Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


11. Chapter Eleven

Chapter 11

Tap tap tap, I heard a quiet tapping sound, like fingernails against glass, I stirred lightly and rolled over, probably just a bird on the roof. I snuggled myself further into the messed up bedding around me, I really do not sleep neatly. It was silent for another couple of minutes, Before the soft tapping came again. Raising my head sleepily, I looked up, only two see a white wall.

Tap tap tap, the noise came again. Lazily I turned my head towards the window. A smile twitched at my lips when I saw the familiar face of Harry Styles. He was crouched outside my window, quietly tapping his finger against the glass.

I pushed the blankets off my body, the cold air immediately washed over me, licking at my exposed skin, sending shivers down my spine. I swung my legs over the side of the bed and pushed myself slowly up to my feet, so I wouldn't get that rush of nausea and clouded vision from standing up to fast.

Shuffling my feet, I lazily walked over to the window, sliding it open so he could get in. In my semi conscious state, I had forgotten about how I told him not to come back because I could look after myself. "I didn't think you would let me in" A smirk crossed Harry's gorgeous face as I felt his hands place themselves on my hips. "I was feeling generous" I mumble tugging myself out of his grip and hopping back into the warmth of my bed. "You do know it's four in the afternoon" Harry asked, his weight making the bed dip slightly as he sat down next to me. "Yeah, but I'm to lazy to do anything" I replied, rolling over onto my side so my back was towards him, I just wanted to go back to sleep.

"Your funny, you were really perky when you woke up this morning, but now your half dead" Harry laughs pulling back the blankets "Come on I want to do something". I let out an unhappy groan, all I want to do is stay in bed "Sleep" I reply trying uselessly to pull the blankets back up over my body. "No, you can do that later, I want to take you out" he complains, completely pushing the blankets off of the bed, I hear them fall to the floor with a soft thud. "Where" I ask moving closer to Harry who's now the only heat source I have left on the bed. "I don't know, what so you want to do" he asks stupidly. "Stay in bed and go back to sleep" I reply with the obvious.

"No, I'm taking you out to dinner then since you can't give me a valid answer" He growls, making me flinch away from him slightly, his badboy side is always going to be a part of him and its always going to freak me out. "F-fine" I reply, internally groaning, I don't want to go out at all. "You better get up and get dressed then babe" I feel his arms slide under my body and scoop me up of the soft mattress. "What do I wear" I ask opening one eye to look up at him. He looked like he was in thought for a moment "A dress" he gave me a wink, Wonderful, he's going to try and grope me again. "Casual or fancy" I question opening my other eye to look at him properly. "Inbetween" he answers putting me down on my feet in front of my wardrobe.

I stumbled slightly, reaching out and grasping the material of Harry's shirt to stop myself from falling. "Careful" Harry chuckled, placing his hands on my waist to help steady me. "I'm alright, I can stand by myself" I don't like it when he tries to look after me, I can look after myself, he doesn't need to be so possessive and have to watch over me twenty-four seven, it makes me feel like I'm three years old, when I'm seventeen going I eighteen.

Harry's hands were pried off my hips by my own smaller ones. I began riffling through my clothes, in search for a casual dress to wear out. I felt Harry's eyes boring into me as he watched me with great interest. Him watching me made me feel uncomfortable "Go downstairs and watch TV or something" I said turning around to face him. I watched as his eyes quickly darted up from where they were looking, which I figured was my bum.

His usual smirk spread across his face "Why, I thought you might need some help getting dressed, since your so tired". My cheeks flushed hot pink at his perverted comment. "No, get out" I mumbled, folding my arms across my chest. His smirk only grows wider "Okay, but if you need any help getting in your dress, just tell me". I turn an even brighter shad of pink, I officially hate him.

My eyes follow him out of the room, making sure he actually goes downstairs, I don't want him standing outside, trying to peek in or anything like that. Moments after he disappears, I hear the TV come on downstairs. Feeling satisfied with the distance between us, I quietly close the door and return to my wardrobe, with one of the biggest problems in my life. What do I wear.

I never used to really care about fashion, but over the last couple of years, my girly sense has kicked in and now I like to look good, or at least presentable. My slim fingers fumbled through the hefty amount of clothing in my wardrobe, in search for the perfect dress to wear out. Woah, whoa, whoa. Do I actually want to wear a dress, last time all he wanted to do was grab my bum and stare at my boobs, not to mention what happened after we left the club. I cringed remembering the events of the night that he got me a little bit tipsy and we ended up doing things in his room I would never have done if I was sober. I'm still uncertain of how he even got me to go with him.

I shook my head lightly pushing those thoughts out of my wandering mind. I turned my attention back to the clothes hanging from the metal bar that ran through the closet. My hand brushed past a floral dress, I stopped to examine it, gently lifting it off the metal coat hanger. It was long sleeved which was good, considering it was a little cold today and if I put it on it would fall just above my knees, it was tight fitting but not to low cut around the bust.

Do I wear this?

I started contemplating the situation if I wore a dress like this. Harry wasn't going to be able to keep his hands off me, which I don't mind as long as they are not anywhere they shouldn't be, but of course he's going to try and pull a few moves on me, I already know this, he may have shown me some of his past self, but I know that his badboy ways will always get the better of him. He'll upset if I don't wear a dress so I guess I'm just going to wet this, but I'm not drinking tonight.

Having come to a decision, I retreated into the bathroom, bring the dress and clean underwear along with me. I slid the door shut, double checking that I had locked it, I don't want any company from the hormonal teenage boy sitting downstairs.

The clothes I was wearing fell to the floor in a small heap, I flipped the hot water on, so I could give it some time to warm up. I only washed my hair last night, so I didn't need to wash it again. My fingers picked up a black hair tie from the white sink, I slipped it onto my wrist, before gathering my messy waves on the top of my head, twisting it into a bun.

I reached out into the shower, putting my hand under the running water to see if it was hot enough. Happy with the temperature, I stepped in under the pouring water, letting it wash over me. I love hot showers, they make me feel so relaxed, their like my special little place where I can just forget the world.

I stood there just letting the water run over me for a good fifteen minutes, before I realised that I had to actually wash myself. I took my sponge from the plastic shower shelf next to my head, bringing up the bottle of body wash above it. My fingers pressed down on the pump repeatedly, I have a habit of over using the scented liquid.

I placed the bottle back where it belonged and started scrubbing down my body, while in the process, I noticed I really needed to shave my legs, so I did that too.

I spent about an hour in the shower, before I finally stepped out, wrapping a soft white towel around my body I began drying off. Once dried, I slipped on my underwear and slipped the floral dress over my head, pushing my arms through the sleeves until they came in contact with the cold air. My fingers lightly smoothed out the creases, so it hugged my figure nicely and sat flat against my body.

Stepping out of the steamy bathroom, I waltzed my way over to my dresser, I needed a bit of bling. A silver chain with a skull, cross, key and a bone was slipped over my head, falling against my breasts and several bracelets were put round my wrists before I was satisfied with my look. Just to make my outfit a little more casual, I added a pair of black converse, just toning it down a little bit.

I untied my hair from the bun on my head and pulled it into a high ponytail, before finally applying a little make up. "Done" I said to myself as I picked up my wallet and phone from the dresser. It was now almost six o'clock, Harry's probably pissed that I took almost two hours to get ready.

I pulled open my bedroom door and hurried over the landing, my feet jumped two stairs at a time until I reached the bottom step. The TV was still on, Harry was watching some football game, well he WAS. Now he lay sprawled out on the couch, hugging a pillow, his mouth was slightly agape as a series of soft snores fell from his lips.

If he had of fallen asleep when he first got here, I would have happily joined him, but considering he made me get up, shower and get dressed in something decent, I wasn't. Grabbing the remote I switched the off button and the TV screen went black.

My attention turned to the sleeping boy on my couch, how do I wake him up nicely. I got down on my knees by his head "Harry" I whispered, brushing fallen curls out of his face, no response came from him. "Harry" I said slightly louder, shaking his shoulder a little bit. "Hmm, what" he asked opening his eyes a crack. "Are we still going out" I asked getting back up to my feet. Harry's eyes suddenly snapped open completely as he drank in my body "Yes!" He replied, jumping eagerly up to his feet. I took a few steps back, worried that Harry was going to rape me right here, right now.

"You look nice" he commented quietly, toning down his excitement, noticing the slight fear in my eyes. "Thanks" I whispered, my cheeks reddening slightly. Cautiously, he stepped towards me, wrapping a arm round my waist. "Ready to go" he asked rubbing circles into my hip bone using his thumb. "Yeah, lets go" I nodded my head.

Harry led me outside towards his black SUV, his hand dropping from my waist, so he could open the door for me. A genuine smile spread across my face as I carefully climbed into the passenger seat. Once he was sure that I was in properly he closed the door and jogged round to the drivers seat.

The smile on my face disappeared when I saw his fingers fumble with the car keys, locking us in. His possessiveness annoyed the hell out of me, not to mentioned terrified me. I've seen the damage he inflicted on Adam because he touched me at that club, Adams a pretty big guy, bigger then Harry. Adam looked like a bag of flour when Harry attacked him, unable to punch back or defend himself. What if some other guy touched me, Harry would kill him, tear him to shreds by barely lifting a finger. My lips quavered slightly and i could feel the colour drain from my face. I have no idea actually how dangerous Harry is!

"You okay, Babe?" Harry asked, giving me a sideways glance. He must have noticed the change in my mood. "Just hungry" I quickly made up a lie, I'm not going to tell him that he scares the fuck out of me. A deep chuckle came from his lips "Don't worry, love, we'll fix that soon" he laughed, his large hand falling on my thigh.

I flinched slightly, moving my leg away from his prying fingers. A loud humph of annoyance fell from his lips and i watched as he went back to his original position, placing his big hand back on the steering wheel.

The rest of the ride was in complete silence, neither of us spoke, the mood had changed to being awkward.

"We're here" Harry broke the silence, unbuckling his seatbelt. I did the same, reaching out to open the door, oh wait, it's locked. I slumped down in my chair, waiting for Harry to let me out from the other side. Harry opened the door and offered me his hand, but I refused to take it, feeling like a possession more then a human.

The cold wind blew around us, even in a long sleeved dress the cold air made me shiver. This didn't go unnoticed by Harry, as I felt his black blazer being draped over my shoulders and his warm body pulling me closer to his muscular chest as he guided me along the footpath and into a little restaurant.

It was cosy, not too fancy and not too casual. The atmosphere was buzzing with chatter and laughter. Harry's hand tightened around my waist as we walked up to the front counter. "Hello, how can I help you" a young female asked, smiling warmly at the two of us. "A table for two" Harry replied giving the girl around my age a winning smile. "Follow me" she said hesitantly. By the looks of things, she knew about Harry, the way she would glance nervously at him gave it away.

I don't know why it was only today that I realised Harry was actually seriously dangerous, the confidence I had built up over the past two days was gone and my fearing self returned again. So did Harry's badboy self. His hand slid down from my back down to my bum, I couldn't do anything while we were following the waitress through the crowd of people. My breathing became uneven and I felt nauseous. "This is your table" The girl turned around, her blonde hair whipping around. "T-thank you" I mumbled, giving her a pleading look. She looked at me sympathetically, k owing very well there was nothing she could do to help me.

I watched in desperation as she hurried away. I didn't want to be left alone with Harry anymore. A quiet yelp escaped my lips as Harry's and squeezed my bum, making me jump away. Harry laughed at my reaction as I was quick to sit down so he couldn't grope my ass anymore.

Harry sat down opposite me, picking up his menu. I copied his actions, even though I had completely lost my appetite. My imagination was running wild, coming up with the most painful horrible things Harry could do to hurt me if he tried. "Hi, um what drinks would you like" the waitress returned with a pen and a pad of paper.

I was not surprised when Harry ordered alcohol, but I was going to stick with my no drinking decision. "I'll just have water thanks" i answered Playing it safe. She nodded her head and walked off again, this time to bring us our drinks. Harry was staring at me, my change in mood was obvious, I had been happy before I started letting my brain run wild. Now Harry had changed back to his badboy self, making the situation even worse.

"What do you want" Harry grunts putting down his menu so he can look directly at me. "I'm not really hungry" I answered, putting my own down. I had forgotten that I told him I was hungry in the car on the way here. "What have I done" he asks figuring it out. My eyes met his for a moment, before I looked away, I couldn't hold his gaze. "N-nothing" I mumbled, looking down at my lap where I was nervously playing with my fingers. "Whatever" he slammed his hand down on the table angrily, making me flinch away. This only made me feel even worse, I wanted to throw up.

"Here you go" The waitress returned, putting down Harry'a drink in front of him and then placing the large jug of water in the centre of the table. A glass was placed down in front of me before she straightened her back out and raised her pen to her note pad "Are you ready to order yet". Harry looked at me, asking if I was ready without speaking. "Just order for me" I mumbled slumping down in my chair, pulling my phone out, to see if I had any new messages.




From: Nialler :)

Hey, why weren't you at school today or yesterday???


I forgot I had school, shit, I have to go tomorrow.


To: Nialler :)

Harry. :(



From: Nialler :)

You okay? He hasn't hurt you has he? Do you need me to help you???


To: Nialler :)

I don't know, he took me out for dinner, but I feel scared of him, I keep imagining him hurting me


From: Nialler :)

If you want me to come get you, just text me where and I'll be there in a few :)


To: Nialler :)

Thank you Niall :D <3


I put my phone down again, to see Harry staring at me with an intense look on his face. "What" I snapped glaring at him. "I don't understand you, I'm trying to work you out" he replied calmly, continuing to look at me. Join the club Styles, join the club. I just continued glaring at him, not saying a word. "I thought we were on good terms" Harry growls, clenching his fists, His short temper getting the better of him. "I-it's just...I'm...You...Adam...don't worry" I tried to tell him that I was scared because of what he did to Adam the other day, but I just couldn't get it out, I couldn't bring myself to telling him I was scared of him. At the mention of Adam's name, Harry's eyes seemed to flare with anger, I reached across the table and placed my smaller hand over his clenched fist, pushing back all thoughts of Harry hurting me, focussing on trying to calm Harry.

At the touch of my hand, his eyes seemed to soften and I was able to uncurl Harry's clenched fist and link our fingers together. His eyes flicked down to our joined fingers, a small smile appeared on his lips. He liked my contact, it seemed to calm him, make him relax.

It felt like forever that we sat like that, with our fingers joined, just lost in the moment. But then I had to go an wreck it by needing to use the bathroom. "I need to use the loo" I announced pushing my chair out. "Nooo" he whined, clutching onto my hand for dear life. "Don't worry, I'm coming back" I giggled as he pulled me down to his mouth, placing a quick kiss on my mouth "Don't be too long". His fingers fell from mine as I walked to far for his arm to reach. Weaving my way through tables, people and chairs, I eventually made it to the bathroom.

After I had done my business, I checked myself out in the mirror, making sure I looked okay. To my surprise I actually looked pretty good, feeling more confident, knowing that I looked alright, I made my way back out of the bathroom and back to our table to find that it was empty. Where did Harry go? What the hell! Did he just ditch me?

My eyes came to see Harry's iPhone left on the table, next to his unfinished drink. Knowing Harry, he wouldn't leave either of these things here unless he was coming back. Where did he go and why do I have this gut wrenching feeling in my stomach.

I sat back down in confusion, where would he go?


The bathroom?


No, he would be back by now.


To get another drink?


No, he hasn't even finished his first.


Maybe he went outside for a walk


That is your worst idea yet, he wouldn't just leave to go for a walk without telling you and he wouldn't have left his phone behind.


"Are you alright" a feminine voice asked. I looked up to see it was the waitress again, she was carrying our two meals. Maybe she knows where he went. "You haven't happened to have seen where the boy I came here with went" I asked.

"Actually, he went outside about five minutes ago, he said he'd be back" she replied giving me a smile. "Can you show me where, I need to find him" I asked getting to my feet. "Sure, follow me".

The waitress turned on her heel and lead me back towards the front of the restaurant towards a door that led outside into an alleyway. "He went out there" she points to the door. "Thank you" I said gratefully as I stared out into the alleyway, pulling Harry's blazer tighter around me.

The alleyway was intimidating, it was like the kind of place you'd imagine to see people being raped in. Which made me wonder why Harry would have come out here.

Putting on a brave face, I stepped out into the cold night air and into the faint light surrounded by darkness , leaving the safety of the restaurant behind.

Following my nose, I decided to go right, left just led back onto the main street, where I doubt he would have gone if he was up to something, which I'm pretty sure he was. The further I walked, the more frightened I became, I could see two black silhouettes about a hundred metres away, their voices drifted in the wind as it passed me by. "DON'T EVER TOUCH HER AGAIN" I could make out an angry voice. "SHE SAID SHE WASN'T EVEN YOURS" Another voice yelled back. I was almost certain that the first voice was Harry and the second was Adam. "WHETHER SHE'S MINE OR NOT YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TOUCH HER OR TO BREAK INTO MY HOUSE YOU BASTARD". The sound of a fist connecting with someone's Jaw echoed through out the darkness. I knew for sure that it was Harry and Adam now and that they were fighting about me. "YOU LITTLE SHIT! IM GOING TO GET YOU AND YOUR BITCH" Adam was punched in the face again. "DON'T CALL HER A BITCH" Harry defended me.

"HARRY! STOP" I screamed, seeing the towering figure raise his hand in the air to inflict more pain on Adam. "Natalie" Harry asked confused, lowering his fist and turning to face me. Since Harry was being distracted, This gave adam the opportune moment to punch Harry in the side of the head. An ear piercing scream racked through my body as Harry fell to the ground, stunned by what had just happened. I ran forward towards the two figures, not thinking about my own safety, because I was too worried about Harry.

Moments later he was up again, punching Adam back, with as much force as he could muster, I could tell he was injured, he didn't look as strong or punch as hard as he was before.

"GO HOME SLUT" Adam yelled at me, dodging one of Harrys clumsy swings and coming at me. Shrieking, I stumbled backwards, landing on my backside painfully. Adam stood over me with a twisted smile on his face dripping with blood. "GET BACK" Harry grabbed Adam by the collar, pulling him back and sending him face first into a wall. Adam got back to his feet, charging at Harry. "BOTH OF YOU STOP" I screamed, but neither of them listened, They just continued punching each other.

I stayed for another five minutes of their punch up before I couldn't take anymore of it. "YOU KNOW WHAT, I DON'T CARE, GO FUCKING KILL EACHOTHER, I DON'T GIVE A FUCK, AND HARRY, I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN" I screamed before turning and running off into the darkness. "NATALIE" Harry called after me, I turned my head around to look back, only to see Harry being punched square in the face, he fell backwards onto the ground with a loud thud. You don't care, I told myself.




I ran for what seemed like forever, until I was satisfied with the distance I had put between Harry and I. Gasping for breath, I pulled my phone out, calling Niall, I guess I do need to be picked up after all.

"Natalie" he asked in his thick Irish accent.

"Harry got in a fight and I ran off, can you please come get me" I cried into the phone, sticky wet tears falling down my cheeks as I gasped for what little air I could get.

"It's okay love, I'm on my way" he said soothingly as I collapsed down onto the pavement. All I could think about was Harry, as much as I told myself I didn't care, I knew I did. All I remember seeing is him fall back onto the ground, I didn't see him get back up. Please let him be okay.




Hey, here's chapter eleven :)


Hope ya like it


Thanks for reading


Stay beautiful





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