Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


63. Chapter Fifty-Five

Chapter 55

The sun shone brightly through the closed curtains and down onto the couch in which Harry and I were snuggled up on. I was unsure of the time, but judging by the bright light flooding into the room it must've been about midday. Neither of us had much sleep due to all the drama that occurred between the hours of about six at night and six in the morning. Looking back on the past events it was quite frightful to think we had spent around twelve hours angry at each other and close to the point of insanity. I could only hope the first night in Doncaster wouldn't reflect badly on the rest of the time we spent here. I wanted to have fun with Harry, not yell, scream and cry for the entire time. It was a relief to know it was all over now and smiles had returned to both our faces knowing the other was right there smiling back.

Though I was awake Harry was still fast asleep, his expression calm and peaceful as we held each other within sleep. I couldn't help but wonder if he had stayed up longer than I had, knowing him he would have been just as afraid as I was to close his eyes for fear of opening them and me being gone.

I had done a lot of thinking about Harry and the new information about his past I'd discovered very early this morning. What I'd learnt had made everything make so much more sense and helped me to understand what was going on inside Harry's head that little bit more. The upbringing of Harry by his father was absolutely terrible and was his so cruel. What kind of man hurts his own son not only physically but also mentally? It broke my heart to think of Harry being treated in such an awful way. He was such an amazing person but his father had ruined him and made him so insecure that he lost all belief in himself and gave up all his dreams.

I understand why Harry is so insecure now, not entirely, but I know a big part of the reason is to do with the pathetic excuse of a father he had to live with. His mother wasn't much better, she stayed with the awful man who damaged her son and tried to kill him on multiple occasions. I would have left him the moment I caught him attempting to drop baby Harry out of the hospital window. What kind of mother would put up with a man who tried to kill her baby? I really hurt for Harry knowing almost everyone in his family have hurt him and scarred him until he was so damaged that he couldn't even hold onto his humanity anymore. He became a closed off, emotionless being that cared for nothing in the world, not even himself. Harry's once pure white wings were blackened and broken by people he loved but didn't love him back. He was left alone in a world which is too tough to survive without love and for a long time he couldn't.

But fate brought us together and now he has someone to give his love and to have that love returned. I found him in that dark place where he hid for so long and brought him back into the light. One by one I'll clean his dirty feathers until the pure, illuminating white of his angelic wings shines again. Harry is the most beautiful creature I have ever laid my eyes on and no matter how many times people hurt him, dirty him, break him and try to destroy him I will still see him as the heavenly creature who I fell in love with and I will keep trying until the darkness is overpowered by the lightness he holds. I will save him.

Gently I brushed my thumb across his plump, pink, ever so kissable lips as I snuggled closer into his side. Dark lashes fluttered against his cheeks upon feeling my touch against his warm mouth. I loved the way he looked during sleep, his expression was one of a true angel. Dark locks framed his beautiful face, unruly curls absolutely everywhere atop of his head as he lay fast asleep. His full pink lips were still swollen after the amount of heavy kissing that took place last night and I was sure mine looked much the same. Soft snores were emitted into the air from between his plump pink lips as a small, tranquil smile tweaked at the corners of his mouth. I loved the way his long eyelashes fluttered against his cheek bones with every breath he took, he was the most beautiful person I'd ever seen and I loved him so much.

Ever so gently I moved my arm in which was lazily draped across the contour of his muscular chest up towards his face. My thumb delicately brushed against his lips, tracing the pink outline of his mouth. Harry had the most delicious lips in the world, they were always so smooth, warm and inviting. Kissing him was like kissing melted chocolate with a faint hint of mint on his tongue. They were so plump and full and completely irresistible.

When my thumb lightly over the smooth heart shape of his upper lip he stirred slightly, his body moving to roll on top of me. My eyes widened a little as my fingers fell from his face, moving desperately to grab onto his shoulder to prevent myself from falling off the couch as he flipped us over. My back sank down into the couch cushions as Harry lay atop of me, consuming me in him.

I watched as his eyes sleepily fluttered open, the vibrant green of his irises twinkling at me from between long lashes. A small smile graced my lips as I absorbed the image of the handsome man hovering above me in hopes to have it burnt into my memory forever. The smile I gave was returned with a sleepy grin, the corners of his luscious lips tweaking upwards.

"Morning beautiful." Harry greeted me in a rasp.

Harry's morning voice was one of the countless things I adored about him. I love the way he rasped out his words in a drowsy, slow sentence that made me shudder. Grinning, my arms moved to wrap around his neck as I forced his head down towards mine. The warmth of his breath fanned out over my lips as I ran my fingers through his hair which reward me in hearing a small sigh of content. My arms coiled more tightly around his strong neck until our mouths finally met, a small sweet peck left lingering on our lips.

"How are you feeling?" I asked.

I was still concerned for Harry, last night he had been incredibly upset and if never seen him like that before. It frightened me after seeing him in so much mental pain that was inflicted by himself. He must've had a lot on his mind especially considering the fact he told me a few though he about his father. Things that made me understand why he was the way he was and where all the pain had begun.

Harry had seemed fine just before we fell asleep but I knew how good he was at disguising his feelings and bottling up his emotions. He struggles to express himself and speak of his feelings. Lately I've noticed how he's been trying to describe the way he feels about things. Last night was the perfect example of Harry attempting to express himself on many occasions he had done it and I found hearing about the way he felt about me rather addicting.

I want him to tell me about things that trouble him and talk to me about his problems. I want to listen to him and I want to help him through whatever he is troubled by. I want him to know I'm here for him and he can be open with me. Nothing he says or does will make me look at him any differently, I want him to reveal that raw emotion that he keeps tamed so well. I just want to be sure he's okay.

My right hand smoothly slipped from around his neck, my palm smothering his side with my touch as I let it slip down beneath his armpit and around onto his back. In a gentle circular motion I rubbed circles into his tense back. The feeling of his tight, taut muscles gave me the desire to give him a full on back massage to loosen up those uncomfortable muscles. I want Harry to relax and not take everything so seriously, he needs to lighten up.

"Much better after you took my lousy ass back." He hummed in my ear as a small kiss was pressed to my lobe. "How are you feeling?"

It felt good to know he was feeling better after our episode last night. I hadn't really expected him to ask me how I was feeling. I don't even remember most of the night, I was on an adrenalin high built completely by anger. I did know that I was glad Harry and I had overcome our problems for the time being and I hope that the next time we have a problem we don't do it in such a painful way.

"The fact that you're here makes me happy." I smile shyly knowing all too well that a rosy pink had already crept up my cheeks.

Harry hummed in appreciation, his fingers lightly brushing across my flushed cheek before brushing a stray strand of hair out of my face. It was difficult to deny the gentleness Harry held within his rock had shell of steel that protected him from almost everyone. Everyone but me. If you only looked at him from the outside as a harsh, insensitive, unforgiving, violent, careless prick you'd think of him as exactly that, but in reality he was a really cuddly guy with a warm heart.

I grinned widely as his head dipped down into the crook of my neck, soft curls tickling at my cheeks as he nuzzled in. I loved this side of Harry, his soft, delicate side in which took pleasure in giving his tender love and receiving just as much in return. My fingertips lightly pressed into his shoulder blades as his warm lips came in contact with my exposed skin. The smallest touch had my eyes fluttering g closed, lips parting as my breathing increased dramatically and heart began to race.

I pulled him nearer, forcing his body to rest all its weight on top of my own. The desire to feel the masculine weight above me was always something I wanted. To feel his muscular body lie on me, shielding me from everything but him as open mouthed kisses were splotched down my neck. Harry's lips were so soft and loving as he caressed my skin with their plump fullness. The way I felt about him was undeniable and I knew I would always feel this in love with him, in fact I was sure I'd feel more as every day I became more and more in love with Harry.

"Fuck." Harry swore.

The sensation caused by the tight coiling of my legs round his waist was clearly arousing something within my curly haired boyfriend as I urged him closer. I was consumed by the urge to feel him, hold him, cuddle him, get as close as I possibly could. My movement changed the once delicate tenderness to each small kiss pressed to my skin, his mouth becoming more passionate.

Lips became rougher against my exposed skin, his mouth lightly sucking on my neck as to leave a further number of love bites to the collection I was already covered in. Harry loved the idea of leaving marks of his undeniable love on my skin. He enjoyed seeing them and realizing that with each glance he took that he was the doer of the masterpiece he had created on my pale skin. Though I would never admit it, I enjoyed marking him with my own mouth and fingernails, decorating his godly body with scratches and purple marks of passion.

"Harry." His name fell from my lips in a small moan, his pleasurable motions evoking a small cry.

Harry lightly nipped at my skin, a low growl rumbling from the back of his throat and vibrating against my skin as the sound was released into the air. I smiled at the sensual sound as a few wet kisses were dotted along my jaw, his warm lips never ceasing in motion as if determine to kiss every inch of my skin.

Eventually our mouths met, lips molding together perfectly as we became desperate to be closer. Fingertips lightly brushed against my collarbone as they moved down to reach the first button of the shirt I had borrowed from him. Harry's fingers moved efficiently as he popped each button open one by one, each time revealing more and more of my skin. The air around us grew heavy, our breathing becoming heavier as our bodies became more desperate.

I let out a gasp of surprise as Harry swiveled his hips slightly, the hard bulge in his boxers becoming noticeable. This was taken to his advantage as he used the small sound and parting of my lips as the perfect opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth. Harry was always sneaky like that, he took every chance he got and it always seemed to pay off and I always ended up losing, not that I minded though.

Our tongues swirled around each other within the shared warmth of our mouths. My legs tightened around his waist as he pressed his contained erection harder against my aching core. Heavy moans were released only to be captured in the others mouth as we continued to passionately kiss. I could stay like this with him forever, wound up in a world of our own where we were lost in each other and nothing else mattered. I was right last night when I said if we took our time everything would be better because it was. Knowing now that we were both unconditionally in love with one another and that we were both trying for each other so that everything between us would run more smoothly. We sure as hell aren't a perfect couple and I know we never will be but where's the fun in being perfect when you can love someone so much that you drive each other to the point of insanity and being so insanely in love with someone is so much better.

I found my hands tangling between his unruly curls, fingers lightly tugging at the roots with every roll of his hips. Small moans filled the air, his drumming heart against my chest only adding to the feeling of great pleasure washing through my body. I loved feeling the erratic rate of his heart during times like these, it felt amazing to know I was the one who had caused the steady beat into a rapid thrumming in his chest. Knowing I impacted on Harry's feelings was such an incredible knowledge to have and I loved it.

We both jumped at the sound of banging on the front door, the noise breaking the connection of our mouths. We looked at each other in confusion and annoyance due to the fact that whoever it was outside had just interrupted a rather intimate moment. Harry tilted his head to the side, peering to the left in the direction in which the noise had come from.

"You have got to be joking." He groaned.

Harry's comment made it clear that he was less than pleased with the interruption, an annoyed scowl written across his face just to confirm it. My head fell back against the armrest of the couch as I let out a sigh of annoyance.

It was just our luck that someone would come to the door and ruin what would have been an enjoyable way to wake up. I was tempted to ignore the person waiting just outside the wooden barrier known as the front door but as usual my curios nature got the better of me. I wanted to know who was outside as barely anyone knew I was here and everyone knew I no longer lived here. Who was outside and why did they have to come at this moment in time?

"I'll get for you and then I'll be right back to finish what we started." Harry purred in my ear before leaving a small peck to my cheek.

His kind offer brought a smile to my face as I realized today was going to be a day when Harry is such a sweetheart all day. Not that Harry wasn't sweet every other day, it was just days after we had been fin a fight or had an argument that he would be the most adorable cupcake ever.

Harry smiled down at me, dimples popping on either side of his cheeks as he sat up. My legs were pushed open as to free him from their enclosed grip. He laughed as I childishly whined when his cuddly warmth evaded me and the blanket was pushed back leaving me exposed to the cool air.

I watched for a moment as Harry stood up, his back muscles rippling with strength as he pushed himself up from the couch. I took a moment to admire his body, I did this quite often but I don't think I'll ever get used to the near perfection of his body. My eyes wandered over his smooth skin, examining the small scars that he was covered in with a new knowledge. Harry hadn't directly admitted to his father giving him some of the scars but it wasn't difficult to figure that the evil man had. The fact when Harry was small he'd been given a knife to play with from his father made that pretty clear. His feet padded silently across the carpet and with each step he got further and further away. My mind was reeling with thoughts of Harry's father hurting him when he was small, the idea of anyone hurting Harry killed me but it was awful knowing someone who was meant to love him didn't and hurt him most. What was most frightening though was that his father and stepfather were still out there, I could only pray Jonathan was still locked up in a prison cell for murder but Harry's father was out there somewhere, the sins he committed just as bad as the man who had killed his mother. I do know why Harry is so insecure now, having someone tell you how awful you were everyday must've really screwed with his mind and that is understandable. In time I hope he will break free of the insecurities his own father has made him feel and realize he is not worthless or useless, especially not to me.

There is no point in reminiscing the past, it can't be changed, we can only look forward to the future.

My gaze followed him as he exited the room, vanishing from sight once he reached the door. All off sudden a wave of panic washed through me as I realized Harry was wearing nothing but his tight, black boxer briefs and was probably halfway down the hall to the door. The lack of clothing and the material that closely hugged his lower region clearly displayed his arousal and the thought of my grandma being at the door was quite frightening. It was bad enough having my mother knowing Harry and I did more than just kiss and hold hands, my grandmother on top of that what be awful, I might as well shoot myself before she can get to me.

In a split second I had jumped to my feet, grabbing a fistful of blanket as I did so. For fear of my grandmother being on the other side of the wooden barrier in which separated us I sprinted down the hall after my half naked, curly haired boyfriend who would probably answer the door naked if he had the chance. My feet pummeled against the wooden floorboards, blanket flaying out behind me like some superhero cape as I chased him through the twists and turns of every corner of what was once known as my home until I caught up with him.

Harry was about twenty steps from the front door when I leapt on his back. He was taken by surprise, the force of my body making him stumble slightly as arms coiled round his neck and legs became securely wrapped round his waist. For a sickening moment I thought we were both going to go crashing to the ground and my stomach lurched as though I was on a roller-coaster. Much to my relief though he managed to catch his balance, bringing his hands up where they cupped the underside of my thighs.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked with a chuckle.

"You're going to answer the door and you're practically naked."

I wriggled a round a little on his back as I tried to grab the other corner of the blanket in my left hand. The task proved to be quite difficult though as I was probably a metre or so off the ground and the corner wasn't voluntarily flying up to me. After a few more attempts flicking the warm fluffy material as though it were a whip I managed to snag the irritating corner. A cry of success left my mouth as I drew the blanket up over my shoulder before I proceeded to re wrap my arms round Harry's neck, creating a curtain around both of our bodies.

"And I thought I was the jealous one." He teased.

I rolled my eyes, I wasn't being jealous, I have almost no female friends here so I highly doubt it will be a girl of my age standing on the front porch. Besides women don't tend to knock on the door about fifty times per second. If my hunch is correct whoever is behind the wooden barrier will be either an impatient Carter or a male buddy of mine who had found out I was back in town.

After I was settled on Harry's back he continued towards our destination which was also known as the front door. A sense of worry consumed me as Harry released one of my legs once we'd reached the wooden barrier, I silently hoped it was a family member knowing Harry wasn't in a completely stable state after last night. But I wasn't going to hold back if it was one of my best friends, I haven't seen them in ages, I've missed them like crazy and I'm hoping Harry finally knows that I'm not interested in anyone but him after our discussion.

I watched impatiently as the door handle was taken between Harry's fingers, the metal rattling slightly as it was twisted open. Time seemed to slow down as the door was pulled back, the wood revealing more and more of what awaited beyond the solid walls of my former home. Bit by bit the figure outside came into view, first was a few fingers, then a hand, followed by an arm, a shoulder and finally a familiar face.

"Uhh... hi." Harry spoke awkwardly.

My heart leapt at the sight of the person standing before me, their grin wide, hair tousled by the violent wind and eyes dancing with gleeful excitement. In but a second my worry about the exposure of Harry's body was left forgotten and I found myself leaping of his back, the blanket falling to the floor with a small thud. My feet moved quicker than light as I practically threw myself at my dearly missed best friend.

"Jai!" I exclaimed, throwing myself into his outstretched arms.

Laughter rang out as I was spun around, my feet leaving the ground and for a second I felt like I was flying. It felt like forever since I'd last seen him, it wasn't until that moment that I realized just how much I'd missed Jai. We'd spent almost eighteen years together, barely leaving each other's sight and living at the others house almost every night. We were practically siblings and it had been the same with our fathers, they had been best friends too. After growing up with Jai it had felt so different moving away and being without him because he was always there for me like I was there for him, we'd known each other since birth and there wasn't a detail we didn't know about the other. I had cried bucket loads once mum and I reached Cheshire because he wasn't going to be around anymore. He always made me smile when I was down and he was the best friend I could ever ask for.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" I exclaimed unsure of the unscheduled visit.

Jai set me down, his grip on me becoming slack as I was left to stand alone. I took a moment to observe him, searching for any changes in him since the last time we met but I found none because he was still the same Jai much to my relief. A broad grin spread across his face as he moved his hand to sweep back his light brown hair.

"I texted you about a billion times but you didn't reply so I figured I'd just come over." He explained. "But I can leave if you two are busy."

I mentally punched myself as Jai winked, teasingly flicking his eyes from me to Harry. He seemed to have figured what we had been doing only minutes earlier, maybe it was the time it took to get the door that gave it away, or the lack of clothes Harry and I were both wearing or what gave it away or it could have even been the bright red that flared up in my cheeks. Like Harry, Jai feed off my embarrassment and always used it to his advantage, I seriously hope they don't decide to gang up on me.

Subconsciously I tugged down on the hem of the thin dress shirt that I had borrowed from Harry hoping to increase its length a little in an attempt to cover more of my upper thighs. Jai grinned knowingly as I crossed my arms over my chest, suddenly realizing I was wearing no bra. Strong arms encircled my waist, pulling me back into familiar warmth of Harry's chest. The blanket in which I had once used to cover Harry's bare body was now wrapped round my shoulders and for once I was grateful for his protective nature.

"Shut up, we just woke up."

Technically we had only just woken up, though Jai would probably call it bullshit which was also partially true. Jai laughed, deciding it was best to keep his mouth shut before I told him to get lost which I'm pretty sure he didn't want to do.

Turning on my heel I moved back towards Harry, pressing my hands upon his chest in a gesture of which coaxed him to move back inside. Much to my relief he obeyed my silent request taking my hand as he moved back inside the doorframe.

"Give us ten minutes to get dressed and then I'll introduce you to this curly haired idiot." I laughed.

"Hey." Harry whined.

Jai and I both laughed as Harry was forcefully pushed down the hallway towards the stairs. Jai closed the door behind us, stepping into my house for what must have been the billionth time in the past eighteen years but the first in what felt like forever. Harry thudded up the stairs like a baby elephant, acting as though he was pissed off at me for calling him a curly haired idiot. The grin he was struggling to hide as he peered back down the stairs at me reminded me he really was curly haired idiot. As Harry disappeared up the stairs I turned back to face Jai who was quietly chuckling to himself after witnessing the exchange between Harry and I.

"I thought you said he was a creepy stalker who only wanted a good fuck." Jai spoke in a hushed voice as me moved closer together preventing the male who had once terrified me from overhearing our conversation about him.

"I was wrong." I smiled. "Sometimes you have to look past the walls someone has built around themselves to discover the real them."

Jai smiled at me and in that moment I knew he had accepted Harry. Though they hadn't even been properly introduced Jai had already seen the cheeky, playful side of Harry which had been shown briefly only a moment ago. He was like that, he could read me like a book and he knew I wouldn't be with Harry if my first impression on him was exactly the way he had come off. He wasn't though there was more to Harry than met the eye and Jai could tell that was why I hadn't run for my life to escape who I had first thought of as being the devil.

"He seems alright."

"He's more than alright." I laughed

"Was that just a reference to what he's like in bed?" Jai waggled his eyebrows teasingly.

My mouth fell open in embarrassed shock, I hadn't expected him to say that quite so directly. My cheeks immediately heated up again, my face becoming tomato red as I pressed my hands to his shoulders as I gave him a playful shove. Jai chuckled at my defensive movements, his warm hands grabbing my forearms as he pulled me towards him. Our foreheads pressed together as I squirmed to escape his tight grip.

"That's why you took so long to open the door isn't it." He teased. "You two were going at it."

I squirmed in his grip, desperate to evade his intelligent way of putting two and two together. Though Jai wasn't quite he was close enough to the truth to make my face burn the brightest red they'd ever been. I hated the way he could see right through, there were certain pros and cons to being so close to your best friend that they could see right through you and dig up every little secret you tried to keep hidden. By some miracle I managed to break free of his grip, darting towards the stairs before ascending them as quickly as possible. Jai's laughter followed me as I made a quick escape.

Jai had been here so many times that I didn't have to tell him to make himself at home, he did it automatically. My feet quietly padded across the wooden floor as I wandered down the hall in search for Harry. It didn't take me too long as I found him in the guest bedroom, peering at the hole he had created in the wall. I had momentarily forgotten about the destruction in which the two of us had done to this room and what I was going to do about it was still a work in progress.

Quietly I stepped into the room, taking a second to shut the door behind me as I entered. Harry turned his head towards me upon sensing my presence, his expression held what I perceived as guilt. I wasn't really to bothered by the fact he punched a huge gaping hole in the wall and that was basically because I had punched a slightly smaller one to match it. Harry on the other hand looked like he had just taken the life of a child and deeply regretted it.

"How's your hand?" I asked quietly, slightly worried about the pained look on his face.

Harry glanced down to look at his hand, his knuckles were still red and raw but they looked better than mine. Scabs had started to form over his wounds as a sign they were beginning to heal. I hadn't actually washed mine last night to prevent infection, I'd picked out a few bits of drywall that had gotten stuck to the blood oozing from my wounds, the cleaning part was still on my to do list.

"Alright, how's yours?" He replied.

"Sore." I mumbled

I watched as Harry's eyebrows furrowed down into a frown. My hand was moved behind my back as not to alert him of the fact my hand looked like it’s been run over by a bulldozer. In three long strides Harry had closed the distance between us and he now stood directly before me. Warm fingers trailed down my bicep down to my forearm which was curled behind my back in an attempt to hide the collateral damage inflicted on my hand.

I struggled momentarily, hoping to keep my injuries from his worried eyes. But as usual Harry won and my hand was pulled from behind my back, the damage revealed. The frown on Harry's forehead deepened as he took my hand between his two larger palms.

"Fuck." He swore. "You didn't have to punch that wall."

I snatched my hand from between his, covering my bloodied knuckles with my other palm. Harry appeared to be mentally beating himself up for what little damage I had done to myself. I was pissed off at him last night so I punched the wall, he didn't take my elbow and ram my forearm forward until my fist smashed a huge gaping hole in the drywall.

"Someone set a bad example."

"You did some pretty serious damage to that wall." He breathed out as if angry with himself.

"I leant from the best." I teased in hopes to lighten the serious mood he had set.

Harry let out a small chuckle. It abruptly stopped laughing though, his face becoming serious again as he peered up at me with the same guilt ridden eyes as earlier.

"I'm sorry about punching the wall." He quietly apologized. "I'll pay to get it fixed."

My heart fluttered with the sound of an apology falling from his lips, the fact he was offering to fix the damage he had created only made him a hundred times more adorable. His offer was unnecessary though as I was just as much at fault as he was and the pair of gaping holes could easily be fixed by a simple lie about a game of indoor cricket and my mum paying a few dollars of the shitload of cash she had. I really hate having a mother who can buy practically anything her spoilt little heart desires because sometimes I think it's easy to get away with things such as this. Usually I tend to avoid her money as I prefer being a simple eighteen year old but when I break things cash is withdrawn from her loaded bank account.

My feet carried me towards Harry without my brain having to ask them to. Once I was close enough, I opened my arms, wrapping them round his waist as I gently pulled him forward into a warm hug. A smile lit up my face as Harry's strong arms securely wrapped round my body, holding me close as he nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck. Soft curls tickled at my cheek as I turned my head slightly to press a sweet kiss to his forehead.

"You're so cute." I quietly cooed. "Don't worry about the wall, I smashed it just as much as you did."

"But I was my fault you punched a hole in the wall, I made you angry." He argued.

I shook my head, it was my fist that penetrated the drywall, not his so the damage I'd caused was on me. Harry snuggled closer, his chest firmly pressing against mine as I left a few more kisses to his head in reassurance.

"I'm going to hit you if you say it was your fault I punched a wall, again." I threatened. "Don't worry about it, okay, Harry."

Harry remained quiet, clearly not wanting to start yet another argument between us after we'd only just ended the previous one. I don't think either of us want to go through something like last night ever again, it was awful. Neither of us spoke a word as we stood in the centre of the spare bedroom, arms wound around each other lovingly as we held tight, almost too afraid to let go.

I couldn't help but feel proud of Harry for already keeping his promise to loosen up around people who won't hurt me. I hadn't really noticed the way Harry hadn't immediately gone into defense mode when Jai showed up on the doorstep due to the shock of him coming for a surprise visit. Judging by the way Jai seemed to think Harry was alright I'm guessing he wasn't glaring at my best friend like he was thinking of possible ways to kill him.

Harry had been quiet which probably was to be expected along with a stiff posture and tight taut muscles I'm sure but he didn't spaz out and hold onto me like he owned me and no one was allowed touch me or even look at me. I'm glad it was Jai at the door because he was the most trustworthy, friendly person you could ever meet. I think the fact Jai just gives off that sense of friendliness and trust that Harry didn't panic, but even still I had expected Harry to act possessively over me but I'm glad to say I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe Harry will get on with Jai and hopefully realize we're more like siblings than best friends.

Harry looked up as I leant back a little, his vibrant green eyes questioning as if to ask why I'd moved back from our cuddle. My hands moved up to cup his cheeks, he blinked at me through long, dark lashes as I pressed my forehead to his. A smile formulated on my lips as small kiss was lightly pressed to his mouth. I watched his eyes flutter close when I sweetly nuzzled nose against his.

"I'm so proud of you." I whispered before rewarding him with another small peck to his full lips.


A grin spread across my face as Natalie's lips pressed to mine, warm hands pressing to my cheeks as she nuzzled her nose against mine. If I was rewarded like this every time I didn't punch someone in the face for looking at her, I don't think I'd ever do it again. That's a joke though, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a "Possessive Asshole" as Natalie tends to call me again and probably for a long time, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to break the habit of trying to protect her from the entire world. It had been a little difficult to restrain myself from wrapping my arms round Natalie's waist and pulling her from her best friend. I had stood in the doorframe like a statue, my body stiff and uncomfortable as I forced my body not to do as it usually did in these kind of situations.

The smile on Nat's face was replicated by the one of Jai's and I think it was at that moment that I noticed how he didn't look at all like he wanted to be more than friends, it was a generally happy smile as if they were two long lost siblings finally reunited. I don't think Gemma and I would look like that though, she hates me. With Jai and Natalie it had been made clear that there wasn't and never would be anything romantic between them. The way he could read her like a book and teased her about what had been going on only moments before the front door was opened made that clear. They really were just genuine best friends and the knowledge of this made me relax. Jai was no threat to me but I can't be so sure about the rest of her friends and that terrifies me.

"I love you." Natalie whispered between soft kisses to my lips.

She treated me with such gentleness and care, she knew about the awful things I'd done in my past, the violent history, the alcohol and all the whores I'd slept with but she didn't care. Natalie loved me like I was still innocent though I was far from that but maybe I was. Maybe in a weird, twisted way I was still the confused, lost, unloved, broken, innocent boy who would hide from the world in a hidden cave with nothing but a bear named boo. Though my body was damaged by scars and dirtied by the number of women who I'd taken my drunken ass home, maybe my soul was still clean and Natalie saw that.

Her delicate touch moved from my cheeks, wandering over my body until one small palm came to rest on my back, the other squeezing between our closely pressed bodies to touch over my thudding heart. I smiled as her hand discovered the organ in my body which belonged to her. She hummed quietly upon feeling the rapid beat of my heart beneath her fingertips as she rested her head on my shoulder. The tangle of Natalie's dark waves cascaded past my shoulder, tickling about halfway down my back. Her hair was almost as insane as mine, I'd noticed a few times that she had a couple of curls at the very back of her neck hidden behind the top layer of hair. She was breathtakingly beautiful.

"I love you, Nat."

She moved slightly, turning her head to press a sweet, little kiss to the bare skin of my right shoulder. For some time there was silence between us, comfortable silence. We didn't need to speak, both of us were quite happy with showing out love by quietly holding each other while a few small kisses were shared between us.

"We should probably get dressed before Jai gets anymore ideas he can use to harass me." Natalie spoke softly as she broke away from me.

I desperately wanted to pull her back into my arms and hold her like that forever but I knew she wouldn't allow it. Instead I gave her a small nod of the head. I watched as Nat moved even further away from me, scuttling back and forth around the room collecting my possessions which had been strewn across the floor last night in my anger.

I moved to help her stuff everything back into my bag, carefully tucking the letter I had taped back together into one of the pockets in my bag. Last night after she tore the paper in half I had snuck into her room after discovering she was downstairs and found some tape before I put it back together. I wanted that letter, I wish she hadn't torn it, but I infuriated her and she snapped. I was glad I'd fixed it, I wanted to keep it so I could read it over and over again whenever I want.

As I hoisted the bag up onto my shoulder, Natalie moved to my side, gently taking my hand in hers. I couldn't help but grin like an idiot as she led me out of the bedroom I had practically destroyed and back into her own.

I dumped my bag down on the floor as Natalie released my hand, moving across the room towards her own bag where it lay unopened. My eyes lingered on her body as she moved. I loved the fact she was wearing nothing but my shirt and a pair of panties. Nat looked amazing in my dress shirt, she looked great in any of my clothes but this one made me so hard.

I didn't own many shirts with long sleeves and she'd never worn one of my rare shirts up until today. It was much too big on her as usual and the buttons were done two thirds of the way up. They had been higher earlier on, but me being myself I undid a few so I could get a better look at her braless chest. The sleeves were too long, they practically consumed her hands and every so often she would push them up a little, freeing her hands of the pale material. The hem fell about mid-thigh, the sides of the shirt curving up a little revealing more skin on her outer thigh. God she looked sexy! I was pissed off at Jai for coming at the time he did because I want to be inside her so fucking bad.

I bit my lip as she leant forward to search for something to wear, the back of the shirt riding up slightly, revealing more of her lace underwear.

"Stop it." I groaned.

Nat stood up, her body twisting around to face me. An expression of confusion was written across her face as she cocked her head questioningly to the side.

"Stop what?" She asked innocently, completely oblivious to the effect she had on my groin.

I took a few steps forward until we stood face to face. Natalie was still looking at me quizzically, her innocence cluelessness making everything a billion times worse. Gently I wrapped my hand round her wrist, bring it forward until her palm pressed to my erection.

A small gasp fell from her pretty lips as she felt the growing hardness in my boxers, her touch forcing a small moan from the back of my throat.

"Baby." I whined as her touch withdrew.

"I'm not doing anything with you while Jai is down stairs." Natalie shook her head.


"Go take a cold shower or something." She suggested much to my displeasure.

Small hands were placed on my shoulders, turning my body towards the bathroom. Muttering under my breath I marched towards the opening, Natalie's amused laughter following me.


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