Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


18. Chapter Eighteen

Chapter 18


My eyes fluttered open, squinting slightly at the bright light that flooded through a gap between the thin material of the curtains drawn across the window. The storm was obviously over and the bright sun was back, pleasingly. Harry didn't know this yet, but I feared storms just as much as he did, I experienced a traumatic night during a storm, similar to his own.

I rolled over in Harry'a warm embrace so I could see his face. He looked so tranquil with his eyes closed, long eye lashes resting on top of his cheeks. Pink lips slightly parted as he let out soft snores. Harry was the most beautiful person I had ever seen, I couldn't help but envy him, he was so perfect. A loose curl fell down in his face as he stirred slightly, my fingers reached out and gently brushed it away.

My mind wandered back to what Harry told me last night before we fell asleep. My heart ached at the painful memories he had of his family. He was only trying to protect his sister when he lashed out at her abusive boyfriend. Her reaction just broke him though. Instead of reassuring her, he frightened her, making her run away leaving him with only hateful words that must have gone straight to his already broken heart. He just didn't want a replay of what happened to his mother.

I don't want to justify to Harry's violent behaviour, but I do understand it. I don't think I should be afraid of Harry's actions towards me. But he is quite intimidating and overprotective, there's that certain edge to him I have to look out for. He really is just a misunderstood boy looking for some love.

A soft groan came from Harry's mouth as I carefully pried his arms away from my waist. Quickly I rolled off the bed, my feet landing on the floor with a quiet thump. Harry rolled over into the centre of the bed, burying his face in the pillows. I couldn't help but let out a small giggle as I went to my draws to find some clothes and clean underwear. I took another glance at the still sleeping male lying in my bed, smiling to myself as I stepped into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I washed and changed quickly, pulling on my clothes hastily. I turned to the mirror, checking my appearance. I pushed my dark, wet, brown hair over my shoulder, letting it tumble down my back.

My fingers gripped the door handle, sliding it open to find Harry lying right where I left him. Giggling to myself, I went back over to the bed, climbing back on to it. I crawled towards Harry on all fours, placing one hand on each side of his head as I hovered over the sleeping boy. "Harry, Harry" I whispered quietly, letting my hair fall forward again creating a shield around our faces. He twitched slightly at the feeling of my damp hair tickling at his skin. "Harry, wake up" I spoke softly, leaning down closer to his face. I nuzzled his nose with my own, giving him an Eskimo kiss.

Harry's long eyelashes blinked open, his eyes meeting mine "Hello, beautiful" he speaks in his raspy morning voice. "Hey handsome" I replied, pressing a quick kiss to his plump pink lips. "Is the power back on" he asks, placing his warm hands on my lower back. "Yeah, I just had a shower, you can have one if you want" I replied, looking down at him. He nodded his head slightly "What do you want to do today". I pondered for a moment thinking about something we could do before I replied "It's sunny outside, do you want to go for a walk'.

I've always liked going for a walk the morning after its rained, it smells green and fresh and everything seems to look so pretty. "Okay, I'll just go take a quick shower" he replies, pushing himself up off the bed, me sitting back so we didn't headbutt eachother. He shook out his curls lightly, brushing them to the side before he got off the bed, giving me a quick wink before disappearing into the bathroom.

Smiling to myself I hopped off the bed and grabbed my laptop off the desk. I returned to the bed, laying down on my stomach, ankles crossed in the air as I opened it out. My fingers flew across the keys as I logged into tumblr, scrolling down through the pictures, re-blogging a feet that I found entertaining.

"What are you doing" Harry asked from right by my head, making me jump in fright. I hadn't heart the water shut off or him come out of the bathroom. "Just on tumblr" I replied as I felt him lay down next to me, heat radiating off his body as he slung an arm over my back. "What do you do on it" he asked, making it obvious to me that he had never seen or heard of it before. "Basically you just re-blog pictures onto your own blog" I answered, it doesn't actually sound very entertaining, but its actually addictive. "Can I see yours" he asked. I clicked on my blog, turning the screen towards him so he could look at it. I watched as Harry scrolled through my tumblr, it's basically just a whole bunch of random photos chucked together, with the occasional one of me and my friends.

"Is that you" Harry clicked on a picture, hovering the mouse over my face. It was the picture of Liam, Niall and I that Amy took when we were at Jodie's earlier this week, I found it funny so I put it on. "Yup" I giggled, my cheeks blushing slightly. "You look nice" he sniggered, referring to my mouth wide open as I shoved popcorn in it. I slapped him on the arm lightly, taking my laptop back from him and closing the lid.

"Are you hungry" I asked as we walked downstairs into the kitchen. Harry shook his head "Not really". I pulled the pantry doors open, my eyes skimming through the thinning amount of food, if mum doesn't get back soon I'm going to have to go shopping. My eyes landed on a unopened box of muesli bars and I pulled a couple out. "Here, eat this" I tossed Harry one. Easily he snatched it out of the air as I closed the pantry doors again. "Thanks" he spoke as he opened the wrapper, discarding it into the bin. I took a bite out of my own bar, stepping towards Harry as I did. "Ready" he questioned, wrapping a strong arm round my waist. I nodded my head, throwing my wrapper in the bin, where it joined Harry's.

"Lets go"

Our fingers were intwined as we stepped out of the house. The bright sun shone down on us, glistening off the dew on the wet grass. I found myself inhaling deeply, the sweet scent of fresh life. I noticed Harry watching me with a smile on his gorgeous face. "What" I asked a blush creeping up my cheeks. "Your just really cute" he answered, the smile on his face growing. My gaze dropped down to my feet as my cheeks continued to redden.

Harry and I walked down the street in silence, the occasional mother with pram would walk past us, giving us a warm smile. We rounded a corner, the sound of laughter and happiness filled my ears as I looked across the road to see a park full of young children playing tag on the playground. I smiled seeing a young father chasing his daughter who looked about three. The little girl was squealing with as her dad caught her and started tickling her. My dad used to do that with me when I was little. Suddenly a wave of sadness washed over me as I remembered the times I spent with my dad.

Harry seemed to notice the change from my happy mood, as he gave my hand a squeeze "Are you okay". I nodded my head, looking up at the worried face of Harry "I'm fine" I plastered a smile back on my face, diverting my attention to a group of guys playing soccer on the grass not far from the playground. I narrowed my eyes down on one of them, they looked familiar. My eyes snapped wide open, I couldn't believe it when I recognised him. Adam. I silently prayed that Harry wouldn't notice him and just continue walking, but my prayers weren't answered.

"Alright, Love" Adam called as his eyes fell upon us. Harry's head snapped in the direction of his voice, he squeezed my hand tightly before letting go. I watched as his hands clenched into fists and his eyes burnt with rage. I grabbed his arm as he made an attempt to cross the road and confront Adam. "Harry, stop" I ordered gripping his tense muscle tightly "You can't solve everything with violence".

"Wait here" he ordered pulling his arm out of my grip. His eyes were locked on Adam as he began to cross the road. "No! Get back here!" I yelled, having to wait for a green car to go past before I could cross the road after him. Jogging quickly after him, I grabbed his shirt in my hand, yanking him back.

He spun around, looking down at me, annoyance written all over his features. I fisted the front of his shirt, willing him to not go any further across the field. He grabbed my wrists, trying to pull me behind him, but I didn't oblige, wriggling out of his tight grip.

"Harry, stop and think about what your doing. Look at all the kids here, I know you don't want to scare them". Harry's green eyes locked on to mine, realisation hitting him in the face. We were in a park full of children, in te middle of the day, this was neither the place or the time to start anything with Adam.

I linked our hands again, dragging him over to a bench, my hands pushed his shoulders down, forcing him to sit. "You stay here" I ordered. He opened his mouth to protest, but I pressed a finger to his lips "Please stay here".

His breathing was deep, his chest rising and falling heavily. Harry didn't move as I walked the short distance over the slightly damp grass to stand in front of Adam who was smirking down at me. He kicked the soccer ball back to one of his friends and they went back to their game, minus Adam.

I made a disgusted noise as Adam reached up, touching my jaw before I batted his hand away. "Don't touch me" I hissed. Adam looked over my shoulder, sending Harry a taunting smirk. I turned to see him get to his feet! Fists clenched an his mouth in a hard line. 'Don't' I mouthed, a sigh of relief falling from my lips as he stayed in place.

"I see you have Haz on a tight leash. I didn't think anyone would be able to have that sort of control over him" he paused, leaning down slightly so he was my height "You must be amazing in bed". I found my fists clenching at his words "You disgust me" I spat "Don't come anywhere near Harry or I again. Or I'll tell the police you tried to rape me and that you were one of the guys who broke into Harry's house".

He just laughed at me "I find it cute how Harry gets you to fight his own fights". A malicious grin appeared on his face "Besides, I'm sure the cops would love to find out how I got these scars" he motioned to his face.

"When Harry attacked you it was defence, he was protecting me from you. And any way, who do you think they'll believe" I stepped a little closer, getting right up in his face "You or me?". The smug look on Adams face disappeared after hearing my words. I turned to walk away, before he spoke again. "Harry deserves you. Bitch" he hissed. I froze, squeezing my eyes closed before swiftly spinning around. Adam wore a satisfied smirk on his face, thinking he'd hit a nerve. He wasn't at all prepared for the actions I carried out seconds later. I grabbed both of his shoulders as I sharply jutted my knee up into his crotch, a lot harder then I did when I saved Harry at the pub. Pain etched into his features as he buckled forward, his hands shielding the throbbing area. "Shit" he cried out. A couple of his friends sniggered at him, he got beat up by a girl.

"Oh, and tell your two buddies you were with the other day that I say hi" I added, before turning around to see Harry grinning at me like a fool. He started to laugh as I got closer "I thought you said violence wasn't the answer". I gave Harry a smile "Sometimes we have to make exceptions. The little prick deserved it".

Harry was still laughing as my hand snaked round the back of his neck, tugging him down towards me. Our lips forcefully pressed together as I felt his arms wrap round my waist, bringing our bodies closer. Harry let out a throaty moan that vibrated through his chest as he forced his tongue into my mouth. I bit down on his cheeky tongue and it darted back into his own as we pulled away. "You know, over the past three days I've discovered you can be very violent" Harry laughed, his hand enveloping mine as he lead me over the other side of the field away from the boys playing soccer. "I can when I need to" I cringed slightly, I don't like being violent, only in defence will I be violent. "I think it's sexy" he comments, dropping my hand and running off before I can get the chance to slap him.

I chased after him, pumping my arms and legs as fasts as I could. He had an advantage though, his long legs stretched out further then my own as he ran away from me, laughing loudly. He took a glance back at me, slowing down slightly, so I could catch up a bit, still at advantage. Just as he was in reach, he sped up again, darting around a large tree, his head peeking out from the side teasingly.

"Haaaarry" I complained as we circled around the tree. "Come here" he stopped, noticing I was getting frustrated at the aimless circling of this tree. I quickly reached out, grabbing his shirt, worried he would run off again. "Don't worry, I won't run again" he chuckled, planting a kiss on my forehead. "I don't trust you" I giggled, my fingers stayed tightly clutched around the materiel of Harry's shirt as I lowered myself to the ground, tugging him down with me. I crossed my legs, leaning back against the tree trunk, while Harry lay down, his head resting in my lap, curls tickling the bare skin of my thighs, just below the hem of my shorts. His eyes closed as I started playing with his soft curls.

We sat In silence for quite a lengthy amount of time, just enjoying eachothers presence. I noticed Harry enjoyed it when I combed my fingers through his hair, finger nails scratching lightly across his scalp. I thought he had fallen asleep until he softly spoke.






"Where's your dad?"


My body tensed and my fingers froze in Harry's hair. I bit my lip slightly! His question catching me slightly off guard.


"Natalie" he looked up at me quizzically with big green eyes.


"Uh, umm..."


The weight of Harry's head was lifted from my lap as he sat up in front of me. I smiled a bit at his dishevelled curls before he ruffled them and swept them to the side.

"H-h died when I was fourteen" I answered, fiddling with my fingers as I urged my tears back. Harry reached out to my hand, his larger one engulfing it in warmth.

"I'm sorry" he whispered.

"H-he died in a motorbike accident" my voice quavered as I spoke.

"Is that why your so scared of motorbikes" Harry asked, tilting my chin so I was looking up into his green eyes full of worry as he stared at me.

"K-kind off" I sobbed, as a salty tear squeezed out of my eye, trickling down my cheek. Harry's hand slid from my chin up to my cheek, his thumb gently brushing the tear away. I gave him a weak smile, before he opened his arms for me. A sense of protection washed through me as Harry pulled me down with him to lie in the grass. I felt safe in his arms, like no one could hurt me. His lips softly kissed the top of my forehead.

"You loved him" Harry stated quietly

"Yes" I sobbed softly into his shirt as he held me tightly "He was like my best friend". Harry's hand gently rubbed up and down my back. "Will you tell me about him sometime" he asked. It didn't surprise me that Harry's wanted to know about my father. He never had one, only an abusive step father who wouldn't have taught him anything about life.





"What is this" Harry asked holding up my mascara, looking at the black bristles of the brush in confusion. "That Harry, is mascara" I told him as he went through my make up, holding up the occasional thing he wasn't sure about. "What do you use it for" he questioned, running the blackened brush over the back of his hand. "Eyelashes" I replied "Stop playing with my make up". I watched as he screwed the two parts back together, dropping it back down on my dresser. "I don't get why you bother with any of this stuff, your already gorgeous" he spoke, pouncing on the bed, landing next to me with a light thud. By cheeks tingled red at his sweet comment "Thanks Harry". His plump lips came softly in contact with my cheek, before he lay his head down in my lap. "Your welcome, beautiful" he replied, his fingers sliding into my own. I smiled, bringing his hand up to my lips, pressing kisses to the smoothe skin on the back of his hand. "Hmmm" he hummed quietly as his long eyelashes fluttered closed, hiding his beautiful green orbs from me.

I loved watching him when he was so calm and smiley, it felt amazing to know that I was the one who could make him happy. ".Your. So. Adorable." I spoke between kisses to his soft skin. His smile grew, fingertips of his free hand ran up and down my arm resting over his shoulder, my hand placed on the toned muscles of his stomach as I continued to kiss over his fingers. "You make me feel peaceful" he whispered back in reply. A smile curled up at my lips as I kissed his hand for the final time, pressing it to my cheek instead. While he was in such a calm state, I thought it could be a good time to tell him about the school formal on Friday.

"Harry" I whispered softly, watching as his eyelids blinked open. "Mmm" he smiled, looking up at me with big emerald eyes. "What are you doing on Friday night" I questioned, hoping he wouldn't be doing anything. "Nothing" he answered, locking our gazes, thumb gently caressing my cheek. "There's a school formal, I don't really want to go, but my friends are making me" I told him truthfully, dancing is really not my thing. "Are you asking me to be your date" he wiggled his eyebrows at me cheekily. My cheeks burned red, that is basically what I'm trying to do. "No" I lied "I just want you to come with me". Harry sat up, strong hands grabbing my wrists as he pushed my back down onto the mattress, pinning my hands above my head. "I'm not going unless you ask me" he smirked, his body pressing down against mine. "No" I shook my head, biting down on my bottom lip to suppress the moan that threatened to slip from my lips, caused by the pressure of Harry's hard crotch digging into my own. "Come on baby" he groaned, dipping his head down into the crook of my neck. I squirmed in his grip, feeling the contact of his plump lips against my already love bite covered neck. It amazed me just by how quickly the situation could turn sexual. "Harry, stop" I moaned, his teeth nibbled at my neck as he violently sucked on my soft skin.

A gasp fell from my lips when Harry moved one of my hands into his other one, so he had both my arms pinned down in one large hand. His free hand slid down my body, his fingers tugging up the shirt I was wearing, revealing more skin. His big hand ran up my stomach, making my skin turn all tingly. "Harry" I whimpered, feeling his touch come up to the curve of my breast. "Ask me" he moaned into my neck, vibrations from his mouth sending pleasure through my body. A warm hand cupped my breast over the top of my bra. His fingers began to squeeze, shooting bursts of pleasure through my body. "Harry" I gasped slightly "Please be my date".

Harry's head rose from my neck, green eyes locking on mine and a pleased smirk written on his pink lips. "Okay" his lips came down on mine, leaving a lingering kiss on my lips. The weight of his body was removed and I watched as he jumped back up to his feet. "I'm going to go have a shower" he spoke, biting down on his lower lip as he watched me continue to breathe heavily, my chest rising and falling rapidly. "You know, you could always come" his eyelid dropped in a wink "To save water and all that". I had a feeling Harry didn't give a fuck about saving water. "Not going to happen" I spoke breathily, propping myself up on my elbows, my eyes narrowing down into a slight glare. He just smirked, standing in the door frame "The door will be unlocked so if you change your mind, feel free to jump in". I rolled my eyes at his boyish comment "Dream on". He gave a little chuckle, before he slipped inside the bathroom, disappearing behind the door.

I guess I have to go dress shopping then, I should probably tell Lily. Groaning slightly, I pushed myself up off the bed, getting my phone from the bedside table. My fingers skimmed quickly across the screen as I typed.


To: Lily :D

Hey, I'm going to the formal, when are we going dress shopping??? :) xox


From: Lily :D

YAY! That's great, how about Tomorrow @ 12 , I'm sooooo excited OMG


To: Lily :D

Hahaha, sounds GREAT!!! I cant wait Xoxo


From: Lily :D

It's a plan, I'm going to bed now, it's pretty late, see you at Skool :) xox


I smiled to myself as I put the iPhone back on the bedside table, I have never been to any sort of dance before, so this is a first time for me, it's quite exciting. I stifled a yawn as I brought my laptop down onto the bed. I went on tumblr, just mucking around as I usually do. I ended up starting a second blog called A--New--Start--For--The--Heart. Which I filled with pictures of my new friends, new house and myself, I wanted to put pictures of Harry on, but I sadly had none of him. I found my eyes drooping as I continued to play around, until eventually sleep overcame me.




I pulled the bathroom door open, ready to have a cuddle with Natalie, but unfortunately she had fallen asleep, cuddling her laptop instead of me. Her head lay on the keys, eyelids closed and lips slightly parted. Her hair cascaded down her shoulders as she lay sprawled over the bedding, she was just breathtaking. I tiptoed over to where she lay, carefully prying the laptop from her fingers. My eyes lingered over the screen, taking in whatever she had been doing. Pictures of her friends covered the screen, it was a tumblr account. Intrigued, I sat down on the edge of the bed, with her laptop on my lap. I noticed she'd called her blog 'A--New--Start--For--The--Heart' which I figured must have meant a new start for her, moving schools and everything. I scrolled through the pictures she had posted, i noticed that none of them had me in them. We'd never taken any pictures. A idea popped into my, I put the laptop down, turning back to the beautiful girl lying asleep on the mattress. Carefully I reached out! Scooping her up in my arms as I tugged the covers back. Natalie seemed to realise she was in my arms, even though she was fast asleep. Her delicate fingers, linked together behind my neck as I climbed into bed, hugging her tightly to my chest.

I lay down, pulling the blankets up over our bodies as we stayed pressed together. Her head rested on my bare shoulder, forehead pressed against the side of my chin as she held me close. When I released her body from one arm, reaching out to retrieve the laptop, she let out a small whimper, upset that my touch had evaded her. I fiddled around with tumblr, trying to figure out how to take a photo. Finally figuring it out , I positioned the laptop on my stomach, aiming the camera lens towards our faces, Natalie looked adorable, all cuddled up to me, I pressed a light kiss to her forehead while snapping a photo. It took me another few minutes to figure out how to post it, but eventually it appeared on her blog, bringing a smile to my lips. "Harry" Natalie mumbled semi consciously, it brought a smile to my lips hearing her speak my name. I placed her Laptop back on the bedside table, glancing at the photo I took one last time, before closing the lid and laying down behind the beautiful female, holding her back firmly to my chest as my eyes fell closed into a deep and peaceful sleep, knowing I was not alone.


Hey there,

I believe this is chapter 18. Did you enjoy it? I hope so. It wasn't extremely interesting, I've got writers block and I'm literally hitting my head on a wall trying to come up with some ideas.


Thanks for reading


Stay beautiful





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