Everything About You <3

Liam Payne and Gabrielle Prescott are best friends. That's all, and it kills Gabrielle inside each day knowing thats all shell ever be with the love of her life </3. Liam isn't looking for a relationship since his recent and bitter breakup with his girlfriend Danielle, but will Gabrielle somehow change his mind when he isn't expecting it?! And when and if this happens, will they be able to make it work? Or will everything be awkward and is it better for the just to be.....friends?


3. Chapter 3

After the long day at school, I headed home and got a call from Liam.

"Yahhh?", I said.

"Brie, hey!", he responded.

"Uhm hi", I said.

"Im sorry, I was gonna stay at your house, but then my mum called me and said she wanted to have lunch with me", he explained.

"Nahh, don't worry about it! Make sure ya tell your mum I say hi, ok?", I said.

"Oh I will, she'll probably be upset I didn't bring you", he said and I laughed.

"Obvious because she loves me more than you" I joked.

"Oh ok, let's just go with that", he laughed.

"Pretty much. Listen Perrie's calling me, I'll talk to you later!", I told him.

"Ok, byeee!"


"Oh hey girl!". I said picking up the phone.

"hey how ya doin?", she sang and I laughed.

"Pretty good, what do you want?". I said.

"I wanted to go shopping and have a sleepover with my baby cakes, but since...", she said.

"But your baby cakes needs her baby cakes to go shopping with her and needs you to have a sleepover with me so I can ditch class tomorrow....", I said and she laughed.

"Do you want me to just drive over to your house now, Im pretty close to it actuallly", I said. 

"ok, sounds perfectttt! Luv yas!!!", she said.

"Luv yaaa too!", I said switching lanes. London traffics surely the worst! Thing....ever! 


When I finally arrived, Perrie greeted me at the door with open arms.

"Babe, you're here!", she said. I laughed.

"Traffic was horrrrrrrible!", I exagerrated and she laughed a bit.

"Oh I bet! Ready to go?", she asked.

"But of corse, lets go!", I said.  She laughed. 

"Alrighty then", she said and we headed into my car, turning up the radio. 

The song, ironically was " How Ya Doing" by Little Mix. I laughed, and Perrie and I sang along.  

During the song, Liam called me and I picked up the phone singing "Hey how ya doin sorry you can't get through why don't ya leave your name and your number" with Perrie because I put it on speaker phone. He laughed, and said "I don't even wanna know,..wait are you with Perrie?".

"Yah", I said. 

"Oh cool", he responded. 

"What are you guys up to?", he added. 

"Going shopping, haha", I told him. 

"That's like all you two do", he replied.

"Shutup Liam" Perrie said, and he laughed. 

"Oh, I gotta go. Call me later, k?", he said. 

"Only if you call me first babe", I said.

"Oh okay I will", he said.


before I knew it, we were at the mall. 

"Ok, so the thing is we gotta try not o get um caught by the cameras", she said.  Ever since back when Liam auditioned for Xfactor, the day I met him, cameras have been following me everywhere too just not like they were for Perrie, or Liam.  They had it much worse!

"Oh I know we're usually pretty good at this though", I told her.

"Right we are", she responded smiling.

"Wgat are you all smiley about?", I asked her as we entered the first store. 

"Zayn! He's being really sweet lately, like today, he made me breakfast in bed and he bought me flowers and we made love today. It was like the best ever.  Then he wrote me the sweetest note...", she said.

igave her a look.

"Sorry. I'm getting too carried away again aren't I?", I responded.

"No no, you're good, I just wish Liam did all those things to me", I explained.

 "Well Brie, he's totally into you it's obvious he's just too stupid to realize what he's missing at the moment, and the second he realizes it, then he'll snatch you up. Trust me, loveee!" She said as we looked at the endless rows of shoes. 

"Perrrie, no.you already have five the and trillion pairs of shoes! I need dresses, and I want your help!", I said. 

"Oh alright.....", perrrie agreed putting the shoes down as we walked out of the store heading into the next one. 


"Oooooh you have to try this on!", she shrieked running towards me. I took it, tried it on and it looked AHMAZINGGgggggggggg! 

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