Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


8. Chapter Eight

Chapter 8

I had been awake for about half an hour, Harry intrigued me. The way he was holding on to me was almost as if he was scared I'd fade away. I remember the other night when I stayed here, when he pawed the bed in search for my body and curled up in a ball. I think that the tear that fell down his cheek that night, made me realise that Harry maybe wasn't as bad as he may seem. It did make me wonder what had caused him to be like this, I also wondered why he lived alone, there wasn't any sign of his parents living here. I wanted to ask, but I was afraid.

I felt Harry stir behind me, his arms loosened around my body slightly, as he registered to the fact he was gripping me like a little kid did to their mum on their first day of school. "Did you sleep well" his husky morning voice asked as he flipped me over so we were facing each other. His green orbs met my matching ones "Yes" I replied, to be honest it was the best sleep I've had in a three years. His head nudged closer to mine and he pressed a good morning kiss to my lips. "Me too" he grinned revealing cute dimples on either side of his cheeks. "Why do you live alone?Where are your parents" I suddenly blurted out, clamping my hand over my mouth, shocked at myself. Harry looked a little taken surprise, he stared at me a moment before he abruptly stood up. His shoulders were tense, muscles all contracted as he began pacing back and forth around the room. I felt like such an idiot, why did I have to go ask him that question, it was so stupid, I need to learn to keep my mouth shut.

Harry's eyes were dark and harsh looking, i could see anger burning in them. "Their dead" he snapped, dark eyes locking onto mine, fists clenching and unclenching in rage. I scuttled back on the bed, afraid he could lash out at me, hurt me. I hugged my ledges to my chest, praying he wouldn't hurt me, i was so frightened. "THEIR FUCKING DEAD" he yelled, a loud clattering followed. I looked up to see a smashed lamp on the floor. I quickly averted my eyes, burying them in my knees, afraid he's pick me up and throw me at the wall like the broken lamp.

A warm hand suddenly ran up my leg, making me whimper in fear. "I'm sorry" I cried out, hoping he wouldn't hurt me if I apologised. "It's okay, I didn't mean to frighten you" Harrys long fingers stroked my cheek softly, it was a surprisingly comforting action. I cautiously reached out, wrapping my arms around his neck, feeling him hug me back.

We stayed like that for what seemed like forever, until Harry decided it was time to take a shower. "Care to join" he asked with a cheeky wink. I shook my head and backed away from him. "Your loss" he let out a chuckle as he walked into the bathroom. I waited for the water turn on, before I hopped off the bed and decided to explore Harry's house a bit.

I hopped up, my feet padding along on the soft carpet. "If I was Harry's school time table where would I be" I asked myself. In the bin. I pulled open his wardrobe, draws, even checked under the bed. No luck. I let out a sigh of frustration. Maybe I should just ask him. "H-harry" I knocked on the door shyly. "You accepting my offer to join" he replied cheekily. My cheeks flushed red, he is such a boy. "No, do you still have a school time table? Or did you bin it" I asked gnawing at my bottom lip. There was a long pause, only the sound of the water running could be heard before he replied with a simple word "Why". "Uhh, because I think you should go back to school" I barely whispered. There was another long pause before he answered "I'm only going if your in my classes" the water shut off and I heard him step out. "That's why I want to find your timetable" I replied. The door was pulled open and Harry stepped out with only a white towel wrapped round his waist. I backed up a little bit slightly stunned by his body yet again. "It's in that draw" he pointed to the top draw of his bed side table. How had I missed that, I pulled it open to find an assortment of books and a piece of white paper sitting on top of it.

I picked the piece of paper up and flipped It over, sure enough his timetable was on it in black and white. I sat down on his bed while he went through his draws looking for clothes. My eyes skimmed over the paper, to my surprise he was in almost all my classes including my form class. Maybe I could get him to actually go to his classes if I was with him.

I felt the bed dip as he joined me on the bed. He shuffled closer to me so our thighs were gently brushing. "Do I really have to" he groans reading over the paper. I nodded my head "You don't have to come to all of them, just please try and come to some" I replied putting it back down. "Am I in any of your classes" he questioned running a hand through his damp curls as he stared down at me. "Your in most of them" I replied smiling a little. Harry let out another groan "fine, I'm only doing this for you though" he agreed.

I was glad he had agreed, I wanted him to actually learn, so he wouldn't be a failure. "Thank you" I said pecking him on the cheek. Although I was still frightened of Harry, I felt a little braver around him.


I had planned on going home today, but I remembered mum was still out and I was still a little freaked out about the whole Jack thing, so I ended up staying at Harry's house again. I don't feel completely safe or at all confident around him, but he's better then being raped by Jack.

I was sitting on his bed, scrolling through my Facebook, Mitchell was messaging me a whole lot of random shit and he kept poking me. We're currently in a poke war, we had been for the past three years, neither of us have let up.

I'm not really sure where Harry is, probably eating, like most other boys usually do. Suddenly Harry was leaning against the doorframe, as if he sensed that I was thinking about him. It was actually a little creepy. I tried to ignore him and continued what I was doing on Facebook. His tall frame walked towards me boldly and took my phone from my hands. "What are you doing" I asked as I watched him start tapping away on my phone, why does he always take my phone without asking, I might have private stuff on there. Oh wait he doesn't care, he just goes through my stuff like its his. "Adding me on Facebook" he replied simply, not even taking his pretty eyes of the screen. "What if I don't want you to be friends with you" my sassy side comes on, I swear it just pops up randomly. "To bad" he replies handing my phone back.

I humph unhappily and pull the covers back off the mattress and slip in, tugging then up over my head. I hear Harry chuckle at my actions and the bed dips slightly as he puts his weight on it. His warmth slips between the sheets and his fingers reach out towards my body. I promptly shuffled away from him, right to the edge of the bed. "Are you teasing me" he asked moving closer. "Maybe" I giggled, batting his hands away, which were trying to tickle me. "I think you are" he tickled me under the arms and I started giggling more. I liked this side of Harry, his playful side, he didn't scare me when he was like this.

I let out a loud shriek as Harry got to my most ticklish part, my waist. My body immediately tried to get away from him, but away just so happened to be off the side of the bed. I tumbled downwards, pulling Harry and the bedding down with me. He landed on top of me, tangled up in the sheets, his head landed on my shoulder. "Ouch" I yelped under his weight, this boy I swear to god is all muscle.

"That wasn't meant to happen" he groaned, trying to untangle himself from the sheets. He wriggled, rolled and pulled, In a failed attempt to free himself. He was obviously failing though and becoming very frustrated. "Fucking hell!!!" He yelled angrily, thrashing about in the sheets. He is so bipolar, one minute he's all happy and playful the next he's a freaking angry lunatic.

Harry scared me the more he became frustrated, I felt like crying, why am I even staying here. "H-Harry stop" I whimpered in fear. As soon as he heard me speak he froze, a look of confuse-meant covered his face. "Your hurting me" I cried, his eyes filled with sadness and carefully he managed to pull himself of me, still tangled in the blankets though.

I got to my feet and helped him get free, before I got back on the bed and lay down not caring I had no covers. I squeezed my eyes closed, trying to go to sleep. The blankets were laid softly back over me, then I felt a pair of arms slide round my waist. I didn't move, I just stayed in the exact position I was in. Harry's warm breath fanned out over the back of my neck as he cuddled me close. "I'm sorry" he whispered softly in my ear, hoping for some reaction. Even though I felt a little afraid, I rolled over and wrapped my arms round his neck, cuddling him closer. I put my head on top of ha so my chin was on his shoulder and our legs tangled together, it scared me how perfectly we fitted together, how his head fit perfectly under mine and how our bodies just seemed to be like to pieces of a puzzle.

"Night Harry" I whispered.

"Goodnight Beautiful" he replied, leaving a smile on my face as I fell asleep.








I woke up to the loud alarm of Natalie's iPod, a groan of annoyance escaped my lips. .I knew Natalie wanted me to go back to school, but I really didn't, I was going to do it for her though. She must have grown accustomed to the annoying noise because she didn't even flinch at the sound of her alarm.

Natalie's warm body stayed tangled in mine for another five minutes, then? I watched with great interest as she grabbed the annoying iPod to shut it up and then throw it on the floor, before she tangled herself up more with me. She was adorable, I loved the way that we fit perfectly together. In her sleepy state she was rubbing her smooth, soft, smooth skinned legs over mine. She seemed to be enjoying my presence. As much as I would have liked to stay in bed with her all day, I wanted to make her happy.

Gently I unwrapped her body from mine, silently slipping out of bed. She had decided to go for the starfish position now that I was gone. I chuckled to myself as I walked into the bathroom, getting ready for the torturous day ahead of me.


Once I was ready, I left the bathroom and went over to wake Natalie. I leant over her body "Time to get up" I said to the sleeping girl in my bed. "Fuck off" she muttered throwing a pillow at me. I liked how she wasn't scared of me when she was half asleep, her feistiness was hot. "I thought you wanted me to actually go to school, instead of just turning up to meet some mates and then to wag" I smirk at her as she opens her green eyes. "I don't want to go to school today" Natalie whined rolling over so she was lying on her back. "I'm fine with that" I walked back over to the bed. Her eyes widened a little as I straddled her waist. She was adorable with that look on her face. Gently I took her arms lifting them so they were wrapped them around my neck, she was fully awake now and looked frightened again. I dropped her arms back at her side "FUCK IT NATALIE! Why do you think I'm going to hurt you" I exclaimed running a hand through my hair. I wouldn't hurt a girl, especially not Natalie. I watched as she squeezed her eyes shut, I let out a sigh, she's so innocent and so stubborn. I don't understand why she's so scared I'm going to hurt her, she's so confusing. Suddenly a pair of arms were around my neck and a pair of soft lips pressed against my own. Finally. "You" Kiss "Are" Kiss "So" Kiss "Stubborn" I said between kisses.

Our lips stayed connected for a while until she pushed me off "I need to get dressed".




I put on my dress that I wore out with Harry to the club, Harry washed for me yesterday, which was nice. But honestly I wasn't to keen on wearing it to school. I feel to dressed up in it and Harry thinks it okay to grab my arse while I'm in it. I swear if he does it at school I'm going to run away from him, he's perverted. I still couldn't quite believe what he did to me on Saturday night, but I know I kind of liked it.

I tied my hair up in a messy bun, I didn't have a hairbrush so it would be a mess if it was down. I glared at my reflection, why am I so ugly. Sighing, I opened the bathroom door. I was surprised to find Harry getting dressed, he had no shirt on. His body was so toned, the muscles on his back rippled every time he moved. He pulled a shirt over his head and turned around to see me staring at him in awe. "Like what you see" he smirked. I felt my cheeks turn pink, why does this always happen, I'm always seem to be blushing because of him. I shook my head a little, trying to shake the image of his perfect body from my mind.

"Come on, lets get this over with" he groaned, grabbing my wrist. I knew he didn't like school, nor do I but we both have to go, well I'm going to make him or at least try.

The ride to school was in silence, Harry seems to have figured that me and motorbikes aren't buddies. We were in his car, it was pouring with rain an I wasn't very warm. I kept stealing nervous glances at Harry, which he seemed unaware of, his eyes were always fixed straight ahead of him on the road. The reason I'm so nervous is because I'm the new girl and Im with Harry Styles, the schools badboy. I'm going to get judged even more now and I'm going to get strange looks, because I'm hanging out with him. I'm also scared about what Lara, Amy, Jodie and lily will think, on the first day I was told to stay well away from Harry, so what do I end up doing, hanging out with him.

We pulled up in the car park, my fear was already rising in my stomach. I watched as Harry slid on his Raybands and opened the car door, acting as though he owns the place. I stayed seated, breathing heavily, I hate being looked at, I feel so uncomfortable. Suddenly the door was pulled open, "Are you coming or what" Harry growled at me slightly making me shrink back in my seat in fright. I wonder if he's on his man period, he keeps having mood swings. "Y-yes" I whimpered in response.

I stepped out of the car, avoiding eye contact with the on looking students around me. There eyes bore into me, I felt like a piece of meat. My eyes stayed transfixed on the ground, hoping they would stop looking. A strong arm was casually draped over my shoulder, I knew it was Harry's, in a strange way it was reassuring, almost as though he was telling me that it was okay, without saying a word. This was gonna be and interesting day.

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