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3. Hailey&Niall

"Stupid hoe, you don't deserve Niall. He's mine."
"No one likes you."
You weep at the tweets you've been getting for the past few days. It's been a week since you and Niall made your relationship public, and already, you got hate by the first hour. You couldn't take it anymore.
A knock comes to the door. You answer and see Niall, a rose in his hand.
"Hey, princess. I missed you." He lowers his head to kiss you, but you back away. A look of worry passes through his face.
"Everything okay?" he asks.
You shrug.
"You're worrying me. Tell me what's the matter."
"Niall. You're amazing. But... I don't think we should see each other anymore."
His eyes go glassy. "Why? What have I done wrong?"
"Nothing. Just leave."
"Is it my fault?"
"No. I just don't want the fans to be heartbroken. I know they are. I know I was when I found out you may have been dating someone else before we met. I know how it feels."
"But what about our happiness? That's all that matters."
"Baby, I know but--"
"Stay with me. Please." I hear his voice crack.
I look to the laptop and sigh. "But what can I do to make them stop?"
"Make me the happiest guy ever and be with me."
You look up at his eyes and sigh. "Fine, you're lucky you're cute."
He smiles and pulls you into a hug, kissing the top of your head due to the large height difference.

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