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4. Becca&Liam

I sat in awe, as I stared at the rock on my finger. He had finally done it. He had finally proposed to me. 

I sat on my couch watching the news, alone waiting for my fiance to come home. I really wasn't interested in the news. I mean they start it off with a 'Good 'Evening' to tell you all the bad things that happen. My thoughts where snapped as Liam walked in with some grocery bags. I got up to help him, but he denied my helpings.

"What are you doing with those bags, babe?" I said as I stood on my toes to peck his lips.

"I wanted to make you dinner." He smiled.

"No, no Liam, you don't have to," I paused then saw the lok on his face "fine. Just don't poisen me." I giggled.

"No promises."


To kill time I got a shower, afterwards I went into my living room with my towel on. I took a seat on the couch, just waiting for Liam to actually realise I was in my towel, and not clothes. I wasn't even wearing knickers.I took in a deep and loud breath to get his attention.

He came out to the family room, and smirked at me. We ended up having sex on the couch. Nothing new there.


When my period didn't come, I couldn't help but be worried. Being pregnant is a gift, and a lovely thing don't get me wrong. But I'm not ready for this. I took the plastic stick from the box and peed on it. Liam was at work. I couldn't help but thing of that night. Best night of my life. I left the test on the bathroom counter and walked out to get a drink. Going back in I was to worried to look, but I obviously had to. Positive. 

"Li-Liam, I-i have somethin-ng to tell yo-you." I stuttered. 

"What's wrong, Bec? Anything."

I took a deep breath, breathing in the ocean breeze candle I had lit "I might be pregnant."

The line went silent, "That's great, Becca!"

For @BrilLIAM829 Hope you like it!

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