Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


59. Chapter Fifty-One

Chapter 51

Rain drops fell around me, splattering against my skin and soaking through my clothes as I dangled my legs over the side of the balcony. My sopping hair fell dead straight around my face making my hair look darker which was a vast contrast against my ghostly pale skin. Through the haze of falling rain silhouettes of trees swayed back and forth in the gusty wind. Despite the harsh weather conditions I couldn't feel the cold, my body was numb with the pain that was Harry.

Tears trickled down my cheeks, blending with the heavy droplets of rain falling from the angry grey clouds above before crashing down on the earth far below just like any other rain drop. The great emptiness inside me was gradually growing, spreading throughout my body slowly as it wanted to be certain it devoured every little piece of happiness within me.

I don't know why I decided to come sit over the side of the balcony at 1am in the pouring rain, maybe because it just felt like the place my now lifeless subconscious felt it belonged. I knew I was probably going to get sick, but I didn't care, nothing mattered anymore apart from Harry, the boy who was slowly killing me.

I know I am losing him, he is slipping through my fingers and I can't hold on anymore. His dark past is catching up with him and he's not trying to fight it back, he's not holding on and I'm losing my grip because alone I am not strong enough. Harry's giving up because he thinks he's not good enough, useless, unwanted, unloved and an awful person but in reality he is the opposite to each and everyone of those things.

He is an angel,

My beautiful fallen angel.

He only sees the harsh exterior he himself created to push people away, to frighten them and intimidate them. He doesn't even know his real self. He shut himself off and locked himself out and now he cant get back in.

The walls he's built up around him have kept everyone out, even himself, but not me. I see the real Harry though, a beautiful man with a golden heart hidden deep within his chest. Harry is warm, gentle and he has the most loving heart. He makes me feel safe and secure and I love him.

I'm losing him though and I know it.

Every moment that ticks on by I become increasingly fearful. A good hour has passed since I left him the letter and I know he would have seen it since he woke before I got the chance to leave. So I've come to the conclusion that either he doesn't want to read my words of desperate and utter love, he can't read my damn writing or maybe he's just given up, on everything we had worked for and on me and on love.

I want to save him and I want to help him, but he doesn't want to save himself. I try and I try and try to get through to him, to get him to believe me and in himself but nothing I say or do ever appears to work. It's over, I don't know what to do anymore, there's nothing left of me. He has torn me apart piece by piece leaving me absolutely raw and vulnerable. How can I save him is he's deliberately going to fall back into the darkness and give up on himself?

The last sparks of hope I have within me are slowly extinguishing as the night drags on in the most painfully torturous way. The anxiety is killing me as I anxiously wait here, unable to sleep and barely able to breathe under the heavy weight that feels as though its weighing down on my chest crushing my ribs, my lungs and my heart. I am being torn to pieces, crushed underfoot and there's nothing I can do or say to make it stop, I can only hope and pray with what very little I have left that Harry will decide to save himself and save me.

A flash of lightening cracked across the dreary sky, a wave of thunder rolling in soon after causing memories of my fathers death to spring to mind. Gasping for antagonizing breath I pressed my hands to my temples, trying to block out the painful memories. The night of his death flashed through my mind only adding to the pain I was currently experiencing. Tonight of all nights I would be here, it would be stormy and Harry and I would be in an awful fight, it wasn't fair. I was already suffering and now I had to suffer through my past and present and the frightful future all alone all on top of the other shit. Tonight would be the night I needed Harry most, needed him to cuddle me and kiss and tell me it was alright, calming me as I fought back the painful memories as I helped him do the same with his own. But no, we were apart and alone and most likely both experiencing flashbacks. Life is cruel.

Sobs racked my body as I fought desperately for vital oxygen. I was probably going to die of pneumonia out here, but I don't give a fuck anymore, I don't care about anyone or anything but Harry, not even myself. Slouching down I rested my chin against the metal railing currently acting as a barrier between me and falling two storeys to my death. Squeezing my eyes tightly closed I cried out all my heartfelt pain into the howling wind.

Suddenly a loud thud sounded over the pouring rain, startling me slightly causing my eyes to wearily flutter open. Hope leapt in my heart as I slowly turned around in the direction of the loud noise. My heart rate spiked, breath hitching as my eyes fell upon the sliding door where who other than a Harry Edward Styles standing in the door frame.

My chest ached as I gazed up at the broken, dishevelled man standing before me, his eyes were red and puffy much similar to my own due to heavy tears that had fallen down our faces. Wet streaks spidered out across his cheeks in a web of tears and his long, dark eyelashes framed his sad looking green eyes damp with tears. I watched as the howling wind ruffled the mess of curls atop of his head, blowing them every which way they could.

My eyes trailed down his body to his hands in which a familiar piece of lilac paper was clutched desperately between his fingers almost as though the paper meant more to him than life. As I gazed upon him I noticed his bloodied knuckles had split again due to the tight grip he had on my letter causing a sticky, crimson substance to spew down his hand like a volcano, blood dripping onto the purple paper clasped between his fingers.

"Natalie! What the fuck are you doing out here!" Harry demanded.

I jumped a little upon hearing his angry outburst. I hadn't entirely expected the first thing he would do be to yell at me, but I guess he probably should as I'm sitting in the cold without giving a damn about my own well being.

Though I don't think I've been out here all that long, it wasn't really the brightest thing to do, but I don't care, not unless he learns to believe in himself and trust in me and put his past behind him. Not unless he fights back the darkness and finds the light. If only he could see the goodness inside of him then maybe I would feel again and the empty numbness inside me would go away making me feel whole.

I opened my mouth to reply, but before I could utter a word Harry had shoved my letter to him into his pocket and had stepped out into the storm. I was swept up into his arms before I had the chance to object and pulled into his strong chest. Immediately I tried to push him away, my hands shoving at him in an attempt to get him to put me down. I didn't want him to touch me, not until I had heard him say what I needed to hear. However Harry let out a grunt, his grip only tightening around me as I was carried back into the shelter of my home.

Once safely inside Harry slid the door shut again, locking it using his knee as I continued to fight for freedom. But despite my squirming Harry was too strong, his firm grip on me unbreakable as he carried me towards the bathroom. The door was closed behind us before Harry set me down on top of the sink.

I glared at him angrily through my steady falling tears as my fingers curled around the marble edges of the sink in rage. I didn't want to be dragged inside, I would have gone in if he had simply asked me to. But no, Harry always had to be in control, he thought he had the right to just carry me inside like his escaped pet bitch. I'm sick of this overpowering shit he thinks he has on me and I want it to fucking stop before I yank all my hair out!

Harry's hands roughly grasped my thighs, pushing them apart as he moved to step between them. It was lucky he moved before I could otherwise he would have gotten a knee to the balls. Anger blazed in his dark eyes, fire burning within them as he got right up in my face. However I was not intimidated by him, I stared back at him emotionlessly through hollow eyes in which matched my hollow soul. I was drained of all happiness I once had, replaced with a cold emptiness and the need for Harry to bring back the light I once held within me.

"Are you trying to kill yourself!?" He yelled.

I watched his lips, yearning to feel them against mine, but denying that desire as I allowed him to blow up in my face. Harry's words don't hurt, nothing does apart from the ache in my broken heart knowing that I'm losing him and it's killing me. With harsh, cold eyes I open my mouth to reply.

"I was finding some place to belong because you obviously don't believe it is with you." I spoke blankly.

Harry takes a step back, obviously hurt by my harsh words and bone chilling glare. Tears glistened in his eyes, salty water pooling on his lower lashes as he bit his lip. I watch as he turned his back to me in an attempt to hide the fact he was crying but it was too late, I already knew. With his head bowed he dragged his feet along the tiled floor towards the bathtub where he dropped to his knees, gripping the side as tears fell from his eyes splashing against the floor.

"You're wrong." Harry whispered. "And if your think that, you're crazy."

It was in that moment that my heart shattered into a million little pieces just like the harsh coldness I had been showing to the beautiful, broken man. His words made me realise the letter had gotten through to him and I suddenly felt a little better and slightly more alive.

"No." I spoke as he began to run hot water into the bathtub. "I'm just crazy in love with you."

Harry turned his head towards me, tears sparkling on his cheeks as he desperately searched my eyes for the truth. He found nothing other than the true way I felt about him because it was the truth, he made me completely and utterly insane and half the time I have no idea what I'm doing but the only thing I do know is that I am unconditionally in love with Harry. He is everything to me and without him I feel ghostly, as though I don't exist or don't have any point to.

My feet make contact with the tile floor as I slip from where I was perched atop of the sink only moments ago. I can't resist anymore, his puppy dog eyes and desperate need to be loved draw me towards the broken male. Harry watches me carefully as I cross the room, every step bringing me nearer to him. It almost felt as though there was a strong magnetic force drawing us together because that's just how we worked, no matter how much we fight we'll always end up in each others arms again. I need him and he needs me right now, we can work the rest of this shit out later. I just want to give him my love, because he needs to know I am completely and utterly head over heels in love with the him.

I can't lose him, Harry is just too important and I want him to be my first and last love. I know that now we've met and fallen in love neither of can go back, neither of us can survive on our own, we need each other to live otherwise we are just to lone pieces of the heavenly puzzle we create. Together we are strong but alone we are empty, cold and broken, we need one another to be whole, to feel and give love.

Quietly I crouched down beside Harry, my shoulder lightly brushing against his as we became a level hight. His emerald green eyes glistened with tears as our gazes met, the look he was giving me was almost unbearable. His beautiful eyes stared up at me with such desperation and longing that it almost killed me. Seeing him in such a way was the worst kind of torture I've ever had to go through, seeing the person I love cry because of me is heartbreaking.

Harry flinched away as I hesitantly rose my hand to his wet cheek, ducking away from my touch. His rejection was a stab in the chest and I suddenly felt awful about doing the same thing to him earlier, it really hurts. But despite the pain of being spurned I reached for his face again, my fingers brushing gently across his cold skin as I cupped his cheek. My heart leapt a little when he didn't push me away, he leant into my hand instead, his eyelids fluttering close as my thumb swiped across his face, brushing away the tears.

I shuffled a little closer, my wet clothing pressing up against him as he released a quiet whimper. Our fingers gently entwining a our sides as we became face to face, our bodies pressing closer. There was nothing more in the world that I wanted right now than this moment, the moment when we allow ourselves to fall back into each others arms. I just want Harry.

As much as we fought the urge to resist one another, love was stronger and it was going to fight back. We need one another, we couldn't be two separate pieces anymore, we had to be one. Our broken hearts couldn't take anymore heartbreak, not after finding our soulmate, the other half of us who fit so perfectly just like our very own puzzle. If everything we fought against tore us apart I don't think either of us would survive. Without one another we are just two missing pieces of a broken puzzle lost in darkness unable to find our way out. We are nothing alone, but together we are strong and happy and loved, we need one another to live. I don't want to just exist but not feel, I want to live and love.

"Even if I tried to stop loving you and falling for you that little bit more everyday I couldn't." I whisper letting my fingers caress his smooth cheek . "I'm addicted to you, you're like my own personal drug and I can't leave you or stop loving you, I can't resist you."

Harry's gaze met with my own, his green eyes swirling with desire just as I was sure my own were. His free hand wrapped around the front of my sopping shirt, tugging me towards him as he fisted the thin material. There was barely any space between us, our faces merely centimetres apart as we studied one another carefully. We were so close that I could smell the mint on his breath and the irresistible scent of his cologne. Warm breath wafted over my lips as my fingers curled around the back of his neck, tips pressing into his skin bringing him closer.

"I believe you, I believe everything." Harry gasped. "I was stupid and blind and you're right I am insecure."

Hearing him admit him say all those things had my heart going into a frenzy, quickly piecing itself back together and releasing a warm burst of life back into me. Most of the pain weighing heavily down on my chest was lifted and I felt lighter. Breathing became easier, the sharp gasps I had previously been taking ceased, my breath growing deeper and slower. I felt alive again.

Harry's nose sweetly rubbed against my own as we both moved in a little closer. His hand slipping around my waist, resting gently on my lower back whilst I gave his other one a small squeeze. My lips lightly brushed against his as I opened my mouth to speak.

"I love you."

"I love you." Harry replied before his mouth was pressed against mine, sealing it with a kiss.

Everything dissolved around us as we kissed, we still had more to talk about, but nothing mattered right now apart from the warm touch of our lips. Though it hadn't been all that long it felt like eons since we'd last kissed and held each other so tenderly, I had missed him so greatly.

Harry's lips were soft and warm against my freezing cold ones, it was only now that I was beginning to feel the cold again as the numbness slowly faded into oblivion. Cuddling closer to him for warmth I realised his body heat was back to it's usual heater like warmth from its earlier iciness. I never could figure out why he was so warm, he has to be inhumane or maybe he was just warm because he was Harry but either way I didn't care. He could be an alien and I'd still love him just the same because I love him for who he is not what he is.

Both Harry's hands had wound round my waist now, holding me securely against him as our mouthes moved in perfect sync. A smile curved on both our lips as we savoured the taste of one another, too lost in each other to care about our screaming lungs due to lack of oxygen and the creeping chill that was running up my spine. I just wanted him and he wanted me.

My fingertips crept up his neck, eventually discovering the springy curls at his nape. I loved the way his hair felt between my fingers, the softness of his dark hair and it was a bonus that he loved it when I ran my fingers through his lovely curls.

Tangling my fingers between his soft ringlets I gently tugged at the roots evoking a deep groan from the back of his throat. The sound brought a smile to my face as Harry pressed me impossibly closer, his wet tongue slipping from his mouth, gliding over my lower lip as of to ask permission to enter. He was granted entrance almost immediately, his tongue caressing my own as the kiss became deeper, more desperate.

My teeth gently grazed over his tongue as my left hand rubbed over his chest, feeling the erratic beat of his heart beneath my fingertips. Feeling the steady drumming of the beautiful object that kept Harry alive would never get old, just knowing he was alive brought me happiness.

Our mouthes remained moulded together for a few minutes longer, it was only when an unmissable shiver racked my body that our lips were torn apart and the kiss was most disappointedly broken.

"You're so cold." Harry stated as I snuggled closer to him for warmth. "You better strip before you die of hypothermia."

I gave him a glare as his usual cheeky grin spread across his face. It was lovely to see that expression on his features again but I wasn't really pleased about him receiving a striptease.

"I learnt in some survival book that the way to help prevent someone getting hypothermia is skin to skin contact." Harry wiggled his eyebrows suggestively as I watched him pull his shirt over his head.

As the fabric of his shirt was lifted Harry's smooth, muscled stomach was revealed to me making me blush. He was such a tease, but he was incredibly intelligent when it came to stringing the words into a sentence, using facts and cunning words. Though his suggestive words were actually true I don't think I'm actually cold enough for hypothermia to be a threat, I was only out there for a few minutes. Harry was just plain cheeky all the time, one of the qualities he obtained that I loved but also hated. However tonight I was cold, shivering and desperately did want to feel him skin to skin. I wanted him to cuddle me close and use his alien warmth to hear me up.

I took a step back, giving Harry a little room so he could wriggle his incredibly tight, waterlogged skinny jeans down his legs. My arms wrapped around my body in an attempt to warm myself ups as I rubbed my hands up and down my biceps in hopes of generating a little heat. Harry took my step away from him differently though, the moment I moved he stopped trying to remove his jeans and looked up at me questioningly.

"It's okay if you don't want me to snuggle up with you in the bath." Harry spoke softly. "I can just go."

"No." I shook my head. "I want you to stay."

He gave me a smile, forcing his waterlogged pants down his legs and stepping out of them before aiding me in the removal of my own clothing. I lifted my arms above my head as Harry's fingers fumbled with the hem of Stefan's baggy sweatshirt peeling the waterlogged material away from my body. It fell to the floor with a thud, water seeping out of it as it hit tiles.

My shirt was also stripped from my body, leaving my torso bare apart from the black bra concealing my breasts from Harry's wandering eyes. He didn't waste a moment as he drank in my unveiled, completely bare skin. Rough palms fell upon my sides, gently caressing my hips as he drank in every little curve of my body. Biting my lip I studied his chest, allowing my fingers to trace
along the indents in his torso that formed his muscular abdomen. His skin was warm beneath my fingertips, muscles taut and hard as ever. If Harry wasn't an angel he'd have to be a god, he is far to handsome and chiseled to be anything but either of those two things. He's so beautiful that it's not fair.

A shy smile crossed my lips as Harry's fingers travelled over the slight curve of my hips before moving in to pop the button on my jeans and tug down the metal zip. His lustful gaze held my own as we stared desperately into one another's eyes, the burning desire to feel bare skin coursing through our veins.

I watched as Harry dropped to his knees before me, cupping the drenched material in his hands as he pushed it down. The black lace of my panties was soon revealed as I pressed my hands upon his shoulders for balance whilst he pushed the skintight denim down over the curve of my backside. I wriggled a little bit, the wet material sticking to my legs, making it difficult to break free of the sopping item of clothing. With some difficulty Harry managed to get them down to my ankles where I quickly stepped out of them nudging them aside with my foot to join the rest of the discarded clothing scattered across the bathroom floor.

Harry and I were both left in merely our underwear now, the last few items of clothing the only thing keeping us apart. Lust and longing swirled within the green of Harry's eyes as he looked up at me, absorbing my near nakedness. My cheeks flushing a light pink as he looked me up and down taking in every little detail. Once his heated gaze had made me feel bare and uncomfortable, but now it made me feel loved and wanted and beautiful. Harry made me feel like we were the only two people in the world and that nothing else mattered and right now it didn't.

"You're so beautiful." He whispered as he returned to the full extent of his height.

My fingers tickled under his chin, bringing his mouth to mine as I took a step towards him. It was a quick, innocent kiss, our lips touching briefly for only a couple of seconds. Hearing words like those come from Harry's mouth made me believe him. The way he looks at me when he speaks is with such honesty, such truth that he makes me believe in what he says instantaneously.

My eyes fluttered close, a small gasp escaping me as the fullness of Harry's lips pressed into the crook of my neck. Soft curls tickling at my cheek as he peppered affection across my skin. I was so wound up in him that I almost didn't notice the clasp of my bra snapping open, his gentle sucking on the base of my neck proved to be quite a distraction.

I felt my heart quicken as my bra fluttered to the floor, breath becoming erratic as Harry mover his hand to my back, pressing our chests together. The feeling of taut nipples pressed against his chest evoked a low moan, the sound igniting a burning feeling within me. Several moans followed the first due to the rough tugging at his thick curls I was currently in the middle of commencing.

A tingly sensation was spreading through my body like wild fire, heat pooling in my panties as Harry nipped at my exposed skin causing a few moans of my own. I could feel his lips curve against my skin, the sound of me moaning pleasing him as excitement grew in his own pants.

Harry's erection strained within the confines of his boxers, desperate to break free as he pressed up against my thigh. Lips were hastily pressed against mine in a heavy kiss as my fingers hooked into the elastic on either side of his hips. I pushed them down his legs where they fell around his ankles joining the rest of our clothing strewn across the floor. No longer contained anymore, his thick shaft brushed over the front of my panties forcing a gasp from my lips.

"I think it's so sexy feeling how soaking you are for me." Harry groaned as he rubbed up against me again.

His dirty words only evoked a further wave of heat through me, adding to the excitement felt between my legs. Harry knew perfectly well that he was the cause of my arousal, he just loved to hear it out loud and make me flush with embarrassment. That was just how he worked and what he took great pleasure in doing.

Harry's right hand evaded me for a moment before his cool fingers were felt between my legs. I dug my fingertips into his skin, burying my face into the crook of his neck as he rubbed my aching core through the thin barrier. The feeling he evoked when he touched me in such a way was indescribable and it astounded me how I even managed to stay on my feet.

"How does that feel?"

I didn't respond, my lips unable to form a coherent sentence due to the great pleasure flooding through me as he rubbed me through my wet panties. I also knew he wanted to see the pink flush on my cheeks as he his devilish words to provoke heat on my cheeks . Harry just loved to see me writhe and squirm and enjoyed watching me.

"Tell me." He grunted.

My panties were pushed aside and a sharp gasp was taken between my lips as Harry's middle finger roughly pushed into my opening. It didn't take me long to realise a second finger would be added followed by a third and then a fourth and so on and so on until he was all out of fingers unless he heard what he wanted to hear.

I opened my mouth to speak, but all that came out was a pleasured moan. I was finding it incredibly difficult to speak due to his rough, needy movements. His touch had me weak at the knees, I was barely standing on my own two feet as waves of pleasure continued to wash through my body, only heating my core further.

A uncontrollable shriek escaped my lips as Harry roughly thrust another finger within my tight warmth. He had only inserted two fingers once before and I still wasn't quite accustomed to experiencing both of them at the same time and his sudden movements had taken me slightly by surprise even though I had already anticipated them.

Harry pumped his fingers in an out of my opening at a continuously rapid pace, swirling them around inside me every time. Countless moans fell from my lips as I raked my nails down his back. The pleasure he was creating within me was almost unbearable, I didn't know how much more I could take before I either collapsed or came all over his fingers which I'm sure he would love.

I couldn't help but squeeze around him, feeling every ridge and joint of his fingers against my walls as he continued to push them in and out. Harry held me close, preventing me from escape with his strong arm as he continued to touch me, pleasuring me with his rough fingers.

I could feel his heart thumping heavily against my chest, his breathing deep and raspy as he absorbed every moan, gasp and cry that left my lips. I squeezed my eyes shut, the feeling overwhelming as Harry continued to pump his finger in and out.

"G-good." I managed to choke out. "Y-you make me feel so fucking amazing."

Satisfied with my confession his movement stopped, becoming stationary within my wet warmth as his tongue swiped over the love bite he had been working on only seconds ago. Harry's head lifted from my neck, his alluring green eyes locking with mine as he withdrew his fingers. A cool draft tickling between my legs, the his hot presence now removed from within me. I watched as Harry's dark eyelashes fluttered closed as he took his middle and index fingers past his plump, pink lips. He took his time in sucking my excitement from his finger, making sure he collected every last drop of my arousal. When his eyes opened again I was met with an intense stare, his pupils dilated as his pink tongue slipped from within his mouth, swiping over his lips as to savour my taste.

"You taste fucking extraordinary as per usual." Harry purred.

Harry watched me intently, slipping his fingers within me again as he covered his them in more of my excitement. Harry watched me carefully as he did so, examining my features as he repeated the process a couple more times before he was satisfied.

For a couple of moments we were quiet, only the sound of the water running into the bath tub was audible. I was sure the it would overflow any second now, but neither of us were making any move towards the tap to turn it off, we were set upon silently examining one another.

"The baths going to overflow." I spoke quietly without breaking his intense gaze.

"We'll we better get these off then." A smug grin curled on his lips as he brushed his fingertips over my panties.

Harry's fingers hooked into the sides of my underwear. He didn't wait to tug them down my legs, the final piece of clothing between us was removed. Now we were raw and vulnerable, willingly given as the others own.

I smiled shyly as Harry took hold of my hand, our fingers intwining as he pressed a kiss to my cheek. It was the simple gestures like this that had drawn me towards Harry in the first place. It made me realise he wasn't what he appeared, that he was misunderstood and closed off just like me. Small gestures like these made me realise he was different, he was sweet, broken and really just wanted to be loved and to give his love in return. He wasn't the bad boy I had first assumed him to be.

"Come on before we both die of the cold." Harry joked, reaching out with his free hand to cut the flow of water into the near full bath.

He took the first step into the tub full of hot water and frothy bubbles before turning to help me in. My toes were the first thing to greet the soothing water, followed by the rest of my foot and then my leg before the process repeated with the other. Standing, the water only just reached just below my knee, it wasn't the biggest bathtub in the house, actually it was probably the smallest but even still I always thought it was huge. Water lapped against the porcelain sides, a little liquid spilling over onto the floor as Harry and I disrupted the once still H2O.

Without speaking we both sank down beneath the surface, allowing the water to consume us. I curled my knees up to my chest, wrapping my arms round my legs as we sat face to face. A small grin played on his lips when he moved closer so out legs were lightly touching beneath the bubbly surface. Electricity jolted through me, leaving a tingly sensation in its wake as skin brushed skin. I wondered if Harry could feel the same force between us every time we touched.

Harry's eyes twinkled brightly in the dim light as he gazed at me. The way Harry was looking at me made my cheeks flush with heat. It was such an intense look, it made me feel beautiful and loved, feelings I'd only ever experienced with Harry. Turning my eyes downwards I down entreated on the little bubbles floating around me, avoiding his lustful gaze.

"Stop looking at me like that." I mumbled without looking up.

"Like what?" Harry asked. "Like you're the most beautiful woman ice ever laid eyes on."

Scarlett red spread across my cheeks, feeling the oh so familiar embarrassment Harry loved to cause me. I swear if embarrassing people was an Olympic competition he would win hands down. Though I hope I'll stop blushing when he compliments me, I doubt it's ever going to happen. Knowing my luck his teasing, complimenting and whatever other ways he sees fit to make me blush are only going get worse and I might even permanently turn into a tomato.

"Shut up." I splashed him in the face. "You know I'm not."

I watched as Harry shook water from his curls before pushing them back off his forehead so he could see properly. I didn't have any time to react as he lunged forward , wrapping his arms around my body before pulling me into his chest. A yelp of surprise escaped my lips as we fell back into the water, sending half of the bathtubs contents sloshing over the sides.

Harry lay back against the white porcelain with my body strewn on top. Pressing my hands to his hard chest I tried to get off him, however, Harry had other ideas. My attempts to get up failed as Harry pressed one hand against my lower back, the other between my shoulder blades, holding my firmly against him. There was no escaping him, he had moulded me against his body and though it makes me blush to admit it I actually don't want to.

"You are though, you're beautiful both on the inside and out, there aren't a hell of a lot of those girls around." He mumbles into my hair. "I've never met someone who cared about a lonely asshole who hated the world up until he met you."

I nuzzled my face into the crook if his neck, hiding the undoubtably blush from his sparkling eyes. I'm definitely not the most beautiful girl in the world, I'm a tall stick insect with irritating hair and almost no hips. I sometimes I wonder if I was actually born with any. But he is right about one thing, I'm the only person that stayed around, took care of the mistreated boy, I found him and I loved him when no one else did and I will forever.

"I've never seen someone as exquisite as you are." He continues. "Do you know how hard it is to restrain myself when we're lying in such a way?"

I feel the burning heat within my stomach again, the same heat as I'd felt earlier with him. The way Harry spoke made me want to do exactly what he was restraining himself from doing. I wanted to feel him rock in and out of me as he gently caressed my aching core with his thick length. I wanted to feel him, I wanted to be intimate with him again.

Lifting my arms from the surrounding water I moved them to wrap round his neck. He hummed quietly as I gently pressed my lips to his jaw, sponging wet kissed along the predominant bone. My arms tightened a little as I held him tighter, my only desire was to hold him and show my love and affection. There was no doubt about the way I felt for Harry. I was absolutely and utterly in love with him no matter what. Other people can think what they like but I don't care, Harry is my world and I love him just the way he is. And right now there is nothing more I want to do but make love to him.

I softly kissed back along his jaw until my lips softly brushed against his earlobe. It was gently taken between my teeth as I nibbled at the cartilage, giving it a fair amount of attention before releasing it. Fluttering my eyes closed I moved my mouth so it hovered just beside Harry's ear.

"Then don't."

I had barely spoken those two words when Harry lightly dug his fingertips into my hips, my words taking him slightly by surprise. There was an increasing hardness against my thigh as he became excited at the thought if the inevitable activity that was about to take place. Clearly he felt the exact way I did right now, he wanted to be as close to me as physically possible so he knew I was there.

I want to show him how much I love him, I want things to be slightly different tonight although I lack in experience. The night of my birthday is still clearly imprinted in my mind and I remember how he enjoyed being underneath as I rocked my hips over his throbbing groin. I want to be the one in control to show him just how much he means to me.

Harry's chest rose and fell quickly, breath heavy as he completely took in the two simple words I had spoken only moments before. Tilting my head a little to the side, I peered up at him through damp lashes. He was looking back, his green eyes dark with lust as he examined my expression, looking for any sign of resentment.

It wasn't really surprising that he was slightly hesitant about the idea of sex right now. Less than half an hour ago we had both been fighting and we were at the point where we were ready to strangle each other. Suddenly we were stark naked in a bathtub, cuddled up together under the warm water. It was quite a big change and I really don't think he would have expected that two word sentence to fall from my lips. Yet it did because I want to prove to him my unconditional love and that I'm going to be around until I'm dead, then I'll probably haunt him in the after life. I've got it all planned out.

"Harry, I want you." I spoke just loud enough to hear."

Gently I pressed my lips to his in encouragement, showing him that I meant what I said. Sometimes I think he is just plain stupid, If I didn't want to make love with him then I wouldn't have said what I did. I think that maybe he still believes I'm that completely innocent, untouched girl who blushed at the word sex. I'm not her anymore, she was left behind a long time ago. I've changed, loving Harry has made me stronger and braver and now I want him, just as much as he wants me.

"Fuck." He swore, feeling my fingernails dig into his tense shoulders.

When our lips met again, it was hungrier and more desperate, my teeth nibbling at his lower lip whilst his hands slid up and down my back. My fingers became tangled within his hair, roughly fisting his soft curls as strangled moans were exchanged between us. The water rippled around us, the movement of our bodies causing small waves within the confines of the tub. The expanse of Harry's hands came to rest on my hips again, holding onto me tightly as I kissed at his jaw.

Beneath me Harry's body shifted, knees coming upward and his back lifting for where it comfortably rested on the slope of the bathtub. It took me a moment to register to the fact that he was trying to stand, attempting to bring me along with him. Before he could lift me from the warm water I pressed a hand to his bare chest, our lips departing as I forced him back down.

Harry wore a confused expression as he looked up at me, it was evident he assumed I'd want to continue in the bedroom, but he was mistaken. I wanted tonight to be memorable, so he wouldn't forget what he meant to me, it was out of the ordinary to have sex in the bath, well for me at least. On both other occasions we'd been located in the bedroom and tonight I was feeling bold and brave and slightly insane, I want the imminent events to be carried out here.

"Here?" He questioned, quickly catching my drift.

I nodded shyly.

"I've never had sex in the bath before." Harry grinned. "This should be good."

Harry attempted to flip us over, reversing the current roles but again I stopped him, my mind set on what I wanted to achieve tonight no matter how nervous I was.

"N-no, no, I want to try something." I blushed, my embarrassment made evident.

Harry settled back against the slope of the tub again. My lip was taken between my teeth anxiously as I nibbled at the pink flesh. The idea of being on top of him as we made love both excited me and terrified me. I was still pretty new to everything sex related and it was pretty obvious I lacked in the experience in which Harry had a hell of a lot of and he knows that. The thought of trying something different was frightening yet exhilarating. I had no idea if I'd do anything right or if Harry would actually enjoy it, but the thought of being the one in control whilst he was beneath me was frightfully exciting.

"What?" Harry pressed me to explain.

"Err...umm..." I struggled to find my tongue as I nervously twirled one of his curls round my index finger.

"It's alright, you don't need to be shy." He whispered leaving up to kiss my cheek. "You can tell me."

"I-I want to do it like this."

Harry frowned slightly, the cute little crease forming between his eyebrows as it always did when he was confused or angry. Carefully I leant down and pressed my lips to the small spot between his eyebrows, the crease disappearing as he blinked up at me, slowly putting two and two together. I could almost see his brain ticking away within his head as he figured it out.

"You want to ride me." He grinned. "Fuck that's sexy."

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