These 5 idiots and I

Jess, a 19 year old college student wins concert tickets to One Directions "Take Me Home" tour. Waiting for this opportunity do ages jess screamed as the announcer from 92.7 WAM Fm told her she had won front row seats and backstage passes to the show. She knew this would be an amazing opportunity but what he didn't know was that her fate was left in the hands of 5 singing idiots. He life soon to be change for the better.


1. First lecture

The sun beams in the window, hitting my face. I wake to the sound of rain making a rhythm on my roof. I look over at my alarm clock; 8:45 

Jess' point of view;

oh shit! My first lecture starts in 15 minutes I'm going to be so late! I run to my closet pick out a lilac tank and my black skinny jeans, tie my hair up in a bun grab my textbooks, my phone and my vans and ran out the door. Lucky I live on campus or I would have been seriously late.

 "Hey Jess wait up!" I hear from behind me 

"oh hey stace, what's up?"

"mmm.. Nothing much, I tried calling you this morning"

"oh sorry about that, I was asleep" I replied 

"cutting it a bit close aren't yo..." "Hello sunshine!" Jake interrupted 

i roll my eyes. "Hey babe" stace replied laying a kiss on his cheek.

stacey and jake have been dating for almost a year, I used to be the third wheel until I met Mae in our media studies class. Which I am glad for because she is lovely and this way I don't have to be third wheeling whenever jake is with stace. 

"You coming Jess?" Stace asked anxiously

"what?" I replied confused, "do you want to come to get a drink before first lecture?" 

"Nah I'm fine, hey there's Bri, I will see you later!" I reply walking off as she gives me a puzzled gaze. Ah I think I should listen more, "hey Jess." Yelled Bri

"hey babe! You ready to go?" I replied with a huge smile on my face.

"sure am," she says as she takes a seat at the back of the room. "Bring this test on!" I yell from few seats away. 


"How do you think you went?" I ask

"shockingly bad, it was like I was asleep when we learnt everything" Bri replies,

"I don't think I did that bad. Hope I get above average sco..." 



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