Turn This Around

He was beautiful, like an angel, handsome like a god, but what he possessed within was frightfully dark, dangerous and deceiving. You look into his eyes and you're staring into hell itself and you realise he is the demon in which haunts you in you're sleep.

When Natalie Carter, the new girl in town catches the eye of the biggest asshole in school she soon discovers she's going to need more than a feisty attitude and snarky come backs to get rid of the male who stalks her. Challenged with school, making friends and trying to find her place in the world, she really doesn't need Harry Styles on her plate. Harry Styles was not good, in fact he was far from it. He was a demonic creature who had crawled from the fiery pits of hell in Natalie Carters eyes.

There is no escape once your being hunted.


60. Chapte Fifty-Two

Chapter 52

"Sit up a bit more, beautiful." Harry gently spoke, his hands on my waist as he assisted me in straightening my back.

Though I had willingly volunteered to 'ride him' as Harry refers it to, it was evident that I was nervous, unaccustomed to this new position and he knew it. I liked the idea of Harry being beneath me whilst we had sex, but the only problem was we'd never tried this before and I know next to nothing.

I gnawed at my lip nervously as I sat astride his lap, reluctant to let go of his torso. I don't think Harry had anticipated I would cling onto him like this, but I was frightened to let him go, scared he would vanish or that of totally screw this up. He struggled to pry my arms from around his body, attempting to settle back down against the slope of the tub but I wouldn't let him. My grip on Harry was so tight and unbreakable you would have thought my arms were an iron ring designed to encircle him for all eternity. I didn't want Harry's touch to leave me, not ever.

"P-please stay here with me." I whimpered.

Harry met my gaze with a small smile, his lips curling a little at the corners as he leant in to press a small kiss to my lips. The small gesture soothed me a little as he nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck, his arms wrapping securely round my waist, silently agreeing to my request. A grin graced my own lips upon feeling the hardness of his chest pressing to the vastly contrasting squishiness of my two breasts, damp skin making contact.

"Okay, baby."

Harry's fingers became laced through the length of my dark, wet hair in which tumbled down my back, sticking to bare skin. Gently he ran his fingers through my sopping waves, whispering sweet words in my ear as he lightly kissed just below my earlobe. His movements and vocals had a extraordinary effect on me, they could calm and relax me in barely a second but at other times they could have my blood pressure soaring and anger intensifying, I was glad Harry's words weren't currently arousing the latter.

It didn't take him long to slow my erratic breathing and pounding heart as he cuddled me close as the water swirled around our naked bodies. At this moment I was feeling quite content just being snuggled up in his arms and listening to him speak in his deep, raspy voice as he whispered things he loved about me. A few more minutes past before his head moved back, his lustful green gaze locking with mine.

"Are you ready?" Harry hesitantly asked, cocking his head slightly to the side.

I nodded in confirmation. Shy smiles adorned both Harry's and my lips as he lightly nudged my nose with his. Closing my eyes, I took a moment to inhale deeply before exhaling again as I prepared myself for the awaited events that would take place momentarily.

"I love you." He whispered.

"I love you too." I reciprocated his affection.

I was still a bundle a bundle of nerves when I felt a large hand cup my own, guiding me down into the water between us where Harry's hardened length stood erect. My cheeks flushed with heat as my fingers lightly brushed over his silky length, the sensation brought by touching him felt slightly different beneath the water, it was strange, yet intriguing.

As I wrapped my fingers round his thick shaft I couldn't help but feel pleased that Harry had never had sex in the bath, this would be his first time and knowing it would be with me made me feel a million bucks. I began to pump my hand up and down his length, those thoughts playing on my mind as the water stirred and small moans tumbled from my lovers plump pink lips. I leant forward slightly, nuzzling my face into the crook of his neck where my lips became attached to his collar bone, lightly sucking on his smooth skin. Fingertips hug into my sides as teeth grazed over the slowly rising red mark, tinging it with purple, leaving my mark on him. I keep he took pleasure in knowing I was his and he was mine by leaving marks of love on each others skin, I had grown to love the knowledge of that as well.

A teasing stripe was left up his neck before I pulled back, my thumb brushing over Harry's swollen tip before the motion of my hand ceased but fingers still remained curled around him. I received a lazy smile as large palms were placed on my hips, guiding them upwards as to position me over his throbbing erection.

I attempted to connect our desperate bodies, fingertips of my freehand pressing into his muscular shoulder for support as I struggled to connect our needy bodies. My nerves got the better of me though making my movements clumsy and shaky, my fingers slipping as I failed to connect us properly.

"It's okay." Harry soothed. "Try again."

A small huff of frustration escaped me due to my failure, cheeks red with embarrassment. I almost felt too stupid to try again, but fortunately Harry was patient and gently with me because he knew I was still new to this and wasn't entirely comfortable currently and for that I was grateful.

My lower lip was taken between my teeth as I concentrated on the task at hand which Harry clearly found entertaining. Words of support where spoken in a hushed whisper, full lips peppering kisses to my left shoulder. I bravely took hold of him again, allowing Harry to aid me in making small adjustments to our positions before his swollen tip partially pushed in.

"Slowly." Harry cautioned.

Unfortunately I was a little too eager, his instruction coming a little to late as I sank down, letting out a small shriek as I impaled myself on his thick shaft too quickly. Harry hissed, my sudden action taking him by surprise as much as it had taken me if not more. It felt different in this position, Harry's erection reached deeper inside me, filling me with more of him.

A content smile crossed his face now that the sharp entrance was over and he was buried deep within me. Warm lips grazed along my jaw, Harry's smile returned, my own lips forming a pleasured grin. His mouth trailed towards my lips, tingles left in theirs wake. A kiss was pressed to my mouth as if to signal his departure from our cuddle to lie back against the bath tub. A whimper escaped my lips as I refused to let him leave me by myself, arms coiling round his neck in a desperate attempt to get him to stay upright.

"No, no. Please stay with me." I begged.

"It's okay."

I was reassured as his arms wrapped round my wet body in a protective hug, remaining in a seated position with me. Releasing a sigh of content I let my head loll forward, resting on his shoulder as he held me closer. I would be quite happy to remain in this way for ever, tangled with Harry like this, our bodies connected lovingly in this exact way.

A few moments passed before we cautiously began to move, unpreventable breathless sounds echoing throughout the bathroom. The situation was under Harry's control despite my dominating position, his hands cupping my thighs as he worked me against him.

Moans soon filled the air, the water sloshing around us as I found myself falling back with Harry to where he rested his back against the curve of the tub. I desperately kissed at his face, smothering every inch of his beautiful skin with my lips as he confessed his love between throaty gasps. Hearing him proclaim his love in such a desperate way had my heart aflutter and my mind in a pile of mush. Knowing he loved me and I loved him brought me so much happiness. I had not felt love of any kind in such a long time, not since my dad passed. I knew lots of people loved me, but I didn't want them too because I felt as though they shouldn't because of what I had done to my father. But things changed with Harry, he gives me every little but of love he has to give and that's all of it. He has had no one to love because no one loved him back, not until me so I get every ounce of his beautifully untamed love. I pity those in his life who abandoned him and left him, didn't care, they missed out on ever receiving his love. Harry deserves love more than anyone else in the world so in giving him all mine.

Thinking about the lack of people who should have loved him that had been in then out of his life gave made me remember how I wanted to prove my unconditional love, giving me the courage to sit up on my own. I pressed my hands to Harry's muscular chest, using it as leverage to help me prop myself up. His fingertips burnt against my thighs as he grinned stupidly up at me, watching as I attempted to position myself comfortably astride his waist. Harry was still, apart from the motion in his strong arms as the muscles in his biceps contracted and retracted as he continued to lift my hips before rolling me down against him again.

My bravery continued to preceded me as I pushed his hands away, determine to try on my own. Twinkling, green eyes met my own as he moved his hands to settle upon my waist as I sat alone, taking matters into my own hands. Cautiously I began to move my hips against Harry's, body rising and falling, the movement allowing me to ride him. The satisfied smirk he wore on his face gave me a little confidence as I knew his expression was a result of finding pleasure in the dominating female looming above him. I had a feeling he couldn't care less about my lack of experience and skill when it came to the sex department. Harry was just happy to be with someone who reciprocated the love he gave.

"Lean on me." Harry laughed. "I'm not going to break."

I giggled, my hands enveloped in the warmth of his own as he moved to them towards his hard chest. My palms pressed to Harry's warm skin, fingers splayed out across his toned abdomen, my position adjusted so I was sitting slightly further forward. I was now provided with leverage to roll my hips against him as I rested my weight on his body. There wasn't any chance of breaking a him due to my small frame and irritating metabolism in which did a marvellous job of preventing me from gaining any weight. Harry was far too strong, his body lean and muscled, I couldn't break him, not unless it was his fragile heart.

Harry's fingers tickled at my skin making it clear he was in a playful mood. The expanse of his large hands smothered my body, exploring every inch of my naked skin as My tight walls continued to caress his aching intrusion. His smile was contagious, a stupid smile forming on my own lips as he continued to explore the landscape in which was my body. I couldn't help but giggle as Harry's fingers tickled at my sides, lightly prodding, forcing outbursts of laughter from me at random intervals.

Being in this way with Harry made me realise that sex wasn't just intense and serious, it could also be cute and full of stupid giggles. People are wrong when they say its only serious and intense, forcing moans and cries of your name from the other person. It's more than that, it can also be cute, stupid and giggly like the way Harry and I now, it wasn't just intense like other people presumed. Sex is about loving someone to the point where it doesn't matter what you do, whether it's serious and intense or full of stupid smiles and playful touches. It's about wanting to be with somebody, loving them. Harry.

I was brought forward, the deliberate bending of his knees forcing me to hover over him. I smiled, gently brushing my fingers over Harry's swollen pink lips as he kissed at my tips.

"Hi." He breathlessly grinned at me.


"You smell nice."

"So do you." I giggled, nuzzling my face into the crook of his neck, inhaling deeply.

Harry's fingers skimmed down my spine leaving tingles in their wake as I pressed my mouth to kid predominant collarbone. Kisses weren't spared in showering over the damp skin of my lover. Lips discovering Harry's soft spot over and over again, the spot just below the base of his neck where his stunning collarbone tempted my warm lips.

Our hips were colliding again, the water around as rippling with every irregular roll of my hips. I was struggling to find a steady rhythm, my body new to all this and being the one to set the pace rather than Harry who i had relied on before was more difficult than I had anticipated.

"I'm so bad at this." I mumbled embarrassedly as my lips peppered affection across his chest.

Harry released a loud moan as if to disagree with my statement. My cheeks flared with heat upon hearing the incredibly arousing sound. I took pleasure in hearing his moans, they gave me confidence in what I was doing though in this case I still doubted myself.

"No, you have no idea how good you're making me feel, it's so fucking sexy." He gasped. "You just need to find you're own rhythm."

The warmth of Harry's hands slid down from my waist, cheekily squeezing my backside before cupping his large palms beneath my thighs. I relaxed a little, allowing him to guide me in rocking back and forth, settling on a steady pace. The way my tight walls caressed Harry's length was like nothing I'd ever felt before. It was what felt like every inch moved within me. Unpreventable gasps escaped me as my body moved over his, clearly displaying to Harry that I was enjoying the indescribable sensation.

"You like that?" He questioned.

His seductive smile was laced with pleasure, intently observing the roll of my body. I had never thought of myself as being sexy, it was quite a contrast to my usual clumsy behaviour. But as Harry rose his hips to meet mine I immediately reacted by arching my back, tilting my head back slightly my chest being pushed out in the process as I leant back on his thighs.

"Fuck, your so hot." He groaned.

My thighs squeezed around his legs as I failed to contain a string of moans, allowing his ears to absorb the emitted sound. We continued to move against each other my body eventually coming to linger over Harry's once again. A heated kiss was shared between us Harry's teeth tugging at my lower lip. I cried out as a particularly heavy thrust was delivered, my nails scratching down his torso whilst grinding down with my hips.

"Nat, no, stop." He begged.

I ignored his pleading, my mind concentrating only on forcing him to reach his shattering orgasm. Our breathing was heavy, desperate gasps sounded in the heavy air at loss off breath. Harry acted fast in grasping hold of m hips, attempting to control the situation I'd taken into my own hands. He wasn't fast enough though. I quietly whimpered at the feeling of Harry's release , my palms pressing flat too his chest as my hair fell around my face.

I watched as his eyes clamped closed desperately trying to suppress the string of sensual moans fall from his lips. His plump lower lip was roughly taken between his teeth as the crease between his eyebrows appeared on his forehead. I smiled, taking pleasure in witnessing him fall apart beneath me.

Harry was still buried deep within me when the swirling green of his eyes reappeared. He looked less than pleased, his frown deepening as he caught hold of my wrists preventing my escape.

In the blink of an eye half the contents of the bath was spilled over the side, my back coming in contact with the hull of the bath, becoming trapped beneath Harry's powerful body. My hands were pinned above my head, shoulders down submerged in water as his large palms kept my wrists in place. I opened my mouth to speak but I was tongue tied as Harry delivered sharp thrusts to my already aching body. The air was forced from my lungs as his index and middle finger drew circles into my clitoris.

"Let it go." Harry roughly drawled. "Come for me."

The heat in my stomach continued to grow with his determine pace and delineate touches. My muscles clenching as Harry witnessed me scream, scream out his name.


Wet kisses were pressed along my neck as Harry and I cuddled close beneath the cooling water that now filled the bath. My head was leant back on his shoulder giving him easy access whilst one of his large right palm consumed my scarred breast, lovingly squeezing at it as my hand rest over his, keeping it there. Pleasurable shivers shot through my body with his every touch, between my legs tingly with heat despite my extreme orgasm earlier.


A small popping noise sounded as Harry's lips released the skin he had been intently working on as to leave another of the multiple love bites he'd left on my skin he so longingly adored.

"Hmm." He hummed in response.

"The waters cold." I giggled, feeling his teeth nip at my earlobe.

"You want to get out?"

I nodded my head in confirmation. My chest was given a final squeeze before our fingers tangled together, hands joining as Harry shifted behind me. The surface was broken on either side of my body as Harry pushed his knees upwards to stand. With my hand entwined with his I followed, allowing him to aid me in scrambling to my feet. I watched as Harry leant down to pull the plug, back muscles pulling taut as he freed the drain of the irritating item preventing the water from swirling down the hole.

I peered down at our feet, mine smaller than Harry's and decorated with a coating of aqua nail polish. They looked almost childlike compared to his, little and petite standing next to his giant ones. Well I guess he's supposed to be taller than me and stronger than me, everything about him is bigger and leaner in which gives me that sense of security. Knowing he could envelope me in his big, strong arms and protect me from anyone who wished to inflict pain on me made me feel safe and I loved feeling that way with him when it was natural, not over the top.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked teasingly. "Comparing the size of my feet with the size of my dick?"

A hot flush spread across my cheek as I realised his feet weren't the only things that I could see when I looked down and knowing Harry and his cheeky mouth of course he'd think I was looking at something else as s
well. A smirk was written across his face as he wrapped his arms round my waist, pulling me against his body. I gasped quietly as I felt the hardness of his stiff length press into my lower stomach becoming trapped between us. A throaty groan was emitted into the heavy atmosphere as my soft chest pressed against his of contrasting hard one. There was the tiniest gap between us, our torso's moulded together.

Soft curls tickled at my cheek as he dipped his head down, mouth hovering over my ear. Shivers ran down my spine as Harry's warm breath fanned out over the side of my face. Pink lips brushed over my earlobe, plump an warm as he leant closer to whisper in my ear.

"Well you know what they say, big feet big d-"

I cut him off before he could finish that sentence, the span of my right hand connecting with the exposed skin of his cute bum. An interesting yelp escaped him as I broke free of his grip, leaping out of the tub as I made a quick dash to the other side of the bathroom. The cupboard where towels were kept was hastily yanked open, a black towel tugged out and wrapped round my body quicker than light. I didn't waste time glancing back, instead I darted out of the room, cheeks flushed with embarrassment as I ran as fast as my legs could carry me.

"Hey!" Harry's yell stopped me halfway to my bag nestled in the far corner of my bedroom.

Turning on my heel my eyes fell upon Harry, stark naked, stepping from within the confines of the bathroom. His beautiful green eyes were alight with playfulness as he looked across the room over at me. I couldn't help but stare at him awe, he looked like a God. Damp Hair swept of his face, pushed back atop of his head in a slight quiff, droplets of water glinted in the light as they trickled down his perfectly sculpted body in such a slow, alluring way that watching him nearly killed me. Harry's eyes shone brightly, swirling like the ocean, it was only his swollen lips that reminded me that he was in fact not Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea but Harry Styles, the incredibly cheeky guy who was all mine.

"You five starred my left butt cheek." He announced rubbing his hand over his bum as if too inflict guilt on me, that of which I did not feel at all.

I clamped my hand over my mouth, to prevent the uncontrollable giggles from escaping my lips as Harry turned around repealing his backside to me. I had indeed five starred his bum, a lovely bright red mark in the shape of my palm seared against his left cheek making it evident I had been there.

"Well you like to leave you're mark on me, think of it as me marking you." I managed to choke out through my laughter. "You deserve it anyway, you cheeky bastard."

I smirk curled at the corners of Harry's plump lips, his usual devilish smirk appearing on his face. I backed away as Harry slowly began to advance on me, his strides longer and faster than mine as I attempted to get away. I had come to realise that I never actually did try and escape him in previous situations very similar to this, I pretended to but all I really wanted was for him to catch me.

The back of my knees hit the end if the bed, my body falling backwards only to have my fall cushioned by the soft mattress beneath me. Harry had caught up by now, his large palms falling upon my knees as he pushed them apart before ripping the towel I desperately tried to keep secure round my body. The fluffy, black material was tossed carelessly across the room leaving me bare, trapped beneath his powering hand.

Harry stepped between my thighs, a hand falling either side of my head as he moved to hover over. Despite being the one trapped beneath, my arms reached up, coiling around his waist, feeling the warmth of his heated skin. My fingers wandered down his spine unstopped as they glided over the curve of his backside. A chuckle fell from his pretty lips as I pinched the soft skin, clearly he didn't mind my hands wandering f his skin, apparently he enjoyed it.

I light kiss was pressed to our lips, giggles exchanged between us along with smiles and further random pecks to each others faces. I loved being in this way with Harry, it was fun displaying our love for each other in such a cute and cuddly manor. Despite our lack of clothing it was innocent and playful, our only objective to make one another laugh and smile, to bring each other happiness.

I pulled Harry down towards me, my lips brushing his ear as I cuddled him close.

"You know I really love you." I whispered.

"I love you too." He smiled. "Oh and just so you know, feel free to spank my arse whenever you like. Just as long as I get to return the favour."

I let out a laugh, playfully shoving him off me. He was honestly the cheesiest guy I'd ever met, probably the cheekiest that existed. I guess his extreme cheekiness makes up for his jokes, those are god awful.

A chill tickled at my spine, the cold starting to settle in now our bodies were cooling from after being working the hot bath. Stumbling to my feet I quickly pulled the covers back before Harry got anymore clever ideas. My whole backside could end up a flaming red if I wasn't careful.

I slipped between the soft sheets, tugging the duvet cover back up, concealing my bare body in warmth. Harry tried to follow in my footsteps, getting to the point where he lay down on the bed only to have me pinch his bum. Laughter erupted from my mouth as Harry fell off the bed falling to the floor with a small thud.

"What was that for." Harry pouted playfully as he rubbed his elbow, pretending he was wounded.

"You have a cute bum." I giggle, falling back against the pillows.

"Oh do I know." He teased.

I couldn't stop the pink blush from igniting on my cheeks as Harry crawled back onto the bed. I'm not sure how that ended up slipping out but it did and now I'm not going to hear the end of this from him. A smug grin curled on his perfect, plump, pink lips, heat radiating off his body as he slunk closer. Fingertips brushed over my skin, his touch leaving goosebumps in its wake and sending shivers down my spine.

I loved the way he touched me, he was so soft and gentle despite his ruthless looks and occasionally ruthless ways. I like the way his callused fingers brush over my skin, it's like having rough and soft at the same time and the sensation is extraordinary. His sometimes harsh, unforgiving exterior is a vast contrast to the gold he contains deep inside of him, hidden from everyone in the world but me.

"Well I quite like your arse, too." A open mouthed kiss was placed to my neck.

Heat crept further up my cheeks, his coy words pushing all the right buttons to evoke the flaming colour in my cheeks. Lifting my hand I lightly smacked him upside the head for being such a cheeky bastard. Laughter vibrated from deep within Harry's chest, his angelic smile spreading across his lips and those adorable little dimples indenting themselves in his cheeks. His happiness was contagious, his laugh and smile so irresistibly beautiful that I couldn't help myself pressing my lips to his plump warm ones in a quick peck.

Harry's swollen lips dipped down to meet mine again, a ravishing kiss pressed to the pink flesh. My fingertips to led up his spine, wandering over the warm skin in which covered the expanse of his back. I loved the feeling of his smooth skin beneath the tips of my fingers, feeling the warmth that radiates from his godlike body as I hold onto him like the precious fallen angel he is.

Sometimes I worry he might go back, back to where he flew above the clouds in the heavens. I have to constantly remind myself that he can't. He has been broken and bent, ripped and torn, beaten and bruised and is in desperate need of love. Harry can't be an angel again, they destroyed him and put his hearth through a paper shredder over and over again. They ruined him, pulled his beautiful feathers from his soft, white wings one by one until he couldn't fly anymore. He fell, fell through the clouds where he crash landed on earth as a lost, confused boy who had no one to love and care for him. He was alone, unloved, unwanted but I found him and I will save him because I love him and he is still my beautiful fallen angel.

Harry's face hovered over mine, his mouth splotching wet kissed left, right and centre as I squirmed beneath him giggling like some kid on laughing gas. I must've looked the right sight, bright red, wriggling as though I was a worm trapped in the beak of a bird desperate for escape.

"Harry! Stop it!" I shrieked. "I'm gonna die!"

He leant back, giving me space to breathe again but not before his slobbery tongue had left a nice streak of saliva on my cheek. Harry's laughter lingered in the happy atmosphere as I pushed at his chest, shunting him off my chest and into the empty spot on the mattress right beside me.

He found It absolutely hilarious watching me use the back of my hand to wipe his slobber from my cheek, clearly less than pleased with him. I occasional wonder if he's secretly five years old, there are times where he can be incredibly immature and childish. I wonder if some of it is for the childhood in which he was robbed so unfairly of, he never got to be a little kid, he had to grow up much to fast and that was so unfair.

"You're disgusting." I whined. "But I love you, so you're lucky."

"Mmm, I know I am." Harry hummed. "You'd probably slap my arse again if you didn't."

My mouth fell open, his cheeky comments coming back up again. Reaching out towards the closest pillow, I curled my fingers around the fluffy object, clutching it tightly. Before Harry had time to register he was going to be hit dead straight in the face, my feathery weapon had already collided.

"Oh shut up, you."

The pillow was quickly snatched from me before I was given the chance to whack him with it again. I watched with disappointment as the fluffy pillow full of feathers was dumped on the floor, leaving my head without its soft cushioning and my neck uncomfortably straining.

"You have no pillow now, baby." Harry smirked.

I smiled as I looked over at Harry, curls in a mess as his muscular abdomen peeked out over the top of the cover, his waist and legs disappearing beneath the sheets. Shuffling a little closer, I draped a arm over his chest and lay my head against his shoulder. Now that my pillow had disappeared I was forced to use Harry as my pillow. It wasn't like I minded though, actually, I would rather lay my head against his warm, chest than on a pillow.

Harry chuckled as I snuggled into the side of his body, my right leg moving to slip between his. The position I held on Harry's chest wasn't quite like using him as a pill, he was more so used as a warm bed that cuddled me back. His strong arms moved to encase me in their warmth, skin ablaze against mine as he drew me close in his amorous embrace.

I peered up at him through long lashes to see his reaction to my change of position. Harry looked more than pleased with my decision to uphold a place across his body where he would quite happily hold me close all throughout the night. A lazy smile curled on his plump, pink lips as he gazed down at me, eyes swirling with their their usual shade of forest green. The fingers on Harry's right hand gently combed through the tangled mess of wet waves that tumbled past my shoulders down my back whilst his other arm held securely against his hard chest.

"Why would I need a pillow when I've got you." I moved slightly to press my lips to his predominant collar bone before returning to my previous position.

"I love you."

"I love you." I responded.

Silence fell between us for sometime, it wasn't an awkward silence though, it was a comfortable one. It was nice just listening to Harry's steady breathing and feeling the rise and fall of his chest in which matched his every breath. His eyes were closed, his features upholding a peaceful state as I touched over his chest, my palm pressing over the powerful beat of his heart. I knew he was awake despite the closure of Harry's eyes, I would see his lashes flutter every now and then and his warm fingers were continuously wandering over the expanse of my back. I wanted to talk to him about earlier, we still had unresolved problems to solve and I didn't want to postpone the conversation until tomorrow or the day after because it would just ear away at me and stress me out. But the way he seemed so calm and at peace made it difficult because I was afraid things might get out of hand again and I didn't want to ruin his little happy state.

Every thing was such a challenge with Harry, he is impossibly confusing and he has the quickest mood swings, one second he could be as cute and cuddly as a baby penguin, the next he's a hot mess with his voice raised and eyes ablaze with angry fire. I don't know how he's going to react if I bring something up but I can't wait, if I wait any longer it's going to kill me.

Harry's eyes snapped open upon feeling the weigh of my body shift off him, moving to lie back against the mattress again. Holding the duvet to my bare chest I propped myself up against the headboard.

"Hey, comeback." Harry complained, reaching for me in a failed attempt to pull me back down to join him in a cuddle.

"We still need to talk about before." I announced as he moved to join me against the headboard.

"Well I think it was so fucking sexy when you were on top."

My cheeks flared red and I mentally face palmed myself. It was quite clear he was avoiding the discussion about the conflict between us that I was desperately trying to resolve. Harry didn't want to talk about it and quite honestly neither did I but it wasn't optional, we had to talk or this would only happen again.

"Harry, I'm serious, we need to talk."

I watched in disappointment as his eyebrows furrowed, knitting themselves together in an unhappy frown. There goes that moment of happiness and his beautiful smile. Harry's eyes were no longer alit with colour, their bright green had now faded into a dull tone in which matched his unhappy expression.

He shook his head, rolling onto his side so his back was turned towards me, his muscles tense and taut. I hated how he had suddenly snapped back into the Harry he had been during our fight earlier. I felt betrayed and led on after the events in which occurred in the bathtub. What had he expected? To apologise, have sex with me and then go back to arguing again rather than talking things through like civilised people rather than cavemen. Did he think that we weren't going to talk about this later and that he'd avoid the inevitable conversation when the whole fight had been set ablaze with the unresolved business. If that was what he thought then he was terribly wrong.

"Harry." I warned.


A small huff was released from my chest. I was growing impatient with him and his stubborn ways, he was beginning to get on my nerves. Despite my irritation I forced myself to remain calm and not to begin yet another screaming match. I knew he was currently in a fragile state and if I didn't tread carefully the ticking timebomb within him would explode and I'd possibly end up deaf. I don't want to upset him, but he's upsetting me and I know he knows we need to talk about his overprotective problems he has with me but he doesn't want to talk and it pisses me off. If Harry keeps postponing things he doesn't want to discus or doesn't want to do in his life we're not ever going to get anywhere.

With hesitance I shuffled a little closer to him, cautiously reaching out to place my hand upon the centre of his muscular back. Harry flinched a little upon feeling the palm of my hand spread across his skin, it was probably cold in comparison to his warm body temperature.

When he didn't move to force me away or to evade my gentle touch I gently began to run my fingers over his back. My hands moved in circular motions, working the tense muscles out in a way which I could only hope relaxed him. I was just as uncomfortable talking about his possessive issues as he was, if not more. I didn't want to fight with Harry, I hate fighting with him but if he's willing to discuss this like a normal person than there won't be any need for yelling and screaming. I just want to sort this out so cute, smily, cuddly Harry will come back and neither of us will have to worry about any problems between us for the time being.

"You can't delay this conversation forever, Harry." I gently whispered in his ear. "We might as well get it over and done with."

I was taken slightly by surprise as Harry rolled over to face me, his arms lightly shoving me away by my shoulders. I fell back against the mattress, bouncing a little as Harry took this as the perfect opportunity to escape. I watched as the covers were yanked back aggressively, Harry's naked body climbing from the bed, leaving me lonely as I lay between the sheets.

"I don't want to talk about it." He snapped. "Why is that so hard for you to understand."

It wasn't hard for me to understand. I knew exactly what he meant. He didn't want to talk about it but it wasn't optional, unless he doesn't want to be with me because I can't live under lock and key my whole life so if we want this relationship to work out we have to discuss the dreaded topic.

I pressed my forearms into the mattress, using them for leverage to prop myself up on my elbows. I was growing increasingly weary from all this bickering with him but by some astounding miracle I was managing to keep a calm composure and my temper at bay.

"Well sometimes we have to grow up and do things we don't want to do." I spoke.

"I don't want to fucking argue with you." He snarled before promptly turning on his heel and storming out of the room stark naked.

I couldn't help but roll my eyes at him. Harry was just being a stubborn male who needs to learn that he can't control me and that I have the right to be able to hug someone of the opposite gender without him going apeshit at me and attempting to murder my poor, unsuspecting male friend. He needs to put his trust in me just like I've put all mine in him.

The moment his footsteps had become inaudible I flung the duvet cover back, scrambling out of bed. My feet touched the cold floor, making small padding sounds with every step I took. Only when I was halfway across the room did I realise my lack of clothing and that unlike Harry, I was much less confident than he and his great sky high level of confidence he had with his godly body.

Making a quick detour, I veered to the left, heading back into the bathroom where an array of clothes were scattered across the white tiles. Being in the bathroom again made my chest hurt, not long ago Harry and I were in here making love and now we're at war again, knowing that saddened me.

Sighing loudly to myself I crouched down to retrieve Harry's blue button down dress shirt he had worn especially in an attempt to make a good impression on my family. When I'd told him he didn't the shirt because they'd love him whether he wore his simple black t-shirt or the blue dress shirt he shook his head and told me he didn't want them to think he was some punk kid who was no good for me. I laughed and told him he didn't look like some pink kid and I thought it was cute that he wanted to try and impress my grandparents. I even helped him out of his black t-shirt and watched with great adoration as his trembling fingers buttoned the shirt up incorrectly. After Harry had put the buttons on the wrong holes, I moved in, unbuttoning the shirt again, kissing his tummy twice before buttoning his shirt right up too his chin. Harry then proceeded in unbuttoning the top two and I had joked that they'd think he looked scruffy, that had evoked a chuckle from him.

I slipped Harry's shirt up my arms, settling the thin, lightweight fabric on my shoulders. I buttoned the shirt up most of the way, careful not to put a button in the wrong hole like Harry had done on his first try before we visited my grandparents. It was a little long in the sleeves but it was the perfect length to just conceal my backside.

Exiting the bathroom again I moved across the room to where I'd set my back down in the corner. Crouching down beside it I tugged the zipper open, riffling through the jumbled contents until I discovered a clean pair of panties. Quickly I tugged the material up my legs before heading to the guest room in where I figure Harry must have situated himself.

The floorboards creaked beneath my feet as I tried to tread quietly down the hall as not to alert Harry of my whereabouts just yet. I was afraid of what might be the outcome of this but I could only hope it didn't lead to another screaming argument and yet a bigger mess.

As I approached the room I realised the door was pulled closed, concealing Harry from me. I contemplated whether to knock or not before quickly making a decision. The door hand rattled a little as I twisted it to the left, slowly pushing it open. My eyes immediately landed in Harry's back as if I were magnetised, always drawn to the handsome man I called my boyfriend.

He was pulling a pair of black boxer briefs up his legs when I stepped into the room. Harry turned his head towards me, the elastic band snapping against his waist as his gaze met mine briefly before he quickly glanced away again.

I watched him as he turned towards the bed, slipping between the sheets before pulling the duvet above his head. A per usual Harry was being difficult and it really was unnecessary but that was just him. Holding my self together I moved towards the bed also, hopping in the opposite side, delving between the sheets in search for my beautiful lover of whom was hiding himself from me.

I pawed around the mattress in search for the feeling of his hot skin. Harry wasn't difficult to find though, he didn't put up a fight, he didn't move, he didn't try and escape, he just lay motionlessly on his side, back towards me as I touched over his fiery skin. Gently I draped an arm over his waist, wiggling closer until my front was pressed firmly to his back, legs curled up beneath him and my free hand tangling within his curls the way I know he loves as I spooned him from behind.

Gentle kisses were pressed to his bare shoulders as I cuddled him from behind. It was a rather foreign position to me as I usually lay in front, allowing Harry to hold me during the night whilst we slept but for the second time today the roles had been reversed and I had become the dominant one. Leaning up a little I moved my head to nuzzle into the crook of his neck before my lips moved to longer by his ear in an attempt to try something else out tonight.

"Come on baby spoon, please talk to me." I whispered.

I felt a shiver run down Harry's spine, my words clearly evoking something within him. I felt him move to sit up, a wave of disappointment washing over me that was u till I realised he was only moving to face me so we could talk.

"Fine." Harry spoke. "But I don't want us to yell at each other, it makes me feel upset."

I couldn't stop myself from wrapping my arms around him after seeing that pink blush on his cheeks. Hearing him admit things like that and tell me the way he feels brings me happiness knowing his walls are crumbling and he's becoming even more open with me. My mouth left several kisses to his rosy cheeks, savouring the rare sight of faint red dancing on his skin.

"I don't like yelling at each other either, it makes me cry." I admitted. "I hate hurting you."

We both smiled a little as we sat up, pushing the covers back so we could breathe without feeling suffocated by the close confines beneath the sheets. I crossed my legs, facing him as he lay sprawled out lengthways down the bed, his waist down covered by the thin white sheet. He watched me intently as I moved to gently take his hand in mine, giving it a small squeeze of reassurance as I begin to speak.

"I'm going to be blunt with you, Harry. You're way too protective and a lot of the time you're defending me from people who aren't going to hurt me."

"How do you know that?" He asks. "You don't see the way other guys look at you, their beady eyes examine you like some rare specimen and I fucking hate it. Then they flirt with you and you're to polite to tell them to fuck off."

I rolled my eyes, I knew Harry was referring to that waiter who had been a little too friendly towards me. The poor guy was nearly killed because Harry didn't like the way he was speaking to me.

"There are guys who are like that Harry, but it doesn't mean I'm going to leave you for them." I answer. "I can handle them myself and as for my friends and family, they aren't going to try anything of they had they already would have and I'm not the kind of person who promotes incest."

"So you're basically saying I can't protect you anymore?!" Harry snapped, snatching his hand from mine. "That you don't need me and can handle yourself!?"

I wasn't saying anything of the sort. I was simply saying that my friends and family won't hurt me and that flirty waiters were as harmless as a fly. He doesn't need to put himself through so much stress worrying about me when I'm with friends or family or even if a flirty waiter is around, I'm his and only his.

"Do you even want me?" A tear slipped down his cheek before he had the chance to brush it away.

My heart clenched in agony hearing those words slip from his lips. Why would he even think such a thing. I've shown him over and over again how much I love him and want him and care for him, yet here we are again with the stupid question which shouldn't need to be asked.

"Of course I want you, Harry!" I exclaim. "How many times do I have to tell you that I want you and need you until it finally sinks in!? If I didn't want you I wouldn't be here now!"

Harry's lips tremble as more tears tumble down his cheeks, heavy sobs escaping his lips. I moved closer, my arms wrapping around him as I pulled him into a hug. My hand gently rubbed over his back to comfort him. God! I love him so much that it hurts!

"I want your protection, Harry." I whispered. "I want you to make me feel safe and secure the way you do so well."

I kissed him on the cheek.

"But sometimes it is too much, it can be suffocating and I feel like you're chaining me down." I explain. "I don't need protecting from my friends, Harry, I need you to trust me though, because I won't leave you for someone else." I whisper softly in his ear. "You are the only man I ever want in my life, it's only you."

A tear slips down his cheek and I move to brush it away.

"I want you to protect me from things that will hurt me like Luke and Adam and that spider in the basement." I explain. "My friends and family won't hurt me and you don't need to worry about me leaving you because I love you more than words."

Please believe me, Harry, please believe.


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