Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


62. Chapter Fifty-Four

Chapter 54

The sound of footsteps coming down the stairs alerted me to the nearing presence of Harry. I quickly sat upright, my muscles tense as I wiped under my eyes riding my face of salty tears. I didn't want to confront Harry now or ever. I had no idea what to do with him anymore, he kept hurting me and it was becoming difficult to hold onto any hope for him these days. He's slipping away and I'm sick of trying to help when Harry is deliberately losing himself to the constant darkness that chases him, hoping to consume him. I can't save him, not if he doesn't want to save himself.

The quiet padding of his feet grew louder as he drew nearer. My trembling fingers took hold of the slim black remote, turning the sound up in hopes to block him out. Usually I would have a whole book full of feisty comebacks and witty remarks but this time I didn't, I was done with trying because I knew it was useless. I just wanted to stay here watching Doctor Who with the sound on full blast so I couldn't hear Harry and wouldn't have to think of anything to say back.

Nervously I fiddled with the remote, turning it over and over again in my hands whilst my eyes remained fixated on the television. I was now very aware of Harry's unmistakable presence behind me. I didn't have to look back to know he was lingering in the doorframe, his emerald green eyes carefully watching me from across the room. Tears threatened to fall from my already puffy, red eyes, threatening to spill down my cheeks. It saddened me thinking of how I knew him so well and loved him so much yet he didn't believe in the love I so passionately give him.

"Natalie?" Harry asked, his voice was gentle yet slightly unsteady.

I didn't turn in fear of laying my eyes upon him as I was almost certain it would break me all over again. My chest felt heavy with anticipation as I ignored Harry, pretending not to have heard him over the sound of the TV. I bit down on my lip as I felt the atmosphere shift, Harry moving closer to where I sat on the sofa.

I didn't move when the sofa dipped slightly beside me as Harry sat down beside me. I desperately wanted to glance over at him and read his expression. I wanted to know what he was thinking, discovered what I really meant to him, if he really loved me. But despite the desire to take a quick look to my left I forced myself to keep staring straight, acting as though he wasn't even there.

An uncomfortable silence loomed between us, his gaze burning into my skin as I refused to acknowledge his presence. As much as I wanted to hate him, as angry as I had been at him earlier and said things I didn't mean and never really wanted to happen to him, I couldn't him, not even a little bit. I loved him too much but he had hurt me and I had been really upset by him.

"Nat, please talk to me." Harry practically begged.

A tear slipped down my cheek as I collected the TV remote, pressing the off button. Taking a deep breath I turned towards him, tucking my knees up to my chin. The way Harry was looking at me brought more salty droplets down my cheeks and had the beat of my heart rapidly increasing. The heavy look he was giving me was unbearable, it made me want to reach out and hug him. The desperation in those pretty green eyes of his were so intense that I couldn't hold his gaze, eventually dropping my own eyes to the floor.

It was hard to stay mad with him despite the hurt he had inflicted on me due to his self loathing and disbelief. I hated how he had such a pull on me, how he made me love him even when I wanted to hate him. Harry and his cheeky personality, charming looks and incredible love are all just to much for me to hate, I love everything about him and it makes this so hard.

"I don't have anything to say to you, Harry." I sighed. "I give up."

There was a considerable sadness in Harry's once beautiful eyes, his face seemed to fall upon hearing the words fall from my mouth, ones that I wished I didn't have to say. I have done everything I can think of to show him my love, I have asked him what he wants me to do to prove my undying love but nothing works. He just simply can't accept the fact I love him. I can't be with Harry unless he trusts me the way I trust him and fights all those little insecurities that have gradually built up over time and built up those defensive walls and lets them fall. I want Harry to let me in and let me help because there's no way he can fight the world on his own. I want to be standing there right beside him whenever a problem I'd hurled at us, I want to fight back the ever looming darkness and save him for once.

I watched as Harry's fingertips dug into the couch cushion he sat on. The teary gleam in his eyes made it obvious he was desperate and pained by my sudden diminishing of hope I once had for the boy who had been broken too many times. I can't stay with bare the thought of being with someone who despises them self while I watch on unable to do anything to help.

"N-Natalie, p-please don't." His voice crack.

It broke my heart to see him in such a way. Harry was so close but yet so far. I wanted to reach out and wrap my arms round him, kiss him gently on the lips and rub circles into his back to comfort him. I wanted to tell him just how much I love him but the problem is I can't and it kills me.

The heel of my hands became pressed to my eyes, hiding them from Harry's view as treats rolled down my cheeks. Ghastly sobs escaped me as I struggled to obtain what little oxygen I could breath in through my cries of pain.

Why did I have to fall in love with him? Why couldn't have been Niall or Liam or Louis? Why couldn't it have been someone who wasn't broken like Harry? Why does everything have to be so hard and screwed up? Why can't love be simple?

'Because he is different like you. He understands you when others don't. You don't choose who you fall in love with, it just happens.' A small voice at the back of my mind whispered but I brushed it off.

"I can't do it anymore, not if you're going to be like this" I cried. "J-just, just go back to sleeping around and doing as you please. I'll be gone after I finish school, forget me because I can't take it anymore."

I didn't look up to read his expression, I didn't want to. I knew looking at him would only make everything a thousand times harder for me.

"How could you say that?! He exclaimed. "I never want to go back down that road again! Not after this, not after everything we went through! For fuck sakes women, I want you!"

My chest hurt under the weight of his words cried in such desperation. I wanted him more than anything in the world, I'd give up everything for him and his love. The truth and heart wrenching agony in his voice was unbearable, every word that came out of his mouth was painfully true and it made everything do much more difficult.

Warm fingers lightly brushed over my wrists before hesitantly wrapping round them. Gently Harry moved my hands away from my face and I willingly let him, too weak to fight back, too in love to let go. I looked down, watching ad Harry's large hands moved to cup my smaller ones, intwining his fingers with my own. His touch had chills running down my spine, the perfect linking of out hands making me shiver.

It was ironic how the knuckles on our right palms matched almost to perfection. Seeing the split skin and crimson blood on both our hands proved we weren't actually as different as we thought. We held the same weakness and anger, pain and lack of control came with the weakness that was one another.

"Why would you even say that? Why would I want someone else when I already have everything right in front of me?" He sniffed, his thumb lightly running over my split knuckles. "You're beautiful on the inside and out, you're patient with me and your very touch calms the beast inside me. I put you through so much shit yet you stay, I'm hopeless at being romantic and you don't complain, I screw up over and over again but you put up with me and you look at everything with such a positive perspective. You're like nothing I've ever seen before, you think I'm an angel when everyone else thinks I'm a demon from the depths of hell. I've been blind and stupid and selfish, I never realised how lucky I was to have you, you love me for who I am and now I can finally see."

It was like the roles had suddenly been reversed and he was getting a taste of what it felt like to try and fail, getting hurt in the process. I was once the one screaming my love at him but now he is doing it to me. I feel like Cupid has literally come from the heavens and shot an arrow through my chest and shattered my heart just so Harry could rebuild it.

Before either of us could utter another word I was on my feet, cushion in hand as I stood before him. The soft material was tightly grasped between my fingers as I lifted the cushion up into the air. I watched as Harry's eyes widened in shock, his forearm instinct lay coming up to parry my attack.

The cushion came up before roughly descending down to hit him wherever I could as multiple screams of "I hate you" fell from my lips. I felt like I could relate to that girl off Ten Things I Hate About You, though my list might be considerably longer. I hate the way I don't hate Harry at all and I hate the way I love him. Everything would have been so much easier if I didn't let myself fall in love with him.

"I hate you so much that it hurts." I cried out.

Harry took the cushion from me before I could deliver yet another blow. His actions forced an enraged cry from the back of my throat, I wanted to hit him with that cushion until I knocked some sense into him. My cheeks were flooded with salty tears, breath rapid and raspy as I struggled to hold onto what little sanity I had left.

I watched as the cushion was tossed behind the couch out of my reach, premiering me from inflicting anymore hits. The dull green in Harry's eyes met with mine, sadness gleaming in them as he studied my face, trying to read my emotions. I doubted he could read my expression because all I was giving him was a blank stare and the feeling like he must be looking into an empty soul.

For some time we gazed at each other, both of us clearly hurt and upset by the other. I love him and I hate him, he's such a confusing guy and it makes it difficult for me to figure out which of the two I truly feel. I wish he wasn't so insecure about himself, I think he's perfect just the way he is, I don't want him to be someone else, I love him this way. I want him like this, the Harry I discovered hiding behind those gigantic walls. I want him raw and vulnerable and open. I wanted him to put his trust in me, to let me in and hold him close. I wanted the beautiful angel that fell to earth where I found him and fell in love with him just like he fell from the heavens above. I wanted this Harry.

I gnawed at my lip fighting back my emotions as I witnessed Harry fall apart yet again. It broke me over and over again to see the man I fell in love with shatter before my very eyes. I almost moved to wrapped my arms round him a d comfort him but I forced myself to remain standing motionless before him. The backs of his hands were used to rub at his puffy, red eyes, brushing over damp lashes as he collected the foreign droplets known as tears from his face.

Harry looked up again, the brilliant green of his eyes now a dull grey, the colour completely drained from them. My breath caught in my throat as I realised this was him giving up, giving up just like me. I was hit full blast in the face with reality, this was the end.

"I-I know I have problems with expressing myself, but you make me feel alive and I've never had that feeling before and you make me feel wanted and important but most importantly you give me your love, something no ones ever given me before, no one but you." Harry choked on his tears. "If you leave I'll hurt and break and probably cry but I won't blame you. I'll live the rest of my life alone, thinking of you and knowing you'll get a good job, get married to someone kind and have a perfect family, that you'll be with someone who treats you better than me."

A small, sad smile spread across his lips as the words tumbled out, words that were killing me even more.

"And I'll love you till the day I die and there on after knowing you were happy and had someone to treat you the way I couldn't. I will die how I lived, alone. No one will come to my funeral or visit my grave. Hell! No one will even care enough to know I'm dead." A tear streaks down his cheek from his glassy eyes. "But I don't care because I'll always remember how no other man could love you more than me."

That was it. That was what completely destroyed the only sanity left within my broken mind.

My arms were around his neck, face buried in the crook before I could let myself think. What Harry said was wrong, all of it was, nothing was true. His words had made me make up my mind and my mind had always been set on Harry. We were both stubborn and damaged but we held each other up and kept each other going. We fit together so perfectly that I couldn't risk losing the only one I have ever loved or wanted so badly. I wanted Harry and everything about him

"None of that is true because I will never be happy, not unless you're the one who puts a ring on my finger and fathers our kids." I sobbed against his bare skin. "I want you to be the one I wake up to and fall asleep with every night, I want to breathe you're breath and taste your lips against mine. I want your hot skin against mine and I want to be intimate with you every night, to feel you within me as were wrapped around each other in a unmeasurable tangle of love."

I watched in awe as Harry's expression became one of utter surprise, my confession touching something within him. The plump, pinkness of his god given lips parted in surprise as he took in my every word, my every little admittance. Beautiful emerald eyes blinked at me from between his beautiful dark eyelashes. Behind his twinkling emerald eyes I could see the happiness he deserved, a small almost disbelievingly smile slowly appearing on his lips.

"Y-you want all those things with me?"

Gently I reached up, my fingertips gently grazing against his warm skin as I cupped his cheek. My thumb moved to gently swipe a few stray tears from his face, my touch gentle and loving as I caressed his skin. As I looked upon the handsome boy I fell in love with, I couldn't help but smile with the knowledge of how much he had grown since the day we first met. Harry was no longer an asshole who slept around and didn't give a damn about his life. He had opened up his heart and let me behind the tall walls that enclosed his heart deep within his chest. Harry was a man, he was my beautifully imperfect fallen angel who had captured my heart.

Neither of us were perfect, not even close. That didn't matter though, what mattered was the fact we were made to find each other and mend each other, we were meant to fall so passionately in love. I knew there was still things I didn't know about Harry, things that I hoped to learn in time and there were also certain aspects we both needed to improve on but one thing was certain. I completely and utterly in love with Harry Styles.

"Yes, who else would I want to be with?!" I cried as I gently cupped his other cheek. "I love you, Harry."

A shudder racked through his body, making it evident he took pleasure in listening to me expelled my love and affection for him. Quiet sobs escaped as Harry tried to refrain himself from spilling anymore tears. He looked so purely vulnerable as I attempted to comfort him in the best way I possibly could.

The plumpness of his lips were making it difficult for me to stop myself from kissing him. I didn't want to rush things like we had before without properly sorting things out and ending up in yet another shitty position just like this. I wanted to fix the looming problems that were hurting us, hurting our relationship. I didn't want to waste time putting it off when we could be happier once we didn't feel so much pressure. Kissing and cuddling and making love would be billions of times better if we waited a bit longer and things were running smoothly.

"How did I ever end up with you " Harry quietly asked, his voice soft and questioning as he spoke.. "I love you."

My heart fluttered upon hearing those words fall from the fullness of his pink lips. Harry had such a way with words, the way he spoke was do gently and sweet, like melted chocolate. His words brought a smile to my face, the slight flush in his cheeks increasing the race of my heart.

Finally. Finally after all the shit we've been through he has accepted my unconditional love. Much of the weight in which had weighed heavily down on my shoulders felt as though it had been removed. The relief I felt was unmeasurable. I didn't think he would ever come to terms with the fact he's not alone anymore and that I want to love and care for him. I couldn't believe I almost gave up on the only man I had ever loved, had ever wanted and never wanted to lose. I love Harry too much to bare the thought of ever losing him and I can't believe we came that close to eternal loneliness.

Gently I removed my hands from his cheeks. I blinked down to where his hands lay motionless by his side. With careful movement I slipped my fingers between his before bringing his hand to my mouth. The ripped and raw skin covering his knuckles were sweetly kissed over, my lips attempting to heal his wounds. I hated having to see his blood, it pained me to know he had been hurt, I never wanted to see him that way. I wished he could be more careful and to think before he acted in such stupid ways if which could get him seriously injured or worse, killed. I knew punching a wall had nothing to do with his stubborn nature and need to fight back but it did remind me of his flying temper which could get him in serious trouble. I didn't ever want to see Harry behind bars or left lying on the street, blood seeping from his body as his life withered away. The knowledge of this made me more determine to keep safe although it wasn't going to be easy because the task at hand was protecting him from himself. It was becoming more and more difficult to do so now, every passing day he became more and more defensive over me as we fell further and further in love.

I wanted to keep falling but his incentive to lash out at any guy who took so much as a glance at me or flashed me a smile was becoming frightfully more dangerous. I couldn't afford to lose him to a prison cell or the afterlife, it would kill me. All I could do was hope and pray that he would loosen up and let me breathe, to put his trust in me they way I have put mine in him. Harry could trust me because I didn't want anyone or anything but him and I wouldn't swap him for the world.

The warmth of my lips against his split knuckles evaded him as I looked up again to meet his gaze. A small smile cracked on my lips as my thumb skimmed over the back of his hand in a soothing manor. My lips parted to answer his previously asked question that was more so rhetorical than literal.

"Because, Harry, you are the most astonishing person I have ever met, you understand me the way no one else ever had it ever could and I have never come across another behind with a heart as big as yours." I quietly spoke.

Harry peered up at me through damp lashes, his expression one of disbelief. I sighed sadly, the way he was so insecure really upset me because he was perfection in my eyes, he was my angelic fallen angel.

"Harry, to me you are absolutely perfect, you are me my everything and I don't understand why you're so insecure." I spoke gently.

Harry hung his head, curls flopping down over his face as he avoided my gaze. It was sad to think that such a beautiful man was so broken and so insecure about himself. If it's the past mistakes he's made I his life he's beating himself up for he needs to stop because I don't care about the past sins he committed, only now matters.

"My dad." He spoke in barely a whisper. "My dad made me like this."

My fingers fumbled around for Harry's, gently taking hold of his hand. He was going to tell me about his father but I was almost afraid to find out about him after hearing Harry admit his father was the one who made him insecure. I wasn't sure if I wanted to learn of the man Harry had avoided telling me about at all costs. I knew now that He and his dad were clearly not like my dad and I.

"I was never meant to be born, neither of my parents actually wanted me, I wasn't planned, I was a simple mistake." Harry began. "My parents had only ever wanted one child, a girl, and that was Gemma. I was never wanted, even before I was born."

I squeezed his hands urging him to continue.

"So my father forget to put on the fucking condom and boom, mum's pregnant with me. When my father found out he was outraged and he ordered mum to get an abortion. She refused though, she didn't believe in ending someone's life even if they weren't much bigger than a grain of sand. My father was still angry, but mum forced him to deal with it."

It scared me to think Harry wouldn't be alive if his father had gotten his way and forced Harry's mum into aborting their unborn child. I was sickened by the thought of his father ever wanting to kill Harry, this new information made me want to hunt down Mr Styles and choke him.

"My Dad became even more enraged when I was born and discovered I was male. He had hoped I'd be a girl so he would always be the alpha male and never have a son to act as competition. He tried to kill me in the hospital, but he failed because mum stopped him before he could drop me out the window."

"Oh my god." I exclaimed in shock.

His own father had tried to kill him when he was a living being, a new born baby. Harry's father had tried to kill him when he couldn't even defend himself, he didn't even give him a chance. How could you even do that to a child? Especially your own son.

A tear slipped down my cheek, Harry didn't deserve that, he didn't deserve to be unwanted. It saddens me knowing just how badly he's been treated, from even before he could breathe he had been unwanted and disposed by his own family. It wasn't his fault he was born, he should have been loved and cared for by them, his father should have loved him.

"That was only the first time. He tried multiple times to kill me, he was so determine to get rid of me. He tried everything from dropping me to giving me a knife to play with in my crib. Fortunately my skull was thick and I had a mother who didn't want me dead." His voice cracked. "As i got older my father poisoned Gemma's mind against me, he told her I was evil and was trying to steal mummy from her. She used to burn my toys in the fire place, beat me up and lock me in the basement or the cupboard. She would hurt me and make me cry whilst my father praised her for her efforts and brought her a toy for every one of mine she destroyed."

Tears fell from my eyes at the thought of a little Harry watching as his older sister burnt his toys and then witnessing his father buy her a new one. That was sick, turning what could have been a good relationship between Gemma and her baby brother into a sick game where she won a toy every time and Harry lost one. Why had his mother even stayed with the psychotic man, if she caught him trying to kill her son why would she want to stay.

I would have gone straight to the cops to have him locked up in a mental asylum. Harry's mother had the most awful taste in men, the first one had tried to kill her son and had her daughter hurt him and the second one had killed her.

"He used to call me names and tell me home useless I was and how I was weak and stupid, that I was a worthless piece of shit and I didn't deserve to be alive. He told me that I was a pathetic excuse for a human, that I was ugly and that no one would ever love me because I was disgusting and irritating. He would go on and on insulting me and hurting me. His words haunt me, Natalie, and my whole life I've believed them because no one has ever wanted me or loved me. Not until you."

My heart broke for him. The way Harry was made so much more sense now and I didn't blame him for being insecure. If my father told me how worthless I was every day I'd believe it too. Harry didn't deserve any of this, he deserved a family that loved him. His father had treated him so poorly that it made me cry a waterfall. I felt terrible for telling him how amazing my dad was when he was probably crying on the inside because his wanted him dead. A father wasn't meant to put you down, he was meant love you and teach you to ride a bike, show you how to behave and to teach you manners. They were someone you looked up to and hoped to be like. Harry had none of that, the only thing he had been taught was how to hate.

"When I was eleven, I was home alone with the bastard of a father whilst mum was taking Gemma to her friends house. I remember being in my room when I heard him yell out to me. He scared the shit out of me so I did as I was told. I remember the twisted smile on his face as I walked up the stairs to meet him at the top. He pushed me down the stairs." Harry explained. "I was hospitalised for a month, I broke practically every bone in my body and split my head open on the dresser below. It wasn't the first time I'd ended up in hospital because he had hurt me but it was the worst and that's when he left because mum finally called the cops. He ran."

"My dads the reason I'm so insecure." Harry seems to choke on the words. "I hate him."

"Oh, Harry." I cried. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"Because I hate him, knowing he's still out there terrifies me." He whispers. "And I was afraid you'd think he was right."

Why would I ever think some fucked up psychomanic who put down his own son, made his life a living hell and tried to kill him was correct. Right now I want to find him and kill him for ever treating Harry in such a cruel, unacceptable way. I can't believe how good Harry has turned out to be despite everything he has had to suffer through alone. The feeling of being unloved and unwanted must be so awful, yet here he is an angel that people destroyed. Harry is so unbelievably strong and brave and I've never loved someone so much.

"You never deserved any of that, Harry." I whispered. "You're a miracle."

He gave me a small, sad smile as he wiped his teary eyes. Seeing him like this, remembering what his father said to him was awful and the overwhelming need to tell him good things about himself came over me.

"You're so brave Harry." I whispered, pressing a kiss to the crook of his neck.

"And strong."

Another was pressed to the opposite side.

"You're intelligent."

My lips moved to plant a kiss on his forehead.

"You're extremely handsome."

I kissed the tip of his nose, who h forced a smile to spread across his face.

"You're amazing, Harry and I love you so much."

My free hand moved to his face, fingertips tangling between the softness of his damp hair, pushing his insane curls back from his forehead. Harry watched my every move with careful anticipation. He remained quiet, his breath heavy and uneven as he granted me permission to run my fingers through his mop of luscious curls.

Dark lashes fluttered closed with the sensation of my fingertips lightly scratching at his scalp. I lovey the effect of the reaction my movements evoked from him, he took such pleasure in the feeling of my touch slipping through his dishevelled hair. I couldn't prevent the grin from spreading across my face as Harry shifted beneath me, the large expanse of his palms falling upon my hips as he pulled me into his chest.

His movements evoked a small moan of pleasure from the back of his throat as he pulled me forward, my crotch rubbing over his groin causing the seductive sound. A pink blush crept up my cheeks upon hearing the sensual noise, my body tingling with a sensation I was growing more and not accustomed to as I felt him harden beneath me.

I took pleasure in studying his expression as he held me to his chest. He looked happier now, a content smile spread across his face as my fingers continued to massage his head. I enjoyed seeing him look in such a way, his smile was so lovely. The way his dimples indent in his smooth cheeks and his messy curls hung around his face made him look younger and at peace. Harry was beautiful before, but seeing him like this made me feel as though he really was out of my reach. He was absolutely stunning, gorgeous.

Harry's large hands spanned out over my sides, the thin material of his dress shirt I had borrowed proving to be the most annoying barrier ever. The warmth of his palms radiated through the fabric against my skin but it was nothing compared to the feeling of his fingertips lightly pressing into my hips as he delicately caressed my bare skin. The way he touched me was so gentle and delicate, the way his gentle fingers made me feel was indescribable.

The thin barrier that stood between us was driving me insane, feeling the heat of his skin through the fabric but not being able to feel the smoothness of his skin was torturously painful and it didn't take long to drive me almost to the point of insanity. I couldn't take it anymore.

My hands fell from Harry's curls quite abruptly, moving down to push his touch from my sides. The vibrant green of his eyes came into view as they suddenly opened, a small whimper escaping his full lips due to the loss of contact. His once peaceful expression was replaced with panic as his desperate gaze met mine. Trembling hands rapidly grappled for me, afraid I was getting up to leave but the thing was that I was doing quite the opposite.

I gently pushed him back against the couch cushions, forcing his arms from around my body as he continued to struggle to hold on. My hands fell upon his shoulders as I leant down, pressing a small kiss to his throbbing temple. The stiff posture of his godly body seemed to relax, the small gesture calming him.

My knees dug into the couch cushions as I pushed myself up into a kneeling position, poised above on his lap. Harry watched my exquisitely as I moved my hands down to my waist, taking a fistful of the dress shirt in which adorned my body. I wriggled the shirt up my hips a little, the lacy material that belonged to my panties peeking out slightly as I did so.

Harry's eyes darkened a little, lust swirling within his emerald eyes as I rested my weight back down I his lap. Avoiding Harry's heated gaze, I reached out, taking hold of either of his wrists. Smoothly I slid his hands up under the shirt, warm fingers discovering the smooth skin on my hips. Tingles ran down my spine as his talented hands began to caress my sides, igniting something deep within me. The feeling of his fingertips pressing lightly into my sides had my heart pounding erratically. For fear of falling backwards onto the floor due to the hypnotising effect Harry had on me, I leant forward, placing my hands against his chest for support.

I smiled a little as Harry leant in, his lips ghosting over my earlobe and curls tickling at my cheek. Warm breath wafted over my exposed skin as wandering fingers trailed up my spine. I arched my back at the lingering touch of his fingertips, forcing our chests to mould together and my hands becoming trapped between us.

"I love you." Harry mumbled into my ear.

Those simple three words were what threw me over the edge.

A small gasp was sucked between my lips, the sound of his deep, raspy voice and plump, pink lips tickling at my skin made my heart leap. Harry's voice was so sexy and seductive that I couldn't resist anymore, I couldn't stop myself from latching my lips onto his.

My arms looped up around his neck, pressing our bodies even closer together. Our breath mixed as our mouthes were united in a passionate kiss like no other we'd shared. It was different, both of us desperate to hold onto the other. The fear of losing what we had gnawing at the back of our minds knowing we had barely been able to keep ourselves together, the darkness almost won.

Harry's lips were warm against mine, their soft fullness delicately touching over mine. My eyes squeezed closed, trying to focus on the sensation of his mouth. I breathed the minty taste of his breath as he exhaled.

The slow, meaningful kiss in which we had started with was soon vanquished, replaced by the wild thrill his mouth was capable of. My lips were soon pried open by Harry's warm tongue, delving into my mouth in search for its partner. My fingers moved to his head where they became wound between his thick locks, tugging lightly at the roots. A moan of satisfaction rumbled within his chest, the sound vibrating from his lips before I caught it in my mouth.

I felt Harry's warm hand slip down my side, past my hips and down to my thigh. My thigh was lightly squeezed, evoking a few small moans from myself as if to return the favour. Harry had no idea just how much control he had over me when he touched me like this. The way he caressed my body with such gentleness and awe made me weak at the knees, it was incredibly fortunate i was already seated.

Harry's hand glided down the length of my thigh until he reached my knee. I gasped in slight surprise as his palm moved to cup the muscle on the underside of my leg, lightly rubbing circles into the smooth skin. Harry lifted my thigh with ease, rotating his hips as he moved to lie me down on the couch. I fell back against the cushions, my mouth still joined with Harry's, our lips remaining pressed together as he lay me down, moving to hover over me.

We held each other impossibly close, the burning desire just to be near one another was too great to resist. I felt the increasing bulge in Harry's boxers as he lowered himself down atop of me. I felt it even more so as he cupped the back of my thighs in his hands, bringing my legs up to wrap round his waist, forcing the his growing bulge to slot in between my legs.

The erotic roll of his hips caught me slightly off guard, moans of pleasure becoming shared between us as he rubbed against my aching core in time with the kiss. Laughter was shared between us as my hands found their way to his bum, squeezing a handful of each cheek.

"Stop groping my arse." He playfully growled, leaving an open mouthed kiss to my neck.

"You can't talk, you were raping me." I teased.

"No I wasn't." He laughed. "I didn't even get to taking your clothes off.

"I think non-penetrative sex counts as rape."

Harry laughed with amusement as I pressed wet kisses across his stunning collarbones. My hands gently smothered his back, touching ever inch of his beautiful skin. I was quiet surprised with how confident I had become when it came to talking about sex. I refused to even utter the word when I first met him and now here we are both making sexual comments without a care in the world.

"Oh, baby, it's not rape of you love it." Harry purred in my ear.

I let out a gasp as his hips began to rock again, the bulge in his boxers rubbing against me. He grinned coyly at me as I moved my hands to his chest, shoving him off. Before hitting the floor his fingers managed skimming over my panties before he crashed to the floor.

"You're a bad man." I laughed, peering over the side of the couch at him.

Harry grinned up at me from his new position on the floor, clearly pleased with himself. He lay sprawled out on his back, curls flopping all over the place as he picketed his swollen lips in a mock kiss. His arousal was clearly evident, his thick shaft straining against the black fabric of which contained him. Denying how hot he looked would be a lie and so was saying I didn't enjoy what he was doing before but I didn't want to give him the satisfaction.

"You're such a tease." Harry moaned.

"Shut up, and come here." I giggled.

Harry got to his feet eagerly as I did the same. Taking his hand in my own I sat him down on the couch before leaning down to retrieve the blanket in which had fallen on the floor at some point. Harry being Harry took this as the perfect opportunity to slap my arse. A yelp of surprise was emitted into the air followed by Harry's amused laughter.

"I told you I'd return the favour." He winked as I shot him a glare.

I didn't make the mistake of bending down with my back to him again, this time I managed to retrieve the blanket before he had a chance to so much as move. Muscular arms were wrapped round my waist, pulling me down onto Harry's lap. I decided to be a pain and wriggle around a little on his lap knowing perfectly well that my movements were arousing him even more due to the grunts and groans I was receiving from him.

The blanket was sprawled out over us before I deliberately palmed him through his boxers making it appear accidental. Harry hissed, his grip on me becoming increasingly tighter as I giggled.

"You've already given me a hard on, you better stop teasing or I'm not gonna be able to resist you." He growled in my ear.

"Sorry, I'll stop now." I apologised, taking pity on the poor boy.

Time passed as Harry and I cuddled on the couch. We didn't speak, we only basked in each others presence. Several love bites were left upon Harry's neck and collar bone in the time that passed us by. With every mark I left on Harry's tanned skin a smile spread on his face and I knew he loved it when I marked him with my love. A smile curled on my lips as I left a warm kiss to his left pec, he seemed to quite like that one.

During our comfortable silence my mind was racing, still processing all this new information about Harry and his past life. His father was so awful to him and it's just not fair for him to be treated in the way he was. I wish more than anything that Harry could have experienced love when he was younger, I can't bare the thought of him all alone without a single ounce of love. Harry was surrounded by that ever lurking darkness that will haunt him his whole life and he was light that should have been treated better and loved by his family. I pity them because Harry is the most beautiful thing I have ever come across and no one gave him a chance to shine his angelic light down on everyone. They didn't deserve Harry, he was too good for them, they hurt him, they broke his wings and left him. I will spend eternity giving him love, the love he deserves.

"Are you tired, baby?" Harry asked. "It's like five in the morning."

The adrenaline from everything that had occurred throughout this long night was finally starting to wear off and I was suddenly feeling the effects of exhaustion. I peered up at Harry who's eyelids were dropping, clearly tired from this dramatic night. His mouth widened in a yawn as he gazed sleepily at me.

"I'm stuffed." I mumbled."

"Lets go up to bed." He suggested, moving beneath me in an attempt to get up.

But I was too tired, I don't think if even make it halfway across the room without crashing on the floor. Besides I was quite content on sleeping on the couch curled up with Harry. He was cuddly and warms and we already had a blanket so we were good.

"I'm too lazy, lets stay here."

Harry chuckled tiredly as we made a few adjustments to our positions. Both of us sprawled out down the couch, out legs becoming entwined as Harry pulled me on top of him so I was using him as my pillow. Warmth consumed me as he rolled a little to the left so I became wedged between him and the couch. The blanket was carelessly tossed over us as we probably weren't going to need it.

"Goodnight, Harry." I whispered.

"It's morning, babe."

"Do you have to be so difficult." I laughed.


"Shut up and go to sleep, Harry." I smiled. "I love you."

"I love you more, baby."

"I'm not starting this." I groaned.

A small kiss was pressed to my lips as my eyes fluttered closed and my mind and body were consumed by Harry.

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