Larry Diary

Louis and Harry are kept apart from each other. They love each other so much but they can tell the world. So instead they tell there diary.


4. Dear Diary, -Harry

Dear Diary,

         I love louis uncontrollably. But some how management finds a way to control us. It is really not fun. I know your just a book, but how would you feel if you couldn't love who you wanted. Years go by and Im still going to love him. But I will never be able too. Some times I just want to snuggle up to him and love him. But I can't. This makes me so mad. They think they can control us. Ugh I just really don't want to get fired. Fired with no money vs loving who I want. This is hard because I cant have both and neither can Louis. Now Im going to cry my eyes out so bye. 


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