Everything About You <3

Liam Payne and Gabrielle Prescott are best friends. That's all, and it kills Gabrielle inside each day knowing thats all shell ever be with the love of her life </3. Liam isn't looking for a relationship since his recent and bitter breakup with his girlfriend Danielle, but will Gabrielle somehow change his mind when he isn't expecting it?! And when and if this happens, will they be able to make it work? Or will everything be awkward and is it better for the just to be.....friends?


5. Chapter 5

After dinner, Liam and I went back to my house, and cuddled watching some tv. 

"What's the matter?", he asked me.

"Nothing", i said defensively. 

"Brie I can read you like an open book.  Something's bothering you", he explained.

"Liam, its nothing, not a big deal. Lets just move on...", I said.

"No tell me what's wrong babe. Anything!", he said.  

"Ok, fine but it's probably not even important....", I told him.

he rolled his eyes.  "Just tell me!". He said making me smile. 

"Ok, ok.  I feel like....I'm holding you back because...I don't....you want to.....Im not ready to have sex with you, but you're ready, and stuff", I tried explaining but ended up in tears.  

"C'mere", he said wrapping his strong arms around me, and pulling me into his arms, kissing the top of my head.

he rubbed my back.  "I'm not ready until you're ready baby! You're not holding me back at all!!! I only want you, and if you want to wait awhile, I'm fine with that, just know that I will never do anything to hurt you or anything you don't want to do".  Just like my ex, Brian did.  That's why I was crying, because the memories were coming back.  It happened about 3 years ago; I was dating this guy named Brian.  We had a pretty good relationship, except one day we were making out an he took it too far. I tried to get him to stop, but he wouldn't listen.  He almost raped me, he was so close to, and he knew it too.  I remember coming to Liam and Danielle both in tears.  Danielle held me, while Liam angrily steamed around saying he was gonna beat this guy's ass, and did just that.  

"I know you would never hurt me, but because of what appended with Brian I....", I said and the tears came faster than before.  

"You know I would never behave like that baby girl!", he said kissing me.  "I totally respect you, and would never ever do anything to hurt you!

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