I'm doing imagines. Just comment: Boy, Senario, Sexual or Non-sexual, and what stage in the relationship(:

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11. fer yuh biches

"no, she iz mine!1!!!1!!111!" lewis throws a pillow @ zen.

"no, it iz clear (Y/N) luv meh!" zen throws his nurf water gun at lewis.

"stahp de nonsence," herold steps in.
"shet ep herold." lewis throws his pocket bokk at herold.
"dunt mess wit meh hart."
zen steps on herold's precious brown booootz.
"meh bootz! meh bootz!" herold gesps. "u crossed de line!"
"boyz, boyz, stehp it!" u shout. "i luv all uf u"
"dat is net gud enough." zen picks u up and dregs u into his car.
"no, zen!!11!! let meh go!1!!!1!"
zen drives u out to de nearest watr park while he pleys de song "i want et all" from hsm.
wen u guyz arrive, zen dregs u acros de park and throwz u into de spinny watr ride. "luv meh!" he seys as de thing starts.
as de ridde speds up, zen has a lok on his face, u dunt want him 2 hav.
"i feel..." zen voms all ovr u nd u fly of de ride.
lewis iz der to cetch u. "c? whut did i tel u about zen? now cum on."
lewis takes u to de children's place.
"whut r we doing?" u ask.
"we r shoppen 4 ur clothz!!!11!" he puts hiz fone on high 2 de song "bop 2 de top" from hsm.
"nigga, i ent no ten yr old."
u run out of de store and hear lewis shout 4 u 2 cum beck.
outside, herold is der, and he grabs u nd drives u to de golf course.
"we iz playing gulf."
herold dances while he putts de ball. u run away but r cornered by zen, herold, nd lewis.
"who iz it gunna b?" lewis crosses his arms.
"non of u. u r all weird."
"whale den." lewis pushes u off de golf course island nd into de water.
zen, herold, nd lewis hi5.
"we finlly got rid of her." herold smiles.
"el oh el, who wants to celebrate?" zen claps.
de boyz cheer and sing and dance along to de song "we're all in dis 2gether from hsm.

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