These 5 idiots and I

Jess, a 19 year old college student wins concert tickets to One Directions "Take Me Home" tour. Waiting for this opportunity do ages jess screamed as the announcer from 92.7 WAM Fm told her she had won front row seats and backstage passes to the show. She knew this would be an amazing opportunity but what he didn't know was that her fate was left in the hands of 5 singing idiots. He life soon to be change for the better.


3. The package

I get to the first lot if mailboxes puffed and worn but anxious 

"3b....3b....." I mumble under my breath "there it is!" I yell excitedly 

"what are you doing........why did you run here........ There's such a thing as walking" Bri says in between gasps for air 

"you'll see" I say winking at her. Bri is a massive Directioner as well. This would be a great surprise. I think as I put the key in and turn it to open the mailbox. 

"Look there's a package! Wow Jess amazing. Why did we have to run for this" Bri said sarcastically 

i take the package shut my mailbox. Give her a dirty look and say "you can see why I ran if you want or you can leave me alone" 

she frowned at me as I marched back to my room. Not even caring about the rest of the days lessons and lectures. Bri had the day off so she didn't care when she followed me back to my room

"sit on my bed, I will show you why I'm excited!" I say

I grab my key and slide it up and down the sticky tape to free the small box, I peel back each side to uncover the beauty. I reef out two backstage passes like lightning as I watch Bri sit idle on the bed with one single tear form in he left eye. Still idle without replying I put the lanyard around her neck she beams a huge smile

"you want me to come with you?"

"yes I would love to take you!" I replied happily 

"when do we go?"

"We leave tomorrow paid trip and spending how fantastic?" 

"Amazing! OMG I HAVE TO GO PACK!" She says as she hands me back the lanyard.

"don't forget your bikini!" I yell after her 

well I better start getting packed then. 



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