Junto Al Amanecer

One night, unexpectedly, best friends Katie & Taylar go to one of their favorite reggaeton artists, J. Alvarez's concert. The night unravels dream-like events, turning your average girls into the happiest people on Earth.


2. Preparandose.



It was finally the night of the concert. I still couldn't believe I was actually seeing J. Alvarez. Katie was coming to pick me up so we could get ready together. As her Honda Accord pulled into the driveway, I grabbed my things and walked out the door. La Rumba is a Hispanic club so I had to look cute, as I always do. "So what are you thinking of wearing?" I asked as I got into Katie's car and closed the door. "I'm not sure, I bought this really cute navy blue dress that I've never been able to wear, so I think that and some heels." she replied. I live in the neighborhood next to her so we were already pulling into her driveway. "I brought a few dresses and skirts, I need your opinion on what I should wear. I wanna look perfecttttt." I told her. "Okay I got you Taylar" she said smiling. 

After two long hours we were finally ready. I was wearing a silver dress and Katie was wearing her navy blue dress. Both dresses were shiny, strapless, and went above the knee. I saw Katie putting on her wedges and immediately realized I didn't have any shoes to wear! I didn't own any heels because they don't make them in my size, I have really small feet, it sucks. She must have seen the worried look on my face because she went in her closet and pulled a box out. It was a pink gift box with black lettering that read "Jimmy Choo". She handed it to me. "Open it!" she commanded. I opened it and I saw the most gorgeous heels I had ever seen. They were stilettos covered in glitter, and just my size, what I've always wanted. They were even Jimmy Choo's! "Katie! How did you get these?!" I shouted. "Don't worry about it, let's go we have a concert to get to!" she answered.

We were driving to Servando's so we could ride together to the club. The whole ride there we were blasting reggaeton songs. Tonight was going to be absolutely perfect, I was sure of it. Nothing could kill this amazing mood, I felt like nothing could stop me.






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