Eleanor Calder's Twin

Being Eleanor Calder's twin is crazy. I'm Eva Calder and this is my life.....


3. Dublin

Eva's POV

"Oh my gosh Niall, I love it even more than I thought I would!" I say while were walking around Dublin. Accasionaly fans would ask Niall for autographs. "Tomorrow after the show were going to Mulliger for a week." He says. "Yaay!" I say. "Here, I got you this bracelet, I thought you would like it..." He said taking out a silver charm bracelet. It had a bright green 4 leaf clover, an Irish flag, and Ireland. "Awwwh! I love it!" I say. I practicly attack him with a hug. He chuckles and puts it on me. I walk as I admire the charm bracelet. "Lets go to Starbucks!" I say. "Okay." He says. We walk into the big Starbucks and order. I got a Green Tea Frappacino. He got a Carmel Frappicino. We sip on our drinks and chat.




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