These 5 idiots and I

Jess, a 19 year old college student wins concert tickets to One Directions "Take Me Home" tour. Waiting for this opportunity do ages jess screamed as the announcer from 92.7 WAM Fm told her she had won front row seats and backstage passes to the show. She knew this would be an amazing opportunity but what he didn't know was that her fate was left in the hands of 5 singing idiots. He life soon to be change for the better.


2. The phone call

Briiiing... Briiiiing..... 

I look at my phone, private number' 

"Bri I don't know if I should answer this" I say worriedly

"What the worst that could possibly happen Jess?" She replies. 

"Uh I suppose" I answer just before it rings out.


"hi there, is this Jess McPherson?"

"yes, how can I help you?"

"this is Gregory sprunk from 92.7 WAM Fm, you have won the chance to see One Direction live and meet them back stage on their Take Me Home Tour!"

"AAAAAH, WHAT! ARE YOU SERIOUS?" I couldn't contain my excitement, Bri was looking at me like a mad man

"Completely serious Jess! In just 1 day you will be flying out to go see the boys in concert, and meet them of course. As I understand you live on campus at Jenkings college complex?"

"yes I do, how did you know?"

"it was on your application form, the front office will have your package. Congrats. Have a fantastic time. Sponsored by 92.7 WAM Fm"

"OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH" I reply as. Tear trickles down my cheek for a long time I've wanted to meet one direction. 3 years in fact and my dream is finally coming true! 

"What's wrong?" I hear Bri ask looking dumbfounded. 

"You'll see" I replied as I smiled at her and ran off towards the front office 

"wait for me" she screamed chasing after me. 

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