Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


5. Chapter Five

Chapter 5

We pulled up outside his flat, I was scared about getting out. "It's okay" Harry scooped me up in his arms and placed me on his lap, before opening the car door and quickly closing it locking it as well. He carried me to the front door and quickly unlocked It. We slipped inside his flat and he turned to lock the door again. He switched the light on, his flat was very tidy, for a guy.

He carried me into the living room and placed me gently down on the sofa. "I'm so sorry" he apologised immediately. "It's okay, Harry" I ran my fingers through his soft curls trying my best to reassure him. "You got hurt and nearly raped all because of my stupidity" he exclaims. The nail marks on my arms hurt a lot, but I wasn't going to tell him that. "You got hurt too Harry, you took punches for me, while I hid behind you using you as a shield" I sighed at how pathetic I was. "But it was my own fault I got hurt, so that makes it worse" he groans "I'm so sorry" he hangs his head, resting it on my knees. "I forgive you Harry" I gently lift his injured chin. I had never seen Harry like this before, his eyes were full of pain, he even looked a little scared. It was not like how he usually looked, strong, possesive, a little cocky, rough and tall. He resembled a injured animal currently, small, fragile and scared. His bruised and bloody face made me sad just looking at it, he had taken all those punches for me, leaving his beautiful face bruised and battered. "Thank you" I whispered stroking his hair softly. What i did next surprised him and myself. I leaned in pressing my lips gently to his. There was something about Harry that drew me to him, something mysterious, like he had a secret, something to hide. I don't know why I only felt it now. I wondered why he lived alone when he was still in school.

His full lips kissed back and my arms slid around his neck pulling him closer. I felt as his hands wrapped round my waist, He pulled me down onto his lap, holding me tightly, like he was scared I'd run away. He tasted like blood, which didn't surprise me, as he had a busted up lip. It was so strange, one minute he scares me, next minute he's fragile, now I'm kissing him. I tried being as gentle as possible, he just seemed so fragile. I don't know if anyone has treated him gently in his life. I might just be the first.

My fingers gently ran through his curls. I liked how they felt, so soft and bouncy. A strong metallic taste suddenly filled my mouth. I pulled back from Harry, blood gushed from his lip. "Sorry, I just made your lip bleed" I apologised brushing my thumb gently over his busted bottom lip. He winced slightly "Sorry" I said for the second time "Lets go clean you up". He nodded his head "I'm so sorry" he was holding my arms out, examining the reddened and bleeding nail marks. "It doesn't hurt" I lied trying to pull my arm away, but he held me tightly. His warm lips kissed my shoulder and started leaving a trail of wet kisses down my arm. My eyes closed as his lips gently ran down my shoulder. He delicately kissed one of the nail marks, I let out a cry of pain. "Your a terrible lier" he shook his head "I barely touched your arm, that must hurt like a bitch" he stroked my cheek softly. I nodded my head truthfully, they hurt like hell.

Harry's arms lifted me from the ground, bridle style, my head lolled against his muscular chest as he carried me upstairs to his bedroom. He carefully lay me down on the bed, before he disappeared into the bathroom for a moment. He returned carrying tissues and dettol. He sat on the bed next to me, and ever so gently lifted me onto his lap. I watched as he pulled out a couple of tissues and put dettol on them. I knew exactly what came next, sting! As a child dettol was my worst enemy, I was alway falling over and cutting myself up, dettol was always menacingly waiting for me at home. Harry lightly dabbed the tissue on my wounds, I had to bite my lip to stop myself screaming. "Sorry" was the word he continuously muttered.

When he was finished, he gave me one of his shirts to wear. "Thanks" I took the shirt from him and beelined straight for the bathroom, leaving him to tend to his own battle wounds. I pulled off the torn up shirt, tossing it away from me, never wanting to lay eyes on it again. I pulled Harry's grey shirt over my head, it was too big for me and fell down to mid thigh. I slipped my jeans off and chucked them down to.

When I re-entered Harry's bedroom, he was gone. I felt a shiver go down my spine, I didn't want to be alone. I walked back down the stairs I was carried up and found Harry in the lounge making himself at home on the sofa. I had expected him to sleep in his own bed, with me. But maybe Harry wasn't as bad as I thought, I mean any guy that wanted to get in my pants straight up would have stayed in his own bed, yet Harry didn't. "Harry" I asked, he looked up. "Can you stay with me, I'm scared" I whispered. His tall figure rose from the coach, and he walked towards me. His hand reached out and he took my smaller hand in his "don't be scared" he whispered softly in my ear.

He lead me by the hand back to his room. I watched as He pulled the blankets back and lay down. He shuffled over a little so I could join him. Cautiously I slid in next to his. A moment later the blankets were pulled over us, I felt safer with Harry near me. I was pulled closer to him , when he encircled my body with his arms. We lay in silence for a few minutes. "Was the guy that showed up to help us Niall Horan" Harry asked softly. "Yeah" I replied. "He used to be my friend until I started skipping school" Harry sighed "who knows what would have happened if he didn't show". My body tensed up as my imagination raced. "Don't worry, it's over" He whispered, then why did I get the feeling it wasn't. "Thank you" I mumbled cuddling closer to Harry. "Go to sleep" he told me. My eyes fluttered closed as I drifted into a deep sleep.


A knife was pressed to my neck, I looked up to see Adam's bloodied face. "Scream for Him" He ordered gripping my shoulder. I knew exactly what he meant. "No" I whimpered refusing to do as he said. "SCREAM FOR HIM" He yelled pressing the knife harder against the soft skin of my neck "SCREAM OR I'LL KILL HIM TOO". The knife pressed into my neck.

"HARRY, HARRY" I bolted up screaming. "HUH! WHAT? NAT!" Harry exclaimed jolting awake. Tears trickled down my cheeks, it was just a dream I tried to convince myself. "Nat? What's wrong" Harry asked wiping my tears away. "I-I had a nightmare about Adam killing me" I sobbed clutching his shirt tightly in my hands. "Shhh, I'm right here, I won't let him ever touch you again" he pulled me into his chest. I sobbed quietly, with my arms wrapped around his waist. "Go back to sleep" he whispered in my ear. I felt him lie back down, with me cuddled up in his arms. "I've got you" he hugged me closer. I felt safe in Harry's strong arms, like no one could ever hurt me, I liked that feeling.

I cried for a while longer, Harry's breathing slowly grew heavier as he went back to sleep. Carefully, I tried to wriggle out of his grip. He was holding me in a death grip, like he was scared I'd run away. Gently I pried his arms wrapped round my waist open, a whimper escaped his lips. I rolled out of his arms to the other side of the bed. I watched as Harry started searching the bed, to find me. I quickly got out of the bed. Intrigued by what Harry was doing, I continued watching. In his half asleep state, he pawed around the bed, in search for my warmth. When he found nothing but an empty space beside him, his body curled up into a ball. It was sad to watch, the saddest part was a single tear escaped his closed eyes. Watching him like this made me wonder, what's made him like this.

Silently I slipped out of the room. The house was completely dark, I didn't know the house at all well. My hands felt for the walls, following it carefully I knew there were stairs somewhere, I shuffled my feet so I wouldn't fall down them. One foot reached the first step, I scrabbled around for the hand railing, gripping it tightly as I began my descent. My feet found the floor again and I walked blindly into what I hoped was the kitchen.

SMACK. I collided with a closed door, stumbling backwards. "Oww" I groaned, I'm so clumsy. I walked back to the door, finding the door handle and twisting it open. My hands searched for the light switch flipping it on. My guess had been correct, this was the kitchen.

I opened up the first cupboard, in search for a glass. Plates and bowls were what I found. The second one I opened was filled with glasses. "Gotcha" I grabbed the closest one. Walking over to the sink, I filled it with water. I chugged it down, then I walked out of the kitchen turning off the lights. I headed back in the direction of the stairs, holding the rail as I walked up. My had touched something moving down the stairs. In fright, I screamed letting go of the railing and stumbled backwards. Suddenly arms wrapped around me, saving me from falling back down the stairs. "What are you doing" Harry's husky voice asked. " I was getting a glass of water, you nearly have me a heart attack" I reply. "Sorry, lets go back upstairs".

He led me back up the stairs to his room and we both got back into bed. "You should really leave your kitchen door open, I walked into it" I giggle stupidly. Suddenly Harry leapt out of the bed. "I never closed the kitchen door, It was open when we went upstairs last night" He exclaims. Suddenly I felt sick, what If Adam or someone was in his house, I had gone downstairs alone. I shivered and hopped out of bed running over to Harry in fear. "Do any of those guys know where you live" I whimpered. "No, only Ben, but he wasn't there when the fight happened, he would have helped us" Harry replies walking us over to the door and flipping the lights on. "What if one of them tailed us home" my mind raced "What if they all did". Harry's expression was worried. "How would they even get in" I wondered aloud. "SHIT" Harry swore "I left a window open downstairs because it was hot". I wanted to throw up, I had walked down there only minutes ago, in the dark and alone. Harry silently closed the door "we can't let them know were awake and know their here" Harry whispered. Then a horrible thought hit me "What if their in here" I cried.

I watched as Harry opened the wardrobe door and checked the bathroom and under the bed. "No ones in here, but we have to get out" he grabbed my arm, I watched as he got his keys and phone, tapping away on it. What was he doing? He flipped off the lights, then I knew. He's turned his phone torch on.

He tugged me over to the window, sliding it open. He lifted me out into the cold night air. I looked down to see two other cars parked behind Harry's that weren't there before. Harry's body joined me on the roof. "Neighbours" I asked hopefully. Harry shook his head "no". We walked along the roof to a tree, I knew Harry's plan.

I watched as he skilfully got down the tree. I was at the top when he was at the bottom. I climbed down the tree as quickly as I could. I looked down to see Harry smirking up at me. What was he smirking about? Suddenly I realised, I was only wearing his shirt and my underwear. I was distracted and suddenly the branch I stood on snapped. I let out a shriek as I fell down, only to be caught in Harry's arms. "Be more careful" he ordered with a grin. I smack him over the head "Pervert". He just chuckled and put me down on my feet. We snuck around the house to the car, Harry had left it unlocked. So we dived in the back seat stupidly both at the same time and both in the wrong place. "Oww, your digging your elbow into my stomach" I groaned. He landed on top. Harry closed the door wit his foot somehow and locked the car. We were safe ish. Now we just had to untangle ourselves and drive away.

"OWW, HARRY!" His elbow was now digging into my left breast painfully.. I pushed him into the gap between the chairs using all my strength. "Ha, how do you like being wedged between chairs" I laugh climbing into the passenger seat. Then something caught my eye. There was a light on in Harry's room. "Harry" I whimpered in fear. He pulled himself out of the chairs and got in the drivers seat. "Their in my house, their in my fucking home" Harry swore. "Give me your phone" I ordered.



"Give me your phone" Natalie ordered, immediately I handed her my phone. I returned my attention back to the house. I could see black silhouettes in my bedroom, it made my blood boil. The little Fuckers were in my house. Suddenly I was unlocking the car. I opened the door and stepped out enraged. "HARRY NO, GET BACK IN THE CAR" Natalie screamed . I ignored her and continued getting out. "HARRY" she begged I started walking towards my house fury burning up inside me. I clenched my hands up into fists. A small hand grabbed my larger one "Stop" she whispered trying to pull me back, I kept walking tugging her along with me. Suddenly the warmth of her hand left mine and Natalie ran in front of me. "Please stop Harry" she pressed her hands against my chest "for me". I stopped walking and looked down at her for a moment, giving her enough time to lean up and kissed me on the lips.

She calmed me down so easily. She was so warm and kind, while I was just a cold blooded monster. "I called the cops" she whispered in my ear tugging me back to the car. "I FOUND THEM" someone yelled from behind us. "Get in the car" I shoved her in, I was going to fight them off. Suddenly I was pulled back hitting my head on the top of the car. I fell on top of Natalie and she slammed the door shut snatching the key from my hands to lock the car. "I'm not stupid, styles" she smirked a little, then to my surprise kissed me quickly before pushing me into the passenger seat. "My car, I drive" I growled. "Your an idiot, I drive" she replied "SHIT" she screamed as one of the guys hurled them self at my poor car.

"MY CAR" I yelled they were gonna break it "DRIVE". Natalie was screaming, I was yelling, the guys were smashing up my car. "Harry" she shivered in fear. "What". "These aren't your car keys" she replied "Their your motorbikes". "FUCK" I exclaimed, My bike was parked in the drive, I could see it. "Natalie" I grabbed her hands "Were going to run to the bike, I'm going to unlock my door, okay". She nodded fearfully and climbed onto my lap. I grabbed her head and pulled It to my face, trying to reassure her with a kiss "It'll be okay, I'll protect you" I pressed my forehead against hers. Her body was shaking but she nodded. "One two three"I unlocked the door, pushing it open, I climbed out first, pulling her out. I locked and slammed the door again and together we ran towards my bike. We were both sprinting, if she wasn't holding my hand I would have stopped and tried to fight them.

Adam and the other guys hadn't noticed we'd left the car. When we reached my bike I grabbed her under the legs and put her in my bike before jumping on myself. Immediately Natalie wrapped her arms round my waist tightly, gripping me tightly. I started the bike up, that's when they noticed us, but it was to late, I had already pulled out of the drive and was on the road. I sped down the street, Natalie's hands tightened even more around my waist. "Please slow down" she begged, I slowed down a little, and we drove back to her house.

Natalie practically flew off the bike, her legs collapsed underneath her and she fell to the ground. "Natalie" I asked lifting the beautiful girl off the ground, she looked up at me. "I-I'm scared of motorbikes" she sobbed into my chest. I carried her around the back of her house and through the door I had left unlocked when I picked her up last night. I placed her down on the sofa in the lounge. "I'm sorry" I apologised, I'm so used to grabbing by bikes keys instead of the cars.

Ring ring ring ring ring. My phone started ringing.

"Hello" I answered it.

"Hi, this is the police, we caught eight males breaking into your house, but one got away, are you alright" a police officer spoke into the phone.

"Yeah, we're fine, just a little shaken up" I replied referring to Natalie.

"Okay, your house I'd safe to go back to if you want" the officer told me

"Okay, thanks" I replied

"Goodbye" he hung up.

Natalie was looking up at me with teary eyes. "One of them got away, I don't know who but the rest have been caught" I told her. She nodded her head, she shuffled over, making room on the couch for me. I sat down and Natalie cuddled close to me, the tv was still on. So we just sat there.

Natalie eventually fell asleep, she looked so beautiful. Carefully I lifted her sleeping body off the couch, holding her in my arms. I carried her up the stairs to her room and tucked her into bed. I was contemplating weather to get in or to go home. I think I should probably go. I turned around to leave, but then I heard her soft voice. "Harry, don't go" she reached out for me. I slid in next to her hugging her body close.



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