Eleanor Calder's Twin

Being Eleanor Calder's twin is crazy. I'm Eva Calder and this is my life.....


2. Let's go

Eva's POV

"Our first stop, with you guys, is....." Niall says while he sits on my bed as I'm packing, "DUBLIN!!!!". I stop packing, "Really??!?!" I say surprised. He nods and I go and hug him. "Yay!" I say. I stuff my clothes into my bag and then run into the bathroom and grab all my hair stuff. I stuff it all into my bag. "I'm ready!" I say and run to Eleanor's room and ask, "Are you ready?" I ask "Yep!" She says and we grab our bags and go downstairs. "Alright," I start, "Eleanor is going to drive me, Louis, and Clarice to the airport." "Then Zayn will drive me and Liam." Niall says. "Now we just have to wait for Clarice to get here." Eleanor says. After about 5 minutes of watching TV the doorbell rang. Niall gets the door and it is Clarice. "Hi!" we all say as she hugs all of us. We walk to our cars and drive to the hospital.

*After car ride*

Niall's POV

"Last call for flight 216 to London" The annoucer lady says. "Its our flight next so probaby about 30 minutes." I say. Eva nods and smiles. I show her pictures on my phone of stuff we saw in London. Like a picture from at the top of the London Eye. Another of Big Ben. And some from Japan. "I can't wait to go to Dublin." She says. "Me neither" I say. "Calling for flight 217 to Dublin" The lady says. "That's us." Louis says. We all get onto the plane.

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