I'm doing imagines. Just comment: Boy, Senario, Sexual or Non-sexual, and what stage in the relationship(:

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8. Harry Imagine

A/N: OK, be prepared to have MAJOR Harry feels, ok?


It was your wedding day with Harry. You couldn't wait to have a new life with him. You've known him all you're life, but when you grew elder, something just clicked between you to. 


After the wedding, you had a big. ass. party. Friends, family everywhere. Cake thrown everywhere, drunk people kissing, passed out. But, it was the best night of your life.. so far. After the party, you guys left on your honey moon to _________. After arriving you unpacked and got right down to business. Kissing, giving love bites to each other. Just making love.

After a long, amazing night with your husband, Harry. You wake up, to sore to get out of bed fully and see Harry, like this 

His voice low and raspy, "Good morning, Mrs. Styles."


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