Larry Diary

Louis and Harry are kept apart from each other. They love each other so much but they can tell the world. So instead they tell there diary.


2. Dear Harry,

Dear Harry,

         I love you a lot too. The way you smile at me. I love all the times that we have had together. I love it when you rub my hair at night and when you kiss me on the forehead. Everything you do is beautiful. I just want to hug you all the time. I never want to let go. I always want to love you. Sure life will get hard. But we can fight through it. The boys know it, management knows it, we know it but why can't the world know. Maybe the world cant know because it already does. Your my world and you know. I love you to the moon and back then to the moon again and back. That's pretty long ways. I love you Harry




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