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2. Maria&Niall

Maria POV

This was it, my career as a singer was finally taking off. In fact I had my first interview to day with my best mate, Hailey. Our boyfriends where in the first row. Harry had a sign that read 'get a proper job you dicks' the same sign Hailey and I made for him and the boys at  their concert. Niall's sign said 'spit on me, maria!' 

I seriously love these boys. Out of nowhere Niall gets his mega phone out and yells through it

"Hey Maria! Liam, Louis and Zayn all have crushes on you, but it sucks for them because your all mine!"

I was so embarrassed! Ugh, it was too funny though. Hailey and the interviewer started to crack up as my face began to get red as a tomato. I put my hand up to my head and covered my face from the crowd as I smiled widely. The entire crowd went mad! Beginning to laugh and scream. I just laughed and said to the interviewer, "Isn't my boyfriend lovely?"

Eventually security made then leave, because they were being to loud and obnoxious. 

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