already defeated in the ring. As soon as I was close enough to reach him, I grabbed a fistful of his shirt, slamming him up against the wall. "You're a fucking waste of space." Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Luke's mates get to their feet. They had noticed that their leader was in trouble, pinned by me against the wall. Luke and the rest of his gang members always backed each other up. They had attacked Natalie in a pack and they would fight me in a pack. Turning my head I stared down the three other men. "Back off! This is between me and him." The three guys took a few steps back, raising their hands in surrender. I hadn't expected them to back down, either they must have been smoking some pretty weird shit or I looked angry enough to murder them with my eyes alone. I turned back to face the monstrosity who didn't deserve to be alive. "What kind of man hits a women." I spat. My fist delivered a hefty punch to Luke's gut causing him to crumple forward onto his knees before me. He was in no state to fight me, high and drunk as fuck, he probably was seeing double. Adrenaline flew through my veins as I constricted his shoulders with my hands, holding him in place. My knee came up, roughly impacting his stomach. "Oof." Luke's breath was forced out, the blow winding him. He fell to the side, wildly gasping for breath as his beefy hands clutched at his stomach. His eyes stared up at me pleadingly, begging me not to hurt him any further. Luke didn't deserve mercy after the crimes he had committed. He didn't deserve to be spared. I crouched down beside him, grabbed the front of his shirt again as I stared harshly into his fearful eyes. "Is that the look Natalie gave you when you assaulted her." My voice was harsh as I pulled his shirt so his back rose up from the ground before I quickly slammed it backdown again. Luke's head smashed back against he ground from the whiplash. "No! I doubt she begged you for mercy." I yelled. He was pathetic, he didn't deserve pity. My fist slammed into his face, before I stood up, towering over the pathetic excuse for a man. "Get up!" I yelled, inflicting him with a kick to the ribs. A cry of agony came from his mouth along with a mouthful of crimson blood. "Get up and fight me like a man!" Weakly Luke rolled onto his front, his palms pressing against the grass shakily pushing himself up to his feet. I gave him a moment in which he didn't deserve to get his bearings. He spat out another mouthful of blood, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand. "She screamed for you, she begged me to let her go." He spoke, a twisted smile on his bloodied lips. "I'll fucking end you!" my voice yelled. His words provoked me further and before I knew it, I had knocked him to the ground again. Blood covered my knuckles, my fist slamming into his face over and over again, the past repeating itself. ***NATALIE*** Harry had disappeared inside the house and I couldn't decide whether to follow him or not. I was still contemplating what to do when to shirtless girls streaked passed me. My eyes screwed closed in disgust. Did they have no self respect? "Hey, aren't you Harry's girlfriend." A masculine voice sounded to my ears. Opening my eyes, I came face to face with a blonde haired boy with piercing blue eyes. He looked vaguely familiar and it took me a moment to remember he was one of the guys I met at the old warehouse Harry had taken me to one of the first times we met, it felt like years ago now. I think his name was Jack. "Uhm, yeah." I replied, thinking it best to confirm his suspicions. "Jack right?" "Jake" he corrected. Close enough."You looking for Harry?" I nodded my head in affirmation. Jake gave me a smile, taking my wrist and leading me inside the house. He seemed decent enough compared to many if the other males I'd met here. Especially considering his pupils were dilated displaying to me he had probably had a bit too much to drink. "I was just talking to him a minute ago." Jake informed as he led me through the crowd. I let out a yelp of surprise as someone groped my bum. Jake stopped, turning to face the guy. "Bro, this is Haz's chick, don't touch what doesn't belong to you." The guys eyes widened a little, knowing Harry and his violent ways all to well. A quick apology was mumbled before he quickly fled the party. Harry obviously scared that poor guy shitless, I felt sorry for him. I gave Jake a quick thank you as he continued to lightly shove intoxicated people aside making a path for us to move through. "He was looking for Luke." Jake continued where he had left off. My stomach dropped, pulse quickening as I suddenly put two and two together. He came here to confront Luke. My chest tightened at the thought of him getting hurt because of his stubbornness. "Shit." Jake swore as we stepped outside. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw what was going on. My eyes went wide as they upon two males. I instantly knew it was Harry, despite his soft curls being hidden from sight beneath his hood. The expanse of his large hands gripped Luke's shit, fisting it as he forced Luke, who was obviously drunk off his mind up against the wall. I watched as three of Luke's accomplices stood to help their ring leader. My heart was in my throat, Harry would be greatly outnumbered if they became involved. "Back off! This is between me and him." Harry's head snapped round, blazing black eyes pinning them with a terrifying stare. I took an involuntarily step behind Jake, the darkness in Harry taking control of him. I didn't blame the three men from backing away from Harry, arms raised in surrender as they left the two males to brawl it out. Harry's attention focused back on Luke who looked fearful of my curly haired lover who could be so kind and caring, but brutal and terrifying when he wanted to be. "What kind of man hits a women." Harry's voice boomed as his clenched fist slammed into Luke's stomach. I flinched at the sight of the guy I had come to love channeling all his anger to inflict physical damage on Luke. The blow caused him to fall forward, collapsing down onto his knees in front of Harry. Harry grasped Luke's shoulders as his knee came up, roughly impacting against his oppositions stomach again. This time Luke fell to the side, hands clutching his stomach as he desperately gasped for the breath that had been forced out of him. His eyes stared pleadingly up at Harry, begging him to stop. When confronting me, Luke had looked so powerful and intimidating. But now he was unrecognisable, the fear his eyes displayed as he stared up at the looming figure begging him for mercy. My body began to tremble as Harry crouched down beside Luke, his chest heaving up and down in rage as he grasped the material of Luke's shirt again. "Is that the look Natalie gave you when you assaulted her." Harry hissed.The shirt was pulled, causing Luke' torso to rise up from the grass. Tears brimmed in my eyes as my name came from Harry's lips. Luke's head slammed against the ground, his chest forced back by Harry's brutal force. "No! I doubt she begged you for mercy!" His voice boomed in anger as he threw a punch to Luke's face before he rose to his feet again. "Get up!" Harry spat. A sharp kick was sent to Luke's ribcage, forcing a cry of agony out of Luke's throat along with a mouthful of blood. "Get up and fight me like a man!" Harry roared. Luke's movement was stiff and weak as he forced his body up into standing position. He looked so weak compared to Harry. His legs shook as if they could barely withstand his weight. He spat out another mouthful of crimson blood, wiping the remnants of the red liquid on the back of his hand. Luke's face sent shudders down my spine as a twisted smile spread across his face. He looked absolutely demented as he stared at Harry. "She screamed for you, she begged me to let her go." Luke's un true provocative words enraged Harry and I had to clamp my hand across my mouth to prevent the screams. "I'll fucking end you." He spat, charging forward, tackling the male in front of him back to the ground. His fist slammed into Luke's face over and over again. Blood splattering everywhere. Sobs tumbled from my lips as I witnessed the boy I knew could be so caring try and destroy the man who had sourced his anger. "P-please stop him." I sobbed, tugging at Jake's hand. He shook his head clearing his thoughts, in just as much shook as I was. Jake nodded, I turned away, unable to watch anymore. If Harry kept this up, Luke was going to walk away with a few broken bones, that was if he walked away at all. ***HARRY*** "Harry! Stop!" Someone yelled, gripping my left bicep, trying to pull me off the bastard I was laying into. My right fist continued to smash into his bloodied face whilst the left tried to break free of the tight grip someone had on me. "Harry you're scaring Natalie." My fist ceased in mid blow, the sound of her name brining me back to my senses. "He's had enough, Harry. If you don't stop, you'll lose Natalie." The familiar voice continued. Turning my head ever so slightly, I came face to face with a slightly more sobered Jake. I didn't understand what he meant by I was scaring Natalie, I had thought she was back at my place. That was until I caught sight of a hooded female standing with her back to me by the back door. Her body shook, clearly obvious she was crying. "Natalie." I spoke confused, standing from my place of domination. Luke took this as an opportunity to slither away, dragging his beaten ass back to the hole he came from. It took all my will power not to case after him as his three buddies helped him scramble away. My attention turned back to Natalie, her back still turned to me. I didn't understand how she was here, she had been fast asleep when I departed. Unless she wasn't actually asleep and followed me here, I quickly worked it out. "Natalie." I spoke, making my way towards her. She turned to look at me, backing away until her back hit the wall, unable to move any further in that direction. Fear sparked within me seeing the terror in her pretty green eyes. My chest tightened, knowing she'd witnessed me lose control and release my wrath on Luke. She'd watched me violently inflict damage on him and I could see in her eyes she was frightened of me. "Harry, I think you've done enough." Jake grasped the the back of my hoodie, dragging me away from my panic stricken girlfriend. "Natalie." I cried out, reaching for her as I allowed my friend to pull me away, hoping she would follow. But she didn't. She remained frozen to the spot, feet unmoving as she watched me with fearful eyes. "I've lost her." I cried out. "She's just a bit shaken up, she'll come round though." Jake stopped once we were out of her earshot. I stole a glance at the beautiful girl, hoping he was right. I don't know what I'd do if I lost her. Thank God Jake had stopped me, I probably would have murdered Luke in front of her very eyes if he hadn't stepped in, for that I was grateful. "Thanks Jake" I mumbled, he really wasn't that bad of a guy. "No problems." He gave me a nod, attempting to hug me again, still drunk. I tried to kindly push him away, the guy was real weird when he was intoxicated. He frowned obviously hurt, before skipping quite happily back off into the house, most likely to have another drink. My heart ached when I looked over at Natalie again, she was on the phone, eyes glassy with tears. I cautiously advanced towards her, wiping my blood covered knuckles on the front of my jeans. She didn't seem to notice me till I was about two feet away, this made obvious by how the phone fell from get hands as she jumped in fright. "I'm sorry you had to see me like that." I tried to apologise, but she pressed her back up against the wall, trying to move away as far away from me as possible. I could tell that she wanted to sink into the wall and disappear, but unfortunately for her the was physically impossible. I stooped down to collect her fallen iPhone from the grass. He eyes followed my every move, from the flinch of my fingers to standing to full height again. "Here." I quietly whispered, holding the electronic device I had just retrieved out to her. Hesitantly, she pinched the point farthest from my fingers. My chest hurt knowing she didn't even want to touch me. "I love you, Natalie." I whispered, hoping she would reciprocate the words I desperately needed to hear. She avoided my gaze, eyes locked on the ground, silent. "Please, I need to hear you say it." I begged. Her silence stabbed at my heart. I'd lost her. "Natalie." A voice sounded and her head turned to the sound of her name being called. I watched hurt even further as Louis appeared from the depths of the house, emerging into the backyard. Natalie was quick to move behind him, using him to hide herself away from me. "Go wait by my car, it's just out front." Louis instructed motioning for her to leave. She took a single glance at me before disappearing back inside. My eyes remained on the point she had been last, willing her to come back. "Look, Harry. I know you don't like me very much, but I'll make sure she gets home alright." Louis snapped me out if my trance. "Okay." I managed to choke out. I really despised this guy, he always ended up where I didn't want him, always being the hero when I was the evil villain. Why can't I do something right for once in my messed up life? ***NATALIE*** Louis emerged from the party, fumbling in his pockets for the keys to the car. When the headlights flashed, signalling the car had been unlocked I quickly climbed in the passenger seat. The only reason I'd called Louis to come pick me up was because he was the only one other than Harry who knew what had happened to me earlier and would understand this situation. I also wanted to punch him for telling Harry, but really he couldn't be blamed. He'd done the right thing. After seeing Harry like that I knew I wouldn't be able to be around him tonight, he'd scared me too much. Everyone had screamed he was dangerous, they were right. Harry was dangerous, maybe not to me but to others and all this violence frightened me. "You okay?" Louis asked. I nodded my head weakly, to shocked by what had happened to formulate words whilst the events replayed in my mind. "Lets get you home." I couldn't help but look back at the house. A dark figure emerged from inside. My heart ached as he stared at me from the doorstep, eyes laced with hurt. I hadn't been able to speak to him or look at him a few minutes ago, images of him inflicting pain on Luke replaying in my head. This was a vast contrast to the way he was when he looked as though he really was goings to kill Luke. Now he looked pained and deeply hurt maybe even a little heartbroken. I hadn't reciprocated the words he had desperately wanted hear. I knew he would think I didn't love him after that, but I did. Of course I did. I watched as he shoved his hands in his pockets, hanging his head as he began his walk home. Even the way he walked showed how upset he was with himself. I knew he was sorry. My heart felt like it had shattered as I watched the lonely boy walk away. I couldn't just leave him like this. "Natalie!" Louis shouted, panicked as I leapt from the car. Luckily it was only moving about two miles per hour. I ran after the hooded boy, grabbing his hood as soon as it was in reach and yanking it down. He spun around, sex hair still wild as his glassy green eyes met with mine. Unable to control myself, my arm hooked around his neck, bringing his mouth to mine in a passionate kiss. I drew back after a few moments, leaving him slightly shocked. I jogged back to the stationary car again, turning to look back at the gobsmacked male. 'I love you'. I mouthed. __________________________________________________________________________ Hey guys, Sorry for all the point of view changes, I just thought it was necessary to show how both Natalie and Harry were feeling in this chapter. Hopefully you enjoyed it. HOLY SHIT! I saw the boys live on Saturday! It was fucking amazing! My friend and I were going absolutely insane, we were swinging glow sticks around like flipping lunatics and Callum from 5sos noticed our idiocy looked directly at us and waved. That didn't quite kill us, but then 1d came on and Louis saw us and waved. My friend hit me in the face with her bloody glow stick when he waved, I think I had a mini heart attack in that moment. The two of us probably looked like we were on drugs or something. Harry looked like sex. Louis called Niall Neil the whole time. Niall tried to break dance. Zayn sounded exactly like Louis for a moment. And Liam was almost normal but not quite. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!! Hope you enjoyed this chapter :) Thanks for reading I love you Stay beautiful ~Natiall    

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