I'm doing imagines. Just comment: Boy, Senario, Sexual or Non-sexual, and what stage in the relationship(:

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Doing all, I swear!


10. -_-

OK, so I asked for an imagine on  apge on Facebook, and this is what I recieved. Like, I copy and pasted.


You and Harry are in a relationship for 3 years.Today is the day which you have been waiting since when.... 
Today is the day when Harry is going to take you to meet his parents
he tells you that he'lkl pick you up at 8:00 at night for dinner with his family.You are going totally crazy today....before dressing up at night,you check up your twitter .All the boys of your school hav posted very bad comments about you....You feel very depressed and start dressing up for your dinner tonight. You wear a cool top n Harry's favorite shorts.Then as you finish appying your make up,you glance in the mirror and think of all those comments and tears stream down your face.You feel lonely and start crying.Then you hear a knock at the door and find out its Harry.You go out n hug him tight and he just replies,"Babe, you are the most gorgeous substance alive on this earth....dont care about those stupid people at your skool."Then he kisses you on the forehead.You both then drive to his place.As you go in,his mom welcomes you warmly and during dinner you all have a very good time and you feel somehow that forget about those you are envious of you....these people love you rite?At this thought you become verry happy! Harry proposes you to become his wife after the dinner and you obviously say yes.Then you both marry and live la romantic life !!!!!!!!!! :) ♥ 
Hope you like it!!!!! Dont worry babe you are gorgeous! ♥ :)


Oh. I asked for it with Niall anyway.

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