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5. Niall&Hailey *breakup*

A/N: THIS IS NOT MINE. A friend from Facebook made this for me(:


It was your 3 month anniversary with your boyfriend Niall. You take the keys out of the ignition and walk into your flat, hoping to see your boyfriend waiting for you. You set your bag down on the table, and see another pair of shoes at the edge of the stairs. Curious, you walk up stairs to your bedroom, open the door, and see Niall, and a girl, lying together under the sheets, obviously naked.

"Eh-hem." Niall jumped liked a scared cat, up and out of the bed, putting on his clothes.

"Hailey I'm so sor-" You cut him off, not wanting to hear any of his bullshit.

"SAVE IT NIALL! Really?! On our 3 year anniversary! You are sick, I never want to see you again! Get the hell out of my flat, and take that skank with you!" You felt the tears in the back of your throat. You pushed them back, but once Niall was out of the door, they were welling down your face. You slid your back down the wall, put your head in your hands, and just cried like there was no tomorrow. Why was I so stupid? You thought. How could I have fell for a boy like him? He was trouble from the start. 


"Damn it, Hailey answer your phone." Harry said while dialling your number for the 9th time. He finally gave up, and fell asleep as he hit the pillow. 

1 month later. . .

You weren't adjusting well to life without Niall. He was always there for you when you were down, always insisted on doing all of the chores, etc. There was an urgent knock on the door. Not expecting anyone, you opened the door curiously.

"Hailey Hey, I was in the area, and I decided that I would get my stuff." 

"There are boxes in the garage." You said pointing down the hallway.

"Don't let me get in the way." He said with a small grin. He was down the hallway, and into the garage. You decided to distract yourself, so you went into the kitchen to do the dishes. Niall came back through into the house, and walked up the stairs. A tear escaped your eye as you remembered all of the times you had together, all of the movie nights, all of the cuddling. Being knocked out of her reverie, Niall came back into the room with a box full of his belongings. 

"Hailey, I was. . . just thinking, could you give me another chance?"

"Another chance for what? To get my heart broken again? I always thought that you were the one Niall. That we were going to grow old together, have a family. You ruined it. No, you can't have another chance. I am not one to give second chances." You tried your best to sound calm, and composed.

"But, remember all of our endless memories? That was just one stupid move that I made. Please?"

"No. I can't Niall. I am done. I can forgive, but I cannot EVER forget what you did." Your voice rose, but you tried to keep your cool. 

"Hailey-" Before he could finish his sentence, you cut him off, not caring of what he had to say.

"Please, just leave Niall. Nothing will ever be the same between us! Just, get out!" You finally lost it. You stormed up the stairs, and slammed your bedroom door. The memories came rushing back, and you fought the burning sensation of tears.

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