Junto Al Amanecer

One night, unexpectedly, best friends Katie & Taylar go to one of their favorite reggaeton artists, J. Alvarez's concert. The night unravels dream-like events, turning your average girls into the happiest people on Earth.


1. Que?



As I laid on my bed, I scrolled through my Twitter newsfeed. "Eww. Irrelevant. Bitch. Depressed. Lame. Annoying. Shut the fuck up" were my thoughts. Sighhhh. I put my phone down and attempted to fall asleep. My phone lit up. A text from Servando. Things are complicated at the moment. Servando and I met in class at school, and we became friends but there was an unspoken attraction, although he did tell me I was beautiful at times. I always just blushed and said thank you. I'm awkward so I honestly didn't know how to respond. I've never been the type of girl who got attention, I've always been that shy and quiet girl in class who never talks to anyone. For guys to suddenly find me attractive was weird to me. School ended so we don't really see each other but we still talk. He's actually a really sweet guy but he has that bad boy persona I've always been a sucker for. The text read, "You like J. Alvarez right?". "Yeaa, I love him, why?" I replied. "I have 4 tickets for his show on Friday, wanna go? (:" he texted back. I seriously couldn't contain my excitement. I had no idea J. Alvarez was coming to Atlanta, I had to tell my best friend Taylar, she was gonna flip out! "Of course I wanna go!" I replied. I immediately called her. *riiiing, riiiiing* "Hello?" she answered. "Hiiiiiii!" "Umm hi?" "So whatcha doin Friday?" I said, clearly cheesing over the phone. "Umm I think Kenzie wanted to hang out" "Well you're busy because we're going to see someone." "Umm no I'm busy I'm sorry" she replied, clearly getting irritated that I was telling her what to do. "Too busy for J. Alvarez?" I answered cheekily. "Katie what are you talking about?..." "I mean I know I'm the best friend you've ever had, and I think it's about time I repay you for that favor you did for me. Sooo, I have tickets to see him on Friday night at La Rumba. YOU'RE GONNA SEE J. ALVAREZ BITCH!" I shouted into the phone. I heard the phone drop and her screaming, her mom clearly in the room. "Taylar what the fuck shut up what is wrong with you?!" I heard in the background. I laughed and hung up. Taylar pulled some strings and got me to meet Justin Bieber last year, which is the most amazing thing anyone has ever done for me considering I'm the biggest Bieber fan around. It was my Christmas miracle and for someone to do that for me, it couldn't be a debt not paid. I knew we'd have a great time and it made no sense to bring anyone else.

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