Larry Diary

Louis and Harry are kept apart from each other. They love each other so much but they can tell the world. So instead they tell there diary.


3. Dear Diary, -Louis

Dear Diary,

         I love Harry so much. But the worst thing happened today. Management made me get a girlfriend to cover up Larry Stylinson. Her name is Eleanor. Shes nice and all. But even if I wasn't gay, I still wouldn't date her. Maybe think of her as a friend not a girl friend. It really hurts that people cant accept to boy loving each other. Love is love and I want to marry whoever I want too. This hasn't gone public yet. That want be too hard. The hard part will be telling Harry. I know he won't like this, but I have to tell him. Just how should I though. I think I will just tell him. Knowing he loves me he won't care. Im just pissed at management. They have no respect towards us. We deserve respect dont we? Ughh this is just so annoying. Why cant i love who I want


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