Everything About You <3

Liam Payne and Gabrielle Prescott are best friends. That's all, and it kills Gabrielle inside each day knowing thats all shell ever be with the love of her life </3. Liam isn't looking for a relationship since his recent and bitter breakup with his girlfriend Danielle, but will Gabrielle somehow change his mind when he isn't expecting it?! And when and if this happens, will they be able to make it work? Or will everything be awkward and is it better for the just to be.....friends?


2. Chapter 2

A week passed, and i was lying in bed when the phone rang. It was Liam, so I answered right away.
"Hey, you busy today?", he asked.
"No, why?", I responded. 
"Ok good, can you come over?", he said sweetly.
"Um yah! When?", I responded.
"Soon! But don't dress us, we're gonna watch movies and i need someone to cuddle when it starts thundering...its pouring out there!", he said jokingly.
"Alright, sounds perfect, i just gotta get dressed and i'll be over, k?", i told him.
"Ok don't take too long, love yhuuuu!", he sang making my heart race.
"Love yhuuu!", i responded hanging up and jumping into the shower. 
It kills me that we're not dating. I mean the way he talks to me and the way he looks at me! He's so confusing sometimes i cant even explain! 

After my shower, i dried myself off, slipping into my black lacy underwear, matching  push-up bra, a pair of baggy Victoria's Secret sweatpants, a low tank top, and a zip up sweatshirt matching the sweatpants. Next, i threw my hair up in a messy bun, applied a little bit of makeup grabbed my phone and purse, and was out the door. 
Before i knew it i was sprinting to his front door to avoid the rain which was, pouring just as Liam said. He unlocked it right away, shirtless and in a pair of sweatpants with his boxers sticking out. Does he even know what he's doing to me right now, does he have any idea? 

He hugged me tightly, and let me inside right away. 
"Im glad you're here!" he said, and i saw his eyes wandering down my sweatshirt which i left unzipped some once he let me go.
"What are we watching?", i asked a few seconds later when Liam came back with a bowl of popcorn.
"Toy Story marathon, baby!", he said. I laughed.
"But of corse! Lets get started", i said sitting down on the couch. Liam sat down next to me, placing the popcorn in-between us, and handing me a glass of Mountain Dew. 
"Thanks", i said his hand brushing up against mine as i took it.
I got cold during the first half of the first movie, so I snuggled under the blanket with Liam. He put an arm around me, and I snuggled in, resting my head on his shoulder, no longer being able to focus on the movie. 
I fell asleep, during the third movie and when i woke up, i realized it was about two in the morning, and Liam wasn't next to me like he was when i drifted asleep.  However, i heard noise in the kitchen and knew it would be him. I walked in there, and he saw me right away. 
"Sorry if I woke you...", he said.
"Oh no, you didn't", i responded and suddenly he went "Um....wheres your pants?" blushing. 
"Oh my god! Well obviously not on...i must've kicked them off in my sleep or something., speaking of which wheres your pants?", I responded. 
"Not on me...", he said laughing. Then, i went to go um.find my pants.  Problem was, i couldn't. 
"Li, I cant find my pants babe", i yelled. He came in the room laughing. 
"You realize it is like 2:30 in the morning, right!", he said laughing.
"Hold on", he said coming back a little bit longer.
"Here, you can wear these they might be huge, but at least you know you'll have pants", he said blushing. 
This was really awkward! I slipped them on, huge as they were and laughed. 
He laughed too, and then got all sensitive again like usual. This time, we sat on his bed and talked. 
"I'm just...i don't think I'm ready to date again its so hard", he said almost ready to cry. I wrapped my arms around him. 
"Hey, its okay Liam, no need to let Danielle upset you anymore, okay!", i said sweetly.
"Ok. When im ready to date, i think i know who my first pic would be", he said.
"Oh really, and who's that!", i teased him. 
"Well, she's really pretty, even though she doesn't think so, she's probably the only person i know who would drive out to my house whenever i asked, no matter what she was doing, my best friend and the only girl who's ever lost her pants at my house more than once, oh and did i forget to mention she's my best friend?", he said winking at me. 
"And...she's always been hopelessly in love with me, don't even try and deny it", he just had to say. 
I didn't fucking know how to respond, this is like the best moment of my life! 
I gave him a kiss on the cheek, and said "You know I would totally date you", blushing and kinda nervous as i said this. 
Then, i fell asleep and woke up around noon to Liam getting out of bed....i slept with him last night apparently....
"Good morning!", he said.
"Morning", I told him getting out of bed and accepting his hug.  His hugs were really THE BEST! He squeezed me tight, and once he let me go he said 
"Zayn just texted me: the boys wanna get together for dinner with us. Are you up for it, love?", he asked.
"Oh yah sounds great, just can we stop at my apartment before so I can get ready?", I asked. 
"Yup sounds like a plan, but can I just pack a bag so I can get ready and stuff, plus if dinner goes late, maybe i could stay over tonight?", he said giving me a look.  "As long as you don't try and get me drunk, then get some", i told him totally joking and laughing at the same time.
He laughed too. 
"Ok. What are we waiting for? Lets go!". I said after Liam packed a bag and we both ate something.
"Yes after you!", he said winking at me.
"If you insist", I said winking right back.
Then, in the rain still we ran to my car, him in the drivers seat and began the about 10-minute drive  to my house.
When we got there, i unlocked the door and we ran inside closing the door behind us so the paparazzi couldn't get in. 
"Ok, im gonna go shower Liam. You can too if you like, or do anything it doesn't matter to me", I told him.
"Alright, thanks!", he told me then i went into my room, undressed and hopped into the shower. 
Afterwards, i dried off and went into my other bathroom to grab my blow drier, curler and makeup, not thinking that someone would be taking a shower in there. I opened the door, and my face immediately turned bright red, there was Liam totally exposed. 
He scrambled for his towel, and i started to cry.
"I'm....i'm sorry!", I said quickly shutting the door.
A few seconds later, i heard footsteps chasing after me.
"Wait....", the voice said, almost loud enough to be considered yelling but not quite.
I turned around, still crying. 
"Hey, listen to me why are you crying?", he asked sweetly.
"I don't...i don't know"
"Well. Please stop crying or you're gonna make ME cry", he told me.
"And hey, everyone makes mistakes its not that bad trust me, babe its okay, i really don't even care about what happened okay?", he assured me and i hugged him.
"Im just really sorry"
"Beautiful, don't cry anymore", he said kissing my cheek and i nodded the tears stopping after that.

Then, i went to go get ready and so did he.  I curled my hair after i blow dried it, then put on my black dress, it was kinda tight but since i had a flat stomach, i could pull it off just fine.  The top was also low-cut. I could also pull that off. 
Then, i sprayed some perfume, put on some deoterent, grabbed a pair of heels and was ready, meeting Liam on the couch who looked extremely sexy. 
"Ready.....whoa!", he said.
"You look amazing!", he told me.
"Awe thanks, you do too!", I said and grabbed my purse, and we were out the door arm-in-arm. 
We drove, and talked the whole way there. 
When we finally arrived at the restaurant, Zayn and Perrie, and Louis and Eleanor were waiting there.
"Hey!", I said being hugged tightly by Zayn, then Louis, then Perrie and Eleanor. 
We waited a little longer for Harry, Niall and Demi...when did that happen! 
When they arrived, Harry hugged me first, then Demi "When did you and Niall, make it offical, and i missed you boo!", I said while hugging her.
"A few days ago, and i bet i missed you more! Wait, when did you and Liam...", she asked.
"Oh, no we're not yet...", I said
"Seriously!", she said shaking her head. 
Once i hugged Niall, we were all directed to a table towards the back,  and I sat in between Liam and Perrie.
We started out with drinks, and Harry said "When did you and Liam happen..?"
"We didn't, Harry", I said.
"We're just best friends", Liam added in 
"Oh okay sure, lets just you know say that", Harry said getting fired up.
"Harry, calm the fuck down! Dude, me and Demi had a thing forever before we started dating, just give it time", Niall exclaimed.

After dinner, Liam drove me back to my house and said he would just stay the night.
. I got changed into some pajamas, and fell asleep on the couch opposite from Liam. When i woke up, i slept in and remembered i had school in the morning, shit! 
I quickly took a shower, threw on the first clothes i saw, glanced over at the still sound asleep Liam and wrote him a note.
"LIAM! I have to go to college this morning :c i'll be back around 1 if u wanna wait for me. You dont have to though, text me! ILY <3 ur bestest friend ever!

I rushed out to my car, and drove to school as fast as i could without you know killing everyone on the road. I arrived a little early to my surprise, and i met Eleanor there right away.
"Someone looks like they had a little too much fun with Li Li last night, huh!", she said winking at me.
"Not even close girl, we havent even kissed yet, on the lips or anything like that", i said.
"Oh, but you want to, and he does too", she said giving me a look.
"Oh El, what would i do without you?" i said.
"Nothing, absolutley nothing!", she said.
As we sat down, my friend Meloney came over to me, more like sprinted and shoved her smartphone in my face.
"Nooooooooooooooo! What are you talking about?!", i said.
"Here, read THIS, then!", she said.
The headline said "Liam's already hooking up with someone else". I continued to read, and it said "she was seen leaving Liam Payne's house after a long night with a bag and wearing his clothing.  Afterwards, the two went back to her apartment where they went out on a date later that day, and returned at night where Liam supposively spent the night". 

"This is,..bullshit, i mean its true but we didn't hook up I swear. We slept together, but nothing more than that, we didn't even kiss and us sleeping together was an accident trust me! Im a virgin still!", i said, realizing that almost the entire class, the professor included were listening in on our full conversation. Awkward......

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