Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


15. Chapter Fifteen

My body was engulfed in warmth and I could feel a steady pounding against my chest, also known as Harry's heartbeat. My eyelids softly fluttered open to see a head of chocolatey curls lying above me. "Mmm, Harry" I mumbled sleepily, my fingers running through his soft, bouncy hair. "Mrgh" he groaned slightly, nuzzling my cheek with his nose. I smiled to myself at the position we were lying in. Harry and I had moved around a lot while we slept, we had ended up cuddled together on the far right side of the bed, close to falling off. Harry's warm body was lying completely on top of me, engulfing me in warmth, it was as though his body was just radiating with heat. He was holding on to me like he usually does, like he's worried I'd just vanish. "Morning curly" My hand ran up and down his smooth, muscular back as I made an gentle attempt to wake him from his sleep, I liked the feeling of his bare skin against my own, it gave me little tingles where ever we touched, I wonder if he can feel it too. "I'm asleep" he mumbled against my cheek in his husky morning voice, obviously slightly hungover. "Sure you are" I laughed, as he sleepily lifted his head up, opening his eyes a crack. His face was looking better then it was yesterday, the bruise around his eye had faded slightly, not looking as bad as it had yesterday when I found him, his lip was still wounded though and the cut above his eye brow was healing. "What's the time" he asked rubbing the sleep out of his gorgeeous green eyes. His hand moved away and I watched as a black eyelash fell from his eyelid and fluttered down onto his cheek. I reached up and softly brushed it off his cheek, a cute smile appeared on his face at my gentle actions. "I don't know, where's your phone" I replied looking round the room. Harry spotted it first and reached over to the bedside table and picked his iPhone up, checking out the time. A look of confusion crossed his face "It's four in the morning apparently" he frowned, turning the phone towards me. "It can't be, that's about when we fell asleep" I took his phone out of his fingers and turned it to face me. Harry closed his eyes again and fell back down on top of me, his head resting gently on my chest. I ran a hand through his curls as I studied the screen of his phone, the day caught my eye, it said it was Friday. We must have slept through all of yesterday. "Harry, it's Friday" I announced. Shit I've skipped school again, I realised. "Oh" he mumbled sleepily, we sleep a whole day yet he's still tired, though I'm not surprised, he did take a good beating and I was pretty ragged. "Harry, I'm going to school today" I spoke, mum is going to kill me if she finds out, I skipped school she probably already has. "Okay, I'll come" he replied lazily. "Lets get up soon, And get ready, then we can go to Starbucks, you look like you need some coffee and I'm craving" I gently pushed his body off me, being careful not to hurt him and slid out of bed, leaving him tangled up in the sheets on his own. I slowly moved over to my draws, my legs felt heavy, staying in bed for twenty four hours really makes you feel like a snail. I started to riffle through the draws, until i found what i was looking for, A pair of Jeans and a plain white shirt. Quickly, Went into the bathroom, taking the clothes and clean underwear in with me. When i came back, the lazy boy was still lying in bed. "Harry, you need to get dressed" I ordered pulling back the sheets. He didn't move whatsoever, he just lay there half naked. "Harry" I complained, still getting no response, I know he's probably still sore, but he should be able to dress himself. "Don't make me dress you" I groaned. He looked up at me with a playful expression on his face, why did I say that, I groaned inwardly, he'll enjoy that. "Dress me" a smirk played on his lips. I am officially an idiot "No, dress yourself" I answered throwing random clothes at him. He shook his head and stared up at me, looking pleased with himself. I looked right on back at him, my eyebrow raised slightly. We stared at eachother, waiting to see which one would break first. "I hate you" I muttered picking up the clothes I just threw at him. "It's just my shirt" he chuckled lightly "Feel free to change my pants though, I need to go home and get clean boxers though". I hopped back up on the bed, slapping his chest lightly at the suggestive comment. "Can you sit and put your arms up" I asked him. Harry smirked and did what he was told thankfully. I felt like I was dressing a two year old, not an eighteen year old boy. I slid the shirt down his arms and over his head. I got his shoes from the floor and slipped them onto his feet. "You have big feet" I chuckled as I laced his converse up. "You know what they say about big feet" he spoke cheekily. I rolled my eyes "Yeah, big socks". He just laughed at me. "Done, you officially have clothes on" I laughed and purposefully tapped his crotch, trying to cause a small amount of pain. "UH" he cried out clutching his balls. "You deserve that" I smirked satisfied with myself, he makes me dress him, he's cheeky, then I smack him in the balls. "You don't know how much it hurts being hit in the balls" he growled, grabbing me by the shoulders flipping me onto the back so I was pinned beneath him. This wasn't him being playful, his facial expression showed that He was pissed off. A wave of fear washed over me as he dug his hips hard into mine, pain burst through my body. "H-h-harry, s-s-stop" I whimpered. Harry glared at me for a moment, before his weight was removed. I got up, feeling slight fear again, he has a very short temper. I slid off the bed and picked my converse up off the floor, shoving them on my feet. "We're leaving" he growled grabbing my arm. Harry firmly gripped my arm as he pulled me out of the room and down the stairs. I just managed to grab my phone and keys as he pulled me out the front door. I internally groaned as I noticed it was pouring with rain, I hate rain. Distracted by Harry's tugging on my arm, I misjudged the space between the two stairs up to the doorstep and I found myself falling forward, face planting on the hard concrete. I turned around, Harry's tall figure loomed over me, looking rather menacing in the dim light. I scuttled back, my body drenched by the water falling around me. Harry moved forward "Nat" he asked softly, crouching down in front of me. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have snapped at you like that" his finger tips softly ran little circles over the back of my hand in a soothing way, calming me down slightly. "I'm also sorry I pushed you over" he apologised a second time as his fingers trailed up my arm to my shoulder. "I-it's okay" I whimpered, standing up and moving away from his light touch. Harry scared me again and I didn't like the way could easily snap, and get angry "Fuck" I heard Harry mumble, his large hands ran through his messy curls as he got back to his own feet. "Natalie, please come here" he opened his arms "I'm not going to hurt you". I Cautiously took a step forward into Harry's wam embrace. My head became buried in the crook of his neck as his arms closed protectively around my body. "I'm sorry" he placed a gentle kiss to my forehead. "I'm sorry for hitting you in the balls" I also apologised as I wrapped my arms round the back of his neck holding onto his body tightly. The rain continued to pour around us as we tightly embraced eachother. Harry's touch found its way to my waist and I was softly pulled into the side of his body as we stepped back up into the house. I quickly jogged back upstairs changing a second time, making sure I wore a jacket. I went back downstairs and found Harry, waiting in the hall, dripping wet, it was a good thing we were going to his place first so he could dry off. Harry's arms moved back round my waist and I cuddled myself further into His side as the two of us stepped out of the house, locking the door behind us. "Lets not fall over this time" he smirked down at me referring to he time I almost slipped over on the grass and five minutes ago. I elbowed him in the ribs slightly, he loves teasing me. A deep chuckle vibrated through his chest while I pouted up at him. Harry and I ran through the heavy rain towards the car, being soaked to the bone. Harry kept a firm grip around my waist as he jogged down to the car, he was worried I'd fall over, which wouldn't surprise me at all considering I'm practically being dragged after him. Harry fumbled around in his pockets until he found his car keys. I leapt into the car, just wanting to get out the rain and the cold. Harry slid into the drivers seat, he looked so cute with his hair all wet and plastered to his forehead. "What" he asked, when he noticed me staring at him "Oh, nothing" I blushed looking away from the boy sitting next to me. Little droplets of water splashed onto my face. "Hey!" I giggled putting my hands up to shield my face from the flying droplets of water that Harry was shaking from his curls, like a wet dog does. "Your already soaking, what difference does it make" he chuckled at my reaction, as he put the car in gear. "That doesn't mean I want to have water flicked all over me by a wet dog" I poked the dimple in his cheek. "I am not a dog" he gasped in mock horror. "You look like one when you do that" a small smirk tweaked at the corners of my mouth as he sends me a glare, someone doesn't like being called a wet dog. "We'll you look like the grudge with your hair hanging all In front of the face like that" he replies giving me a cheeky wink as we pull out of the car park. My mouth dropped open, oh no he didn't. "What a nice way to make a girl feel confident about herself" my voice dripped with sarcasm. He let out a laugh "I'm just kidding, your very beautiful". I felt my cheeks blushed a pale shade of pink at his compliment. There are so many sides of Harry that just randomly come up out of the blue, this was his sweet side. "Thanks" I whispered quietly. He smiled at me, his smile just makes my heart flutter, it's just so perfect. *** After stopping off at his house to grab a few things, eat and to get changed, we pulled up in front of Starbucks. My mouth was watering just thinking about the delicious coffee. Harry and I quickly got out of the car and ran through the crazed rain into the coffee shop, before it could drench us to badly. "What do you want" Harry asked me, wrapping a protective arm around my waist. He's going to think I'm retarded when I say this "Oddly I feel like iced coffee". He gave me a funny look, I was right he thinks I'm retarded "But it's raining, don't you want something hot?". I shook my head "I have an addiction to iced coffee, it's delicious" I explained. Harry smiled at me letting out a little chuckle "Alright then, one iced coffee for you on a rainy day, I'm buying it". I shook my head "No your not" I don't like it when people but me stuff, I always feel bad afterwards. "Shut up, I'm buying" he pinched my hip lightly. "I hit you in the balls this morning, do you really want to buy me a drink" I asked. He looked down at me "Yup, It'll be my bribe to stop you from doing it again". I roll my eyes, knowing I wasn't going to win this battle, honestly I doubted I'd win any argument with him, he's very persistent. "Whatever" I muttered pushing his hand off my waist and walking away from him, down to a little booth hidden down the back. Taking a seat, I pulled my phone out of my pocket and started going through the billion messages I had. Basically they were all from the girls, freaking out about where I was. There was on from Niall asking if i was okay and if Harry was and a few from Mitchell and a jai asking how I was. I didn't bother replying to any of the messages from the girls, they'd find out I was safe in a bit. Nor did i reply to Jai and Mitchell, I'd Skype them tonight. I did however reply to Niall   To: Nialler :) Hey, I'm fine, Harrys okayish I guess :D From: Nialler :) Good, your friends were like freaking out, they thought Harry raped you and other shit :-/ To: Nialler :) Wtf, their odd, I'm coming to school today, we kind of slept all day yesterday :) From: Nialler :) Ohhhh, Harry, hmmmm ;) To: Nialler :) Shut up! :P From: Nialler :) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ;)   At that moment, Harry came over with our drinks.   To: Nialler :) I gtg, see you at school :)   "Who are you texting" Harry asked sliding into the booth, right up next to me. Has he ever heard of a personal space bubble. "Just The girls" I replied, worried Harry would get pissed if he knew I was texting Niall. "What about" he asked setting down my drink in front of me. I pecked him on the cheek, showing him my gratitude. "Just telling them that I'm okay, they were worried about me" I answered, well they were worried about me, their was some truth in that. "Okay" he smiled taking a sip of his hot coffee. "Are you going to be a good boy in class today" I asked smirking at him slightly as I drank my iced coffee. "No" he laughed shaking his head. "We'll in that case I'll be avoiding you" If he's going to be inappropriate at school, then there's no way I want to be near him. "I'll try and be good then" he replied, he made it obvious that he didn't want me to avoid him while I forced him to go to school. "Are you going to ditch at lunch and go to the warehouse" I asked, wondering if he was actually going to stay all day. "No fucking way, Adam will be there and I'm sick of that cunt!" he exclaimed a bit too loudly, earning us a few glares. "Shh, your so loud" I complained. "Well I not going back there, I'm staying with you" he rubbed my back gently. "You don't have to stay with me Harry, you can go hang out with your friends" I don't want to stop him from having fun with his own friends. "I want to stay with you for at least today, just in case Adams at school, I don't want him going anywhere near you" Harrys hand found mine under the table, entwining our fingers together. I nodded my head, I have to admit I was slightly scared that Adam would be at school, I feel so much safer knowing Harry's going to be with me, although, I didn't do to bad last night when I was up against three guys. Even if he is injured, I know he can protect me against just Adam . "Thank you" I squeezed his hand lightly. After we had finished our drinks, we left Starbucks hand in hand. It wasn't raining as hard as it was when we walked in, but it was still quite heavy. We got back in his car and drove the last five minutes down to school. We were slightly late, not exactly sure how considering we woke up at four in the morning, we must have been at my place for a quite a while before we actually left for Starbucks. The two of us were running down the empty corridors, almost slipping over on the slippery floor as we skidded to a holt outside our classroom. It seemed that luck was on our side today, because when we walked into the room, Mrs Johnson wasn't in their yet. "Where have you been" Lara asked raising an eyebrow at me. "I'll tell you later" I replied. Harry was standing awkwardly behind me. I pulled him forward slightly "Harry, this is Lara" I introduced the two of them. "Hi" Lara gave him a smile, I knew she was still going to be a bit edgy about him hanging out with me, Amy and Lily didn't think much of it, but Jodie hated it most of all, that's probably why she was glaring at Harry from across the room. "Sit down class" A drowned looking Mrs Johnson walked into the classroom. Harry and I quickly sat down in the closest seats we could find. "Oh, you two decided to show up" Mrs Johnson pointed at Harry and I. "Yeah we did" Harry talked back, oh god, were going to get in shit. "The principle wants to speak to both of you" The teacher growled back at us pointing to the door. Why am I not surprised. Harry and I both stood up and exited the classroom. "I hope my mum doesn't find out" I cringed as we walked towards the principles office. "I don't have to worry about that" Harry sighed sadly". I wrapped my arms round his waist, hugging him gently from the side, I still don't know what's happened to his parents exactly, but I know their dead and Harry is in need of some comfort. We stood outside the principles office, I was nervous, I had never skipped school before so this was a first time thing for me. Harry lifted his hand confidently to the door and knocked three times. "Come in" Principle Sweeny told us. He pushed the door open with great confidence and we both stepped inside the large office. "Oh, it's you two" the woman spoke with annoyance. "I want to see you one at a time, Harry please wait outside for a minute". Harry nodded his head in agreement, turning around and stepping back outside closing the door behind him. I desperately wanted him to come back, I didn't want to be left alone in here with the principle. She looks like such a bitch, with her perfectly tied greying bun on the top of her head and her tight grey suit. Her icy blue eyes stared coldly at me as I quickly took a seat in one of the two seats placed opposite her. "Natalie Carter, I believe that you only started here a while ago" her thin lipstick covered lips parted as she spoke. Nervously I fiddled with my fingers in my lap "Yes" I mumbled quietly. "Have you ever skipped school before" she questions, her hard eyes bore into me as she waited for me to answer the question. "N-no" I shook my head, this woman was scary. Her eyes softened slightly "Was it because of Harry" she asked. I didn't want to get Harry in anymore trouble then he already was, even though he was the reason that I did skip school, so I lied. "No, I'm just having a bit of a hard time settling in" I lied to her face. She gave me a hard look "I'll let you off this time, I know it must be hard for you starting a new school, but if it happens again, I will be calling your parents and you will get detention" her lips formed a tiny smile. I nodded my head feeling quite satisfied with myself. "You may go now, I don't want to see you in here again" she ordered handing me a note which explained why I was late for class. I stood from my chair and quickly exited the room, not wanting to be in there with that woman for another minute. A loud sigh escaped my lips as soon as I was out of earshot. "So how did it go with the bitch" A husky voice chuckled from behind me. I turned around to see a attractive curly haired boy by the name of Harry sitting on the floor with his back leaning against the wall just outside principals office. "Luckily for me, I've been let off with a warning" I replied, watching as his tall figure rose from the floor, now looming above me. "Unfortunately Im pretty sure I'm not going to be so lucky" he planted a kiss on my cheek. He was defiantly right about that. "Well good luck, your gonna need it" I smiled at him, he's dead meat. "I think I can handle the bitch" he smirked, placing his large hands on my waist, pulling me hard against his body. His fingers lightly pushed the hem of my top up, revealing soft skin. Warm fingers came in touch with my skin, sending little tingles up my spine. "Harry what are you doing" I asked, this wasn't the time for him to be so intimate with me, what if the principal comes out of her office. "I want you so bad" He growled in my ear as he pushed me up against the lockers. A loud gasp escaped my lips as his fingers slipped into the waistband of my jeans. "Harry, stop" I pulled his hands away before things could go any further "Not now". I swear he has no concern about where he does 'things', I don't think he'd care if we were standing in front of billions of people. His breath was heavy as I gently pushed him back a couple of steps so I wasn't forced between him and the lockers. "I'm going to class now I'll see you later" I whispered quietly, turning around with my cheeks burning red. "Nat" Harry caught my arm, spinning me back round so our chests were pressed together. I looked up into his green eyes with a questioning look on my face, what does he want now. "You didn't give me a kiss" hehe puckers his lips out towards me in a cheeky manor. A small giggle escaped my lips at his cheekiness, "Mwwwwah" I stood up on my tippy toes and pressed my lips quickly to his own. "Better one" he orders pulling my hips further into his. He is so controlling. I leant up and planted my lips properly against Harry's anyway, a flood of sparks erupted through my body as our lips gently moved in sync. I had never felt like this with anyone else ever before, there was something special about him. "HARRY STYLES WHERE AR- NO INTIMACY HERE, GET TO CLASS YOUNG LADY'" The principle opened her door at just the wrong moment. I leapt away from Harry's body in complete shock. My cheeks were burning bright red, this is one of the most embarrassing moments in my life. Not wanting to be embarrassed any further, I quickly hurried away, Harry's laughter echoed after me, bouncing of the walls as I made my quick escape.   ***   Maths was half over now, Harry hasn't come back yet so I'm guessing he was in deep shit or he had already decided to leave, which would not surprise me. I hadn't done any work the whole time I'd been here, this class happened to be the only one that Lara, Jodie, Amy, Lily and I were all in so I took this as a good opportunity to explain what had been going on lately. I left out the little sexual moments we had shared though, I wanted to keep that kind of private. "Oh my god, your so brave" Amy gasps excitedly. "Yeah" I cringed knowing Adam was still after me. "You are like super brave, I'd run away" Lily said looking at me in awe. "It's cause she's got the sexy bad boy practically glued to her ass" Lara smirked, but it was sort of true. "He is not glued to my ass" I exclaimed smacking her arm playfully. Lara let out a chuckle "That's where his eyes are most of the time". Okay that might be a little true, he is perverted, that's for sure. "Hey! And I was the one protecting him" I argued. "Speak of the devil" Amy grinned as I heard the door slam shut. The class went into a frenzy of whispers like they do every time they see Harry shows up to school. Immediately his eyes locked on mine, a smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth as he walked up to the teachers desk, flipping her the slip of green paper in his hands, not once breaking eye contact with me. "He is mentally undressing you" Amy giggled in my ear as I watched Harry pink tongue slip out of his mouth and run over his plump lips in a very sexy way. "Shut up amy" I muttered. Every eye in the room was on Harry as he walked down the back of the class towards me. Unfortunately for him there were no seats next to me, because my four friends had filled them. However, he did brush past me lightly, stooping down to whisper three little words in my ear.   "Please text me"   He then stood back up to his tall hight and kept walking down the row of chairs, taking the closest seat two desks back from me. "I really think your making a mistake with him" Jodie shook her head "He's just going to use you until he gets what he wants". "You don't know anything about him" I snapped at her, she can have he own opinion, I never asked her to like him. But I have mine and mine is the only one that matters to me. "It's true though" Jodie exclaimed, rolling her eyes at me. "Jodie, leave it, it's not your decision" Amy stood up for me, which I was grateful for, I don't like Jodie harassing me about my choices. "Thanks" I patted Amy on the shoulder. "No problems" she gave me a smile which I returned gratefully. I really like Amy, she's really nice and she seems to pick up on the fact Harry might not be so bad. "Amy, can you give me a heads up if the teacher is looking, Harry wants me to text him" I asked as I slipped my iPhone from my pocket. "Sure thing girlie" Amy winked and turned her attention to the teacher who was rambling on about some shit no one cares about. I opened up my messages and shot Harry a text. To: Harry Hey, what's news??? X From: Harry I get detention after school only today surprisingly, I think you made her in a good mood :) xx To: Harry Oh no, poor Harry :( x From: Harry I'll be okay, can I come over 2 ur plc after, I don't want to leave u alone for 2 long xx To: Harry Yeah, you can take your soaking wet clothes off my bed & remake it while your at it :p x From: Harry No, you can do that ;P xx To: Harry Ur not allowed in my house then :P x From: Harry Then I will just have to wait outside till u let me in ;p hahaha xx To: Harry Fine x Yet again I lost a argument with Harry, turning my head slightly I glanced over at him. The damn boy had a smug expression on his face and as soon as he noticed I was looking he shot me a wink. I glared at him, I just wanted to wipe that smirk off his face. I felt my phone vibrate in my hands again. I turned back around and opened the new message. From: Harry You lose hahaha xx   _____________________________________________________________________________________ Hey hey hey, How are my bitchez, I bet you all thought that Harry was going to say "I love you" hahaha. Wrong lol, ha ha ha ha ha. This chapter is shit, short and umm... What's something else that starts with s. stuffed. Okay, so I had written this story on another book, but I write on my iPod so when I updated it, for some reason it deleted half of my chapters, so I had to restart, I wanted to keep this chapter though, because it was one of the only ones I had left to work with, but it didn't fit with the new ideas I came up with to improve it so I edited it slightly, so if you read it and I was talking about a hotel in some random bit or an elevator, that was my original idea that I missed when I was editing it to fit this story, so I am sincerely sorry about that, the book improves from here in out, I've got it all sorted out now so yeah, I'm sorry. I'm a weirdo   Do u like the book so far?   Thanks for reading   Stay beautiful   I LOVE YOOOOOU   ~Natiall

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