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1. Maria&Harry

Harry POV

I looked at Maria sleeping on my lap. She looked so gorgeous and peaceful. The way her little nose would scrunch up, when a breeze his her poorly covered body. "Hey Harry." Niall whispered. I looked up from her and looked at him. He smiled, "You love her?" I brushed her hair behind her ear, "She's my everything." He got up to put his cleared plate into the sink. Maria's chocolate brown eyes fluttered open, "Hey beautiful." I smirked at her. "Where you watching me sleep?" He half chuckled because she was still half-asleep. "No. Not just me, Niall was, too." She playfully hit me in the stomach, and sat up a bit. "I love you, Maria." I stopped in my tracks, would she say it back? We had only been dating for about 3 months, and this is the first time on of us had said it. Me, I told her my feelings. She looked confused, then her expression softened up, "I love you too, Harry." She kissed my nose, then grasped the nape of my neck and the kiss became more heated and passionate. 

A/N: Here is my first imagine! Sorry, if it's rubbish, for maria01(;

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