Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


66. Chapter Fifty-Eight

Chapter 58

Mitchell stood in the doorframe, one hand still curled around the handle whilst the other pressed to the wooden frame. His knuckles had turned white, his anger made evident as he tightly squeezed the metal object between his fingers. My own hand was clutched around Harry's, squeezing harshly at his poor fingertips as I tried to suppress the wave of emotion in which had suddenly rolled through me. Mitchell's eyes seemed to burn big, gaping holes in me as his gaze switched between Harry and I, big brown eyes staring into my soul as if being with Harry was a terrible crime and my heart was now blacked with soot.

My heart contorted in agony as he flicked his gaze from me over to Harry, absorbing the male standing beside me, a look of disgust crossing his face. My lips curled into a snarl as I threatened Mitchell to remove his judgmental eyes from my boyfriend and grow a pair.

"Long time no see". He spoke flatly. There wasn't a hint of his usual perky self, just a dull, lifeless, monotone voice falling from his mouth.

This was not the Mitchell I knew.

I wanted to scream, shout and throw everything I had at him but I couldn't. I thought I had been ready I confront him, I thought I was prepared but I was wrong. I hadn't anticipated on him being the one to answer the front door or for Harry to be in our presence, I had wanted to pull him aside and talk out our differences alone. I should have expected something like this would happen, something I hadn't been prepared for because I have terrible luck and it never wants to be on my side. To say I was surprised would be an understatement. At this present moment in time I was at a loss for words, completely speechless and unsure of what I was going to do.

The heavy thumping in my chest seemed to increase with every breath I took, my blood beginning to boil with anger towards my so called friend. I was beyond pissed off at him and seeing him standing before me in person, judging me, Harry and our relationship as we stood before him was infuriating.

I could feel my heart rate increase, the thumping in my chest growing louder and louder with every passing moment. By now I was almost certain that Harry had noticed the tension between Mitchell and me. The heavy, awkward silence that hung between us made that evident.


Oh thank god. Jai came sprinting down the hall at top speed, a panicked look on his face as he saw the three of us standing at the door. Mitchell continued to glower at us for a moment, the burning hatred flickering behind his eyes made me feel somewhat small and intimidated. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out, I was tongue tied and I silently praised him from saving us from this incredibly uncomfortable situation Harry and I had become trapped in.

The moment Jai reached the door, standing just behind Mitchell, his harsh gaze broke as he abruptly turned on his heel, deliberately shouldering Jai as he went. Three pairs of eyes followed the extremely inconsiderate, rude male as he swiftly marched down the hall before disappearing round the corner. My heart weighed heavy in my chest as I witnessed his first hand disapproval of Harry. This wasn't the way I had wanted the three most important males in my life to act around each other. I didn't want Mitchell to be reluctant towards my boyfriend, Harry hadn't even been given a chance to introduce himself or even utter a word. Mitchell had just drove right on in and made him feel uncomfortable and awkward, creating unneeded tension. What he is doing is unacceptable and I am not going to put up with anymore of his bullshit.

"What was that about?" Harry asked, suspiciously.

I knew he would have clicked on by now but I wish he hadn't, it would be so much better if he were just oblivious to the whole Mitchell situation. I don't want Harry to begin putting himself down again because one of my friends is too stuck up to give him a chance. I want him to smile more often and be Happy, he shouldn't let what others think of him get to him but I know it does and that's exactly why he needs to know nothing about Mitchell's reluctance towards me.

I need to put a few things straight before I determine whether or not Mitch is actually worth holding on to or if I should let him go. Of all the people I could get into a serious argument with I would never had thought of it as being Mitchell. He's always been such a carefree, fun loving guy but now I feel as though I don't know him. He his dull and quiet, the sparks of fun and excitement in his have been extinguished leaving a rocky landscape in its place.

"Nothing, don't worry about it." I responded.

Harry narrowed his eyes at me, clearly he wasn't buying into the whole awkwardness of earlier as being nothing to worry about. It was blatantly obvious something was out of place and that wasn't hard to figure out. The curiosity and suspicion in his vibrant green eyes burnt into me, searing great big holes in my skin as he searched for the truth. I desperately looked to Jai, sending him a pleading look as Harry continued to silently interrogate me with his big, bright eyes.

"He's just a moody little shit at the moment." Jai spoke.

I watched as Harry raised an eyebrow, glancing between Jai and me with an unsatisfied look. Harry wasn't naive, he was incredibly intelligent though he didn't give himself any credit for it. He was too smart to believe the lies we used to hide the truth from him. Harry didn't like to be lied it have the truth hidden from him and I knew that better than anyone. But on this occasion it was for his own safety and also the safety of Mitchell. I know exactly what will happen I Harry finds out, he'll confront Mitchell for hurting me and with both their flying tempers I know someone will throw a punch. If they break out into a brawl it will only make the situation worse especially if Harry is the one to throw the first punch because Mitchell will despise him either more. I don't think I could bare witnessing the fight. I think I might collapse.

I desperately have to talk to Mitchell before shit happens that I will end up blaming myself for. I don't want to lose either of them but if they can't be in the same room without Mitchell silently judging Harry then I'm afraid I'm going to lose one of my best friends. The thought of that is heart wrenching but if he isn't going to play nice then there's nothing I can do. Harry came all the way here for me, he didn't know anyone and he knew my friends were mostly male yet he came with an open mind.

Mitchell on the other hand has closed his mind off and refuses to acknowledge Harry as anyone but a player who's going use me. He's not like that though, if he was then he wouldn't be here right now, he would have disappeared after the first time we had sex but he's still here. Harry wasn't what I had made out to be when we first met, he was much more than that. He was lost in his own mind and bit by bit I am finding him and I won't stop until he has found himself and accepted himself as the amazing person he is.

A heavy sigh fell from my lips as I angled my body towards Harry so we stood face to face. I couldn't tell him the truth but I couldn't lie to him either so I guess I'll have to compromise. My fingers gently squeezed around Harry's in an act which was more to comfort me than convince him as I peered up into his twinkling green eyes. He gazed back at me questioningly, waiting patiently for a valid reason for Mitchell's behavior.

"Look, we're not exactly on good terms right now." I spoke quietly. "He's just being a prick."

I watched as Harry's eyes darkened a little with my words. I suddenly wished I could take back what I said as I saw his brain tick as he put the pieces of the puzzle together. His pink lips formed an 'o' shape, eyes burning with an angry fire. My stomach dropped as I realised he'd figured out the reason for my abrupt stomach pyrotechnics at Starbucks today, my moodiness and the desire to be alone. He now knew why I had been so upset but thankfully he was still unaware of the cause of Mitchell and my dispute.

Jai stood just to the left of Harry and me, awkwardly transferring his weight from foot to foot. I felt bad for him having to witness us silently argue with only our eyes as a thick silence loomed over us. That's how well Harry and I knew each other, we didn't have to open our mouths to speak but we understood each other using only our eyes.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to hold Harry's intense gaze as he narrowed his eyes at me, waiting for me to snap. I could see he wanted to talk about the situation but I want about to lurch into an argument with Jai standing right there. I wasn't about to discuss Mitchell with him. Period.

Our gazes both suddenly broke away, our heads snapping towards the small female who had released a small shriek of excitement.

Oh shit.

Jai's little sister suddenly came charging down the hallway headed straight for me. I glanced left and right, desperately looking for somewhere to escape the four year old.

It wasn't that I didn't like Tessa, I did. It was just that once the kid gets a good grip on your leg you can't get rid of her. I've been in countless situations where the small girl has caught hold of my leg and refused to let go. To get her off it literally takes to people and then she cries hence the reason I avoid her grasp.

I have no idea why she loves me so much. Maybe it's because she wants a sister but has two older brothers instead and I'm the closet thing she’s got to that. She absolutely adores me and sometimes it kind of freaks me out because I'm not the kind of person people adore. I'm a rough 'n' tumble kind a girl which is a vast contrast to her. Tessa likes pink, dresses, fairies, princess and castles. I never went down that road as a child, I never came even close. At her age I wanted to be a ninja, Kim possible or a superhero yet she still likes me which I find odd.

Jai let out a chuckle as he grabbed Tessa around the waist, scooping her up in his arms before she could grab hold of me. I breathed out a sigh of relief, I was too tired to pry her from my leg and I don't think I would be able to stop myself from crying if she started up.

"Hey! Put me down, dummy! I want to see Natalie!" She shrieked. "You're crumpling my dress!"

I let out a chuckle as I watched her squirm in Jai's arms, crumpling the bright pink dress even further as she writhed. He didn't put her down though, she go straight in for a leg hug the moment he set her down. Tessa was like a puppy who gets excited the moment someone she likes walks in the house and it takes her a while to calm down.

I silently praised the little girl for interrupting. She was the perfect distraction I needed to escape Harry's furious gaze. While Jai was distracted by his thrashing sister, I took a moment to glance up at the curly haired male who I had fallen very much in love with. His eyes softened as he watched the two siblings playfully argue. I witnessed his lower lip tremble slightly, eyes glazing over a little as envy sparked in his vibrant green irises. My heart contorted in pain for him as thoughts of the way his sister had treated him ran through his mind. The expression on his face made it easy to decipher the hurt he must be feeling right now. He and his sister never would have been like the two giggling siblings standing before us.

Tentatively I wrapped an arm round Harry's waist, cuddling into him in an attempt to comfort him. He leant into me as my thumb gently caressed his hip in an attempt to comfort him. A shaky breath fell from his lips as carefully took the beer he was holding from him, almost dropping it in the process. Gently I guided him forward, pausing beside Jai momentarily.

"I'm going to the bathroom, we'll be out in a second. Oh and take these." I held out the pack of beer, waiting patiently as he got a good grip on Tessa before taking it from me

"We'll be in the kitchen." He replied.

I gave him a small nod before proceeding in guiding Harry down the hall. Various rooms passed us by as the floorboards creaked underfoot due to the number of times they'd been walked over. I quietly smiled to myself as I remembered the number of times Jai, Mitchell and I had run up and down the hall playing tag. There used to be a rug in the middle of the floor but we wore holes in it so Jai's parents chucked it out.

I abruptly stopped as Harry and I turned the corner, our bodies no longer in the line of sight of any on lookers. My arms immediately coiled around Harry's torso, pulling him against me until our chests molded together. Tenderly, his strong arms coiled around my waist, his radiating warmth seeping through my clothes and sending pleasurable tingles across my skin. He took comfort in my loving embrace, burying his face in the crook of my neck as to hide away from everything but me. I always thought it was both incredibly adorable and heartbreakingly sad when he was in a vulnerable state such as this. It made me want to hold him and comfort he smiled again.

"Are you okay?" I asked softly.

"You make me okay." He mumbled quietly against my neck.

My heart was aflutter as I absorbed his words. My cheeks warmed with a faint hint of pink and I was glad he had his face buried in the crook of my neck. Delicately my hands rubbed soothing circles in his back as I held him, gently comforting him as he fought the demons that lurked in the back of his mind, popping up the moment a memory was evoked.

Soft curls tickled against the side of my face as I lightly nudged his head to the side using my nose. He willingly complied, tilting his head further to give me access to the beautiful landscape in which was his neck. A few small purple love bites already decorated his skin as a result of the heated events of last night. My touch moved to my own neck as I suddenly realised I had been decorated by his mouth and the marks of passion were clearly on display due to my hairstyle. I become so accustomed to the marks that they had purely become part of me and I had forgotten the thoughts of others. But then again, I wanted people to see them, I wanted everyone to know I was with Harry in that way.

"I love you." I whispered.

He whimpered in response, the large expanse of his hands flaying out across my back as my lips softly brushed against his warm skin. He tasted sweet against my mouth, his skin soft and smooth as I lovingly left open mouth kisses down his neck. Harry hummed in appreciation, his long fingers curling around the fabric of my dress, desperate for my affection.

My hand moved to cup the back of his neck as I continued to caress his neck with my lips. My fingertips lightly dug into his delicate skin, drawing him closer as Harry breathed heavily against my cheek. The rapid yet steady pace of his heart could be felt against my chest despite our clothes. A were pressed so firmly together that I was almost certain he could hear my every thought as the pulsated through my mind.

Both Harry and I took pleasure in moments such as these when I dominated. Harry enjoyed it more so than me as I knew I was clumsy and inexperienced but he didn't care, he just liked it when I took control, affectionately showing him how much I loved him. He liked have the love he gave reciprocated in such a way. Harry is so imperfectly perfect.

My tongue glazed up his neck causing unmissable shivers to run down his spine as he released a slight groan. I deliberately breathed out on the cool stipe I had left up his neck causing a small whimper of pleasure to follow. My hand slipped from around the back of his neck and around his face to cup his sharp jaw. My mouth tenderly kissing along the defined bone as he inhaled and exhaled deeply in an attempt to control his breathing.

"Get a room! There are children here you know."

My eyes snapped open as I jumped back from Harry in fright, clutching a hand over my pounding heart. I had been so caught up in Harry that I hadn't heard my cousin’s footfalls as he approached and I sure as hell hadn't anticipated on anyone seeing us. A warm blush crept up my cheeks, bright red decorating my skin as I mentally face palmed myself. Why did it have to be him, he is probably the most immature guy I know and be like many of my friends gets kicks out of harassing me. Is it because I'm a girl?

Unlike me, Harry was unfazed by the intrusion known as my damn cousin, his outer confidence never ceased to amaze me. Harry took a step forward, snaking a strong arm around my waist as he pulled me into the comfort of his side. Toby grinned wickedly at us as his devious eyes studied my neck. I wave of horror washed over me as I realised he was examining the marks inflicted by Harry's heart shaped lips. When his eyes moved back to meet mine I knew in that moment that he had been added to the list of people who knew I was no longer innocent. I'm pretty sure last night at my grandparents’ house we all had them fooled due to the way we had been so frigid and reluctant towards each other due to the fact we were in an argument and I quite highly commended our accidental trick of the eye. My grandmother was a strong believer in no sex before marriage but I'm pretty sure all of us have broken that rule now.

If Tobias even dares to mention this to my grandmother I am going to spill the means on the little cover up I had to do for him years back. If she'll him by his balls whilst I change my name and flee the country. Tobias seemed to read my expression, quickly putting his hands up in surrender.

"Don't worry I'm not gonna tell her!" He exclaimed.

"You better not or I swear I'll tell her your dirty little secret." I growled.

Harry glanced between us in confusion. He had no idea about my grandmother and her strict rules and regulations. All her grandchildren take after her twin sons who were a troublesome pair. We Carters tend to break her rules rather than follow them, its fun.

"Come on Harry, let’s leave the immature little boy alone." I stuck my tongue out as I turned around heading back towards the kitchen to find Jai.


After a series of greetings and Harry introductions to old friends and family members we'd ended up down in the basement. Jai's basement wasn't like my creepy, spider infested one but his was like a games room of sorts. It was sort of like his own personal are and I always thought it was pretty damn amazing.

The large room consisted of plush black carpet and crème walls. A pool table was set up in the right hand corner where Jai, Harry, Katrina and Stefan were currently in the middle of a game. Several couches were positioned around the too along with a flat screen T.V and a mini refrigerator. Music blasted through the surround sound speakers from my iPod as I slumped against one of the couches alone lost in my own thoughts.

I sighed loudly as I took a gulp from the beer bottle held within my hand. I hadn't seen Mitchell since he opened the front door for Harry and I and it was obvious he was completely staying out of my way now. I figured he was probably off with Tobias either chilling in Jai's bedroom or taking a swim in the pool. Either way it didn't matter because I knew he hated me.

I looked up hopefully as the sound of feet became recognisable to my ears as someone came down the stairs. Evie soon appeared in the room, glancing between the ongoing pool game and me. I wasn't really sure if I was disappointed that it wasn't Mitchell or relieved. My emotions are so mixed up right now that I'm just so damn confused.

A bright smile crossed Evie's face as she began to walk across the room over to where I sat. I smiled weakly as she plopped herself down beside me, blond hair flopping over her face. She moved her hand to push back the mess of hair covering her soft eyes.

"What are you doing sitting on your own?" She asked, a small crease forming on her forehead.

"I can't play pool to save my life." I shrugged, bringing the rim of the beer bottle to my mouth again.

I'm trying to drown my problems out with alcohol but one beer isn't gonna do it.

The way her eyebrows furrowed and lips pressed together firmly made me realise she knew there was something more to my reason of isolation. Evie was one of the sweetest, most considerate people I have ever met. She's quiet and thoughtful, I think quiet people are always the most observant people and the best listeners. She has a soft tenderness and innocence to her that makes you know you can entrust her with your thoughts and your secrets. You can speak your mind to her and she won't laugh or judge you. Evie consoles you and acknowledges you. I think she would make a good counsellor.

Her blue eyes twinkled with worry and care as she tried to figure out what was running through my mind. Though I knew I could trust her with my feelings and thoughts I didn't want to share them with her or anyone, I don't want people turning against Mitchell even though he is being a complete asshole and his actions are uncalled for. It saddens me to think of the undoubtable fight that would break out between the males here because I knew they were going to take my side. Everyone who I'd introduced to Harry really seemed to like him and I was extremely pleased about that. It was just Mitchell who didn't because he hadn't even tried to speak to him. I could just picture them giving Mitchell a hard time because he doesn't like Harry, which would only make it worse because he'd think my boyfriend had turned all his friends against me.

"It's nothing, don't worry about it." I shook my head. "Can we talk about something else?"

Evie gave me a small smile before nodding her head. I was glad she didn't press any further, she knew that would be an evasion of privacy. There was a moment of silence between us whilst we tried to think of something to talk about.

My eyes flicked over to the pool table, glancing at my curly haired lover. He seemed to feel my gaze on him because he looked up. Bright green eyes locked with mine as the curlers of his mouth curved up into a warm grin, dimples making an appearance on either side of his smooth cheeks. He really was the most gorgeous guy I'd ever laid eyes on, a mix between an angel and a sexy Greek God. He was so beautiful, chiseled and muscular which molded him into the imperfectly perfect man he was.

"So how did you meet Harry?" Evie's voice snapped me out of my little daydream.

"At school in Cheshire." I answered the dreaded question that had a difficult answer.

"Oooh we're talking about boys." Kat suddenly appeared out of nowhere, diving across the couch on top of us.

Evie released a groan as I fumbled with my beer trying to hold onto it so the brown liquid within wouldn't splatter all over my clothes. I swear Katrina had a sixth sense which alerts her to the exact moment someone talks about boys and she had to dive in and join the conversation, quite literally. I swear she is crazy.

A few more groans of pain escaped Evie and I as Kat moved to sit up, her elbow jutting into my stomach, winding me. After some wriggling she managed to squeeze herself between Evie and me so she could easily interrogate us about the species known as male. She was very into boy talks and I think she finds it rather intriguing that her two innocent friends now have boyfriends now and the innocent part of it has been removed from at least me now.

"That's a nice collection of love bites you've go on your neck." Kat grinned, her head turning towards me as she smirked knowingly. "Care to tell us about what happened in the bedroom last night."

I felt my cheeks warm with embarrassment as I realised just how blatantly obvious it was that Harry and I had in fact been intimate last night. Memories of him lying against the slant of the bathtub as he quietly moaned flashed through my mind. The way he had touched me and kissed me, lips leaving his mark on my skin making it obvious to everyone what had occurred.

Kat grinned coyly at me knowing all too well that she had evoked the truth from me despite my lips remaining sealed, not even uttering a word. Evie giggled quietly as Kat leaned towards me coking her head to the side as she hummed in an attempt to evoke an answer. I nervously fiddled with my fingers, trying to distract myself for her intense stare which was designed to coax it out of me. Kat reminded me of my mother in a way, she was nosey and demanding and she got it out of you one way or another.

"It was just kissing." I blurted out truthfully. Harry and I hadn't actually done anything in the bedroom last night, the steamy events we partook in occurred in the bathroom.

"Oh come on!" She exclaimed. "It's obvious by the way he touches you with such care and delicacy that you two were banging beneath the sheets."

Evie let out a small gasp of surprise, tutting at Katrina's vulgar language. I covered my face with my hands, trying to figure out how she could tell by the way he touched me that we'd made love the night before. Harry was always gentle with me.

"Was he good?" She cooed.

"Yes." I muttered, my face still hidden in my hands.

There was no point trying to hide it any longer, she knew, Evie knew, Toby knew, basically everyone knew. Katrina would squeeze it out of me anyway and I can't be bothered fighting her today, I'm too stressed and I still have to confront Mitchell anyway.

"Is he rough and hard or slow and romantic?"

I was tomato red and I knew it, I wasn't at all comfortable discussing my sex life, it was embarrassing and awkward. I didn't particularly want to share in detail the way Harry makes me feel and how he touches me I'd rather keep that between the two of us.

"He's slow and romantic." I whispered.

Katrina cooed, playfully poking me in the ribs as I squirmed away from her. Removing my hands from my face I glanced over at Harry, mouthing help to him as I got dragged into a tickle fight. Laughter burst from my lips as both Evie and Katrina dug their fingertips into my sides roughly tickling me.

A familiar pair of hands large hands suddenly caught hold of my waist, easily pulling me to my feet and into his arms. I smiled up at him, silently thanking him from being tickled to death and from any further interrogation. Katrina sent me a wink as Harry cuddled me protectively into his chest before I flipped her the middle finger.

"Sorry girls but I'm stealing Natalie and you can't have her back." Harry smiled.

Evie and Kat both laughed as I let out a small shriek when Harry knocked my legs out from beneath me, scooping me up in his arms. I think I've come to terms with the fact I'm never going to get used to him randomly sweeping me off my feet. It's just not possible. I nuzzled my face into the crook of his neck, snuggling into his chest as he easily carried me across the room to a couch unoccupied by Katrina who wanted to know everything about my sex life.

Gently he set me down on the couch before sitting down beside me. I smiled gratefully at him as I shuffled closer to him, my arms coiling round his waist as his became draped over my shoulder. Gently I lay my head down on his shoulder, my eyes fluttering closed as I leant into the warmth of his body. For a minute or two I sat there quietly, enjoying the loving presence of Harry's body as I tucked my legs beneath myself curling up into a little ball as we had a little cuddle on the couch. A small kiss was pressed to my forehead his plump, pink, ever so kissable lips lightly brushing against my skin as he displayed his affection for me to everyone in the room.

"Natalie, we need to talk." A familiar voice spoke roughly.

My eyes snapped open as I looked in the direction of the voice, my eyes immediately landing on Mitchell's strong build as he stood at the foot of the stairs. I blinked a couple of times before quietly getting to my feet. He was right, we did need to talk and it was now or never. Mitchell received a small nod of my head as I agreed to talk to him because I didn't want this bullshit to go on a minute longer and I seriously hope the feeling's mutual.

Harry caught hold of my hand as I took a step away from him, moving in Mitchell's direction. His fingertips lightly pressed into my skin as he forced me to look back. His eyebrows were furrowed into a deep frown, eyes dark with worry as he silently pleaded me to stay. But I couldn't, Mitchell and I need to sort out our differences before anyone else go hurt. Anyone else being Harry. He didn't know this though and that was how I wanted to keep it, I wanted to protect him from hurtful words that could leave Mitchell's lips and inflict more hurt on Harry's broken mind.

"It's alright, Harry." I whispered quietly. "He's my friend, he won't hurt me.

A small squeeze of reassurance was given to his hand before I pulled away, my feet swiftly carrying me across the floor. I passed Mitchell without a word, storming up the stairs as he followed in tow. Silence loomed over us as I continued to march down the hall, my mind reeling with every word I wanted to say to him. I ascended the second flight of stairs to the top floor, continuing my journey until I reached Jai's room. Mitchell's stomped into the room after me, a hard scowl set into his features as he harshly slammed the door.

The whole house seemed to shake with the impact, the picture frames handing on the wall rattled momentarily before the miniature earthquake Mitchell had caused came to an abrupt end. I rolled my eyes at him, finding his actions very immature, there was no need to slam the door like he did.

I folded my arms across my chest, giving him an unimpressed look as he glared at me. A few moments passed as we just looked at each other with harsh eyes and angry hearts. The urge to slap him was difficult to resist but by some miracle I managed to restrain myself and speak like a civilized person.

"Why are you doing this?"

I could feel the anger burning within me, bubbling in the pit of my stomach as I constrained myself from lashing out at him. God I wanted to but things would get ugly fast if they did and I was hoping to keep it clean as long as possible. I wanted to delay the inevitable.

"Because he's playing you, you're too naive to see that." He responded cuttingly. "I'm trying to protect you."

"He's not playing me!" I spat. "You don't know a thing about him. He's not who I thought he was."

Mitchell released a cruel laugh causing a flood of hurt to wash through my body. Harry was different, he was broken and the harsh bad boy exterior was simply a facade to hide his true self. The sweet, loving guy who had been hurt and broken by people who didn't love him but should have. Harry was simply consumed by the darkness that nestles inside everyone, dormant until you're finally affected so badly that it can consume you, take away you're humanity and bury the true you deep in the black abyss the dark is. What I had first seen of Harry was the darkness with small snippets of him here and there like his gentle touches and soothing words. He just need a little light shed on him, that tiny sliver of hope he used to pull himself from the depths of living hell and fight the demons back. He needed leverage and that leverage was me.

Mitchell doesn't know what Harry and I have been through not does he understand the connection we have. We are both broken people but together we are whole again. He understands me and I understand him. We both have heavy burdens we will carry on our shoulders for life but being with him makes it feel like less of a load, he makes me realise things are going to be okay, we're going to be okay.

"He is controlling you! He's not good news, Nat."

"How can you say that when you don't even know him?! You haven't even said hello to him!" I cried out in distress. "You're just judging him without knowing him!"

I don't know why but I began to pace back and forth across the room. My hands roughly fisted the hem of my dress as I tried to prevent myself from screaming. My blood boiled with the anger I was struggling to contain, with every one of his words a spark of ignited within me, trying to light the blazing fire that would be my pure rage.

"You were scared, crying and upset when you called to tell me about the creep. I worried about you every day, waiting for the phone call to come that announced you had been rape or the breaking news story declaring your death." Mitchell spat. "Next thing I know, you've fallen into his trap, lured into it by the evil bastard himself."

"He's not evil! Stop calling him that!" I yelled.

"He wants your body and nothing more!" Mitchell raised his voice. "Once he get what he wants he'll be gone, he's only going to hurt you."

I knew I was about to lose it, my anger was slowly creeping up and spreading through my body. I could feel it from even my toes. Harry didn't want me for sex. If he did, he would of left ages ago but he hasn't. I love him and he loves me, which has been established. I want him as he is and he wants me the same way, Mitchell is too stupid to understand that.

"Just for your information I've already had sex with him! Thrice actually and he's sitting down stairs right now!" I yelled. "If he wanted only that then why would he still be here? You're such an insensitive bastard! I finally found someone who makes me feel complete again and you're trying to take him away from me. You and Jai spent so long trying to make me feel happy again but I always had that hole in my heart that you couldn't fill. You should be happy for me! You should be happy because I finally feel like me again!"

"You were happy, you told us you were happy!" Mitchell exclaims, fear flashing through his brown eyes.

"I lied, Mitchell! I pretended to be okay but I was never alright, you know how much my father meant to me. Jai always knew I wasn't alright but you fell for it. I tried for you guys! I smiled through the pain! The dull ache in my chest was always there!" By now tears were streaming down my face.

"I'm broken." I whispered "I have been since the day my father died."

"Fuck!" He swore. “He’s changed you." Mitchell snarled. "And not in a good way. He's tainted your mind."

"You're right! He had changed me! He makes me feel like me again! He makes me happy and you're just jealous because you couldn't do that!" I screamed my lungs out. "You don't understand what grief is! You don't get it but Harry does and you hate that!"

Mitchell doesn't understand me at all! I am too complex and twisted for those with a sane mind to understand. Someone as broken and twisted as I am, someone like Harry can though. He and I can relate though both of us may be polar opposites. Love finds people in the strangest places and falling in love with someone cannot be prevented. Mitchell can't stop me from falling in love with Harry.

"That's not fucking true! I do understand you."

"No you fucking don't! Harry is the only one that does!" I screamed he is the only one who knows who I really am! He may not be perfect but I know him better than anyone else and I accept him for who he is as he accepts me for who I am!"

I watched in horror as Mitchell's face contorted into an awful glare. His eyes hollow with anger and hurt as he stared at me. I felt my anxiety heighten as he moved across the room to his tattered duffel bag, he'd had since he was about thirteen, rummaging through it in search for something.

My curiosity was the only thing keeping me in this room with him right now as salty tears rolled down my cheeks. I was drained and incredibly hurt by the cruelty of Mitchell. Was he deliberately making me suffer? Why is he being so horrible? I've done nothing to him.

A white piece of paper was eventually yanked out of the bag, Mitchell's eyes burning with a frightening satisfaction. I found myself wondering what was on that piece of paper because I had a feeling it wasn't good. A sickening smile crossed his lips as the piece of paper was extended toward me and I suddenly didn't want to know what was enclosed within the folded sides.

"Do you really know your beloved Harry, Natalie?"

I gulped nervously as my trembling fingers hesitantly took the paper within his grasp. My curious nature was the only reason I unfolded the paper and the moment I did, I immediately regretted it.

What I held in my hands was a police record that I assumed Mitchell's father must have gotten hold of as he works for the police. But it wasn't just any old file, it was Harry's. My breath hitched in the back of my throat as I began to read...

Name: Harold Edward Styles

Mother: Ann cox

Father: Desmond Styles

Age: 18

Date of Birth: 1st February 1994

Convicted of: underage drinking, juvenile prostitution, prostitution, violent motives, vandalism, inebriation, arson, forgery, theft, assault...

Mental disorders: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger issues

Medication: antidepressants, therapy

Tears flowed freely down my cheeks, spilling from my eyes as though it were a water fall as I read over the mortifying words on the page. My knees gave way beneath me as my eyes lingered on the words "juvenile prostitution". The thought of Harry selling his beautiful body for money broke my heart but doing it as a juvenile complete shattered it. He never told me. He never told me he sold himself for money. He was even more broken than I had thought. My gut wrenched as I skimmed the page again. I didn't know about his mental disorders either. He had depression and I had no clue.

I knew Mitchell had anticipated my reaction to be one of shock and disbelief but most of the contents didn't surprise me. I knew he had taken part in some questionable activities but I hadn't thought prostitution would have been one of them, I knew he slept around but I didn't know he sold his body. I think Harry's mental disorders upset me the most because they were important and he didn't tell me about them, I want to help him. I know why he didn't tell me about the prostitution, which was because he was worried about what I'd think of him and this did make me feel different about him.

It made me love and care for him even more.

"Do you really want to be with a prostitute?" Mitchell sneered. "What if you guys had kids and they asked him what his job was?"

This wasn't Mitchell, this was a frightening monster I had never met before. The cruel words that fell so freely from his lips jabbed at my heart like blunt daggers. He was supposed to be my friend, he was supposed to support me, and he was supposed to care about me. What he is doing is cruel and heartless, he doesn't even have a valid reason not to like Harry. I know some of the things he has done aren't at all good bit they were the past and this is now. Mitchell must be stupid if he thinks I would ever let myself fall in love with a person with a black soul. Harry's souls is light and pure despite the rest of his body being covered in dirt, grime and things I know he regrets, he just needs a little love.

"Go to hell!" I spat at Mitchell before scrambling from the floor and hurrying out the door.

Tears blurred my vision as I stumbled down the stairs, Harry's file clutched between my fingers as stumbled blindly down the stairs. Mitchell had turned into some hateful demon who was deliberately inflicting pain on me, he wasn't the fun loving guy I used to know. That person was gone. He was the one who had changed, not me.

I needed to get Harry and get out of here. I needed to leave Doncaster, leave it all behind. This wasn't home to me anymore, this was now the place I never wanted to return to, I didn't want to remember, I wanted to forget it. I wish I could erase the memories I have here with the snap of my fingers but that is asking the impossible. When I look back on my life here, the years I spent growing up it wasn't really that great. Sure I had friends and family here but now I don't know who real friends are and who are not. Mitchell is gone, like Harry he has succumbed to the darkness within his chest, it has eaten him alive and left something even worse than Harry had been in its place.

I wanted to run away, far away, I needed to escape.

My feet carried me down the stairs to the basement and much to my misfortune I managed to trip on the last step falling flat on my face. A few heads turned in my direction but quickly went back to what they were doing the moment they saw me get up, I was a klutz and they knew pain was something I had become quite accustomed to. But their head turned again when they saw the tears streaming down my cheeks in a steady flow.

"You alright, Nat?" Stefan asked, shifting towards me.

I shook my head weakly as Stefan wrapped his ample arms around my trembling body as I quietly sobbed. I smushed my face into his chest, cuddling into his body as sobs racked through me.

Everything felt like such a blur and it wasn't just the tears causing it any more. My world was falling apart again, I was losing people I loved, they were hurting me and I could feel myself cracking again.

"Where's Harry?" I sobbed.

He was the only thing I wanted right now, the only cute to my insanity. I needed his love, I needed his smile because he is the only one who can fix me.

"Evie can you please go find Harry?" Stefan asked.

Evie didn't respond, but I heard the sound of the small feet jogging up the stairs in search for my lover. I felt another pair of arms wrap round me, they weren't the arms I wanted but Stefan and Tobias' warm hold comforted me.

"Kat, I'm going to fucking kill Mitchell, I'm gonna need some help." Jai sneered.

"I'm gonna kick his balls into his throat." Katrina seethed.

The sound of their footsteps vanishing up the stairs after Evie made me aware of how most of the people here loved me and accepted me. Doncaster wasn't my home anymore but the people that care about me will always hold a place in my fragile heart. Mitchell isn't one of them anymore, he means nothing to me and that hurts.

I wish things could have gone differently. That Mitchell would accept Harry rather than call him out as a criminal. I don't know what's gotten into Mitchell but I do know that certainly wasn't him, even when he was angry he wouldn't be that harmful, there must be more. He must have a motive. I don't understand what it would be though, Harry hadn't done anything to hurt or offend him in any form. It was Mitchell who was being nasty. The whole situation made no sense. My life was just one big disaster.

Minutes passed as Tobias and Stefan gently comforted me, their warm hands gently comforting me as I sobbed quietly. The sound of heavy footsteps reached my ears as someone practically flees down the stairs. Wiping my eyes looked up, expecting to see Harry only it wasn't him much to my dismay, it was a rather out of breath Evie.

Her chest rose and fell heavily as she struggled to catch her breath. My heart was suddenly in my mouth when I saw the panic stricken look in her eyes. Pressing her hand to her pounding heart she looked between the three of us, worry evident on her red face expression.

"Jai...needs your...help." She panted.

I immediately felt my heart drop into the pit of my stomach.

"I-it's...Mitchell...he just punched... Harry."

And with her words my boy was consumed by fear.

(A.N I'm aiming to write two chapters for you this weekend, in not sure if I'll make it but there will definitely be an extra one before next weekend’s update. I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I'd really love to hear your thoughts, feedback and criticism. Thanks for reading, love ya



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